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  1. Prso's headband

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    I think he should’ve been more explicit about the fact that the compliance officer has had direct links to the tarriers in her past, that is enough for her to be removed IMO
  2. Prso's headband

    ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    We’ll win stuff with Gerrard, of that I have no doubt. We need something from the players on Wednesday big style. Couldn’t care less how many midfielders are out, Davis should be nowhere near that team, nowhere near. Him against Power and Dicker will be a fucking embarrassment, jumping out of tackles, not looking for the ball etc.
  3. Prso's headband

    Our crossing

    The more frustrating thing for me is not taking a pop from outside the box. Jacks goal against Livingston should show the other players that keepers can always make mistakes, it can go under them, a corner, parried back to our attackers etc, it’s madness how little we shoot from outside the box
  4. Prso's headband

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    That was an absolute shocker man, the ball stops stone dead as well ffs. Lost the game over it. Well apart from the keeper howler
  5. Prso's headband

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Ikpeazu of Hearts has 5 fouls in this game so far without booking. Doubt Morelos would be able to make 5 fouls without getting booked or even sent off. That’s the difference for me, we need parity
  6. Prso's headband


    Quite like him, needs to toughen up big time and realise in Scotland once you’re by a player doesn’t mean he stops tracking you. That’s his biggest problem.
  7. Prso's headband

    The Alkass International Cup Squad

    Some result for the young boys. Absolutely deserved from them.
  8. Prso's headband


    Away ye go. Absolutely dreadful footballer whose lived off a strong end to the season with us for at least a decade. No idea the hard on our support have for Lafferty, 3rd best striker at best. A truly shocking footballer
  9. Prso's headband


    Hahahahahahaha. Cunt of a day but that is genuinely hilarious
  10. Prso's headband


    That’s exactly it. Our team played as if Morelos was up front today. They need to adapt and address the difficulties they find themselves in, they didn’t so we suffered
  11. Prso's headband


    Quite like the guy tbh, made forward passes which is hard when 50k are on your back, broke up play well, covered the wingers postions etc but I honestly thought it was a very good debut from the boy. Deserves to keep his place IMO, although that’s extremely hard on Jack who I think has developed into a very good all round player since Rapid away.
  12. Prso's headband


    Probably blue tinted specs but I think you’re both wrong, sorry. I like Defoe, he has a knack of being there at the right time, something we’ve missed so much over the last couple of years. He’s started well but like I said if the 10 beside him are going to play like Morelos is up top I don’t know what people expect from Defoe. He’s a one chance and score kinda guy. Extremely difficult when you get no chances at all. Might think am taking the piss but I’ve seen more from Defoe than I’ll ever see from Davis in a Rangers jersey
  13. Prso's headband


    All he made was a forward pass so that’s nonsense. Head and shoulders above anything else in a Rangers jersey
  14. Prso's headband


    He’s genuinely our worst midfielder, dire. Couldn’t care less how skilled or amazing you are I just can’t stand players shirking out of tackles , boils my piss. He done it at least 4 times today. For a playmaker he never looks for the ball. Our best business in January was making sure that was a loan