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  1. They're really bricking it now. Give it big licks walking up to Ibrox, infront of Beer-Sheeva fans, St Brenda can do no wrong, even the news said unbeaten cellic when talking about Europe Trying to spin the narrative to suit themselves. They'll never survive in Belfast the 12th or not, hope they get done in all over the shop. Try singing songs of terrorism over there, cellic scum.
  2. Strong and powerful is a necessity in this league, he has it. Hope he really kicks on and becomes a really good player
  3. Can he play Thursday l?
  4. Thought that too, but he is a pro footballer. One of our best strikers in recent times was always hounded about his weight, look how that turned out. A similar path for Morelos and were laughing.
  5. Hopefully Morelos starts on Thursday. He's got to be match fit he's played over 15 games for Helsinki already. Be gutted to see Waghorn start in all honesty
  6. Having spent all this cash I really hope we haven't took a punt on the manager as a cheap option and that he genuinely was far and above everyone else that applied. Really hope we do it this season. If not then we have internationals, young players and experience to further add to next season. A 25 goal striker and we'll be right up there come May. Miller shouldn't be relied on, know nothing of Herrera, Morelos should be given a chance but no quality back up if he doesn't hit the ground running. Waghorns pish
  7. Rough calculating including Pena, Herrera and Dorrans and you're looking at close to £9 mill already. I'd be happy to line up with that and preserve some cash for January. Who knows maybe he has more now and January has already been discussed! Just thinking about us spending over £10 million is mental, especially when there was no sign of it walking out of St Johnstone wondering if it'll get any better. Quite easily one of our best days in the past 5 years today, probably the best 4-6 weeks we've had in a while.
  8. Jealous at those who have watched both! I didn't even get to see one I will forever hold that against my mum and dad, inconsiderate.
  9. The retail deal could be the difference in the race for the league. The amount that could bring in, when were running at a profit is incredible and could be used in January to push for the title.
  10. Walker and Dorrans complete a handful of players who are Rangers fans or who understand the massive expectations at the club. Miller, Wallace, Jack, Dorrans and Walker constantly guiding the continental guys is a great move and you know you're getting every single bit of effort they have on the park too
  11. Could be the difference in the league. Were running a profit and could make £5 mill easily from strips. Could all go to Pedro in January.
  12. Extremely surprised at how well we seem to have conducted business the past month or so. Long may it continue
  13. £2 million for Tav, Kiernan for free
  14. Hopefully we can use the system now and get really good fringe players in if their needed
  15. I do get breaks but their small and where I work I rarely get reception and my breaks aren't usually long enough to get changed then go outside etc