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  1. Prso's headband

    Ross McCormack

    He’s a total waster and the shape of him is embarrassing for a footballer. Seems like wee social media accounts realise Murphys a winger who got a bad injury and just stuck our name into this.
  2. Prso's headband

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    9 negative stories for every positive result we’ve had. Isn’t that interesting...
  3. Prso's headband


    Also he nailed that wee prick Brophy near the end of the game. Dirty wee player
  4. Prso's headband

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    Since the start of the season. We’ve battered Croatian MMA fighters with it being our fault. Made the Slovenian police batter us with bats and tear gas because we had the audacity to walk to the ground Ruined sandcastles. Cancelled an old persons birthday. Had about 6 big decisions in 3 games in Scotland go against us. You’d think we’d started off well or something... But seriously something has to be said about this, it’s continuous slander against the club and it’s not right.
  5. Prso's headband

    Borna Barisic

    Called up to the Croatian national squad for their upcoming games. Love you Borna
  6. Prso's headband

    Kenny Miller leaves Livingston

    Oh dear.
  7. Prso's headband

    The pitch

    It’s embarrassing, worst thing is that’s the best one in the top flight. We’ve still to play Livingston and Hamiltons and Killies again
  8. Prso's headband

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    This is the craziest thing I’ve heard. Be great for us in every sense but the Russians being so upfront about it is strange tbh
  9. Prso's headband

    Take a bow Wes

    Learned from the McGregor school of time wasting as well
  10. Prso's headband


    Aye haha big man got it wrapped about 4 times today
  11. Prso's headband


    Might have to change my name to Katic’s headband
  12. Prso's headband


    Best full back in the league by a country mile
  13. Prso's headband


    His pass out wide for the second was a great pass
  14. Prso's headband

    *** The Official Kilmarnock vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Officials are a disgrace Boyd is a disgrace Pitch has cost us a player for the season Alfredo is invaluable to us
  15. Prso's headband

    Borna Barisic

    Him 100%. He’d spill blood before he lost a ball for the jersey