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  1. Of all our players the dead last one to get stick should be Morelos. Madnessss
  2. Klopp also until 2024, some coincidence haha
  3. Lack of killer instinct from the rest of our forwards other than Morelos. He’s ran in at an angle, 90% chance it’s coming off the keeper, not one of Aribo, Kent or Arfield gambled last night or on Sunday for a tap in. Twice it happened last night and once on Sunday. Needs to be addressed, we’d always have a player ready waiting for the tap in when balls like that are coming in from out wide
  4. Mental that he’s been moved into a free role almost. He’s a winger and his best games are always coming in from either wing, beating players etc. Feel like Aribo and Kent should swap roles
  5. Without making Stewart sound better than what he is he must be sitting on that bench thinking wtf do I need to do to get on the park. Frightening that Ojo has now come on at Aberdeen when we needed a goal and last night when we needed composure if we got a break and hard work when we didn’t have the ball.
  6. Annoying we drop deeper but finishing top doesn’t guarantee an easy tie. In the last 32 of a European competition I doubt there is an easy tie
  7. Could’ve had at least 5 shots at goal and chose to play the pass everytime. If you want to play on the wing, left footed have a fucking dig son. My absolute pet hate of any player is not having a dig man, worst case scenario you miss big deal. Shot on target, keeper fumble, in off the post, rebound etc anything can happen.
  8. He’s top quality and a fine example of giving a player time. He’s found his mentality, his tackle and his bottle. Put that with his actual ability and we have an unstoppable full back
  9. We’re told to stop surmising about what would’ve happened in the cup final. Same posters doing exactly that tonight to justify having a go at going into the last 32 lol
  10. Flanagan shouldn’t even be in peoples squads never mind starting 11. Absolutely horrific player who for some reason managed more than 1 minute of EPL football in his career.
  11. He’s had that many hamstring injuries he’s already losing the pace he showed against us a couple of years back. I had better see Greg Stewart on the wing until Jones is fit. Tbh Jones has to take some sort of the blame for this. He was coming onto some game until his moment of stupidity and was surprising us all with his direct play and setting up the goal that banked us £14 mill. He had better pull on that jersey when fit and make up for his stupidity against them
  12. I’d be having Barisic on pens as well tbh. Has a similar kind of technique to Kane when he hits the ball, basically if you get in front of it you’re going in the net with it as well. I had no confidence when Morelos was going to hit it, he just isn’t that type of player
  13. I’ve sat at Parkhead and watched them take 5 going on 10 off us over the past few years. Walked in and out expecting it but that yesterday was the worst I’ve felt. It felt like an Old firm, it felt like we were destined to win it with the way we totally dominated them. It’ll be the biggest smash and grab you’ll see anywhere all season when you take everything into account with the goal, shots on target etc. Our season now goes one of two ways. We finally wake up and realise we are better than them, we want to prove it and we want to win the remaining two trophies and it starts with bread and butter games like Motherwell, Hibs etc. Or we go out on Thursday and continue to drop points until the piggery and the season is done with our mentality questioned time and again
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