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  1. My da is going to be fuming that he can’t see the dog and he’s still not got his top. Guarantee he’s telling me to ask for a ST refund by half time the morra, guys a lunatic
  2. Itten scored 7 goals in July. He’s ready and tbh I’m desperate to see new life injected into the team. Hope he plays
  3. Was mental mate. Queued right round to the Broomloan and was still like that when I left at 2pm
  4. Liverpool, Man Utd, us and them (unfortunately) are the 4 biggest clubs in the country and no-one else gets close.
  5. Second one was absolutely phenomenal. Songs, mates, drink and the polis were absolutely top notch. Taking poppers under RSC flags being a highlight. Also guy on my bus hit the absolute fear cause he couldn’t do a pish for 6 hour cause of the amount of gear he took 😂
  6. Can’t believe a team of that calibre is going out to those mistakes. Absolutely honking
  7. Madrid lack a bit of pace in the middle. Can’t fault Zidane playing that midfield 3 though, they’re brilliant
  8. Not for me. I honestly think Benzema is brilliant, he really is. That night at Ibrox he broke my heart though 😂. Along with Darcheville 😭
  9. Benzema is so underrated it’s unbelievable. Probably best CF in the world. (Bar Ronaldo when he plays there obviously)
  10. I don’t understand why they can play the other two games. Flys in the face of sporting integrity
  11. That really isn’t good enough from Castore. No infants at all in the store at the moment with no idea when they’ll be back. Having said that the quality of the stuff on offer is unbelievable. Picked up a few things today. Couple of teething problems with some of the stuff having small pulls or the sponsor being creased. Happy with how much variety they have
  12. Fucking nightmare this. Queued round to the Broomloan 😂
  13. Bet they have to play the tarriers with 8 players out. Nothing to see here
  14. Annoys me how little we take chances or digs from outside the box. Countless times Kamara had the option to ping a 30 yarder to Barisic on Saturday, didn’t do it once. So many times between the 3 of them having the option to shoot and we just pass it again, annoying as fuck
  15. He needs to stop digging out players. Especially a £20m asset ffs. We all know he had a shocker but come on, maybe the his analysis should’ve been I shouldn’t have played him
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