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  1. Harry Cochrane

    Youth football is a strange one. I used to coach kids at under 11s level. One kid was immense, genuinely should make it. Went to Hearts gave him the trackie all that nonsense. Let him go 6 weeks later as he was too small . Kid could’ve ran rings round 15 year olds if he wanted. We need to give kids a chance at that age IMO. Letting them go for trivial reasons like height etc is just idiotic in football these days. We need to give them a chance until they’re about 16, letting them go at 10-13 is just stupid but keeping them over 16 if they haven’t shown anything is also a risk.
  2. Fod

    Could tell the way it was going when he jumped with their 6ft 4 striker for the ball in the first two minutes and completely missed it.
  3. Tony Pulis

    £2 million at West Brom. Obviously need to drop that a bit but Mark Hughes is on 900k. Some good old school managers aren’t looking for millions of pounds a season
  4. Tony Pulis

    Who said it’s happening
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    All they can talk about is the run. It’ll never be beaten, making videos on the most commong result, the scorers etc. No-one has actually took a step back and looked at the result, their worst since Mowbray and it could’ve been more. Suits me just wish we could get our act together as the media still drive the gallowgate galacticos as the greatest football team on earth
  6. Tony Pulis

    My old man says he was on the radio this morning saying it’s an honour to be linked with one of the biggest football clubs in Europe. Could be something in this yet. I’ll take 30% of the ball and hoof ball if we top that fucking table
  7. A Spine

    I really hope were not looking back on this season and thinking if only we got a manager in at the international break. I honestly believe whoever wins it wins it with the lowest points total in 20 years
  8. A Spine

    IMHO- Wilson, Tav, Jack, Morelos, McCrorie, Dorrans can be part of a title winning team. John, Windass, Holt, Fod, Pena, Cardoso can be part of the squad. Herrera, Candeias, Alves, Hodson, Kranjcar, MOH, Forrester, Miller can all be sold and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Jamie Murphy would be a good start to the window. We need to be within touching distance of them come January though and we need one of, Hughes, Redknapp, Pulis, Warnock to come in and do the job. The reality is well probably still have Murty in February which will nearly have been 50% of the season and will be a straight race between McLaren and Tommy Wright for the job
  9. Cardoso

    How can people say he’s been tricked? He wrote a tweet in perfect English trying to defend himself
  10. Last 5 games

    They might crumble under pressure but we just crumble regardless. Their wheels have fell off but ours have been off since October. Our players mentality is they can perform 3-5 times out of 10 and its good enough here. The Warburton mentality that inconsistency is fine still flows right through the club and it’s been continued by the board
  11. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    We’ll look back on this season as a season of missed opportunities. They’ll win the league with the lowest points total in 20 years
  12. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    I feel physically sick after yesterday. Can’t even enjoy it. Nothing more to say really. The board letting us go a third of the season without a manager will cost us the league

    This mess stems from the board. We’ll go a third of the season without a manager. That is a fucking disgrace and gross misconduct. If they actually got their act together we’d be top with points to spare 100%. Stupid fucking clowns
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They’ve all been drawn to the 16 year old boys arse
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It’s been coming for months. He doesn’t need to do anything, were self imploding anyway. The wheels have came off for them but our wheels have been off since October