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  1. Prso's headband

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    If only he said he was working on his fitness, that would’ve been the brave thing to do...
  2. Prso's headband

    Semi final allocation

    Seems they have sold them in a way Rangers can’t get any left over according to 4 lads had a dream. Absolute tinpot mentality
  3. Prso's headband

    Semi final allocation

    It really shouldn’t surprise us. Scottish football will continue to hate its most successful club until the rest of it is on its knees. Can honestly see the delight of the rest of Scottish football when there’s 5 fans in a block they were meant to give back to us.
  4. Prso's headband

    Semi final allocation

    It really is some effort just to get the ticket in your hand. Hope you’re successful in the ballot. Hope they give you more than the usual days notice for the money to come up. Then be thankful they’ve actually took the right amount- brilliant ticket sorted. Then create mass confusion as to why everyone who collects now has their ticket sent first class. Cue 100s of people emailing for an answer to be told the turnaround is too short so they’re sending them by post. Sit and hope the postman isn’t either a scum bastard or a fan who didn’t get a ticket.
  5. Prso's headband

    mongo i am

    Love the international break. The best threads are always created in this time
  6. Prso's headband

    Semi final allocation

    1st class post for them all mate
  7. Prso's headband

    Semi final allocation

    Chancers trying to say I’ve opted for postage. Aye ok mate am delighted to give you £21 to post 3 tickets to the same address. Email fired off later once I can get onto the website and double check
  8. Prso's headband

    Semi final allocation

    Got our 3 all dotted about.
  9. Prso's headband

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Literally couldn’t have happened to a better player to score against Israel. Outstanding
  10. Prso's headband

    Edmiston Drive

    Never even met the guy and I’m sitting here close to tears reading all these comments. Absolutely gutted for his friends and family. NS
  11. Prso's headband

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    The inferiority complex that those have that remember the 90s will never leave them. The bitterness and hatred towards the country’s most successful club is honestly remarkable. Btw can we start a petition to have Jimmy Johnstone removed seen as he battered his wife to bits, or does that not suit the agenda?
  12. Prso's headband

    Semi final allocation

    Mate they sent an email literally 10 mins after Osijek for Maribor money the next day haha. It’s more likely than not emails will be out tomorrow and money took Friday
  13. Prso's headband

    Top by the end of November...?

    If we want any realistic title challenge we probably have to be top January 1st with the way the fixtures are panning out. Obviously there will be bumps and surprise results across the season but if we’re top by January we’ll be there or there abouts come May. I hope we’re in the mix come the split, because in the interests of sporting integrity we should have tarriers hibs and sheep at home. Can use the example of a promoted team getting their own way last season over this.
  14. Prso's headband

    Robby Mccrorie

    I’ve said from the minute McGregor came in on his 2-3 year deal, can’t quite remember that after that McCrorie would go on and be our number 1 for a number of years. He looks fantastic anytime I’ve watched him when he was in the youths and the reports from his loans have been brilliant as well
  15. Prso's headband

    Semi Final Ticket Prices and RSC dates.

    I hope am no seated next to my da. One of these lucky cunts that seen all the good times so decided on Sunday he’d be in a mood if we weren’t at least 2 up by half time haha. One of the reasons why he’s 5 rows in front of me, so I can keep an eye on him and his antics and far enough that I can’t hear his pish.