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  1. I know the exact feeling. I said earlier I genuinely couldn't be bothered with it but hopefully they put in the performance of their season before most of them getting the boot!
  2. You ready for the game already mate
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if we won tomorrow then didn't win a game for the rest of the season. That's the mentality of this team. They hate getting vilified, rightly, in the media and normally go out and get a result and ride on it for a few months until another bigger game comes round. If they dominate us in the first half the way they did, even if at half time its 0-0 the boos ringing round Ibrox will be absolutely defeaning. And that is exactly what that bunch of imposters deserve if they even think of putting in a performance like they have done all season tomorrow.
  4. Sign of the times and actually quite worrying. If Kenny Miller is our main striker in August this board can get tae fuck.
  5. You could bet your life if there was a fan, not Andy Halliday, on that park tomorrow they would deliberately chase Brown around the park until they levelled him to the floor, instead of letting him swan around the place like he owns it. I for one minute don't believe if players like Ferguson were on that park they would've let that clown square up to one of our fans, would they fuck.
  6. Aye, never mind the fact he's standing on advertising boards squaring up to a fan. The corruption and bias in this country is on a scale which can't be stopped. The year we actually challenge for the league it'll be 10 times worse.
  7. Not a mention in the press about Brown squaring up to one of our fans and it can be a cast iron guarantee if anything happened the mindless orange bigot would've got the blame. I hate this country.
  8. Lustig actually seems to have bought right into the victim mentality, I've noticed his actions in all the old firms, he's usually the first one to surround the ref, brandish fake cards and laugh when a foul is given against him. Copying Dembeles celebration when he scored at Ibrox was a right embarrassment.
  9. The chance to play in Europe probably for the first time in most of their careers but they'd rather have an extra week off. Tells you all you need to know about these imposters. They're too thick to realise that 95% of the teams we could face in the first round will be halfway through a season so it's imperative were as sharp as Caixinha wants us to be.
  10. There's no way that the SFA and their referees in this country are just bad at their jobs. That is bias as clear as day, but aye just paranoid.
  11. I'd give them 300k and MOH, which probably works out about 500k maximum. Jonny Hayes isn't getting any younger would be my argument, and McGinn is leaving so they could do with a winger
  12. They get days off every week. 95% of the squad have days off during international break. They all had time off at Christmas. They're getting paid close to 10k a week to play football some on more, they need to get a fucking grip. It's actually embarrassing that modern football culture has been embraced at Ibrox where the modern footballer wants the luxuries of the life but doesn't want to put the work in to become a club legend or win trophies. Hopefully many of them have more than 9 days off as they won't be here
  13. He's the one who has came in and wanted a complete revamp in the training methods while bringing in Johansson while the past couple of managers have clearly preferred a long term employee of the club to be with them. I don't see the problem tbh, I don't think Jim Stewart is the issue, personally I don't think there is a major issue with the manager himself yet, although the way the team played on Sunday obviously gives him some blame to shoulder. I'd rather he came out and said he was ashamed than saying we were unlucky, that's the random nature of football.
  15. Aye the managers problem is because he didn't want a GK coach who was retiring