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  1. Aaaand it’s at home. Ffsssss
  2. Plymouth only holds 16k. Announce Southampton away
  3. Btw I’d give my left baw to be wrong and would be over the moon if he’s the difference in the home games against Hibs, St Johnstone, Aberdeen and the away game at Dundee. Nothing, absolutely nothing in quite literally his whole career suggests he’s a game changer
  4. Absolutely brutal signing in all honesty. We’ve said for the last two seasons we’re in need of 4 quality players. The excuses are aye we need squad players. We have 8 now at least and the list keeps getting bigger. All we seem to be signing is squad players hoping they become very good, like Kamara. None of the players we’ve signed so far excite me or even add quality to the squad and we’ve already decided ones going out on loan. Even the players we’re still linked with are incredibly underwhelming bar Gray.
  5. In fact announce South Coast pre-season tour every season until we’ve done them all.
  6. The people have been listened to. Announce Plymouth away, every season.
  7. Quality. We’ll chase you down for fuck all that’s to do with us but don’t dare talk about child abuse. Less than a day after Petrie and Mulraney get the gig. Must be working over time
  8. Members of the BNP used to have links to Accies dunno if they still do. So he’s got no chance of keeping his job lol. Decent club, cheapest away ticket in the league IIRC £22.
  9. Mike Mulraney is quite literally the lower league Lawwell. As bitter as they come. Someone should be questioning why that fat disgrace has got that job, not because he’s a rancid prick but the fact he owns Alloa, hardly a top team in the country
  10. £15 mill is our starting price from what I’ve heard. £18 mill and he’ll be gone. Would love it if we released a statement stating he’s Scottish footballs most expensive transfer ever but I doubt it. If he hadn’t got the last red against them and added another 6 goals instead of 1 we’d command the £20 mill quite easily IMO
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