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  1. No doubt if they get a result it'll be down to Brenda and the boys and their great season. Hope every cellic player available plays and they get skelped about the park.
  2. BF4 is £410 with cellic and £330 without.
  3. Last chance saloon for King in this window. If the money isn't there and were sitting here even 15 points behind with no chance of winning it the fans should start to turn
  4. Anyone that's willing to put in what they say they will. Putting in 10% of what you said you would 2 years into your 3 year plan is taking the piss right out the fans and the club.
  5. That is it in a nutshell. For the past 12 months if the old board had done anything the Rangers men had they would have been hung drawn and quartered on every media platform available. They're Rangers men but so were in good hands.
  6. The man is a crook. He's invested £3 million over two years He has now stated in that car crash of an interview that he doesn't want to invest and never did
  7. I think £6 mill would do it. Get around £4 mill for Kiernan, Tav and Waghorn + a couple of others. Whatever the deficit is should be brought in by the board. Probably add another £2 mill in the Christmas window if were really in the mix. It'll be all about how he spends it though. He needs players to settle right away, have the correct mentality and realise they could write their names into history lifting that title.
  8. Is this role an important position though? My understanding is that it is a relatively minor role with the person in the role helping Pedro settle with life in Glasgow, where to eat, drink, stay. What Rangers means on the streets and in the stands, what he can expect from the media etc. I didn't think it would be a major coaching role to the extent where whoever it is is helping Pedro pick subs, taking press conferences etc.
  9. SNPfanswatch should be your name.
  10. £2 mill for Tav £1.5 for Waghorn and £1mill for Kiernan. Leave us in a good position like you said you did Warbiola
  11. I found it remarkable in one of his press conferences when he said he would decide when he leaves. Where the fuck does any manager in world football decide when they leave ffs?
  12. Never understand the hate for one of our best midfielders ever. Does Pedro seem like the guy that will allow Ferguson to disrupt his plans etc? Does he fuck. My feeling with Pedro is if you don't fall into place the way he wants yer getting tae fuck. He's no really going to be a coach anyway is he. More of a ye can go into this pub but no that one.
  13. Pedro isn't a pushover like PLG, Ferguson will know his place. Did he not saya couple of days ago Pedro reminded him of Advocaat?
  14. That one you've circled is an older boy that gets on our bus, 60 odd years of age going ballistic. Love it.
  15. No it wasn't. I'll never allow terrorist freedom fighters in Ibrox.