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  1. My favourite one in the lower leagues was going to Airdrie, above the turnstile it said adult £15, looked down at my ticket and it was something like £24 if iirc. Mental but aye a cap of £25 is acceptable I think. £34 for yesterday is just ripping it
  2. Cba wae us sitting back like we did against YB. We’re making teams in this group look good because of our cautious approach away from home. We’re an very capable side when we put teams on the back foot and press them. Weve nothing to lose against the 3rd best ranked team in the whole competition
  3. Cunts will have probably thought a was Tavs da the way I go on about him but yesterday was it for me. He gets an absolute peach of a ball down the wing, brings it down instantly, we have 3 players in the box in the last 5 minutes, begging to be hit across the 6 yard box for a tap in or an OG and he just skies it to go out for a throw in at the other side. It was absolutely shocking stuff it really was. He’s done for me unless he starts winning us games defensively and attacking.
  4. It’ll be very poor management from Gerrard when Kent and Jones are fully fit if this waster still continues to play. He’s an absolute joke
  5. Every chance we get we bottle it. An absolute joke today.
  6. Taig manager The Lurgan Bigot insists that there is no chance of France Under-21 striker Odsonne Edouard being sold in January. (Daily Record) You can’t refuse to sell something there is no interest in...
  7. No gonae lie thought he was going into the back seat tae rob me. 😂
  8. Cheers mate, btw forgot to reply to you in the Porto thread just seen it there. Had to cancel Porto mate, contract not getting extended and had already paid for Amsterdam and Florida. Porto took the hit cause it was booked bit no paid for mate
  9. @A.T.G went above and beyond and brought me a case of beer anol, top guy. @admin announce red username for trusted seller status
  10. Also stopping short of saying we’re suing you ya tarrier bastard that statement is good. Using a paragraph in the Rangers news as evidence we were part of a cover up is clutching straws at best. He needs to stop short now, because lets be honest does anyone actually believe a gutter journalist over 2 of the greatest icons in British football ever? No
  11. He’s producing fuck all until he can nail Rangers to the same mast as the the tarriers. Rangers have once again proven that can’t be the case so it’s back to the drawing board with the hoardes praying that something sticks to us. Doesn’t matter if it’s one bad phrase or the systematic abuse of 100s of kids, we’ll be two peas of the same pod if the media have anything to with it
  12. Aye ano. The title should’ve been Neely is a nonce and we’ve chucked him. PS if he isn’t actually a wrong yin we’r fine with getting sued for slander...
  13. Cunts expecting us to say we sacked an alleged peado in the Rangers News is peak RM.
  14. Seen as it drags the name of the club through the mud I’m sure the board will be all over this. They have to be
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