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  1. Nahki Wells allowed to leave Huddersfield? Always rated him he's a good player. Probably out of our reach thinking about it Always felt we should've been looking when he was at Bradford tbh. Probably go for close to £10 million down there no doubt
  2. Unfortunately it is a bit of a dying breed. For me though it's a major part of following Rangers. You meet those who have the same political views, who sing the same songs and understand the history of them. These days those songs are also a dying breed due to the social media generation. It's a real shame but one or two guys have said to me they've heard a couple of people around them saying things like aye fuck the queen in a conversation. Until we as a fanbase pull in the same direction nothing from top to bottom will change, were getting further divided as theyears go on
  3. The banners, yes absolutely an embarrassment to the club and they have downgraded the stadium considerably. The ones on the Broomloan I thought couldn't get any worse until they put the one on the staircase. The manager was a total joke appointment again. We tried to do it double cheap last season, this season we tried it half way with the manager and then mentally backed him with nearly £8 fucking million. Probably the last cunt on the list they had who should've had access to £8 million. The NOMAD appointment yet again another broken promise, but the board are Rangers men but... The top is yet another embarrassment to come out of the club since the Rangers men took charge. And if Fifa16 is the game on the playstations then that definitely sums up where we are right now. A fucking joke.
  4. Think I've seen Herrera win one header in any games he's played, from what he's shown he seems to be a very poor-average footballer. Foderingham usual back 4. Candeias Jack Dorrans Windass Morelos Hardie. I think we'll win our next 3 then get skelped from the tarriers, Pedro will still be here though. Were going to have another inconsistent season but enough wins and draws to keep the manager plodding along
  5. Went from light blue to some strange colour and now red to fucking burgundy pish. What's that about 8 weeks for that nonsense? Joke
  6. Robertson has fucked it twice in 18 months. But he's one of the boys so he's safe. Totally spell bound by two salesmen type managers who put on better presentations than tactics. Go for a fucking tried and tested manager like Redknapp who was out of a job, especially if you're going to spunk 1.4 million on they two duds ffs. There is about 4-5 quality footballers who will be part of a title winning team, with others like Windass able to do the job as part of a squad. The problem is the manager and I said it as soon as he made his last signing which took him to about £8 million spend that he has nowhere near the time and excuses MW had because can you really blame £8 million on the park every week? The Progres result and since then has really piled it on. The problem is it'll be the same inconsistency we had last season where we'll win a couple, everything will be fine, then the tarriers will skelp us, but we'll win and draw the next two and we'll just stumble towards the end of the season. Another waste of ST money, following them all over the country to fight with Aberdeen for second. The club needs gutted from top to bottom. It shows how out of touch they are with the fans putting a fucking banner across the most iconic main stand in British football instead of showcasing the architectural work that makes it so iconic. Clueless, spineless cunts who only make statements when it's an attack against them
  7. To be fair to the kid he took a real sore one in the first half. Everyone around me thought he'd really hurt his back. I was surprised he got back up.
  8. Should be gone if Miller starts again. 5 clear chances in 3 games and he fluffed the lot of them. Slows us down as well. We need to start winning games consistently. The games until cellic are winnable and we need confidence going into that one
  9. I rated him tbh, his actions were obviously unforgivable but it Would've been interesting if he actually changed it up a bit like he's doing down there.
  10. I totally agree that it ultimately lies with them but on the park, having been backed to the tune of £8 mill the manager it struggling to get the best out of some very decent players. I've said since the Progres disaster that Robertson has been caught by managers who talk a good game twice and gave MW 600k and Pedro 800k. Rodgers is only on 600k more than they two combined. I'll never know why we didn't spend £7 mill in the transfer window and set aside the extra 600k to bring in a top class manager. £2 mill would get you an experienced manager with a high reputation IMO, Robertson should be culled instantly for these two appointments. He's been totally hoodwinked by salesmen type managers.
  11. Realistically it should've been within 10-15 points of the tarriers, a couple of old firm wins and one cup win. Obviously we all want to win the league but that would've been a good season and we would know exactly who was good enough and who needed replaced for a title winning season. Dorrans, Jack, Alves, Cardoso, Candeias, Morelos, Fod and Tavernier are good enough to be part of a title winning side IMO. The manager isnt getting enough out of the 8 mill he's spent and that is the real problem.
  12. I really like him, he's a good player, a very good reader of the game and plays for the jersey. He did have about 4 opportunities to smash it from distance yesterday but chose to put it out wide so I agree
  13. Is that Ryan Jack gives a solid 7/10 performance 95% of the time, but we have no-one else who rates better than that either as a one off or on a consistent basis. Spending 7-8mill and relying on a youth product to come on and win us the game is a joke. We have good players, really good players for this level, the manager is failing to get the best out of them
  14. Let Miller go and Hodson go, buy a left back and a left mid, cover for fullback. Were really not far away from having a really decent squad. Dorrans, Jack, Cardoso, Alves and Candeias are competent enough for this level by a distance. Windass, Tavernier, Morelos are also good enough and you can see they're getting better with better footballers around them.
  15. He's a strange character MW. Up here he absolutely refused to deviate from 4-3-3. I read their match report last week and he started with 5 at the back and then went 442. Really not sure wtf is going on with him