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  1. Michel Preud'homme

    The only reason I say it is because he’s said he doesn’t want to manage in the EPL because of where it’s going with all the money etc. If we were willing to pay £1 mill for McInnes we should be looking at Warnock IMO
  2. This summers rebuild mk5

    Foderingham- go if we can get a million or so, if not squad player. Tavernier- Starting 11 Bates- 3rd choice CB Martin- 4th choice CB Alves+Cardoso- Moved on. Wallace squad player John- Starting 11 Hodson, Holt, Halliday, Kranjcar- Moved on. McCrorie, Dorrans, Docherty, Murphy- Starting 11 Windass, Jack- Squad Player Candeias- Starting 11 Morelos- anything over £8 million as long as it’s reinvested in the squad. Cummings- Starting 11. Miller, Dodoo, Herrera, MOH, and whoever else I’ve forgot can go. We’re really not that far away IMO. New Keeper Tavernier New CB New CB John Candeias Dorrans/McCrorie Docherty Murphy Cummings Morelos/New striker Bench- Foderingham, Martin, Bates, Windass, Jack.
  3. Michel Preud'homme

    Sure he said he’d never manage in the Premier league mate, might not be as hard as you think.
  4. Michel Preud'homme

    Neil Warnock, thank me later
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Said it since September but this is the season we’ll look back and regret if they get to 10. It’s fucking disgraceful the way we’ve went about it this season
  6. Where Murty record is compared with his predecessors

    Doesn’t matter, it’s the manner we’re losing games in. I’d like to see the losses of each manager to who and if it was home and away.
  7. Roberto Martinez

  8. Jack Ross

    Another experiment lol.
  9. Cummings is not good enough

    As usual cunts go to the extreme on here. Hows he no a natural finisher but. Most of his goals are in the box and instinctive. You think he’s Messi don’t ye? Unreal
  10. Cummings is not good enough

    Cummings is a good player. A penalty box striker with the odd good strike from outside the box Play him up front on his own with the build he has and you’re not using his strengths. No idea what people are expecting when he’s leading the line himself. Cummings wishes he was as powerful and as strong as Morelos. Morelos wishes he could finish like Cummings. Mental we don’t play the two of them.
  11. The Cheap/Exotic Experiments

    And still people are missing the point
  12. The Cheap/Exotic Experiments

    Read the thread ffs
  13. Leadership on the park

    Mate I know you like him and yes his goals and assists stats are quality at this level but I’d sacrifice half his goals for someone who just gets stuck in and gives 100% in every game. Windass rarely looks like he wants to put a shift in and that’s the problem. He did win the ball back off Mulumbu with ease, but why doesn’t he just get stuck in like that when he’s having an off day? If he done that there wouldn’t be a lot of fans constantly on his back, because if he doesn’t score he does literally nothing else.
  14. Leadership on the park

    Yes, I do get it. Aye I love being exactly where we are and Docherty sums that up . Unreal. He gets it and at his age he has shown what he can bring to the team. He can’t run the midfield himself and ever since you have formed this opinion of him it’s been in the last week when he’s literally been the only cunt trying to defend, attack, win the ball and push the team forward from the middle where Goss and Windass have fell out the game completely. If we have the majority of our players from the stock of knowing what it’s about whilst having a half decent footballing ability and adding in genuine quality either from abroad or England who buy into it then we’ll not be far away. Docherty isn’t the problem, and neither is believing he’s a good player
  15. Leadership on the park

    Docherty is nowhere near as bad as people make out. At least he looks like he gives a fuck and knows what it’s all about. I’d rather 11 with the mentality and heart of Docherty on the park than tits like Alves and Windass strolling about the park Least of our problems.