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  1. The attitude of some of them as well leaves a lot to be desired
  2. Some laugh fae the ticket office. In the now picking up mine and anothers. Couldn’t pick up the others even though I have the travel club card, passport, email confirmation to my email and the money came out my bank. Absolute waste of time that place it really fucking is
  3. I’d loan him out in the SPFL. Look at what they’ve done over the years, had their young players develop in the league whilst being able to play against every team bar them and they’ve had a decent success rate in terms of first team starters, not whether they’re good enough which is another debate. I’m excited to see Middleton and McPake out on loan even though I wished McPake went to an SPFL club.
  4. I’d be annoyed if we went out to this mob tbh. Watched the 2nd game and our pace and pressure means we’ll be all over them. Hope the team don’t wilt under that atmosphere, if they don’t we’ll be just about comfortable over the two legs. 2-1 to us if we don’t shit ourselves.
  5. Don’t need it tbh. It’s better this way as they’re both pushing each other like fuck. Defoe knows the game inside out and knows he’ll no be able to play every game. His form however is riling Alfredo to the point where he’s coming on desperate to score and do everything he can to win the game. It’s absolutely quality to watch
  6. It means no worries wives and childrens cries as we are going to Glasgow. Doubt it means we’re getting a doing. Tbh ad still take Dave stoating out the Wee Rangers Club wae his rockport boots and union jack tattoo on his back over a wee Polish poof wae gumshields
  7. Puts the Rangers drawn at home myth to bed. 11 of our last 14 away now
  8. You’re talking as if we have various options at left back and my idea is mental lol. What’s he done wrong in this game? He played 2 or 3 games last season and didn’t put a foot wrong. Compared to Barisic and Flanagan who cost us goals constantly.
  9. No idea why we’re pumping crosses into the box wae the conditions.
  10. According to the forum we’d have been better off wae an amatuer.
  11. Seems very assured at full back in any game I’ve seen him play. We currently play a RB at LB anyway and anyone telling me Flanagan is better than Polster is having a laugh.
  12. Big Helander though eh. No fit, no rated. No broke sweat, assist, strong and won the ball everytime he’s been asked
  13. Probably not against the tarriers but I’d be giving Polster a game at LB
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