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  1. Increasingly unlikely the season will be finished as they need minimal disruption to next season due to new broadcasting deals and the main priority is to keep as many clubs afloat as possible. Seems like the dude was wrong, again. 4 titles without out and a null and void, what a laugh. Here we go 1 in a row
  2. Canizares as well btw. Probably my favourite ever goalkeeper out with Rangers tbh.
  3. David Villa was underrated due to the era of Spanish football at that time. Class player
  4. Strange. He’s literally stating a known fact. Highlights the problems we have as a Protestant club, the major issue in Davids facebook post is that racism is prevalent at celtic park, simple as that. Hope he pens a statement and refers to it as the chamber of secrets
  5. They can try play it as much as they want. Government will decide when things get up and running. Uefa have already decided it needs to be done by the end of June. If it isn’t it’ll be null and void. Pathetic if we’re continuing this season in July or August when the new one should start.
  6. Honestly am glad their in the relegation positions purely because we’ll have more clout than a Hamilton if they end the season as is. Other than that, fuck Hearts. I hoped this would happen to many clubs no just them. I’d be delighted if 4-5 of them went to the wall and were never seen in Scottish football again. Hearts, Dundee Utd are the most likely.
  7. June 30th is when UEFA want it done, that’s that confirmed. Not a chance this is happening lol, they’d need to start it back in April/May at the earliest cause there’s no chance we’ll be happy to play tae the end of June and have literally 2-3 weeks before European qualifiers again. Null and void
  8. See wit happens when you employ a staunch Protestant unionist to handle communications
  9. Only in Scotland would the tarriers be crowned champions minus 8 games but to ensure Hearts don’t kick up a fuck base it off 2 seasons ago lol. Sure Dundee Utd will have a lot to say about that
  10. Some laugh when they just gift the tarriers the title and Hearts just say ok no problem we’ll get relegated and potentially go to the wall. Even better when they just leave the league as it is but also gift the tarriers the title and Dundee Utd just say ok no problem we’ll stay down and definitely go to the wall.
  11. The Dude is just a media prick looking to antagonise because he’s fuck all else to do. Wonder what his stance and the MSM stance would be if we were top. Sutton, Keevins, Stewart etc would be 100% screaming null and void from the rooftops.
  12. No happening, no bothered, would be a nice gesture. Would be decent if they froze ST prices though
  13. Yup. Arguably 3rd or 4th biggest club in the league. Hamilton would be pushed over quite easily. Only teams that are happy will be tarriers and St Mirren probably.
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