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  1. Need somewhere in the North of England to prep myself for Ross County away next season. Rangers supporting MPs should be passing legislation that requires Ross County away to be played on Friday nights only with all those in attendance taking paid half days at work.
  2. Fs genuinely thought Utd would be the team to at least draw with City so Liverpool could win the league
  3. Aye. Two aways after that as well. Dunno why am talking like this lol. Be more heartbreaking after this season if it was taken to the last game than losing it with 3 to go.
  4. Dunno why am even believing in this haha. Checking the goal difference n all sorts
  5. We both win next week and they can win it at Ibrox ffs
  6. I’d just love if we won it considering the whole country has thought it’s done. Can’t see it myself but I just cba wae them winning it at Ibrox
  7. That’s brutal lol. Morelos does get battered in the media for that.
  8. Just thinking about this again today and I’d be willing to wager if Gerrard hadn’t been so persistent with our style of play when Morelos served his ban after Aberdeen game then we’d still be in a title race with Defoe or Morelos up top. The system has been brilliant to watch and it’s working incredibly well.
  9. Worst Hearts team I’ve seen in my 15 years of going to games. Absolutely terrible team. They’ll stroll the cup when they play that nonsense, honestly abysmal
  10. You’re defo a strange wee character
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