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  1. Prso's headband


    I think I’m swerving towards the same tbh but just not seeing the myGers scheme like others. Fwiw if I decide to go to away games I’ll be alright, I usually always am, just hope the mygers thing isn’t an extra £50 for 2 games a season like usual.
  2. Prso's headband


    Not a bit to go at all. That’s 10k in under a month. Another 6k on top of that will be easiely done which is pre- My gers numbers. That’s never going to happen regardless of how much the club push it, the making it easier for those that go to all games. Once it gets to circa 15k even a third of those in category gold is 5k, which is more than any away ground in Scotland. How is that priority? It isn’t. It’s still a scramble, albeit a much smaller scramble but it’s really no priority.
  3. Prso's headband


    10,000 members already lol. Sure one of the perks was it was going to be “exclusive” and easier to get tickets when it all came out. Literally going to end up with the same numbers that were on the away scheme last year, only now youve paid £50 to get Livi away twice
  4. It’s been said for the past 2 seasons. We do not need squad options, we need 3-4 starting players which makes the current team squad options. Our problem is all we’ve signed are fucking squad options
  5. We need a midfielder and a winger. Management can do one if they play Hagi out on the wing
  6. Honestly fuck the Barry Ferguson of the last 5 year.
  7. Pretty sure some chairmen have came out and said they believe legally they’ll be an easy target for clawbacks etc that’s why they didn’t do it. Think it might’ve been Dunfermline
  8. Don’t think Hagi’s quality is up for debate really, surprised to see those totally against it. Problem is where he’ll be played. If after potentially 5-6 months of no football we come back and do the exact same thing the manager and his double figure staff can go
  9. Match winner along with Morelos. Problem is we need a couple more
  10. I love him. Hope this break means he’s settled in wae the new kid etc cause all the off field issues were having a serious effect on him on the park.
  11. Needs to stop being so rigid in formations and players, simple as that really. 99.99% of the support would agree that at Tynecastle in the SC and if at anytime your front 3 is Kent Stewart and Ojo then questions rightfully should be asked.
  12. I think he’s quality tbh. Has shown he can be a match winner. What I cba with is signing him and playing him on the fucking wing. Clear as day his best position is CAM. That’s where most of his quality has came from
  13. They Real Madrid and Liverpool tops are absolutely horrific. Colours on the tops you wouldn’t associate with either club
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