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  1. Funny he was booked for the gesture but all we heard for about 3 weeks was how he should be banned. Can’t be banned if the ref punishes you by yellow card there and then right? Which means the media hysteria has been exactly that, they’ve been able to write absolute drivel about Morelos for nearly 3 week, bringing in non sports psychologists over something that was dealt with 5 mins after the game. Really quite coincidental though that Clancy at every opportunity books Morelos more times than he’s reffed him.
  2. If the players have bought right into it then that’s only a positive as well. We have the drive and desire to go and win this, whilst on the other side there seems to be a bit of discontent which hopefully simmers away nicely.
  3. Kenny Miller and Gareth McAuley are a pair of pricks. Gareth McAuley hasn’t been in the same dressing room as Morelos for the best part of a year so fuck his opinion. Rangers fan from birth my arse.
  4. Going to be hilarious when we’ve already won the league and send out our under 21s for both games whilst the first team are still onit
  5. Ffs that’s really not ideal. Sounds like he could potentially miss Hearts away, Aberdeen and Hibs at home.
  6. Looking for one for my good self
  7. If he’s good enough aye. You can’t possibly suggest we play Flanagan for over a month which means we become so predictable with 90% of our wing play coming from Barisic on the other side. At least Patterson offers something going forward
  8. This is a fucking serious problem, and also can only happen tae us. If it’s true the only player that should be playing is Patterson. He’ll give us hopefully a younger version of Tav compared to Flanagan who can’t cross the half way line and Polster who Probably just isn’t in the managers plans. I’d be absolutely gutted if this was true and it’ll take my old man 5 mins into the St Mirren game to realise the amount of stick he gives Tav is no needed 😂
  9. Clyde SSB last night had a Polish football expert on last night. Basically rubbished this guy saying he’s had 2 good months, a bit of a hothead and was homesick when he was in Warsaw.
  10. No they won’t. Total myth. Look at the players that put a full Everton XI out the cup then look at the players we’ve had off them like Ejaria and Ojo. We weren’t getting Kent back this season unless we paid up which we did, which suited Liverpool not us.
  11. Ah Darian McKinnon, the all righteous absolute thug lauded for turning his life around as well.
  12. Leigh Griffiths- Cokehead who played the mental health card. Declan Gallagher- Literally caved someones skull in with a baseball bat- Reformed. Odsonne Edouard- Shot someone with an air rifle- Quiet guy. Alfredo Morelos- Spent part of his time off raising money for poor parts of Colombia through his own foundation- Waster.
  13. Also talking about trimming the squad we really should be looking to sell but if not best to loan out players like Docherty, Middleton etc to other SPFL teams. They’ve done it for years and worked for them, especially against us with Mulumbu etc. Can only help in our search for the league
  14. Think we’ve got a very settled 18 in all honesty. We need to get the squad trimmed and if the right player becomes available then I think we might see 1 or 2 in. We’ve got enough squad depth to cope with the competitions we’re in now.
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