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  1. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    There’s no way we’re pumping Kilmarnock ffs Not one team has since Clarke took over and they’re unbeaten against us and them winning 2 and drawing 2. Obviously we should be pumping them but it’ll be one of those games where Murty hopefully shows his tactical flexibility and in the end grinds out the win.
  2. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Not confident for this at all tbh. Think it’ll be a draw in all honesty. I’d be going Alnwick Tav Anyone Else Alves John Candeias Docherty Dorrans(if fit, sure he played a game this week?) Murphy Cummings Morelos
  3. Sundays goals against.

    Don’t think Alnwick covered himself in any glory in the semi final, but he probably deserves another chance. I’m the same. Ever since St Johnstone home defeat I’ve had no confidence in him from long range, other teams see it so I’m not sure why our management can’t. If we’re serious about challenging for the league players like Foderingham have to be squad players IMHO.
  4. Sundays goals against.

    I wouldn’t swap him either but best in Scotland doesn’t mean best for Rangers. Ive backed him to the hilt on here but since the Hibs game he’s been very poor and every long range effort feels like a penalty
  5. C.Company

    There’s many a young lad whose grown up to be a defender of Ulster and C Company I will fund this providing they keep the name
  6. Not for me at this moment. In the next 2 OF games he has to show he’s tactically flexible and has learned from his poor judgement. And he has to win the Scottish Cup. Any other way and it’s a no from me
  7. Windass stat

    If he had the ability to not disappear in games then he’d be a great player.
  8. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    He’s literally in line with the post than in the centre for the 3rd it’s fucking schoolboy stuff. Never seen the first one again but my old man said the ball went over his fking elbow so he dived too early? Both of them are bad and amateur stuff but not as bad as coming 18 yards off the line for the 2nd
  9. A Great Article On West Ham Situation.

    I really feel for them. The heart and soul has been ripped out of them all in the name of corporate greed, which incidentally hasn’t happened anyway. It had shambles written all over it from the start.
  10. Jamie Carragher gobs on a 14 year old

    How can people say he tried to spit on the dad? It’d literally have to be the perfect spit to get it through the passenger window, over the passenger and onto the dad
  11. Police Yesterday

    Also I was right in the middle of the club deck yesterday and there was police there walking about the concourses and watching fans in the fucking club deck
  12. I still can’t believe we didn’t press the fuck out them in the first 25 minutes we could’ve killed it there and then. It was a fucking joke the way we stood off them, not once but fucking twice. They could hardly string two passes together in the first 5 minutes, even Brown was giving it away. They looked shocked we’d came flying out right into their faces and scored. His nonsense about attacking football at Ibrox etc was made redundant the moment we stood off them after taking the upper hand twice. But aye a get where you’re coming from.
  13. Police Yesterday

    It’s the usual pish and I’ve tweeted the SLO a lot about it. When we go to the piggery, the last time I was searched 3 times. Once before you cross the road to walk up the wee hill, then we were put in queues where a steward marked every single ticket with a pen after staring at it for 2 minutes, then you have to show the ticket to the police and then searched again before you go into the ground. They go out of their way to make sure we’re not all in for kick off. But yet again every single one of them was in 10 minutes before kick off, bangers going off everywhere. And just to rub it in you have the police actually running down the steps past the suits in the corner, anytime they or we got a corner at the Copland end. It was genuinely embarrassing to watch all the while you have the usual stewarding stuff going on at the Broomloan and 4 police running out when they scored. Fucking sickening.
  14. Scum attacking Rangers fans going home

    Video doing the rounds of Martin being called a H** bastard in a shop. They are acting like they have the run of the place, nobody can or will touch them. I really fear for the state of this country. The way it’s going, everything is geared towards the tarriers in terms of politics, those in power, the media and the police. They’re untouchable in all walks of life at the moment and the day you do something about it you’re the bigot, the knuckledragger, the hater etc. I fear for this country and our community
  15. Best chance to beat them?

    That is showing the mentality now. Our “best chance” to beat them. Shouldn’t even be thinking like that. So if we did win, we beat cellic and that was it? We can all be happy forever? That’s the way he’s implying it.