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  1. Fuck up ya tarrier.
  2. Fod Tav Cardoso Alves Wallace Jack Candeias Krancjar Dorrans Morelos Herrera. We looked good for large spells of the game today, but the one player who now looks off the pace is Miller unfortunately. We can't keep relying on him and having spent 2.5 million on two strikers I think both deserve a chance over Miller.
  3. He's good to listen too. He commented that we had a team of men. He also said when he played not one team would bully us, anywhere in Scotland. You can see what Pedros trying to do, the players are powerhouses and look like they'll work hard for the cause. If we have a few flair players we can rely on we might actually do well.
  4. I think the players he's brought in and the actual professionals that were already here back him. I think players like Waghorn, MOH, Mckay, Forrester and Kiernan etc can't cope with hardwork and dedication to the team so they've been told to actively find themselves a new club and they've spat the dummy. I don't agree with sending every player you don't want to train with the kids but the guys that aren't pulling their weight and giving 100% in training deserve to be there
  5. Walker and Murphy and I'd be happy. Hopefully we build on that today, I want the manager to prove me wrong every single week.
  6. The literal definition of that famous song
  7. Ffs mate a just went and checked that online Good wee wind up trip you're on tonight
  8. If he can give Rami a tough time in a friendly am sure cunts like Efe Ambrose will be a breeze. Looked a handful but I'd really like the strikers to start scoring
  9. Aye but wingers don't tackle Fucking love a winger that gets stuck in about it. If that's him in a friendly I can't wait till he comes up against the wee prick Tierney
  10. Not going to change my overall opinion after 45 minutes in a friendly but it is encouraging to see that the managers ideas seem to be coming across on the pitch. We look good, but again it's just a friendly
  11. I'm never actually like this towards a manager so early either I backed MW right until the 2-0 defeat at Tynecastle. This character has to win 8 of 11 of the first round of fixtures and not get beat in the other 3 for me to give him my full support. However my general feeling would be of surprise if we even won our first 3. Am just no looking forward to all the pish some of our fans come out with when David Bates stops Payet from scoring for 30 minutes, lauding him as some sort of hero. It's getting tedious now.
  12. You know what it's like though. For me he deserves fuck all praise at this moment. That Progres result is up there with one of the worst in our history. If they beat Marseille today what does that change? Nothing, but you'll get fans claiming he can lead us to the title etc if we do.
  13. Were getting fucking skelped today. Can't wait for the over reaction if we salvage a draw, Pedro the hero etc.
  14. Going to keep posting this till it happens
  15. Bar windass and MOH there won't be any interest in players like Forrester if the reports are to be believed of him. No-one is also going to pay Holt the wage he's on just now for the next 3 years either. I personally really rate Rossiter. He'd be class if he could stay fit, but like other guys have said Barjonas didn't look out of place at all, infact he was the best player on the park in that game. I'd rather get quality rather than quantity the now. Were lacking badly up top
  16. Waghorn doesn't count
  17. We can't hit a barn door and bring in another midfielder lol.
  18. He's been backed to the tune of £8 million and got played off the park by a mob from Luxembourg. We'll be lucky to take 4 points from our first three games and after the cellic game he won't be here. He'll be lucky to see October. I honestly hope I'm so far from the truth, but what has been produced so far only points in one direction- failure, again.
  19. Javier Hernandez to West Ham for £16 mill. Really good bit of business then you see they're going to pay Stoke £24 mill for Arnautovic
  20. Dorrans trying to do the team a favour by injuring Dalcio.
  21. Hahahahahahaha wee fucking rabid scum nae hair fuck banned for one match. The real problem here is he done the exact same thing at Ibrox and not a word was spoken about it. It takes a European governing body to actually deal with stuff like this. These tarriers are untouchable in this shitehole
  22. All the players, bar Dalcio, on paper look like really good solid signings. The recruitment side of things isn't the problem, it's the manager. I said this weeks ago, he doesn't have time for gelling in etc, he's spent £8 million. It isn't £8 million running around the park that's the problem is it.
  23. It's never the minority. They wee fucking pricks make up anything from 3-6000 in the stadium, never mind the tarrier bastards that were happy to see a banner like that.
  24. Just read that as well. Couldn't lavish enough praise on Paul Pogba, sorry Nchtam though.
  25. He's as much an ACMilan fan as a Rangers fan. The guy is a tube. But he's right here. The manager is a fraud and only a title win will change that. The reality is you'll be lucky to see him at Ibrox for Halloween. The title is gone already because the board backed the clown Robertson instead of taking some money out of the £8 million we've gave this dud and signed a good experienced manager. The only saving grace is the £8 million has been spent on what can be described as good, experienced pros, which a new manager can work with, not league 1 rejects