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  1. Jordan Rhodes

    Out of our price range a couple of years back. If we have the chance of signing him I’d be all over it. You don’t just lose the touch of finishing at the age of 28. He’d be a great buy and probably show our intention of playing two up top which is good.
  2. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    If they want 3 and we’ve offered 2.8 plus add ons then their valuation isn’t what’s being reported in the media. They probably want at least 4 so 2.8 plus add ons should hopefully seal it. I’d be happy enough replacing Bates and Martin with Bartley and Goldson
  3. Kyle Bartley (Swansea)

    £2.5 million and 20k a week wages will get him I think
  4. 1st of June approaches

    Up front we’re the best in the country by a distance. They’re about to spend 7 mill on a guy who has 11 goals in 29 appearances and the media are having a wankfest over. We also have the best RB in the country. Says more about the quality of the league but we still have it. I really don’t think we’re far away. The majority of us have said for a while now we need 5 quality additions to the first 11, our problem is we trusted Warburton and Pedro to do that
  5. 1st of June approaches

    We are not behind them in every department that’s absolute nonsense. Also if the rumours of spending £20 million are realised then the league is 100% to be expected
  6. ***Official Champions League Final 17/18 Thread***

    That’s a disgrace from any keeper in the world. The whole world can see that happening before he even throws it
  7. ***Official Champions League Final 17/18 Thread***

    Ramos doing what I’d want my captain to do, anything to win
  8. James Collins (West Ham)

    He’s fucking shite n looks like a poof
  9. New video :) Daniel Candeias - Daniel Son.

    I think useful sums him up. Decent wee player and will probably be here next season.
  10. Cummings

    Think we’ll be keeping Morelos and adding another two if that’s the case. Can’t see us buying a full forward line as well as a backline
  11. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Ive had a think about it now and I’m for it. I checked sheep attendance and it was nearly 5k less than their capacity at the last game. I think the away allocation at hearts, hibs and sheep will be cut this season to 1000 and the sheep will stay the same. I then think they’ll realise the money their losing out on with these games and the usual will be restored the season after next, I think it’s a guarantee especially if we win the league. Which means I’m quite happy to take my chances for the tarrier game, fuck it.
  12. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Harsh mate
  13. Beggars Allocation Cut

    I was at them as well mate. Maybe I was a little too pished but both were close to sellouts. I hope there’s thousands of empty seats next season I really do
  14. Beggars Allocation Cut

    It’s obviously in retaliation to what we’ve done but they’ve claimed they have demand for it
  15. Beggars Allocation Cut

    They’ released a statement claiming its because of demand
  16. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Will they though? Hibs sold out the last game of the season and Aberdeen have been mostly the same with our smaller allocation. Honestly I’d love if we done this and they gave us a bigger allocation but I can’t see it. I think it’ll happen eventually but not in the short term
  17. Beggars Allocation Cut

    No I get that, I’m talking about Hearts and above, they’ll be fine and it makes the away fans trip 10x harder. Honestly I’d love if we done this and sheep, hearts and Hibs couldn’t sell out because they only gave us 1000 but I can’t see it. I also agree about creating a bunker mentality of us against the rest as well
  18. Beggars Allocation Cut

    If people thought this season was hard, times that by 100 next. Bit of a gutter in all honesty. Top 4 teams will make sure we have 1,000 or less now. Basically makes ticking away games section totally defunct, you’ve almost not got a chance of getting any of hibs, hearts, sheep and cellic
  19. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Indifferent towards it. I follow Rangers across the country and now Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen and them will make sure we get 1,000 or less. But if the ST demand is higher then fine. And also I sit in the Broomloan so the baying for blood of 1000 tarriers is brilliant
  20. ***Official Champions League Final 17/18 Thread***

    Allez Allez Allez
  21. Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    File under shite if Dom Solanke is a back up
  22. Season Tickets

    What’s the deal with the general sale? It’s been years since I’ve had to deal with a general sale but my old man is wanting back now. I take it I go into the TO and they’ll presumably show me on the computer or map of the stadium where there is remaining seats and I just pick it on the day? There’s no way I can see the layout and where seats are left beforehand?
  23. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    The worst thing about it is that someone like Stewart Robertson will accept that excuse