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  1. Rangers Development Team vs Huddersfield

    Four lads had a dream is John Gilligan
  2. Play them all away!

    The SPFL faces a post-split fixture headache if the top six remains the same. Rangers will have played all five of their rivals in the top half of the Premiership twice at Ibrox this season. Graeme Murty's side will be due two home games after the split, which could force two teams to make a third trip to Ibrox. (Daily Record) Subtle hints already . Imagine there’s 3-4 points in it by the time the split comes around, the hysteria would be brilliant if it was Hibs and Aberdeen having to come to Ibrox. It would probably suit us to play them all away actually
  3. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Never understand the criticism big Bates gets, it’s totally unwarranted. He’s a fucking defender who since Parkhead has cost us the grand total of 0 goals and has been absolutely solid at the back. I get the feeling because he struggles to pass out from the back people are just seeing that and saying he’s pish etc. Unlike Cardoso who can’t do either. He’s absolutely solid and defends first, that’s literally what you need in this league and what we’ve been wanting for a while
  4. Injury Update

    Our medical team haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory for a couple of years now. It’s a constant occurrence having players out for 4+ months, time dragging with trying to get them back to fitness etc
  5. Candeias title talk

    Good attitude he has. Never say die attitude is how we’ve won trophies in the past.
  6. Play them all away!

    Yes, 4 of which they won the title... just paranoid but
  7. Play them all away!

  8. Play them all away!

    Scenes when we play at the piggery in the second last game, beat them to go top by 3 points then score in the 94th minute of the last game of the season to salvage a draw at home to Killie to win the league. Sums up our home form quite nicely but still win the league
  9. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    Tbh I genuinely thought the refs were just incredibly bad at what they do until I walked out of Ibrox after that Hibs game. I genuinely felt after that game the referee actively wanted and did influence the game in favour of the opposition team. His performances when reffing our games since have shown that he does have a bias against us. The decisions that day were incredible and that was followed up by allowing a season ending tackle on Ryan Jack go unpunished
  10. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Hate the way Barca and most European teams react to tackles. The Euro refs just buy right into it all the time
  11. Lennon praising the Benny victims

    The spineless media are contributing to this. All they have to ask Lennon is “what do you think of your friend Andy Woodward implicating the celtic cup as part of a football peadophile ring”
  12. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

  13. Fuck Scottish football. I want Rangers to win everything, every year and beat every team every single time we play them. We owe this country fuck all. I hope Aberdeen do move to a new stadium, finish 4th the next 4 years and go bankrupt. I hope Hibs consistently battle it out for 3rd for the next 50 years while gloating over 1 cup whilst we’ve won another 35 I hope we win the league every single season with tarriers throwing themselves off parkhead again and I hope Dundee Utd go bust never to be seen again
  14. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    He has 4 league yellows, he needs 6 to miss the tarriers game. He’s fine.
  15. Greg Docherty

    Quiet but effective, I like him. Looks like he’s being used as a box to box player going by yesterday, winning the ball far forward and winning it back in our half as well. Very athletic player as well which you need in this day and age. Probably has to work a bit better on his passing if I had to pick him up on something. He definitely shouldn’t be dropped for the weekend
  16. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    “These decisions even themselves out over the course of a season”
  17. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    6 points by the OF and beat them to make it 3 with 8 to go. We’ll win it if that’s the case.
  18. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    His assist for Windass was different class. Best player on the park by a mile yesterday.
  19. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Overpaid shite hope Wigan do them.
  20. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Could be a red but I wouldn’t have given it as a red. Refs fucked it if he’s been influenced by the crowd but if the 4th official has had a word then fair enough
  21. ***Official English Football Thread***

    I’ve never seen a stadium where right the way round the first few rows are covered, whats that all about?
  22. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    This country wouldn’t know what hit it if we won it this year. There would be suicides by that lot
  23. Interesting Comments From Murty After Yesterday's Game

    Na forget that man. I want us to murder teams on the pitch in every single game, I don’t give a fuck who they are. There shouldn’t be an ounce of respect shown towards one team in this league, absolutely none whatsoever so that comment has annoyed me a bit
  24. I’m surprised at how little we’ve improved points wise, I’d have thought we would be 12 points better off or something. It just goes to show that last season was a total fluke and it has constant reminders of Warburtons first 6-9 months in the championship when nobody could touch us but then we still played the same way and were found out. That’s exactly what’s happening to them and we would be top had we appointed an actual manager instead of Pedro, it’s fucking sickening that the actions potentially of one man (Parks son) has fucked this for us. I said in September this was going to be a season of missed opportunities and if we finish 6 behind them it’ll be probably one of the most sickening league losses in a long time, because you know it’s been coming.
  25. Is there any movement on this? Can’t see it now myself. Also, surely someone has a video of his old man going mental when he scored