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  1. A Fucking Disgrace

    Sack the board
  2. Mcleish

    It’s that bad cunts are desperate for Alex, relevant 10 years ago McLeish. Fucking disgusting
  3. Herrera

    See when yer youtube video is a series of all the chances you’ve missed it’s time to call it a day. Seen it at Motherwell first gsme of the season, cunt couldn’t win a header when he was about a foot taller than everycunt else on the park. Absolute gash. Ad rather Nuno Capucho than that cunt
  4. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Hows that? We’ve waited nearly 3 years to be on a fucking stock exchange, what makes you think they chancing bastards are just gona say thanks we’ll take shares? They’re here for money, nothing else. Just like the leeches before them, only this time it’s worse because they claim to support Rangers
  5. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Isn’t that a surprise. Any Rangers “fan” in your position would be using that position to defend the club from the parasites that attack it, or openly question the board that are running it into the ground. You do neither and consider yourself some sort of hero amongst the support . An absolute loser whose only interest is the daily rhebels editor.
  6. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    A patronising prick as well, isn’t that a surprise. I’ll be more qualified than you ever will to write on the internet ya clown. Aye ad rather owe £20 MILLION to Rangers men than £5 MILLION to someone else . No problem. Can you not do simple maths or something?
  7. Second Best

    In Scottish football you need grit, heart and determination. Great if you have ability but those 3 things at Rangers will win you 90% of your games because you’d die for the jersey. That mob don’t. They don’t care they are the lowest of the low and never deserving of the Rangers shirt. I hate that team and the board. They deserve fuck all to do with Rangers. Not one of they players deserves to have that badge next to their chest, not one
  8. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Your job is to defend Rangers Football Club. Instead you pander to the masses or back the board of glibs and shameless liars. “Rangers fan” “Rangers men” Get to fuck.
  9. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    You are really up yer own arse wae pish like that. Unbelievable. A “ Rangers blogger” is happy the “Rangers men” board are running us into quadruple the debt we were in before they rode in on their glorious white horses
  10. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    We were £5 mill in debt when they took over. Were £20 mill now. Read facts ya fucking idiot. But aye it’s Rangers mens debt thats ok
  11. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    That’s exactly what were doing. You’re a parody of yourself.
  12. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    They didn’t run us into quadruple the debt. If they did they’d be hung drawn and quartered in the middle of Ibrox. But it doesn’t matter its Rangers men that’s doing that
  13. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    The board are acting like fenian bastards
  14. Murty

    See defending Murty over a fucking draw at the piggery is fucking mental. He should still be able to beat Hamilton at home and Dundee away ffs. Twice he’s had a shot at Dundee and fucked it. Unbelievable the amount of people backing him over a fucking draw at the piggery. Is that what we’ve become? A draw at parkhead is the pinnacle? Fucking nonsense
  15. Players need punted asap

    Aye but Kenny Miller no surrender n that. King Kenny. The Rangers Captains Armband has become a novelty
  16. Protests?

    No such thing, Rangers men n awrat
  17. There's no manager that can fix this

    I remember the days we had 11 leaders on the park. Not one tonight. A bunch of imposters
  18. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    We are the people we’ll sing of victory
  19. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Your getting it! In a text obvioueyly
  20. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Feel like ma hearts competing in the grand national
  21. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Somecunt may as well book me into a hotel up there am done.
  22. Derek McInnes

    Well last week he skirted around the question. Today he said his future is with Aberdeen, game over. The board can’t even get that right. It got to the point where the names mentioned McInnes was actually the best one Preudhomme or nothing now. Highly doubt it. Probably Kenny Shiels
  23. Dundee Roll Call

    As always
  24. Steve McClaren

    You have to have conduct as a Rangers manager as well. The guys a dafty. He’s an ok manager like the rest, thats the problem we should be aiming for the best not also rans. Never thought I’d see the day where it’s a fight between average managers or yesterdays men for the Rangers job
  25. What the hell is going on?

    Ah ok didn’t know he was close to him