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  1. They paid for it but. So if a supporter from NI can't get over due to bad weather on a Wednesday but has paid for his ticket, why should he not be in the ballot or priority? He's paid for every game like everyone else
  2. Sounds extremely attentive and driven. Something you need to succeed. Can't believe were actually watching our opponents, with one guy solely focused on how they work set-pieces. Hopefully Pedro can find 3 or 4 within that squad that can contribute and perform to the levels of Mckay, Foderingham and Wallace, who also need to up their games but we know they can produce excellent displays for them it's about consistency. If we can find another 3 who can raise their game consistently and bring in 4-5 quality players then I can see us challenging next season hopefully.
  3. Aye 3000 ST holders on CCCS but only 700 of those who have paid for every game from the first kick.
  4. I agree with that. It isn't the way they do the ballot that isn't fair it's the amount that goes to corporate in the first place. 700 fans who have signed up to CCCS and paid and attended every game miss out for suits
  5. Couldn't tell you. Seen it on fb. They can't really do it any other way can they
  6. Tarrier love in when players like Brown get to pick when they want to play
  7. I actually thought the attendance thing was the way they done it and I was on holiday last year the first home cup game but still paid for it so I didn't expect a ticket. I don't know how they would work it. Those who sign up to every game before a ball is kicked and then attend those games should be top of the tree IMO. After that I really don't know, do you just go down and say well he attended 3 out of 4 he's next. The TO never know why people miss games so that could open a whole can of worms, especially if they paid for it anyway. Yeah I'm the same I missed the second Hearts game this season and it's the only one I've missed due to ticketing reasons. I've got everything on CCCS as well. No matter how they do it, people will be unhappy. It'd be interesting to see if they done a points system based on the game. 10 points for Stranraer at home but only 3 for Hibs. Full house in both cases regardless which benefits the club as well.
  8. I've had the semi final and final last year and the two semis this year. Ye can almost guarantee when we beat the tarriers I don't get one for the final I don't see any other way they could work it right now tbh. Theres guys like me who have missed like 5-10 games since the 3rd division, home and away. Then theres fans who almost always get semi or final tickets anyway. You can't stop that, these people more than likely have good contacts within RSCs. How do you make sure those who deserve get? Should a guy on CCCS who signed up to every game without knowing the opposition be put in with a guy who picks the home cup games as they come if he fancies it? Or the guy who goes to every single game be put in the same hat as ST holders? Not IMO. I'll probably get a response like aye but you'll be raging if you don't get a ticket for the final. Obviously I will ffs! Who wouldn't, but the point is nothing can change to make everyone happy. There is always going to be a minority who lose out such is the demand.
  9. How do you uplift? Mines says special
  10. Guarantee they get sent out at 16.55 and they've took a fuck it we'll deal with it tomorrow attitude from people who don't get
  11. Rangers trolling us with a POTY email
  12. Ah ok I see I tick every box every season anyway I can never remember the logistics of it. I completely forgot you had to tick all home games to tick semi final and final schemes
  13. Interesting. So those who signed up to all other home games (essentially cup games) are in the same bracket as those who ticked a semi-final or final box. Supporters are signing up to a scheme where it doesn't matter if we get cellic or annan, they have made that commitment before a ball has been kicked. I don't think that's fair IMO, unless I've read it wrong.
  14. Would've liked to have seen him play at a professional level to understand the hype.
  15. No doubt if they get a result it'll be down to Brenda and the boys and their great season. Hope every cellic player available plays and they get skelped about the park.
  16. BF4 is £410 with cellic and £330 without.
  17. Last chance saloon for King in this window. If the money isn't there and were sitting here even 15 points behind with no chance of winning it the fans should start to turn
  18. Anyone that's willing to put in what they say they will. Putting in 10% of what you said you would 2 years into your 3 year plan is taking the piss right out the fans and the club.
  19. That is it in a nutshell. For the past 12 months if the old board had done anything the Rangers men had they would have been hung drawn and quartered on every media platform available. They're Rangers men but so were in good hands.
  20. The man is a crook. He's invested £3 million over two years He has now stated in that car crash of an interview that he doesn't want to invest and never did
  21. I think £6 mill would do it. Get around £4 mill for Kiernan, Tav and Waghorn + a couple of others. Whatever the deficit is should be brought in by the board. Probably add another £2 mill in the Christmas window if were really in the mix. It'll be all about how he spends it though. He needs players to settle right away, have the correct mentality and realise they could write their names into history lifting that title.
  22. Is this role an important position though? My understanding is that it is a relatively minor role with the person in the role helping Pedro settle with life in Glasgow, where to eat, drink, stay. What Rangers means on the streets and in the stands, what he can expect from the media etc. I didn't think it would be a major coaching role to the extent where whoever it is is helping Pedro pick subs, taking press conferences etc.
  23. SNPfanswatch should be your name.
  24. £2 mill for Tav £1.5 for Waghorn and £1mill for Kiernan. Leave us in a good position like you said you did Warbiola