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  1. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    We start Windass and Miller and were playing with 9 men already. 4-5-1 Fod Tav Cardoso Alves Hodson Candeias Jack Pena Dorrans John Morelos
  2. Pena

    You're making him out to be with the fat, faced double chin comments when picture evidence clearly shows hes not. Why not post a pic of Morelos? He also has a "fat face" yet you've not dug him up. So I'm clearly not making shit up.
  3. Pena

    Here he is last night http://willievass.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/190917-Partick-v-Rangers-cup/G0000VbCxwMIFnnk/I0000dohJwVGCfFw/C000056Zl7U5XoZo Aye fat as fuck. He was nowhere near off the pace, he was our best player till he went off. You're just looking for small things to try and justify your position that he's a really bad player, when he's clearly showing signs that he's not. I take it you've dug up Morelos all season for having a chubby face aye?
  4. Pena

    Aye look how fat he is Double chin, moobs the lot.
  5. Alan Archibald

    Fucking roaster saying we got all the 50-50s. Never mind McGinn or Sammons elbows into Windass and Cardoso right next to the linesman at our end, or just about every thrown in the had in the second half It was definitely aimed at Pedro, he just stared him out from where I was.
  6. Candieas

    That's the difference between a good footballer and an average one. After his miss he didn't shy away from the game and eventually got a goal and assist which won us the game. Windass head went when he missed an absolute sitter and that was him bar one run in ET
  7. We Can Beat Anyone At Ibrox

    Yet the stats suggest we play better away
  8. Mccrorie...

    Bullied that rebel bastard off the park.
  9. Pena

    Best player on the park till he went off. He looked good tonight. Some great touches and was always the first midfielder in the box.
  10. *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Am serious btw. I really like the look of him he's getting into the box and his touches have been really good
  11. *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Pena has been our best player. He looks good
  12. Are sections of the support right to blame Pedro?

    Obviously he has to take the majority of the blame. I said he wouldn't be gifted enough time as MW due to him spending 3 times the amount MW did in his whole time here, in one transfer window. You can't continually blame £8 million running around on the park. Dorrans and Alves have played at the top level for a decade and both look distinctly average IMO. You can't teach Morelos finishing ability, so what has he actually changed? He's made us more solid, we do have a bit of fight in the team but were still leaking soft goals, we get overrun in midfield for large parts of the game and without Morelos our front line wouldn't be great would it?
  13. Pena

    I think it is. He had two goalscoring opportunities at County and with game time he'd have buried them both IMO. His finish against Dundee was decent but a minute before it he just kicks the ball in hope it really makes him look amateurish. I don't know if it's just his body language or that but I expect footballers to be able to make 100 passes out of 100 if it's 10 yards or less
  14. Pena

    I actually like him. I think he's shown real glimpses of quality, but in the same breath he's played like an amateur with some of his passing. He has to play tonight for 70 mins+.
  15. Ryan Jack?

    He's been our most consistent and one of our best players so far. He isn't scared to give a piece of his mind to Dorrans, Tav or even Miller if there is mistakes on the pitch. That's what you need. That tackle on him on Friday was a shocker but he got up and tried to carry on. We need fighters in the team, he's one of themk
  16. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    It makes it even worse when the manager has said numerous times he wants Scottish Rangers fans playing for this club and here we have a lot of cellic fans in the youth ranks. Obviously kids are impressionable and they could have grown up a cellic fan but these posts are our football players actively going to games where they fucking beat us as well. Regardless of what you think of Pedro the club are laughing in his face with nonsense like this around Auchenhowie
  17. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    It's absolutely disgusting this still happens, after everything that's been done to us. Doubt you'd see rabid fucks like Tierney and Ralston as Rangers supporters. Fucking nonsense.
  18. Miller dropped / rested for Thistle

    Absolute stick on to start on Saturday now ffs. A break from football 6 games in tells you all you need to know about the players condition. He's finished. He's missed 6 clear cut chances any striker should finish already this season.
  19. Alleged interest in Morelos

    I take it his price tag wasn't anywhere near what the media value Dembele at? Dembele linked with AC Milan and Marseille and they have the cheek to say Morelos is linked with Villa and Derby
  20. Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    Got to go if we get beat next week. I think the remit was to go the distance with the tarriers and win a cup. I'd have taken second this season if we were single figures behind. It would have been a major improvement on last season, and would've allowed us to keep building next summer with what can be described as the basis of a very, very good first 11. The reality is if we are 8 behind after 7 games he should go. It was the same with MW the league was done by October and the same again. Inconsistency keeps repeating itself and until we sort that out we'll be miles behind. I'm not the boards biggest fan but they've backed him with the best part of £8 million and you can't continually shift the blame onto £8 million on the park. The players aren't playing to the expectations and reputations they came with. Some of those players had been doing the business at the top level for the best part of a decade and they look poor when they're playing for us. That's the managers fault.
  21. Harry Redknapp

    Should've been Redknapp from the start
  22. Bruno Alves.

    There is obviously going to be times where he pulls a pass off, I didn't say every pass he makes is poor. He maybe executes a pass like that half the time. As for Dorrans his performance in the Dundee game was his worst so far. Constantly misplaced simple passes. Youve took my post as that I don't rate them at all. What I'm saying is with all the expectation and experience they possess they have been way below what many fans thought we were getting
  23. Herrera

    Warburton would've done fuck all here. He's getting well found out down there already. As for Herrera you could see at the very first game how fucking ridiculously bad he is. He literally won one header the full game and he's like 6ft 4 ffs. His finish up at County was decent and he does deserve a run of games to be really judged. The constant inclusion of Kenny Miller will finish Pedro
  24. Second Half of games

    I'm not sure why we don't expect teams that are getting beat to come out in the second half and come at us. Dundee kicked off the second half and should've scored twice in 2 minutes. If were not going to come out and kill the game then we should learn to soak up the pressure for the first 10-15 minutes but we look taken aback that a team has a go.