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  1. Was just using it as an example, Dorrans has 6 assists this season, if he signs you could almost guarantee that stat will be touching 20 this time next season
  2. Stats are nonsense when it comes to comparing players performances in a league 10x the standard of the SPL. Sinclair scored 2 in 21 for Villa but has 21 in 35 for cellic. If were signing players from promotion chasing championship teams its almost a guarantee he's going to do us a really good turn.
  3. If he can't handle the hate he's getting then he ain't got the right mentality. But it's probably pish and he can't wait to get in about it
  4. Hopefully Robertson doesn't move from Hull. If he doesn't they won't see this Christmas.
  5. I think we would really mean some serious business if Alves, Cardoso, Pena, Candeias, Jack and Dorrans walked through Auchenhowie in the next two weeks.
  6. Dorrans is an CAM. I don't see the point in playing a 4-2-3-1 with wingers essentially expecting to do a wingbacks job, come inside etc. Personally I'd play 2 CAMs there who will be all over the pitch like Pena and Dorrans. You're not going to get Barrie Mckay covering every blade of grass.
  7. In my head a 4-2-3-1 means 2 holding mids and 3 CAMs, a bit like Spurs who do Wanyama Dembele Eriksen Alli Son
  8. A midfield of Jack Rossiter Pena Kranjcar and Dorrans
  9. Do you think that was a foul Chris? They were in possession of the ball. Awkward silence Two absolute spazzies
  10. I'm hoping most of these guys will be permanents, especially Pena and Cardoso, they two by the sounds of things are very highly rated and could be sold on for major money. Alves, Cardoso, Pena and Jack would be a great start. I'd be happy with that, a winger and a starting striker.
  11. Bar Simonsen and Cammy Bell there hasn't really been a time the past 10 years where I've been worried about the GK position. We have consistently had really good and then great keepers for as long as I can remember and for the past decade that's been down to Jim and the staff.
  12. I want arrogant footballers at Rangers. I want cunts to do keepie uppies when we're pumping the tarriers at the piggery, a cunt that winds up the opposition so much and still puts the ball in the back of the net. Cummings is that guy, but we'd have to deal with Hibs and he hasn't scored at SPL level consistently. It's all well and good saying he scored in the cups against bigger teams but he needs to do it over a season.
  13. I get the feeling from articles etc that Caixinha is very well respected in Mexico, it could really open the door for us in terms of building good relationships with teams.
  14. I'd be pleasantly surprised if we spent £3 million on one player. If 4 of that calibre followed we'd be right up there next season.
  15. What's the latest? Am a fuck reading 10+ pages on why he should sign n whose no watching us if he did
  16. Ryan Jack to score the winner. Sheep look well up for this
  17. Cardoso, Pena, Dorrans and Alves n am sticking £100 on us winning 55
  18. Text commentary on BBC website, fan zones in Lisbon. Fucking embarrassing.
  19. I love this bit I don't know why but I do.
  20. Apparently not mate, according to Wiki he's been heavily criticised for missing crucial penalties the past couple of seasons
  21. Just when he played in the 2013 gold cup. He looked good then and reading the stats he kinda kicked on and has now hit a bit of a bump in his form, so it's probably best for him to move. He moved for $8 million recently so he seems to be a highly valued player at club level.
  22. Hope this happens, I'd give them MOH as a makeweight and play Walker as a starter, with Paterson as back up.
  23. Surely not man? He automatically becomes the best midfielder in the country if he signs, and that will be proven when he kicks Broonaldo onto the top of the Copland this season. This guy is the real deal, he's a standout for Mexico as well.
  24. Just wasn't the player to take us to the next level unfortunately. Hope he goes on and has a good career