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  1. Not unless you are playing the scum then there's not enough tickets.
  2. It's the Scottish cup mate no 3 points up for grabs just a win.
  3. They were all pretty poor today with maybe Hill and Kiernan getting some kind of pass marks.Three points and move on.
  4. Well we will have to wait and see.As I say I wouldnt have any of those cunts in Ibrox.We have done it in the past and I would do it every game.Give the tickets to our own and they could stick theirs up their fucking arse but that's another story just my thoughts on it as far as all of those cunts are concerned.
  5. Well exactly.Let's see what the club have to say before anyone jumps the gun and starts world war three.I don't want any of those cunts in Ibrox and not just the GB none of them but that's a whole different matter again.
  6. So Rangers have definitely said that the GB can come into Ibrox early and set up their display whatever that display is. As far as I can make out there is nothing definite by anyone.I may have missed something about it but don't think anyone has said that the club have definitely said they can.Could be wrong right enough.
  7. I think most supporters know about the GB but also realise that for whatever reason the authorities and the board at cfc seem very reluctant to do anything about their behaviour. Anyway couldn't give a fuck about them, their club or anything to do with them.
  8. It is to do with another post about not having a united fan base if you had perhaps read what the other poster commented on.
  9. The reality is we don't have a united fan base and haven't had for years. To many groups all vying for their own perch. It's bad enough trying to get 50 guys on a supporters bus to agree on a lot of things never mind 40/50 thousand. In saying that a lot of that 40/50 thousand are not members of any fans groups but ordinary guys like my mates and I who go along,watch the game and moan or laugh amongst ourselves after the games over a few beers. None of us interested in the politics or point scoring amongst some in these fans groups.
  10. Well as I say let's see if they have asked,if they get in,and what if at all their display is or isn't.Perhaps I'm showing to much faith in the police to actually police such a situation correctly.
  11. My point is more that if these people wish to come and set up any kind of display that Rangers security chief and the police know who these people are and what their proposed display is going to be before letting them into Ibrox in the first place.It's not difficult to sort out.
  12. Well I would like to think that in these days of potential terrorist atrocities that Rangers security and Scotland's finest wouldn't be letting anyone walk into Ibrox without them knowing who they are and what as I say IF any form their proposed display is going to be.That might be putting more faith in Scotland's finest especially than they deserve right enough.
  13. One we don't even know for sure whether they are being let in to do any kind of display,plus we don't know what that display if any is going to say,but I would like to think that IF they are being let in to do any kind of display if said display is deemed illegal or grossly offensive that the police will prosecute the instigators of this display.Maybe putting to much faith in the police or Rangers security to actually acquire the names and addresses of the organisers of this display before letting them into Ibrox in the first place and finding out what said display is going to be.
  14. Hopefully the team can carry on and keep up the decent run. Still got a lot of hard work to do but looking a lot better.Funny how opinions can change. Some thought we could easily not pick up a point in December but there you go it just goes to show you how funny this old game can be.How things can change in the space of two or three weeks.
  15. I'm moving away from AH as there was no reason to single out AH for one mistake in a game that we won. If we want to start this pish let's criticise every player not just Halliday.Was it Halliday who missed a good chance against Hearts? Was it Halliday whos defending at the Hearts goal that wasn't pretty poor,was it Halliday who missed a good one on one opportunity against Aberdeen. No it wasn't but I must have missed the threads about those fuck ups or do they not count.No one want to mention the elephants in the room as my mate says no let's just have a go at AH
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