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  1. Don't see what more the club can do at the moment until replies are received.
  2. After yesterdays press conference I expect few surprises when it comes to the team with Davis and Helander the only ones definitely out. A point should be enough but I think we will win by one goal and top the group.
  3. Agreed. Also at the penalty the official is perfectly positioned to see that the keeper is a yard off his line. Both glaring errors.
  4. Goal line technology and VAR would help but for me the officials ought to be professionals and not amateurs. Across the board the standard has to be improved.
  5. Can't say that this comes as any surprise. UEFA will have this brought to their attention and up to them to deal with it. Don't hold your breath.
  6. As I recall the Europa was worth 14M last season. Win tomorrow and with added bonuses this could rise to 20M this season.
  7. Screw the various permutations. Win on Thursday and through as group winners.
  8. Unfit for purpose. Said for years that Scotland requires professional refs and not , to be kind, 'well meaning amatuers'.
  9. If, no when, we win on Thursday then I will recover from yesterday. But only then and not before.
  10. No need to actively back the manager. His job is not under threat. We are greatly improved from where we were 18 months ago.
  11. VAR would have chalked off their goal yesterday and ordered a retake of the penalty. Seen some crazy VAR decisions but anything that improves officials has to be considered.
  12. Nothing wrong with our performance yesterday bar missing a barrow load of chances. Lost out to an offside goal. Had we scored first we go on to desevedy win the game.
  13. Lost to an offside goal after missing chance after chance. Shit happens.
  14. Missing so many chances gives me the fear. Fingers crossed I am wrong.
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