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  1. I suspect it's more down to incompetence. As regards the tribunal I think that calling Nelms to give evidence could be the winning shot. Man can either be seen as a fool or a liar. I know which option I would choose. He was led down the garden path and has nothing to lose by telling the truth about what really happened.
  2. Don't even think Lord Clark understood it when taken in context with other articles. He called it 'vague and confusing'.
  3. Saw this elsewhere ..... Don Neilcaster has agreed to chair the panel.
  4. The time scale is a bit tighter. I reckon they will have 3 weeks from Monday to resolve this. Otherwise it's back to court and Lord Clark will finish matters that week.
  5. If the panel sides with Hearts/Thistle then null and void is the only remaining option as the SPFL had no authority from the members to end the season as they did. Of course if they had done the sensible thing and just waited the season could have been completed.
  6. I doubt it but who knows. Paper shredder will be seeing a lot of work I am sure but it's the electronic records outwith their control that they will be most worried about.
  7. I spent most of my working life in IT and it is almost impossible to mess with log files. Delete an entry and that deletion is then recorded. All files are typically backed up to a secure location every night. Mess with them and it is going to get recorded. Hearts/Thistle getting full access to all documentation (phone calls, emails, whatsapp, meeting minutes etc etc) is crucial and will be their downfall.
  8. I agree. I don't for a minute believe the quarantine story and expect the logs to show that. They panicked when they realised their motion had failed and concocted a fairy tale. After all liewell had been promised his title and 4 days before the vote they had written to UEFA stating this was the way Scottish football wanted to end the season.
  9. They admitted in court that they had received it and I would imagine that part of the documentation the mafia have to produce will be server log files.
  10. Just fail to see him as a regular in the first team squad. As long as Motherwell are paying some of his wages then I am happy to see him go out on loan.
  11. I can't pretend to fully understand the legalese but that sounds like a reasonable conclusion.
  12. In his written statement the judge refers to vague articles in the SFA rules then lays down the law on what must happen and happen quickly.
  13. Judges written statement https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/docs/default-source/cos-general-docs/pdf-docs-for-opinions/2020csoh68.pdf?sfvrsn=0 As I understand it both sides get to choose an arbitrator. Those two then decide who the 3rd one will be. Full document disclosure must be provided by the SPFL. It must be concluded by 1st of August. Either party can take it back to court and Lord Clark will make time to hear it before that date.
  14. DU call for dismissal is rejected. Positive sign.
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