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  1. Too soon to say what restrictions will still be in place come September. But I cannot see Euro qualifiers taking place this summer.
  2. I am starting to suspect that they will reap what they sow. A fake award that the rest of the world will view with contempt. With all that is going on in the world their unceasing demands to be a gifted a sporting title are more than just inappropriate. Thank goodness I am a bear.
  3. " reluctantly accept the title for the good of Scottish football " I have heard it all now.
  4. Once upon a time there were far too many who wanted him as our manager and argued we should just pay the sheep whatever they were asking. Bullet dodged for sure. He does not come from the cut of cloth that makes a Rangers manager. I accept that Gerrard has much to prove but you can see that he is made of the right stuff.
  5. Time for a statement ? I would agree. But it must be the right one and hard hitting. Highest earning players to agree to a 25% wage cut until football resumes with no need to furlough staff and scrounge from the government. Failure to null and void the season will have consequences.
  6. Sport is about a never say die attitude. Sporting competitions cannot be decided on the basis of what looked likely to happen. What makes sport so enthralling is the occasions when the unexpected happens. Leicester winning the EPL at 5000/1, Liverpool winning the CL after being 3-0 down at HT, the list goes on. Start awarding titles and you are on a very slippery slope.
  7. Playing Europe wide qualifiers as early as July is fanciful at best. Much more realistic to assume that when football can resume it is with a reduced season. Fairest solution is for those left standing in both the CL and the the Europa League is to be granted a place in the group stages for the 20/21 competitions and start from there. Far too many flaws in the 'behind closed doors' argument to make the idea worthy of consideration. The 2019/20 season is a bogey. Just give it up and move on.
  8. Did you read the post that you so quickly condemn ? It is a valid view point. If scum are unfairly crowned as champions it is an option to be considered.
  9. Nobody expects football to resume in time to complete this seasons fixtures. Are they hanging on for legal reasons ? No idea. But in a world where other sports have no problem with announcing cancellation it is football alone that persists with the myth of resumption.
  10. Given the early date that qualifiers start I think that there is a significant doubt that qualifiers will take place this year. Seems more likely to have a start with the group stages.
  11. Being a pundit must be a very easy job. Gives you a soapbox from which to spout your bias without any need to be factual. No formal qualifications required and a decent salary. TV companies require them but one has to question their recruitment policies. Almost as if they were working towards an agenda.
  12. Zero chance of this season being completed and the only thing to do is to start the season again from scratch once it is safe to do so. Peak is defined by the number of new infections. Not that the virus has been beaten this is merely a measure of the effectiveness of lockdown. Relax restrictions too soon and back it comes. My best guess is that we get a half season starting no earlier than December.
  13. It is a given that King deserves a warm round of applause. In 5 years he has taken us from the brink of destruction to a place where the club is more or less stable. In years to come he will be recalled as one of the greatest Rangers chairmen.
  14. No doubt whatsoever that we got a bargain with Tav. Something like 200k we paid. Definitely got our monies worth. Like all players best form is not a constant. If he goes it will be very much with my best wishes for his future and a heartfelt thanks for his contributions over the years.
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