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  1. Flanagan, as expected, gives nothing on the right. Genuinely worried about this game now.
  2. I trust our backroom team to ignore Shankland. Overpriced and over rated. No more squad fillers is what we need. Anybody coming in has to be capable of getting a starting jersey from day 1.
  3. We have not played well since the break but Gerrard will field a stronger team today. I have no problem with Wes stepping in. his distribution is better than McGregor. Once again my concerns are around the absence of Tav and Alfredo. A 1 goal victory will do nicely.
  4. If he doesn't make it then I have no worries about Wes stepping in.
  5. I am happy to be proved wrong about Defoe. He very much has a role to play at the club. It will be a big drop in pay for him but he is wealthy man already.
  6. If so then the first is factual and questions around his mental health are fair conjecture.
  7. The scum response is as reprehensible as it was predictable. The facts are very clear and Boyd was correct to call it out. If a fan throws something onto the park then, if identified, faces a ban and possible criminal action. Players ought to be held to an even higher standard. Could be wrong but I suspect the scum board were hoping to punt Griffiths in this window and this latest scandal hurts that intention.
  8. Just saw a BBC article on this. Griffiths was the victim. I kid you not. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51215576
  9. New manager or not Hearts are bottom of the league for a reason. Last night showed how much we miss Tav and Morelos. Lacking the ball played up to Alfredo who can either go it alone or bring the midfield into attacking positions we look ponderous with too many square balls. The way that Tav can drive us forward cannot be underestimated. However we face this fixture without them. Hearts will treat it like a cup final and at least will not park the bus for 90 minutes. Another 1-0 for us is my prediction.
  10. An old adage but Champions pick up 3 points even when playing badly. I suspect that Gerrard did not want to criticise the players in public so talked about the clean sheet. On to Tynecastle.
  11. Defoe did well to take his goal but we are badly missing Tav and Morelos.
  12. Flanagan offers no attacking options unbalancing the team. But I just want the points so 1-0 will do.
  13. Would have preferred Patterson over Flanagan but apart from that no complaints.
  14. scum are behind. Keep winning and we can ignore them. Every game we win heaps more pressure on them.
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