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  1. This beggars belief - Superscoreboard https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1218202132840615936
  2. Me neither. Don't think there is any such thing.
  3. Polster for me to step in until Tav's return. The cup game and the St Mirren game have to used to bed the player in before the more demanding games.
  4. Terrible news (if true). All will be revealed at today's press conference. Fingers crossed it is a baseless rumour.
  5. I would certainly have the clubs lawyer look at that article. Reads to me like a post one would expect to see on a tic forum. Pure assassination piece.
  6. Don't see strenghening in this window. Don't see us selling our stars either. If enough fringe players go, freeing up wages, then we may see somebody coming in but he would have to be better than what we have already got.
  7. It is often the case at Ibrox where the away support is at best around 100. Move them elsewhere and fill that corner with Bears. Won't give 6,000 but another 1,000 at no extra cost.
  8. I still think that there is a player in Ojo. Murphy and Jones I would move on. Barker may have a bit role to play as we win #55. Just my opinion, of course, and I am often wrong.
  9. I know it was just a training game so hard to read too much into it but if we get an offer for Jones in this window then I would take it. Don't see him featuring much in the second half of the season.
  10. The lad and his family decided to take the money and run. I cannot blame them for that. I would have probably done the same. Do I expect to see him in a Rangers shirt again ? No.
  11. A training match before the season resumes. Tashkent looked a poor side so difficult to read anything into the game. Anyway back to the serious business
  12. As Gerrard has said we have moved on. They clearly have not. We are preparing for the second half of the season. They are in disarray. What's not to like about that.
  13. Not all penalties are scored. If Tav is mentally OK (after missing a few) then I have no problems whatsoever in allowing him to resume that role.
  14. Good listen. A credit to our team.
  15. I pay for the annual subscription to RTV (unlimired) so like every other game I get it for free. To me it's my season ticket However I feel that charging others a tenner to watch a training match is over the top. A game like this ought to be free to all who have an RTV subscription at any level.
  16. Wallace may left under less than ideal circumstances but the way that he carried us through 'the journey' cannot be underestimated or forgotten.
  17. Gerrard does have the knack of putting the press to shame with a few well chosen words. Well said sir.
  18. Just the same video clip but a few more quotes. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/11903466/Rangers-boss-steven-gerrard-says-no-point-getting-violin-out-over-decisions-in-scottish-football
  19. Can't really count Stranraer at Ibrox. Sure to be a lot of fringe players for that one.
  20. Really don't care about when the game in hand is played. The fact that we have it, and go top after winning it, is all I need to know. Gerrard will be drumming into the squad that it's one game at a time. Scottish Cup then St Mirren. Look no further forward than that.
  21. It's like something from a 'mad joe' letter. We are going to make a big powerpoint. Trouble is that lot feel they are bullet proof or if not they should be. After all they are the victims. scum PR in full deflect mose. Seen it all before.
  22. Terrible statement. Recent treatment ? Christie is the first I can think of in years.
  23. A ban that will not be a ban as he is injured. Still it will annoy scum so a kind of result.
  24. I said that I have guessed everything. Nobody knows what other clubs would pay for a player. My only point is that I believe the collective worth of the squad verges on 100M
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