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  1. Don't think there is extra money for winning the game, just whatever last 16 losers get. But a win will improve our coefficient. However a significant win (3-0 or 4-2) would mean at least QF money. Fingers crossed.
  2. Absolutely. If we go out then there is no shame. We made the last 16 after all which is further than we have been in a long time. Got to start the game with the mentality that we need a minimum of 3 goals and just go for it. Gerrard knows all about that.
  3. Answer to your rhetorical question is absolutely nothing.
  4. It's all about beavering away and improving every facet of our club. I approve of the changes. Priced correctly it will be another revenue stream and fewer people will be using dodgy sites. What I have a slight beef about is that ST holders only get home games while people like me (annual subscription) also get away games. Seems a tad unfair.
  5. Very difficult to fight outright prejudice. Especially when they are paid to write such nonsense. Border line hate crime in my opinion.
  6. Tom is like all of us - a fan first and foremost. Shows big time when we score. But he does waffle on to such an extent that on occasion I end up muting the commentary and just watch the game. All part of bringing RTV more up to date and to be welcomed.
  7. No way I would advocate for reserves in this game. Our top players did not join us to play Hamilton. These are the games they want to be part of. Beat the Germans away has to be the target and build the coefficient. Going through to the QF's, however unlikely,would be a welcome bonus.
  8. A second goal and we would have made many changes. At 1-0 it was a case of hanging on and making the most of those who started the game.
  9. Watched yesterdays match on RTV with no problems at all. Never attempted to watch the the replay. First time was enough for me. Mind you I noticed from my visa statement that the price had gone up. Worked out at $320 this year as opposed to to $299 last year but that might be just currency fluctuations.
  10. It's all about mixing it up. Making opps guess.
  11. I like the fluid front 3 with Aribo coming forward from midfield. Defenders have no comfort zone as one minute they are facing Hagi, next Kent, next Morelos. It has to be Jack or Kamara is those type of games. Don't think there is much to choose between them as DM's but we don't need both. The new chap was well scouted. Looks like a decent addition to the back 4.
  12. Gerrard said in his post match interview that Alfredo was asked to play deep and followed instructions to the letter.
  13. For all the good reasons listed by others I think that we go into this with an decent outside chance. If we can get to half time with a lead then it's game on. We are definitely more suited to this type of a game than we are facing 11 thugs on plastic.
  14. A very acceptable debut. Looked calm and composed and has a real bit of pace about him. I doubt that he is available for the German game in midweek so it will be Helander or Edmunson that replaces him.
  15. He looked the part for sure. Gerrard's selection justified.
  16. Not a great watch but typical of what we will see in league games this season. A win is a win and sheep deserved nothing from that game.
  17. We bossed that half but did not put the game to bed. Alfredo dropping too deep. Needs a goal to settle him.
  18. Don't think the bench is that bad. Like pre season. Get the game won then use 5 subs.
  19. Went Rangers -2 at 4/1. Quietly confident that we win this with a bit to spare but I would take 1-0 with an injury time deflection.
  20. Come on. All shops have queues to get in these days. It just makes sense to stagger the numbers outside at any one time.
  21. Continuity is what I base my hopes on. The squad is now settled. Too much chopping and changing would be a mistake although a new signing or two who would be in the starting XI would not go amiss.
  22. We hope for the best and fear the worst. I would call it realism. Last season, before a ball was kicked, I got 10/1 on us winning the league. This season the bookies have us at 2/1. Nothing more than a gut feeling but I think we will win the league.
  23. Pre season went well and we played some good stuff. However in the league we face very different challenges. 10 man defenses. Plastic pitches. Corrupt refs. Scottish winters and parks that look like a ploughed field.. It is Gerrard's job to overcome these hurdles. However I doubt that he will change his system which is to play football. Must start with a win tomorrow.
  24. He was the only one that stood up for Hearts/Thistle. He has gone up in my estimation. Nothing in today's article that has not been said on here many times.
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