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  1. We’ll most likely lose one, maybe two, out of Morelos & Tav & they’ll hopefully be replaced by marquee signings of sort. However I believe it’ll be the collective spirit that the management generates that’ll be the most important factor in how next season evolves. The signs are promising, the majority of the players appear to at least show they understand what they’re involved in.
  2. Surely Mcaffrey (the most recent one sentenced) is the go-to man right now for any information/investigation ? He's shown a willingness to speak & at the very least has shown some empathy towards the victims. Strike while the iron is hot is what I'm trying to say.
  3. Coombes & Mebude in the squad I'm sure I read somewhere.
  4. Recruitment is everything to SG Allen etc. Their jobs & reputations are on the line on the back of it, thankfully it looks like there’s an appropriate system in place to manage it.
  5. Tremendous reporting skills.
  6. Not an expert on big business dealings but I’d guess that the deals that NB & Magners executives signed with cellic will have clauses if any party in the agreement is adversely affected legally or publicity wise. Watching with interest.
  7. Agree, what an asset it could be. Right on our doorstep too.
  8. Robertson also saying they’re looking at getting Edmiston House back into use for the fans for the 150th anniversary.
  9. Made it on to the Sky News app which pleased me.
  10. Players will be given extra days off by the management during the course of the season at appropriate times.
  11. Kamara is a joy to behold currently. Getting a player who is obviously well grounded, very disciplined, knows the set up in this league, looks like he enjoys being a Rangers player & shows glimpses of being a real asset to us is tremendous to watch unfold. However, his honeymoon period is over & it’ll be next season where he really has to push on & be the player we all want him to be. He could (hopefully not) be a victim of his own success next season if he doesn’t start well, tries to hard, gets injured or his form drops. He’s a pleasure to watch & to see him step up & improve with the coaching on offer is a lovely thought.
  12. Some of the pics on The Clubs Official Website “Gallery” are fabulous. Couple of Arfield running away celebrating with two of them on their knees in the background are heart warming tbh.
  13. Amokachi


    For me it’s been refreshing watching us without Morelos recently, he’d become a complete distraction & sideshow all of his own & I agree we’ve actually looked better with Defoe. For him to stay he’ll need to reinvent himself somewhat to be the asset we need him to be.
  14. Just recovered from an annoying leg muscle strain but fkd it again celebrating the 2nd lol
  15. Far too many if’s buts or maybes tbh.
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