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  1. Amokachi


    You’ve taken that too far, some teabagging would be suffice at this early stage in the season.
  2. Amokachi

    Ross McRorie's contribution today

    Top display from him today. Played with a purpose. For a big chap he’s rapid over the first 5-10 yards.
  3. Amokachi

    Gerrard and Middleton Press Conference

    Agreed. Heres hoping.
  4. Amokachi

    Gerrard and Middleton Press Conference

    He emphasises 'focus & concentration' in that clip, then goes on to mention 'mentality'. Get the impression the players are being moulded as much in their mindsets as they are in actually setting up & playing. Well & truly on the right path this season.
  5. Amokachi

    Rangers Cult Heroes

    A joy to watch, top quality defender.
  6. Amokachi

    Rangers Cult Heroes

    Henning Berg for me.
  7. Amokachi


  8. Amokachi


    Great to see a striker convert a chance when chances are at a premium to say the least.
  9. Amokachi

    Glenn Middleton

    That was pass of the match for the Lafferty goal & that's saying something after some of Carzolas efforts.
  10. Amokachi


    The amount of players SG signed/loaned was huge, its to be expected some will shine, others will be average & others will not cut the mustard. So far so good in that regard as I reckon we're getting good value from the majority of his signings.
  11. Amokachi

    Strange people within our support

    Every chance this tool is not a Rangers fan, merely some plank who has by his own accord or tasked to attend our games & record anything that could generate anti Unionist or Rangers feelings. Social media is the most powerful tool these dweebs have and we must be vigilant to their ways & methods.
  12. Amokachi

    Our Game in Vienna

    Great stories & opinions from bygone eras. Here’s to us making some similar ones in the near future.
  13. Hoping for a disciplined performance that the players can learn & progress from, playing against a good Spanish team here. No injuries or crazy sending offs. Bon Voyage to all the travelling Bears.
  14. Amokachi

    Albion Car Park or other

    So JCD, how did you get on ? Was it pay at entrance or did you get a spot nearby & walk ?
  15. Amokachi

    Albion Car Park or other

    I’d say it’s ticket only, definitely not cash at entrance. If you drive over early enough you should get a parking space approx 10/15mins walk to stadium.