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  1. Wee Keevins said it was over the line & the decision could end up making a fundamental difference to the outcome of the title race !!!
  2. Kent spoke well there, very humble & appreciative of his opportunity in the game. Also dodged the bait well with the female journalist fishing for the ‘I’m here to win the League’ headline.
  3. Agree, looked uncomfortable last night. Too many basic errors again unfortunately.
  4. Watching him for Croatia tonight, looking like an assured international footballer. Has to be said he is playing with some tremendous players and Croatia are absolutely flying tonight.
  5. Amokachi


    Put his heart & soul into that game last night. Almost Gough-like.
  6. An absolutely epic trip on The KPL bus. We somehow ended up in the main stand amongst the French rather than behind the goal with the Bears. Great memories.
  7. Lol that’s what I was like & was surprised nobody mentioned it. Was beginning to doubt myself that it actually happened. Grim viewing iirc !!
  8. I’m sure Walter played Duncan Ferguson on the wing at least once.
  9. Amokachi


    Showed glimpses of the kind of standard you’d expect from a Liverpool player. Reckon when he gets going confidence wise we’ll be in for a treat.
  10. Be interested to see how this develops. I know of two elderly guys (concessions) who have had their ST’s for years. Due to their age & general health they really don’t know until the day of the game if they can attend. So recently the guys son (adult) would go along if the other old guy couldn’t make it. Sometimes when neither could go the son would take his son (juv) Seems this flexibility will no longer be tolerated which for me is poor.
  11. Goes green for adults, white for concessions & gold for juveniles.
  12. Just watched that again there. Fabulous to see & hear. Hopefully many many more to come this season & beyond.
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