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  1. Our approach will ultimately determine how we fare but as an aside Bobby Madden announced as the ref.
  2. Gets worse unfortunately. Just reading he’s lost 3 teeth & the cnut skelped him with a knuckle duster.
  3. throw in a testimonial for good measure.
  4. He has made comments (twice that I can remember) over the years, “that’ll be in the book” or “im keeping that for the book” in reference to some questionable/controversial moments in our recent history. I made my mind up unequivocally about him then.
  5. Makes me wander sometimes, is it because these ex players haven’t been retained or re-employed at Ibrox in a coaching role that they adopt the critical & bitter tone ? They had it so fkn good when they were here that I reckon they’ve lost all sense of rationality.
  6. I think it’s more his mentality/focus/drive on the pitch we’re interested in & needing (badly) than his footballing ability (which I think is good btw).
  7. Big DJ was telling The Bears in hospitality on Saturday that Shinnie will be our Captain next season.
  8. Amokachi


    His throw in to Morelos in their half was the start of the problem leading to their first goal. From about 6 yards he managed to skelp Morelos on the side of the temple, they took control & ultimately scored.
  9. There’s absolutely no chance (imo) the improved deals being offered to Morelos won’t be causing at least one other player in the dressing room to be distracted from the job in hand.
  10. That’s how it looked to me & hats off to fannyman Macinnes & his players for executing it perfectly. There's plenty of ways to win big games & he’s consistently finding them against us. Gamesmanship goes a long way & unfortunately we have the square root of fek all in our team.
  11. Amokachi


    Agree with your second paragraph, we gotta stick by him, encourage him & hope he shows up, but as it is there’s a tangible uneasy feel about him.
  12. He is fkn woeful at taking a throw in as well.
  13. Completely out manoeuvred tactically again. This will be the template for Killie on sat. We are a fkn dream to play against at Ibrox. Expect more of the same unfortunately.
  14. Beware the Bear just won the 14:50. Good sign hopefully
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