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  1. The Good the Bad and the Ugly

    Colin Stein, Jock Stein & Frankenstein.
  2. Superb.

    A fighting victory !!! More like us.
  3. Derek McInnes

    Gut feeling from this clip is DM wants it & deal is being worked on & not far away.
  4. Good to see the improvements in spirit, communication & bonding however the true test of that is when the chips are down & the pressure is on. Here's hoping.
  5. His 'out my comfort zone' line in the statement says a lot for me. Nobody should be in their comfort zone at Rangers.
  6. lafferty whittaker

    Hubs & Hearts are welcome to these two fan-dans. Lafferty one of a very few who when he played for us who I took a genuine dislike to, on field a liability, off it a complete tosser.
  7. Unlikely heroes

    Henning Berg.
  8. Progres striker not cleared to play [?]

    No thanks. We weren't ready for Progres (banned player or not) & we're most definitely not ready for Limassol.
  9. the "banished" players

    He's been appointed with a sports science masters degree in football coaching or something similar. Strikes me as being over concerned with internal dressing room politics & his press/fan image than a winning team.
  10. Liam kelly snapchat

    Disappointed & annoyed with this & I'm home & in my scratcher. Bears who have travelled will be rightly livid. We've got some real brain donors in our squad (windass & tav especially) and the club must be aware of this. Surely someone on the club staff or even board could've used some nouse & issued a complete social media ban to the players after such a bad result. Club lacking foresight & pro-activity in so many areas it's frightening.
  11. Limmasol if we FC Progres

    Unfortunately if we go through Athens 94' springs to mind. We took one helluva beating there.
  12. Naismith speaks on his departure....

    Glad to hear he's finally found the time to reflect/mention us. Top level player, good pro but a drama we could do without tbh.
  13. Penny arcade

    Hopefully some fresh tunes lined up for the new season, that Penny Arcade is cringeworthy now. Blue Sea of Ibrox for me.
  14. Forrester sent away from Auchenhowie

    With all due respect obviously.
  15. Forrester sent away from Auchenhowie

    Lacks the basics of fitness, focus, application & discipline. Must've been a tit & a half to get barred from training. Hopefully a good lesson for our younger players.