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  1. After watching the highlights i think it’s fair to say Kilmarnock are a fkn nightmare to play away from home. I really wonder if we’re ready for the type of game they play this season as tbf to them it’s bloody effective.
  2. Hope the Coulibally factor doesn’t apply to him as he’s looked the real deal thus far.
  3. Jim Macdonald fae Corrie would just about seal it tbh.
  4. Could also be a major positive if it’s given him e the chance to fully recuperate from niggles etc & hopefully he’ll be absolutely desperate to get out on the park.
  5. Glad to see I’m not the only one completely preoccupied with this matter !!
  6. Not much worse than a wide player being off form/low on confidence etc Hopefully he eventually finds his form & improves.
  7. I’d imagine the pics/occasion will be challenged as they are being widely circulated & contravene govt guidelines.
  8. Got some pics sent earlier of our wee pal The Thumb at a lassies bday party, probably his burd, sister, maw, auntie or uncle it’s hard to tell !! Not the best example social distancing tbh 🤡
  9. Yeah just walking by now. Incredible numbers, hopefully The Club & Castore start to appreciate what they are dealing with.
  10. Enjoying the new Official Club Website recently. Decent content & user friendly. The wee freebie video clip of the squad training in Leverkusens stadium is a good watch.
  11. Rather poor tone in that article for me. Referring to Rangers as ‘that team’ was a bad start.
  12. Glass decanters, Whisky glasses & extortionately priced pens !!
  13. Neither are pish tbf. Both professional players who for a variety of reasons have not yet displayed anything like they are capable of in a Rangers jersey. Imo they’ll both play vital parts (albeit maybe small) if we’re to have a successful season on all fronts.
  14. Free of charge to put your flag out, however it's 20 nicker to get it back.
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