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  1. Interesting stuff, look forward to more of the same. Cheers.
  2. There was a thread similar to this last year & it got me curious to see if cp was in fact as thriving & impressive as some on here were suggesting. Cycled over & needless to say it was a wholly unfortunate experience. Cycling home I was relieved & heartened to know that that place is truly grim with little or no chance of ever being anything different. Our stadium desperately needs some TLC. The paving, roads & lighting require upgrading to the kind of standard the listed building Main Stand deserves. Hopefully these will be on the agenda for 2022.
  3. Yep I remember that, bloody grim ! Mate said to me after the game Ojo looked as if he was running about wi a pair of Timberlands on 😂
  4. Yep I’m sure that was the story at the time. Liked it when it went up & still like it now, they got that design bang on for me. In desperate need of a clean, hopefully in the Anniversary plans.
  5. My memory was he was a top player who new his stuff but seemed to play within himself, injures played a big part in that imo.
  6. The agreed conditions of him appearing were most definitely that it was Currie & Currie alone that he would talk to. Also most likely a pre-agreed set of topics to raise & NOT raise whilst on air.
  7. That’s how I took it tbh. TE & Currie made a dick of him afterwards which wasn’t difficult.
  8. You ever seen him on the telly ? Doesnt look the full shilling, throws his hands around all over the place while talking a load of shite.
  9. Bit puzzled (as was Currie & TE) as to why Chic pulled Liewell into the discussion to praise him without prompting or any real need.
  10. Also, the screens will bring in revenue as they constantly have companies advertising on them. Loads of good charity that the club does gets shown on them too. Yeas ago I’m sure I remember we rented them out to a concert in England, more money at the time.
  11. It’s formed mainly by how I feel & the opinion I formed at the time. My gut instinct made me feel if he’d been given time he would have been a success.
  12. Regardless of what you think it is, i can assure you it is my opinion.
  13. We missed out on a great chance to revolutionise our club on & off the park by getting rid of PLG.
  14. Great he’s back but hope tae fek he’s addressed that white corner of his beard !!
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