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  1. Amokachi

    Chris Woods penalty

    Was not the right thing to do. Was moderately annoyed at the time & thankfully this idea hasn’t resurfaced since.
  2. Amokachi

    Lee Wallace

    Unfortunately like our current one he’s just not got the skilllset or personality to be a Rangers Captain.
  3. Amokachi

    Presser - Gerrard and Grezda

    Referring to mentality again, recurring theme in his interviews & a recurring problem on the park. Man-management really coming to the fore now for SG & the coaches.
  4. Amokachi

    Lack of winners?

    Yep. We are seriously lacking in any form of gamesmanship on the park.
  5. Amokachi

    Lack of winners?

    Agree with you here, nearly 50% of Team not permanently employed by the club. Will only take you so far.
  6. Amokachi

    Andy Little

    Very likeable player. Always impressed by his attitude & disappointed when he was moved on.
  7. Amokachi

    Ibrox upgrades

    Deep cleaning the red brickwork & white steel support structures would be a start. Thereafter introduce some form of tasteful/fitting cladding to cover the plastic sheeting at Copeland & Broomloan stands.
  8. Amokachi

    Barasic - what’s the script wae him?

    The Curious Case Of Borna Barisic.
  9. Amokachi

    Candeias Red Card

    Agreed, they weren’t, however they never addressed the crux of the matter. DC (The Candyman as the wee nutter who sits near me calls him) now has disciplinary points against him unfairly.
  10. Amokachi

    We beat a Brentford B team 3-2 at Ibrox today

    Like the look of that team. Katic a threat at corners, interesting.
  11. Amokachi

    Candeias Red Card

    That Mick Stewart was spot on saying ‘if the ref missed it, it’s not a yellow & even if he seen it it’s definitely not a yellow’ Can’t stand him but he was spot on tbh.
  12. Amokachi

    Grezda And Ejaria's Post Match Reaction

    Did Grezda just say we played well in the first half ? Hope they don’t take a urine sample from him !
  13. Relief at winning but serious work needing done with our formation & concentration. We look so easy to play against. Any teams management playing us in the next few weeks will be rubbing their hands & wishing they were playing us next.
  14. Amokachi

    Barry Ferguson

    If he’s not making a fool of himself in the stands or at a function he’s doing it via his press platforms. Fkn rocket of a boy.
  15. Amokachi

    Bolt ya rocket!

    Walter should’ve signed Linford Christie in the 1992 season, went for Dale Gordon instead. The rest is history.