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  1. I was in the ticket office on Saturday morning & they had two staff manning the counter. The rest (20-30ish) were sitting enveloping tickets. Thankfully I didn’t have long to wait but by the time I left the queue was outside.
  2. I often listen to Clyde 2 where the hourly news report will have a wee bit about the footy at the end. Without fail the newsreader (usually a female) will refer to Rangers as ‘they’ or simply ‘Rangers’. However when that mob are mentioned, there’s a noteable upbeat change in the tone & words like ‘the hoops’ or ‘the celts’ are introduced. Find it quite petty & amateurish.
  3. Just back from ticket office, couldn’t get 3 seats together (taking two young ones for their Ibrox debut) unless went to club deck. Looking at the screen of available seats it’s gonna be a v healthy crowd. Great to be back.
  4. Would love to see the guy start the season nice & steady then develop into the player we all hope for. However, for me he’s someone who likes to be in a comfort zone. He will undoubtedly be a target for the opposition as he can’t seem to take a meaty challenge (fair or otherwise) and imo looks awkward actually making a tackle.
  5. This for me is a throwback to the ‘Banter Years’
  6. ‘The Icons of Ibrox’ one on ED House will be in the same state soon as the rips down the left side have not been repaired yet.
  7. Aye, until me & my crew get the cheap flights hoovered up lol
  8. Like most managers I reckon what SG says to the press about certain things is slightly different to what he says to the individuals/squad behind closed doors.
  9. Overall we do look to have a more physical looking squad in terms of presence this season imo.
  10. Cruz Azul here we come !!
  11. Club shop is a sorry sight. That is what I know.
  12. It's just a really poor situation, so frustrating not seeing the club maximise the current feel good factor, especially during pre season when punters are desperate for strips/merchandise. Been over at the stadium a few times recently & the club shop is a sorry sight tbh. An A4 sheet stuck to the inside of the glass door saying 'store closed - only open on matchdays'.
  13. Also the kind of player who’ll get a starting opportunity in early round cup games. Looking forward to seeing him in a Rangers jersey.
  14. Hopefully he surprises us & plays an important part in a successful season, albeit a bit part. These kind of players on the periphery of the 1st team will be vital to our campaign.
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