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  1. Tuxedo top half, bottom half trackie bottoms.
  2. Amokachi


    Seeing him try to curve a right footer into the top corner was fabulous.
  3. Watched them & have decided never to watch another one ever.
  4. Very quiet on the Kent front, don’t expect to see him today.
  5. Some great pics on the Official Club website of the fans in Porto.
  6. We were punished by uefa for racist chanting iirc. The club want to be as far away from that type of charge as possible.
  7. Amokachi


    Agree re the throw ins, unreal how easily we surrender possession from throw ins.
  8. Looking for some/certain players to have a bit of fire in their bellies today but nah, just a very passive performance unfortunately.
  9. Fek knows what the keeper thinks of Tav then !
  10. Seems a slightly strange analogy to use in his reasons for Goldson not being rotated, saying he doesn’t get injured or suspended.
  11. Looking at the training pics recently & Barjonas seems consistently involved with the first team. Hopefully he’s up to it & gets an appearance all being well.
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