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  1. Sandy Robertson ?
  2. Nigel Spackman
  3. I came down south when I was 9 years old in 1980 and have never supported anyone but Rangers.
  4. More or less this. Haye was constantly late for training, didn't like sparring and spent more time on social media than focusing on the boxing.
  5. No...
  6. Ex Liverpool, played 3 games on loan for us back in 1988 or is this another one ?
  7. Alex Cleland
  8. Eric Caldow ?
  9. Kevin muscat
  10. james beattie ?
  11. My boys' arrived today. He was thrilled.
  12. Our dog was called mccoist . Chocolate Labrador , but liked to think he was orange on the inside .
  13. apoligies on my spelling .