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  1. HairyBeary


    The best players on RM are those who don’t play . Although I believe Steve Davis is one of our best and was missed today
  2. I’m looking forward to another month of randomly slagging off our players ....
  3. Agreed , USPGA has always been the most underwhelming of the majors in my view. Think moving it has raised its profile this year .
  4. Moved it to May for the first time this year . So now have the majors running in consecutive months
  5. Manchester United hold the league record for when they were ground sharing at Maine Road. City do hold the record for the FA cup I think though
  6. I went last night too. It’s very impressive but should be for the money spent. At £105 for a ticket looks like they are trying to recoup their costs very quickly .
  7. Got to ask yourself what the fuck is going on with these animals
  8. Its literally one set of rules for them and one set for everyone else. It’s a farce
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