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  1. Got to ask yourself what the fuck is going on with these animals
  2. Its literally one set of rules for them and one set for everyone else. It’s a farce
  3. That spelling won’t fit in my sporcle quiz !
  4. Interesting to see the spelling of Mikhailichenko with a ‘t’ . All the English translations I’ve ever seen spell it as I have .
  5. 11th May 1991 vs Sheep, closest to be my greatest day ever .
  6. If this season is to bring us 55 I hope that Lee Wallace has the opportunity to play a part in it .
  7. It was his ball so he could do what he liked ......
  8. What a day that was. Easily the game with most riding on it that I’ve seen live, obviously helped having the right outcome.
  9. The unknown refers to the copyright of the picture .
  10. Disappointed no mention of pitch geography...
  11. I went to onthsnk primary. .lived though near Dean Park.
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