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  1. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Very happy with this
  2. Arthur Numan

    I met him in July when I was up in Glasgow . Top man , had a decent chat with him, bought him a drink then got selfie.
  3. Who would you rather have running us?

    On the last part I really hope you will be proved to be wrong . Anyway merry Xmas .
  4. Who would you rather have running us?

    And because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist
  5. Who would you rather have running us?

    I’ll admit off the top of my head I don’t know but I refuse to buy into this arguement it’s king or Ashley . One thing I am sure of though the continued presence of king will be scaring viable options away.
  6. Who would you rather have running us?

    Bollocks . There is whole wide world outside the realms of King and Ashley . The internet of miller , Ng and. Salver showed . There are plenty of more palatable options out there .
  7. Gary monk

    James Beattie is apparently the coaching mastermind in the set up. Monk is supposed to offer little on the training ground but is a good man manager .
  8. Rangers related picture thread

    Nigel Howard .... apparently.
  9. Rangers related picture thread

    Alistair Hood?
  10. Doddle weir

    Attended a testimonial dinner tonight for ex Lion, Scottish forward tonight . Diagnosed with MND this year, comparisons with Fernado all too close. Great video tributes from Mcleish and mcsoist too.
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    So transpires that Neymar promised his shirt to the Marina Dalglish cancer fund hence why he didn't want to give to ralston.
  12. Butcher

    He comes across as a bit of cunt if truth be said.
  13. The Boxing News Thread

    If Josh Taylor follows him the Mcguigans will be fucked.