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  1. My nine year old son wears his Rangers kit with pride in and around deepest darkest Kent. No interest in any other team. Got to say I’m proud of that
  2. Crushing outside the ground, collapsing roofs and excitable football fans... seems like the last 30 years have taught clubs like Kilmarnock nothing
  3. I think credit should go to the supporters for highlighting how sub-standard , flimsy and clearly dangerous the roof was on the disabled section
  4. Too slow, too ponderous and totally bereft of any ideas ..... disappointing to say the least
  5. Rumour was doing the rounds yesterday that he’d passed away.
  6. HairyBeary


    The best players on RM are those who don’t play . Although I believe Steve Davis is one of our best and was missed today
  7. I’m looking forward to another month of randomly slagging off our players ....
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