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  1. Sssshhhhhh. Nobody is allowed to talk about this...
  2. If we don't win the league this year it will be a disaster, no doubt about it. Yes, I would back him, but failure to win the league this year can't just be dismissed.
  3. DMax399


    He was very poor last night. His second touch was nearly always a tackle..
  4. I’d have liked to see a natural LW like Barker in there to be honest. The team looks imbalanced.
  5. They are unable to show respect, even now. Sad, sad individuals.
  6. Good summary. In truth, he is a poor referee, who more often than not will give a decision against us whenever he can. He should concentrate on his real job because he will never make it as referee..
  7. Bang on mate. You cant criticise a man for not being able to shit poor players brought in before his time.
  8. Scary stuff, to remember they actually played for us.
  9. I could accept it. ...... If she went to the right school obviously.
  10. Game’s a bogey. Tony (Anthony) Kelly the Sherrif... Jeez, I wonder which side of the fence he sits on. Contrast this outcome with the guy who spat on a Catholic Priest (which I’m not condoning) and ended up in jail. The full force of the law in Scotland is clearly only applied in s select number of circumstances.
  11. Found out already. So, it appears that the media proclaimed saviour of Scottish football, is in fact a diddy....
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