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  1. Celebrating a Saint who was British... How ironic.
  2. Where are they getting the footage from to review this?
  3. I’m just looking forward to the singing about Steve Clarke. No sectarian references of course, maybe just a few lines of “you’re a wanke*”. I do hope that this doesn’t upset the poor man.
  4. The only sensible post I have read in this thread.
  5. Probably the worst thread of a number of threads made since the game.
  6. Lost it after 3 minutes. Not good enough.
  7. That’s always been the issue for me. If singing offends you, then you really should look at yourself. There are more important things in life. Entering the pitch to attack a player or throwing objects are the real problem, and the Club should be all over this, highlighting that this is the second time in recent seasons our team has been subject to an on-field assault by their fans.
  8. It was shocking at times. A lack of composure in the most cases. That’s what cost us last night.
  9. We should be asking that exact question of the Police and the Stewards.
  10. That’s the truth of it. Not helped by some of the refs decisions, but we were pretty woeful in front of goal and got done.
  11. Agreed. just the type of response I’d expect from her. Is stupidness even a word? Stupidity, yes. BBC have the headline as “fan” confronts Tav. Fairly obvious which club he was from.
  12. What a day that was. Poor result, but an outstanding tackle by Souness.
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