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  1. The game was in the bag at 2-0. I’m more concerned that we still implode defensively at times, rather than keep things simple. To draw that game from the position we were in smacks of naivety.
  2. Totally agree. As far as I’m aware this is not a race, so can’t be deemed racist- unless you are UEFA I suppose.
  3. Very true. It also shows that UEFA’s categorisation of offences is laughable when comparing recent punishments issued out to us, compared to continuous paltry fines to them that clearly have no effect. UEFA need to change their own rules.
  4. I don’t watch it to be honest. But, the handball is a big point in the match, so it’s astonishing that they don’t even show it. Then again it is the BBC. From where I was sitting there was no question it hit him, and that his arm was away from his body. Penalty for me.
  5. He’s well off the pace today. Needs hooked at HT.
  6. The guys I’m watching take penalties at half time look more reliable than Tav, and that’s saying something...
  7. Yes of course it would mate. But, like I said, it’s what we do on the pitch that matters to me.
  8. Regardless of co-efficient rankings, Scottish teams will always be up against it in terms of qualification. Its just the way it is. My only interest is in our team and how we perform in Europe. I certainly don’t buy into the collective Scottish co-efficient line peddled by some when it suits them. They should have considered this when the punted us down the league structure in 2012.
  9. It’s not something you should proud of at all, but it sums them up really.
  10. DMax399


    The truth, although many choose to ignore this.
  11. He is. But, our problem is generally conceding goals, not scoring them. Defoe will be fine. I don’t have the same confidence in Tav or Goodson to be honest.
  12. Thanks Bert. I think we will just wait and see what happens.. Don’t you think that posting on another team’s forum is a little strange? Its the kind of thing that fans of another club from Glasgow might do. You know the one? You’re not one of them are you?
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