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  1. I’m not totally convinced we won’t be top tonight. Livingston will park the bus against them, as they normally do, so who knows. We will win by a couple tomorrow.
  2. They will sit in. I don’t see us struggling for possession or creating chances. Should win by a couple.
  3. I doubt she could even point to Ireland on a map.
  4. I’m guessing that when Aribo and Itten are fit, he’s probably not a starting 11 pick. That said, Barker has enough about him to provide something a little different off the bench when required.
  5. OP is an imposter. That is all. Close thread
  6. I think he has made sure it will be on a sour note already when it comes to be honest.
  7. A struggling ex-alcoholic. I suspect they would be pulled up over sacking him, whereas the other 3 are easy prey.
  8. Alfredo has made his bed, now he should lie in it. On the bench at best. He doesn’t deserve anything else.
  9. But, they are a Champions League team, or so their cheerleaders keep telling everyone. I had a bad day at work today, but that has seriously cheered me up.
  10. Oh dear. Who are they going to sell this year to balance the books?
  11. I think he’s been good to be honest mate.
  12. As always he chips away at us. A quite ridiculous booking for Itten.
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