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  1. DMax399

    Pay fines if we do not play Kent

    I don’t read the Sun. Mainly, because it’s full of crap.
  2. DMax399

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    Too soon to say. Although I haven’t been filled with confidence so far, the truth is that we need to win the league this year. 2nd might as well be last.
  3. DMax399

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    An away draw in Europe is always welcome, but collectively our finishing is shocking.
  4. DMax399

    Gers in Skopje

    Irish bar?
  5. DMax399

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    Another 6 pages talking about a bloke who is simply not the standard we require. He has had more than enough time to prove that he is as good as he, and his old man think he is. The truth is that he just doesn’t have it. Get him out and get someone in who does.
  6. DMax399

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    Windass out...
  7. DMax399

    Ross McCrorie - good enough?

    We need a championship winning team. I’d be surprised if he was a mainstay in one.
  8. DMax399

    Rangers fans whipping boy Season 2018/19

    I nominate Windass. Just carrying on from last season.
  9. DMax399

    Bolstered at the Back, Still lacking up Top

    I honestly was not impressed. i know it’s the 1st game, but seriously, a lot of that tonight was poor.
  10. DMax399

    Morelos and windass

    I’m sick of saying it: Windass is not good enough - get rid of him. Morelos seems to be going backwards in terms of performance, and we drastically need another option up top.
  11. DMax399

    Bolstered at the Back, Still lacking up Top

    The title of the thread sums it up for me. There were times tonight when it felt as bad as the Progress game under Pedro... I really hope we will improve
  12. DMax399

    Steven Davis

    Better than what we have, and it’s all about winning.
  13. DMax399

    Murdoch MacLennan

    And/or happy for one of their Shareholders employees to run the show without question.
  14. DMax399

    Rangers best squad for a decade

    Sorry mate, I probably mis-read. I’m the same to be honest, ever the optimist. I just hope SG can get us over the line ahead of the tims.
  15. DMax399

    Rangers best squad for a decade

    We’ve not even played a game yet. Very strange thing to say.