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  1. Definitely needed that. There’s no way the Government advice and the constant media coverage is sufficient. Thank you Captain courageous.
  2. Marker in the sand for the league to be null and void, or play the remaining games. All in the name of sporting integrity of course.
  3. The season was surely was based on 38 games? If these are not completed then I really don’t see how any decisions could be made. I’m sure that the SFA/SPFL will be guided by their rule book, with which, the competition is run. Unless there is a clause in there to support decisions such as this being taken, they have a few choices I imagine. Award titles and relegate clubs on current standings, which I’m sure would be challenged (perhaps legally) by those negatively impacted upon. Void the competition with no award given or play to a conclusion at a date TBC.
  4. How funny would it be if they were denied by this.
  5. Too passive, outnumbered in MF, can’t string a pass together and generally not good enough albeit against a good outfit. Throw the dice and go 3-5-2.
  6. You’re not the only one. I would have had Kamberi in from the start. Tav and Goldson out with Polster and Katic in.
  7. Good to see our Iron Man Captain back............ Quite embarrassing really, that a man who clearly has no stomach for a fight is still given that responsibility.
  8. Possibly crossed wires. It looks like La Liga has been canned for at least a couple of weeks.
  9. Yeah. Even that number is probably made up..
  10. Which makes no sense. Why 500? Why not 2? Absolute bullshit the whole thing.
  11. The terrible trio. But, remember we are always being told that Scottish refs are up there with the best in Europe..
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