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  1. I know, but that doesn’t make it so. Just my opinion, but I highly doubt he will end up at Arsenal.
  2. The whole thing is a load of bull. There is no way they are rejecting a multimillion bid for sicknote. I seriously doubt they have tabled a deal anywhere near the value being quoted by the press up here. Nothing of this so called offer makes sense, why bid for a player who is clearly not fit? Why bid so much? Why don’t they accept the offer if it really is such high value? I honestly think that this is a PR exercise by the tims and their friends in the Scottish media.
  3. Smoke and mirrors. He’s going nowhere. More likely, it was 2.5m to be paid in 10 instalments.
  4. I’d be amazed if they manage to sell a player who is recovering from an injury. Whoever sanctions that move from the Arsenal side is setting them up for failure. I honestly don’t even think they have made a bid.
  5. I’d rather the money was invested into the men’s team.
  6. If you’re that stupid, then you deserve some time to think about it. No sympathy for him at all.
  7. Just make sure the seats aren’t broken, like mine has been for around 18 months...
  8. I just read a piece online from a French journalist that says he lacks pace on the the turn and was caught multiple times during the season costing a few goals. Not the best season he has had in France apparently.
  9. Another day, and still no transfer for brace face... Value for money at £25m....... They are deluded.
  10. I know of some, but generally avoid them, as we have nothing in common. But, I hope that they are a little uneasy right now, combined with facing the shame of supporting them in the first place. Mhanks.....
  11. We could probably clear out Dorrans, Holt, Rossiter, McCrorie and for good measure (Halliday as we was mentioned earlier in the thread) without any negative impact on the team.
  12. I know as much about “Bhoys” as I do about Podcasts. No thanks.
  13. I’ve just watched an hour of USA v Spain to confirm my original view, that it is very very poor. From the standard of play, the commentary and refereeing it simply brutal. Its an hour of my life I’ll never get back.
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