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  1. Too many of ours on holiday already. We've been done over too many times by this mob. Changes required at half time.
  2. BT commentary up to the usual standard I see. Anything Kilmarnock is excellent, anything Rangers is bad.
  3. It’s so obvious, and given that she supports them, there is no way you can look at her write up and honestly say that it’s written without bias. It tries to disassociate the club from the Boys Club. Nothing else. She is almost on a par with those who covered up the abuse for all those years.
  4. I'll give him 4 or 5 games until opposition teams suss him out, and then somewhere between 4 and 7 months before he is sacked.
  5. This is not the point, or the real issue at hand. Why journalists keep banging on about this continues to amaze me. The issue is that boys were abused and people associated with their club and boys club failed in their duty to report it and end the abuse. Write about this and the victims and ensure that those who were complicit are punished. It shouldn't be too much too ask.
  6. I doubt they will fill the stands with their own fans on a regular basis. It's business suicide on their part, by essentially turning their back on revenue.
  7. It's always good to hear from someone who actually knows the real situation. I like Morelos as a player, but he lets himself down at times. The truth is that there are obviously better players in the squad for Colombia at the moment, and its not really connected to which league they play in.
  8. Take your team to play in Ireland Joe, then everyone is a winner.
  9. They’ve been changing the rules all season. The Board could kick off every time we are sanctioned but it wouldn’t make any difference. I’m sure they highlight other incidents already. It will take the majority of clubs in the league to agree that the current rules and process don’t work for it to change. I agree, that they seem to be happy to fast track our cases to do us over, while re-scheduling the tims cases to suit them. There’s no excuse for that.
  10. No doubt in my mind we are treated differently. The evidence is there for everyone to see. The SFA preside over one of the most laughable disciplinary processes in World football, where rules are frequently manipulated to suit their agenda with impunity. The retrospective action proves this, but regardless, it’s so much sweeter to have got away with it during the game, and knowing that they are all still hurting. A 2 game ban for JF is worth it.
  11. I thought he was right at the time, and still is. When they bombed out of the CL this year, they had to sell Dumbellend to counter the loss in revenue. If they maintain or increase their wage bill for the season coming, and fail to get through the qualifiers they will be in a difficult position, as none of their squad is of significant value to sell on. I don’t believe they will muster new investment so are in a precarious position if they overspend. Bottom line. We win the league next season and the house of cards will definitely tumble.
  12. Disappointing, but each to their own.
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