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  1. DMax399

    Candeias Red Card

    I wouldn’t put it past them. If he was to make a controversial decision against us in it they would be left wide open though.
  2. DMax399

    Candeias Red Card

    I’m exactly the same. It’s the only conclusion you can reach.
  3. DMax399

    Candeias Red Card

    Spot on. Collum didn’t see it. Hence they are lying to protect calamity Collum.
  4. DMax399

    Candeias Red Card

    We all know the explanation is bullshit. Look at big Boyd at the weekend goading the Sheep fans when he scored. Was he booked? No. I doubt Colum even saw Candeias ripping Ferdinand, but as luck would have it, TV footage was available to give them an out. We all know Collum was pulled from the Sheep v baby tims because of his performance. It will be a long time before he referees one of our games I suspect. So, if anything, complaining about his performance should benefit us in the long term.
  5. DMax399

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The truth is something that neither the BBC or they are good at dealing with it appears.
  6. I’ve no doubt SG will deliver more success than than McIness and his sidekick ever would.
  7. DMax399


    We’re paying him and he will be back anyway, so I don’t see why not. If he really is a lost cause then SG will suss him out quickly, assuming he hasn’t already made that decision, and he won’t get near the team If not, why not see what he can offer.
  8. DMax399

    Andy Halliday

    A well thought out response, to an honest opinion.
  9. DMax399

    Andy Halliday

    That is my honest opinion of what I saw today. He looked uncomfortable at times and let a few go astray. By no means a bad performance but not his best of late.
  10. DMax399

    Andy Halliday

    More than happy with the performance and the result. I just didn’t think he was that he was that accomplished today. Just my opinion based on what I saw.
  11. DMax399

    Andy Halliday

    He was poor today though. Looked indecisive at times and had a few loose passes.
  12. DMax399

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    That’s what makes it worse mate. Absolute joke.
  13. DMax399

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Indeed. He tends to forget past events when it suits him.
  14. DMax399

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    We’re well within our rights to complain when we see fit. The latest decision by Collum cannot be defended.
  15. DMax399

    Gerrard should quit

    A poor attempt from another of them to switch fire onto us.