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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Never trust the Irish (or one of their airlines).
  2. Millers Agent

    That sums modern life up for me. Far too many willing to bare their soul via the Internet. There is a lot to be said for having a level of discretion and discussing matters in private. If this guy represented me, I would be ending his employment.
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Are those 2 there to clean the car? Can't believe that the benefits system is so generous that they could afford to buy one.
  4. Dembele at the tims without doubt. Everyone knows he is worth 90 squillion Dembele dollars.
  5. I'm beginning to think that he has packed in. I can't believe he passed up such a good opportunity to hammer one of our players
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Why would they want to be partially bald, poorly educated and lacking in class like the thumb? No need to answer that.
  7. hannah & waddel miller not the source/leak

    Denial mode in full swing. If Miller is guilty, then he deserves the bullet. I couldn't care less what 2 turds from the press say regarding this, or anything else to be honest.
  8. Windass...................Jesus Christ.
  9. The beginning of the end!

    I class last the Sun in the same category as the DR. Both of them will spin the story to suit their agenda. That's what newspapers do. Why would the club deny a meeting had taken place?
  10. The beginning of the end!

    So, once again, we should take notice of what Jackson and the Record print? I despair at the fact people still give them credibility. They only report negative stories, regardless of how accurate they are to destabilise the club. Why can't people see this?
  11. McLeish claims we aren't fit enough

    Agreed. Which is why the theory by McLeish that the team lacks fitness doesn't stand up.
  12. Who Chooses The Next Manager?

    You should really wait until the current manager has left before considering who should pick his hypothetical replacement.
  13. SFA or SPFL

    I read his column mate, which is highly unusual for me, and agreed with his comments. Which is even more rare. However, I can't help feeling the real reason he wrote the column was to draw away any focus from Broonaldos alleged elbow on Morelos, by highlighting other incidents that were not in the least debatable. Thereby throwing the Compliant Officer off the trail (should he need any encouragement, which is unlikely given his previous failings in citing the skinhead knob previously) I could be wrong, but English is a grade 1 hater of our club, so any balanced material he produces, is simply a mechanism for covering for a failing of his favoured beasts. I've become very cynical in the last few years. But perhaps I am doing Mr English a disservice.
  14. SFA or SPFL

    It's just banter from the fake Irishmen, therefore, neither the SFA, SPFL or Compliant Officer care in the slightest....