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  1. There's only one way to prove him wrong.
  2. Yes. More so Pena.
  3. I'm burnt out after the last 2 games mate
  4. Off topic, but where was Herrera yesterday?
  5. They don't play for us anymore so it's largely irrelevant. Lets not forget how poor they were for us in the main when they did.
  6. They don't play for us so it's pretty irrelevant. Let's not forget how poor they were for us when they did.
  7. Is pish.
  8. I know. The tackle on Papac was horrendous and was another example of a referee failing in his job. Meanwhile, Stokes carries on unpunished. That winds me up
  9. A referee fails to send off a player for a terrible tackle on a Rangers player. There is a pattern forming here...
  10. The beauty of Lemmon is that he actually thinks he is clever, when in fact, quite the opposite is true. People are certainly laughing, but not at a statement that speaks a lot of truth. They are laughing at him, and his poor attempt to defend similar actions that have seen one of his predecessors banned. He will be banned, he knows it. If I was on the board at HIVs, I would be cringing at his behaviour. But, I suspect they are actually lapping it up.
  11. I think that this is the issue. Most people just want (and would accept) consistency from Referee's who apply the rules and common sense in equal measure, regardless of the teams involved. Saturday was so far removed from this, that it is actually difficult to come to the conclusion that incompetency was the reason for his decision making. Surely, if he is actually so poor at his job, he would be removed permanently, not just pushed down to the Championship for a week only to be reinstated thereafter? I have been converted to the belief that he consciously made decisions to impact our ability to win the game. I'll let others decide what this is called.
  12. Pedro will do alright for us. We need to stick with him.
  13. Beaton, Clancy, etc. They are all the same. Expect nothing from them, because that's the reality.
  14. Fenlon's punishment set a precedent. What little credibility remains with the SFA/SPFL (or whoever makes the decisions) would be shattered if they don't follow suit. If anything the Ginger one's action is probably more incendiary. They would struggle to justify not punishing him accordingly and it becomes open season for bad behaviour on the touchline thereafter. He was out of order. Everyone knows this, so he deserves to be punished.
  15. From a legal perspective, no. I live in hope that he will be punished by the SFA, because you simply cannot have a Manager behave like that. But, I'll hold fire until the SFA show their hand.