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  1. Let them all go under. I read that they pulled the sporting integrity tag out of the bag, saying that this would be threatened if they don’t get their promotions. Absolutely laughable. I hope they all go under.
  2. Very predictable fixture list, but i can’t actually believe how blatantly biased towards them it is. The SPFL truly believe they are untouchable and beyond reproach.
  3. Tend to agree. It can only really end with loss of earnings being paid to Hearts and PT. That could be quite a sizeable figure.
  4. I can’t see them being able to be forced out or forced to agree. The SPFL either magic up some way of not relegating them, pay them damages out of court (agreement on a compensation figure would be interesting) or they go back to court and a legal judgment will be made.
  5. Yeah, to be fair if the customer (SPFL) pays you to look at X, you do exactly as they instruct you to do. I doubt Deloitte would leave themselves open to future incrimination, so I’m sure they reported on the areas instructed to by the SPFL, and with the access to information they were afforded by them.
  6. Yeah me too. I thought that maybe my Jeremy Corbyn comment had sealed it for me....
  7. He’ll be burning a few calories for sure. It wouldn’t do him any harm,.
  8. Your second second sentence is correct. But it would have been far more difficult to have ended the Premiership, if the initial resolution had not been pushed through to end the lower leagues. I would have to disagree and say that it very much set a precedent for what happened in the Premiership. Hence, why the SPFL were determined to have it passed. Everything leads back to that resolution.
  9. It set the precedent for closing the Premiership as well.
  10. You forgot to mention the other 70 odd % of clubs who voted for the resolution. They and the SPFL shafted Hearts, Patrick and Stranraer. It didn’t matter what Hearts said or did.
  11. There’s a lot of truth in that. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is naive. We definitely need to take a different approach in those types of games.
  12. Pure coincidence of course. I’d like to see this computer. I suspect it looks a lot like Uncle Peter with his hand up the arse of someone who looks very similar to Doncaster.
  13. Far less of them through here mate. Although, still too many for my liking.
  14. I haven’t read all the comments regarding this. But, you identify the biggest issue that I can also see, i.e. why would you delegate more autonomy to a board that you don’t trust to use the authority they already have. It would be a no from me.
  15. Needed a haircut, and shouldn’t have worn a hair band either.
  16. I’m actually amazed that not one player has had the character to question this. The recent origin of this was of course by NFL players who did not want to show respect to their own nation’s flag. Why people are happy to partake in this beyond the shores of the USA, and in turn disrespect the flag of an allied nation (not even their own) is ridiculous. To question this would of course have you labelled a racist. I’ve also noticed a few black power salutes thrown in for good measure which are overlooked. All extremism is dangerous, but it appears that this current social trend is beyond reproach or questioning and must be not just accepted by all, but must be practically undertaken by all. End of rant.
  17. You’re right. They traded the sponsorship rights to reduce the cash being repaid. It is not good business in any way. Regardless of how Doncaster tries to spin it, or anyone else for that matter.
  18. More likely than compo from the SPFL as some have suggested. Paying compo generally means you’ve admitted liability in some way. Hell will freeze over before the cretins at the SPFL admit anything.
  19. I doubt very much they have accepted losing several million pounds of revenue in any situation without their legal case failing.
  20. Yeah I don’t think that disclosing the current status of a vote before all votes have been received, or could be changed is really acceptable. I’m sure this will come back to haunt them in court.
  21. I can’t even look at a web page that has his picture on it, so you were doing well.
  22. I know mate. But you can only try.
  23. I see John Collins says that they have 4 players they could sell for £25m plus. I’d love to know who they are. We don’t have that apparently. We might as well not turn up for the new season it appears.....
  24. If successful, I would argue that the clubs who voted for the resolution, and therefore, the relegation of Hearts and PT are liable from their share. Not those who voted against.
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