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  1. SFA or SPFL

    Is dave king a 5th columnist ? I am becoming increasingly pissed off by the lack of noise from those 'safeguarding our club'
  2. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    Never keen to Slag off a Rangers player, but Hodson is fucking garbage.
  3. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    My lad plays football and through playing FIFA on the Xbox could virtually tell you who plays for every major team in Europe. He enjoys watching the local team live, but it is all but impossible to get him to watch a game on the TV.
  4. malaga

    Why have they got statues of alan Stubbs?
  5. If you ever want to make easy money, tell a Geordie that Jackie Millburn played for Linfield. None will believe you so shovel a load on a bet with them.
  6. U20's live V Brighton tomorrow night

    Is therev an away fixture at Brighton later in the season. Well local and a much better option than the Burgess Hill v Tooting & Mitcham game I am going to watch tonight. Bostik league if you are interested.
  7. Linfield and celtic

    I worked in a kids summer camp in the US in the 80's (Bunac). The owners of the camp were Jewish and the 70 odd year old patriarch told me that he was picked for the US water polo team for the '36 Berlin Olympics. However, his surname was obviously Jewish and the US Olympic board asked him to adopt a different name. He obviously refused and missed his chance to take part in the Olympics. Getting back to your point, I've been told that Windsor Park the first ground where fences were erected as a direct consequence of this incident.
  8. Rangers continue to support British Asian Championships

    Hope he"s enjoying himself. I heard it is hot and sweaty out there, which is good if you are with a woman, but shit if it is a heat thing.
  9. Rangers continue to support British Asian Championships

    In Honduras, El Salvador or a war zone?
  10. Rangers continue to support British Asian Championships

    Honduras v El salvador. I don't know the result of the game or the war.
  11. Prince Charles

    Thanks, it was a 'toss up' between that and this one.
  12. Prince Charles

    So Prince Charles turns up on spec at a random Chinese restaurant in Glasgow on a Saturday night. I don't think so.
  13. TLB, "Fans statement laughable"

    The reason that tlb mentioned it being written by a 15 year old was because it contained big words he didn't understand. Future statements have to be written in crayon by a 6 year old to enable him to understand them.
  14. Thierry Henry.

    Where the Fuck did I say it was a colour thing. End of conversation wanker.
  15. Thierry Henry.

    But just think how much more I would hate the guy if they were. Everyone has players they dislike, possibly for irrational reasons. Henry is one that does it for me.