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  1. Looks as though there will be lots of locals at the game. Like Chelsea and Arsenal, the ' corporate partners' are returning tickets as well. Holding the final in Baku looks like another uefa masterstroke.
  2. I think you know the answer (as mosr RM members do). This truly is a watershed moment for Scotland.
  3. 7 years for this is a joke. Even 12 years is ridiculously low. What the fuck has happened to this country?
  4. Maybe SG should do a few articles with friendly reporters down here asking why competent and ambitious managers (and possibly players) would consider going to Scotland due to the constant favouritism shown towards one team. I am sure his dossier is quite thick by now.
  5. Unfortunately I think you are correct. However, there does need to be a point in time when Rangers stand up to the sfa or we will forever be on the receiving end of decisions such as this. We do need to draw a line in the sand this time.
  6. I am in the same position. They think i am making it up when i reel off tmy list of grievances such as incompetent/biased refs, corrupt compliance system, particularly the amount of things lego muncher gets away with, the favorable bias towards them by the council and the disdain of all things Rangers from the Scottish nazis. They were totally unaware of the whole bjk and paedophile situation at the club but are now reminded of it every time by me when sky or BBC do one of their regular puff pieces about the scum. Roll on 55
  7. So a boot to the face gets you a red card if you are playing the sheep.
  8. A resounding no from me.
  9. He has been on Twitter or Facebook recently slagging off his mum's cooking. You must be a special sort of cunt to do that.
  10. There was a poster on here some time back who said that was him. I cannot recall his name.
  11. I like the other two songs as well, though not as much obviously..
  12. I was just about to ask how many tickets we have to give them. Bare minimum hopefully and the most obviously made up reason for it.
  13. Statistically 1 in 7 dwarves is grumpy.
  14. I thought my wife had Tourettes, but it turns out she is right. I am a cunt and I should fuck off.
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