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  1. At least it will not take him long to learn their history. They must have all of 15 years worth of it now.
  2. I am 52 and have problems fitting in things I bought 2 years ago, elastic or not, let alone something that old. Fat Bastard loyal.
  3. It certainly is a beauty. Can you still get in it?
  4. I agree with the sentiment of not referencing autism, but to criticise others for posting shit posts is a bit bizarre given the high esteem your posts are held in.
  5. Apologies, missed the sarcasm, and just pissed off after explaining to lots of people in a Sussex pub, why we are still the best team (support wise anyway) in Scotland.
  6. Care to explain ?
  7. Have they announced the attendance? The powers that be at the SPFL must be so proud.
  8. He is typing all the right letters, but not necessarily in the right order.
  9. This is a good post
  10. Shocking defending, why was sinclair not tackled, he was allowed to stroll into the box.
  11. Dumbele has been taking tips on how to use his elbows from that cunt Sutton.
  12. Ibrox in full voice sounds wonderful.
  13. It is quite difficult to put a tune to that.
  14. Just asking, cause I could probably manage a cigarette before and and after in the minote,.
  15. Does the minute include the post pumping cigarette?