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  1. Don't forget to give it a kick first to get the squirrels out. You had probably better kick the tree as well.
  2. I wouldn't think so as Hearts could not prove definitively that they would not be relegated next season. Though happy to be wrong.
  3. I used to live in Lurgan where that cunt is from, but luckily left before he was born. You have to wonder why such an odious wretch is feted so much within football and the media. Bet you he doesn't go out when it's snowing, judging by his reaction when that coin glanced off his chest.
  4. I What happened to the 12 year old they threw under the bus to take the heat of the 'grown-up' racists in their support?
  5. I was caught out like that before. You got a more polite response than I did however.
  6. He certainly got a few robust responses, but he was using the best bait.
  7. Be careful post g pictures like that. You may get a visit from that mad stalker bird.
  8. I understand that, but ultimately they have allowed themselves to be used, with their work being described as an independent inquiry (admittedly by the spfl) when in fact it was only a highly targeted limited review, with the outcome preordained. Not great for their reputation when they have allowed the spfl to claim it has clearly ed them of any wrongdoing whatsoever.
  9. I wonder if there will be any ramifications within Deloitte. Like them or loathe them, they rely on their reputation, and being involved in a sham independent inquiry, the details of which must surely come out in any truly independent inquiry, may lead them to disclose the exact scope of the enquiry, i.e. Look at this, but nothing else.
  10. Isn't she the mad bint that got jail for stalking another Rangers fan. Doctoring pictures to show they were a couple was part of it I believe.
  11. I think people are finally beginning to realise how untrustworthy Doncaster et al are. Whilst it has been one hell of a slow burn, I think the bang from this is going to be very loud indeed.
  12. I wonder what his son will be tweeting tonight.
  13. Is marking your dinner not more appropriate for the what are you eating thread?
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