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  1. MidSussexBlue

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    I am ahead of you there.
  2. You do have to wonder what goes on in his head. We are all capable of a degree of self delusion, but he takes it to extremes.
  3. MidSussexBlue


    He needs to be as far away from our club as possible.
  4. MidSussexBlue


    Does he do the crosswords for you ?
  5. MidSussexBlue

    Edmiston Drive

    I never met the gentleman or had any forum 8discussions with him, but for some reason this sad news has really got to me. It is obvious there was a lot of love and respect for ED.
  6. MidSussexBlue

    Carl Frampton

    His soon went to the same school as me.
  7. MidSussexBlue

    Carl Frampton

    Lives in Lisburn now I believe. Staunch town (now city) when I lived there.
  8. MidSussexBlue

    Sheep wanting 50% of seats for Semi

    Let then have them. Money up front and no refunds for those unsold.
  9. MidSussexBlue


    I sincerely hope he will do enough for you to forgive him, but also hope that like me, you will be a very happy Bear tonight.
  10. MidSussexBlue


    First time is always the hardest.
  11. I hope you made sure she camped out overnight outside the shop to make sure she was at the front of the queue.
  12. MidSussexBlue

    Dundee United

    That sounds like a plan no-one could argue with.
  13. MidSussexBlue

    Dundee United

    Would that not mean that they get half the gate money though?
  14. I wish you would say what you think and Stop beating about the Bush.
  15. MidSussexBlue

    Absolute Fucking Warriors

    Has SG got them running up sand dunes ? What a result that was.