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  1. I would say the majority of Rangers fans are Protestants, just not Roman Protestants.
  2. Maybe I should have started snooker thread on 147.
  3. What is the minimum number of posts acceptable before you start a fishing expedition ?
  4. But ref, I can't get rid of it. I need to drink constantly so that I can forget what an absolute cunt I am.
  5. The 2pm sports news on Talksport also referred to objects being thrown into the pitch, not scrunched up paper. I thought they had more about them than that.
  6. I wonder where he will go when Forest get a new manager next season.
  7. Eric Hall I think.
  8. Whose enemy were the mysterious, a pub quiz question I occasionally ask.
  9. The creepy beardy guy always wierded me out.
  10. I literally was not taking the piss, and am genuinely surprised that others didn't.
  11. Even my 12 year old would not come up with a lame excuse like that. I hope Miller gets the help he obviously needs.
  12. I am assuming that you are too young to remember rent a ghost.
  13. And you think I did'nt.
  14. Not taking the piss mate, but what was the auto correct in the last Sentence?
  15. What a great comment. Says it all.