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  1. MidSussexBlue


    I sincerely hope he will do enough for you to forgive him, but also hope that like me, you will be a very happy Bear tonight.
  2. MidSussexBlue


    First time is always the hardest.
  3. MidSussexBlue

    Tops Now Available To Buy - Purchase Online

    I hope you made sure she camped out overnight outside the shop to make sure she was at the front of the queue.
  4. MidSussexBlue

    Dundee United

    That sounds like a plan no-one could argue with.
  5. MidSussexBlue

    Dundee United

    Would that not mean that they get half the gate money though?
  6. I wish you would say what you think and Stop beating about the Bush.
  7. MidSussexBlue

    Absolute Fucking Warriors

    Has SG got them running up sand dunes ? What a result that was.
  8. MidSussexBlue

    Don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but,

    I don't know if the commentators remark about there being a lot of retro tops in the crowd last night was because he was impressed by them, or a dig at the new tops not being available.
  9. MidSussexBlue

    "Our own Gordon Reid World No 1"

    They seem to be a good pairing. Well done to the both of them. Only downside for me was the presentation ceremony. Surely they could have got someone a bit more inspiring than the Wimbldon official who did, present the trophy.
  10. MidSussexBlue

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    I agree, but the issue is who decides what the rules and restrictions would be. Someone like me, who has never ridden a motorbike in my life would have a totally different view to those who think nothing of riding a motorbike at speeds approaching 200mph.
  11. MidSussexBlue

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Didn't Nir Bitton get it from them when they decided to do their Palestine thing, simply because he was Israeli.
  12. MidSussexBlue

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    He didn't go to the TT this year as his wife's 20 week scan showed an anomaly. I cannot imagine what his wife and the rest of the family is going through now. That is 2 brothers and a son lost to the sport, heartbreaking.
  13. MidSussexBlue

    Welcome Goldson

    I have asked around, but none of them have a clue what MT.L refers to. What is the context? They have all to a man however expressed a preference for Rangers over that other lot, and they will be following our results as a consequence of the 2 signings from them. They are aware of our journey, and I waste no opportunity in telling them of the corruption that exists within the SPFL..
  14. MidSussexBlue

    Welcome Goldson

    living where I do, a lot of my mates are Brighton season ticket holders. Most of them rate him, and tell me they are sorry to see him go.
  15. MidSussexBlue

    PRW Banner !

    I don't mind if they do, as long as it is lets go, the jury is returning.