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  1. Maybe she was the scum fan who texted talk sport 10 minutes ago stating it was whites actions that lead to the course of events and not HMRCs fuck up. They are truly fuckwits if they cannot see what started the whole farago.
  2. I am surprised the hag did not pick this up at the time. After all she was rolled out as the expert on all things financial relating to Rangers.
  3. That would require too much knowledge of the politics in the region. Out of necessity they will keep it simple and stick with Pakistan flags.
  4. How long do you reckon it will be before the first Pakistan flag appear at the girodome?
  5. Slightly off topic, but Lee Bowyer was on Jim Whites show on Talk sport to talk about how well Charlton are doing. Second question the twat asked was whether Aribo made a mistake going to Rangers. No mention of the fact that since he did, he has made his international debut in which he scored. The show is a complete shambles, pushing the view that Raheem Sterling is worth £200 million and is up there with Messi and Ronaldo.
  6. That is what society has become. Because "they" have decided that women's football needs (deserves) parity with the men's game, they are going to ram it down our throats constantly. Like you, I have no problem with women playing the game, but there needs to be more honesty about the skill level and the mainstream appetite for it.
  7. Ad in the paper today for a West Ham ladies game. West Ham season ticket holders can get in for £1. The normal adult price is £2, and each paying adult can bring up to 5 kids for free. As they say, money talks and the message here is obvious.
  8. Not a great fan of either, but I will always have a soft spot for Sheared for that wee dance he did on the LBs head.
  9. He does figure in the NI under 21s, so hopefully he doesn't want to play for the republic. I think he is only at Linfield on a one year contract.
  10. Michael O'Neill hasn't included him in the NI squad for the upcoming friendly, which given the small pool we have to pick from is a bit of a surprise.
  11. Why do you question the veracity of this?
  12. Someone should tell him that you are not meant to parody yourself ( unless of course you are very good at what you do , and have earned the right to do so). I hope the cunt cries himself to sleep tonight.
  13. I used to love the drive from Middlesbrough to Ibrox, especially as my mate did the driving and the rest of us got steaming.
  14. Apart from turning down the extra money on offer by limiting us, this game was shown live nationally. If you are sitting in England watching this and see a half empty stadium, that is not going to give a very good impression of the state of the game in Scotland. Why would Sky pay more for tv rights when they can argue (admitedly incorrectlly) that no one wants to watch the games which is the impression a half empty stadium gives. It will hardly have sponsors queuing up to pump money in either.
  15. One of the few things I have seen that is uglier than that win , is the hag.
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