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  1. If they were properly vetted they would have been put down.
  2. At least we are not talking about today's performance, which I hope is the intention of this thread.
  3. Terrible news, commiserations to family and friends. I get frustrated that good Bears have passed away during the worst period in Rangers history, (through the actions of people who do not give a fuck). If there is a heaven, I am sure that those who have departed will s look down and see the glory days return soon. Those responsible for our plight should hang their heads in shame.
  4. Lost track of when Glentoran were put out.
  5. It's the misappropriated Scottish flag missing a bit.
  6. I did not know that. Would all the other clubs reach 800 fans between them?
  7. Adds a whole new dimension to chubby chasing.
  8. I remember the days when we could not go to solitude and away games against them were played at Windsor park.
  9. It is being reported by the BBC that it involves avoiding around 5 million pounds in tax and NI. 180 HMRC staff involved seems a bit of overkill, or did they think they could implicate Rangers somehow if they threw enough manpower at it. I await the leaks (not holding my breath).
  10. At least it will not take him long to learn their history. They must have all of 15 years worth of it now.
  11. I am 52 and have problems fitting in things I bought 2 years ago, elastic or not, let alone something that old. Fat Bastard loyal.
  12. It certainly is a beauty. Can you still get in it?
  13. I agree with the sentiment of not referencing autism, but to criticise others for posting shit posts is a bit bizarre given the high esteem your posts are held in.
  14. Apologies, missed the sarcasm, and just pissed off after explaining to lots of people in a Sussex pub, why we are still the best team (support wise anyway) in Scotland.
  15. Care to explain ?