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  1. Steve McClaren

    Do you need an EU quota for this fishing trip?
  2. *** The Official Rangers v Partick Thistle Match Thread ***

    I agree. As I diddled Rangers TV out of money, I'll stick a fiver in the next poppy collecting tin I see.
  3. General Press Chat

    I don't do twitter. Given that he signed off due to the 'hatred', can anyone post some of the twitter trail please.
  4. Butcher

    I was trying to think who he reminded me off, then I remembered it was Robert Lundy.
  5. Get Wrapped Up In Rangers!

    What's this? You get a free day with it. I will order one free day or not.
  6. Forum activity.

    How picky are the grammar police on FF?
  7. He had a thought, but as he didn't recognise the feeling he had to have wee bit of a lie down.
  8. We don’t blame Rangers fans Eusebio cup.

    That's awfully nice of them.
  9. SFA or SPFL

    Is dave king a 5th columnist ? I am becoming increasingly pissed off by the lack of noise from those 'safeguarding our club'
  10. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    Never keen to Slag off a Rangers player, but Hodson is fucking garbage.
  11. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    My lad plays football and through playing FIFA on the Xbox could virtually tell you who plays for every major team in Europe. He enjoys watching the local team live, but it is all but impossible to get him to watch a game on the TV.
  12. malaga

    Why have they got statues of alan Stubbs?
  13. If you ever want to make easy money, tell a Geordie that Jackie Millburn played for Linfield. None will believe you so shovel a load on a bet with them.
  14. U20's live V Brighton tomorrow night

    Is therev an away fixture at Brighton later in the season. Well local and a much better option than the Burgess Hill v Tooting & Mitcham game I am going to watch tonight. Bostik league if you are interested.