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  1. Ojo shouldn't be a professional footballer never mind playing for us, cant stand him!
  2. I can accept players with a lack of quality if they show a fighting spirit but what I cant accept is a player that shows neither which is exactly what ojo does!
  3. Ojo will be playing non league football soon enough, guy is useless
  4. Cant stand tav, he will cost us more goals and more points before the season ends, really hope we get a new rb in Jan!
  5. I would honestly just go with last years team towards the end of the past season and then bed the new guys in gradually to see what they have to offer. We played well with that team except from the killie game but there were a lot of changes there. I would however get a new LB! My team for the start of the season would be McGregor Tav goldson katic New LB Kamara Jack Davis Arfield Defoe/Morelos Kent
  6. I actually think this is worse than anything last season, it's that bad
  7. This thread is the most car crash of a thread I have ever seen and that takes some doing on here!
  8. Already turned it off, honestly can't be arsed, that martin is the worst defender I have ever seen!
  9. This really is one of the worst Rangers team in history, really can't wait to never see them again!
  10. Aw fuck me, think I am gonna watch paint dry instead!
  11. Oh aye but Martin is better than Alves....fuck off Alves is no world beater either but is better than that shit head!
  12. Russel Martin is absolute fucking gash, costs us so many goals
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