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  1. I actually think this is worse than anything last season, it's that bad
  2. This thread is the most car crash of a thread I have ever seen and that takes some doing on here!
  3. Honestly I was more exited by last season's signings than this season's so far tbh, shows you how optimistic I am right now!
  4. Looking at the rtv gers in spain training videos, the sessions look bloody hard work and quality, I am getting exhausted by just looking at them and I am just sitting on my fat arse. I was comparing those to the Warburton sessions and caixinha sessions and it looks night and day, everything is way more intense which doesn't say much for the previous managers!
  5. Already turned it off, honestly can't be arsed, that martin is the worst defender I have ever seen!
  6. This really is one of the worst Rangers team in history, really can't wait to never see them again!
  7. Aw fuck me, think I am gonna watch paint dry instead!
  8. Oh aye but Martin is better than Alves....fuck off Alves is no world beater either but is better than that shit head!
  9. Russel Martin is absolute fucking gash, costs us so many goals
  10. Alves is much better than martin, it was Martin's man!
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