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  1. We need a new manager. Gerrard was yet another huge mistake, and we should not compound it by giving him more to waste.
  2. His signings, his demeanour, his substitutions, his utter and complete lack of tactical nous. Morelos and McGregor are the only reason he is still here right now. He is a project that we can't afford. Utterly clueless.
  3. Irony? No. If you think calling people "mongo" is OK you are either a child or an infantile loser, either way enough of your pish. Just fuck off.
  4. I'm saying YOU'RE shite. An empty head with shite patter and no life.
  5. Aye very good. Keep on being a retard with an equally shite username.
  6. That's part of the game and unavoidable. It's impossible to have that intensity week in week out. Something Gerrard doesn't seem to grasp, as is evident in his ludicrous post match interviews.
  7. Gerrard was an absolutely fantastic footballer. He will NEVER be a good manager. Best to get rid ASAP.
  8. So, if we finish 3rd that's acceptable then aye?
  9. Don't need money grabbing chancers like the dude putting more pressure on the team. What an idiot.
  10. Guy is utter shite, man. Get him to absolute fuck.
  11. Funny thing is he was fuckin garbage apart from McGregor's disaster.
  12. He should be fired if he doesn't get 2nd. Managers live and die by results and he is no different. I dread to think how much we are paying Defoe and Davis. It's been a roller-coaster but I can only see us going backwards. I highly doubt the scum will ever be so bad again.
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