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  1. Can see us winning this. Last week knocked the stuffing out this mob.
  2. Sad thing is this now seems more likely than us turning it round. Don't know if I can face the emotional/financial realities. Kind of fuck it level.
  3. We were flying before Christmas, and phenomenal in both OF games, but the squad just isn't good enough to sustain that level. The league is done IMO. We'll probably go backwards from here. I don't rate the signings at all either. Hagi is not what we needed, and Kamberi is pish. I'm not blaming Gerrard though. We've been punching above our weight. Now it's up to the board to go the extra mile. 15M wisely spent in the summer and we'll be there. The idea of punting Gerrard in the summer is madness.
  4. The signings are fuckin shite. Defoe is out. Bar a miracle we're fucked. I'm not blaming Gerrard though. What's he meant to do with cheap rejects as back up. It's down to the board.
  5. What a lot of shite. They had 10 fuckin men and we did nothing. It was utterly shite. There is absolutely nothing good about this. We need to win the league now, this year. The time for proving we are as good as them is over. Beat them ffs just fuckin win. Fuckin brave defeat bollocks.
  6. We totally shat it. Nearly 40 minutes against a 10 man scum team and we created fuck all. All this hard luck story shite does us no favours. Sign a fuckin decent striker ffs. If we get beat off them next time our season is done. Again. We cannot lose that game.
  7. 30 minutes against 10 men and we did fuck all. Can't see us dominating them like that often. We just don't have the quality up front or the mentality to win trophies right now. Alfie bottles it against them every fuckin time. Spend 15M on a striker in January and we could change the course of the year. We were the better team today, but they could easily have killed it at 2 nil. That was the clearest chance of the entire game. Yet if we had a genuine quality striker we go in 2 nil up at HT.
  8. Absolutely fuckin superb. Onwards and fuckin upwards bears. How good are we going to get!
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