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  1. Can totally understand the skeptics, but once we get in 4 or 5 players everyone will get behind the manager for the new season. He'll need a good start so he gets the chance to implement his ideas; the rest is pure guesswork.
  2. We have no choice but to back the guy, but I'm not sure about him whatsoever.Yet another nightmare scenario on the cards.
  3. We need to not be too harsh if it goes pear shaped in Europe. Anything there is a bonus.
  4. Exactly my point. I go on the same rollercoaster as everyone else, but there's obviously a decent chance of winning something next season. It's all speculation at this point about Pedro, but if he turns out right we'll likely have some genuine good times soon enough. I do fear for us in Europe though tbh.
  5. That's brilliant, mate. But for me there is absolutely nothing unrealistic in believing Rangers can challenge for all domestic honours. The league is the tough one obviously, but the cups are doable.
  6. Effect a change, Duderino. Don't let the cynics affect your determination.
  7. The dude abides
  8. Don't get all this good luck Billy stuff. Could he not have hung around a few years and have something back to Rangers. What's the fuckin point in training these guys if the best ones just fuck off without playing for us?
  9. Was surprised when BT started taking over football from Sky. Seems like Sky are on this way out.
  10. Football is a funny game, but it will be hard to win the league next time. We have to go for it though, and still there is the chance that Pedro is the man. Glad this season is over.
  11. Sad days when we are relying on a no mark manager to turn around a team of shite players. Pedro is not going to be given much to spend. If the board were serious about investing they would have made damn sure a manager of caliber was in place to spend the money.
  12. I hope to God this isn't the plan in future. Exciting to watch, but Ffs it won't work
  13. Is that a euphemism for 'punching his cunt in'?
  14. Graeme Murty FC. Deary me.
  15. Why the hell do you care so much about this guys feelings? I don't get it. He is a stop gap, and has upped his visibility no end on the back of this gig. Like I said, this is about Rangers, not Graeme fuckin Murty.