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  1. Club Statement

    I consider myself told. Likely going senile ffs.
  2. Murty

    Murty will be lucky to last till the new year before he's in tears.
  3. Why is this an embarrassment?

    Couldn't give a flying fuck about "embarrassment". It's about results, and we've backed a rookie. People are basing expectations on a few results, but the football season is long and hard. It's just a question of when it falls apart IMO. I admit I wanted McInness so maybe my view is skewed by that, but I have absolutely zero confidence in Graham Murty.
  4. Tommy Wright

    Can you not read you dumb fuckin Junior Soprano illiterate specky blind wank?
  5. Tommy Wright

    Murty is the manager ffs. What the actual fuck are you gibbering about Tommy fuckin Wright for?
  6. Graeme Murty

    Murty will fail drastically. All the "best of luck; MURTY'S THE MAN; the new Pep" posters will vanish within 1month.
  7. Club Statement

    The whole McInness thing was a sham. We can't afford a new manager. Murty will utterly crumble before long, and the board has used this moment to slip in "MURTY WILL BE MANAGER UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON". Amazingly some people haven't noticed this.
  8. Club Statement

    The statement doesn't matter at all apart from one thing: Murty is now the manager until the end of the season. We all hope we've found a lucky gem; nothing to do now but support the team.
  9. Club Statement

    Murty will unravel badly IMO. And it won't take long. Within 3 games we will be front and centre of this exact same issue. But the board has now thrown the dice. Cheap option, hope for the best.
  10. Derek McInnes

    Fuckin hell.
  11. *** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    What the fuck is it with this team? I had a feeling we'd do the business against a better side. Need to show more concentration against the wee teams.
  12. Miller hits out at ‘malicious treatment’

    It's not an either or thing though. Pedro was shite, but wasn't helped by having Miller undermining him and showing open hostility towards the new signings.
  13. Now you know how it feels. Quid pro quo. Maybe we can return to the point?
  14. Haha. That takes the biscuit. Anyway, you're cheerleading for Dave King. Good luck with that etc.
  15. Aye. But the point is you're being obstreperous and trying to shut down my opinion by suggesting "ignore this fool; he thinks Ashley is the saviour of Rangers", whereas the discussion evolved because you said Rangers would have died without King.