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  1. It is, Frank.
  2. Aye btw yer no rang btw
  3. It's not just that he's fat. He looks like he's fucked just jogging. No way have we paid 3 million for this cunt btw. I've got zero confidence in pedro btw. He's a greasy salesman type you come across on holiday. Shady as fuck what's going on.
  4. After that result I'm worried that they are all shite. I'm more leaning towards that than they're world beaters. Our faith is in Alves and Dorrans. I do have high hopes for Dorrans, but I think Alves is past it.
  5. I don't buy that at all. We need to hit the ground running or Pedro must be fired. I'd say 6 weeks. We should have won more or less every game.
  6. Anything could happen, but apart from Dormans I think no confidence in our signings.
  7. Never thought he was anything special.
  8. Fuckin hell
  9. We've spent 8 M? Is this verified? These players seem fuckin garbage, and I highly doubt we paid 8 fuckin million pounds on them.
  10. I'm worried about these new signings. They seem pretty shite tbh. Pedro might just be a dud. No choice but to stick with it though. Maybe they will improve as the season goes on.
  11. Can't believe that. FFS.
  12. We score here and it's finished. Cant see us going another 45 without putting the ball in the net.
  13. Think we'll go through no bother. No idea about the next round. Far too early to really say much tbh
  14. Can totally understand the skeptics, but once we get in 4 or 5 players everyone will get behind the manager for the new season. He'll need a good start so he gets the chance to implement his ideas; the rest is pure guesswork.