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  1. F*cking sick of it

    We have the best support in the world. For that reason we will be back at some point, but I won't be getting carried away until Gerrard signs some genuine talent, and preferably not old. I'm not entirely convinced at this stage. If we have 6 or 7 of the duds from this season in our first team we will win fuck all.
  2. Realistic Expectation Next Season

    We need to win the league this year.
  3. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Nothing will happen. Small fine.
  4. Jamie Murphy

    So, you think he should be a first team player next season? No chance.
  5. Cummings

    In reality it all depends on who Gerrard brings for the first team. Sure, take a punt at 600K if we think he has the capacity to improve, but at this stage he shouldn't even be on the bench.
  6. Cummings

    Not good enough. I thought we were looking to improve our team.
  7. Jonathan Johansen

    Why do you even care?
  8. Return of Pena

    What is all this garbage about "a chat with Stevie G" being the answer to the ills of everything. He's a totally inexperienced manager, and there is no reason to think he can turn round the life of a failing boozebag. If Gerrard isn't being backed with significant funds there is no point him being here.
  9. Return of Pena

    It sounds like in your line of work being drunk on the job would be extremely dangerous to the health of yourself and others. I'm not sure whether the strictures applying to a footballer would be as severe.
  10. Who will Gerrard keep?

    I agree, but none of them should be first team starters.
  11. Who will Gerrard keep?

    If he doesn't get the money I think he will fail. We better hear about some genuine first team improving signings soon or we're likely on for another miserable season. I'd say your attitude is overly optimistic if you believe that Steven Gerrard can turn around these fuckin duds, and that is what they are and will always be: FUCKIN DUDS.
  12. Who will Gerrard keep?

    Absolutely. I'm not buying into any talk of Gerrard turning these guys round. These players are top half SPL. THEY WILL NEVER WIN THE LEAGUE.
  13. Who will Gerrard keep?

    Need to hold fire, mate. I was buzzing with Gerrard's arrival because I assumed he'd get at least 20/25 million to spend. King's interview dampened things but I'm optimistic that he's playing some kind of game with the media. If the funds aren't given, he should be chased because no manager on the planet could do anything with 90%of the players we have right now.
  14. Conspiracy anyone?

    This is the reality of this group of players: SPL position 2-4. That's a season's reality. We now have Gerrard, and we need at least 5/6 players of significantly higher calibre. I'm not as confident as I was after King's interview, but there's nothing to do but wait. It really doesn't matter what happens for the rest of this season.
  15. Dave King Full Q&A

    Sounds to me like the TOP is a paper tiger, and King doesn't give a fuck what they think. Am baffled by today though. It doesn't sound good. I'd assumed SG coming meant investment in the team, but that angle is being played down too much.