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  1. I mean, at the end of the day it was only a bit of tape. However... He clearly throws it hard towards their fans on purpose. Guy just can't resist getting involved. Let's see what punishment he gets 🙄
  2. Interesting that Morelos scored a free kick. Anyone know any more about it? Never really thought of him as an option at free kicks.
  3. I get where you're coming from but we don't really particularly need Flanagan's defensive capabilities against St Mirren. It'll be a case of dominating them and trying to get the breakthrough against a packed defense. Patterson is much more attacking than the alternatives, I'd just play him. Don't think Gerrard will right enough.
  4. Who provides the possession stats? Both the BBC and Google claim we only had 41% possession. Looked closer to 75% to me.
  5. ESPN message on screen apologising for the technical difficulties
  6. Scotsman article today Rangerss starAlfredo Morelos' former agent and his current agency have hit out at the coverage of the Colombian international in the Scottish media. The 23-year-old was the subject of stinging criticism in a column of a Scottish newspaper recently where he was called a "waster", "spoiled, angry brat" and said to have "done the square root of hee-haw". Morelos, who has netted 28 goals in 35 appearance this campaign, including six goals in the Europa League group stages, has been a crucial element of Rangers' success this campaign and is valued by the club at upwards of £20million. The player is represented by World in Motion, with one of their agents taking to Twitter to question what he feels is "bizarre" treatment of the striker, highlighting the player's incredible generosity. Michael Gorman, who manages the agency's American MLS and South American markets, said: "One of the most generous (and humble) individuals I have ever met. Used his first signing bonus to buy his Mom and sisters a new home in Colombia. "Used his second signing bonus to fund his foundation in his hometown. "The campaign against Morelos in the Scottish press is one of the most bizarre situations I have seen in sports." His comments were backed up by Jonne Lindblom, who used to work with Morelos and is now sporting director of Finnish side KuPS. "Scottish media is the worst," he tweeted. "They've always had an agenda against Morelos." The player yesterday shared an Instagram post of kind words paid to him by Rangers boss Steven Gerrard. It read: “He knows he’s not perfect but he’s certainly misunderstood because he does a lot of good work and he is trying so hard to improve. "He is too generous, even at Rangers, he is always the first to shake hands or take out of his pocket for charity."
  7. We're always being told by the Scottish media that Morelos is the better finisher but that's all he has to his game, whereas Odouard is a complete player with almost as good a goal scoring record. I swear it's as if they've never watched big Buff play as he can single handedly run a defence ragged for 90 mins.
  8. Is that the player ratings from the last game?
  9. Was just going to say the same. Not at all now the match played out in reality.
  10. This absolutely nails what happened. Books Katic then Brown. Is it possible to save a copy of that video, no doubt it'll get pulled when they realise what it shows
  11. I had assumed the booking was for Julienne which is why I couldn't understand how a penalty could be given. Julienne clearly fouls Katic before the corner is taken, then there's the shirt pull. If it turns out he booked Brown then this is massive
  12. Thought this would be a thread about how it should never have been a penalty in the first place due to Julien's foul
  13. I'm absolutely incredulous at the fact they cut straight to Morelos' second yellow card and glossed over the first one, without showing any footage whatsoever, as something along the lines of it being a "silly" booking. What. The. Actual. Fuck. It wasn't even a free kick! Edit: we know the truth, yet the casual observer who didn't watch the game will just assume Morelos brought it on himself again. Utter joke from the BBC and Steven Thompson who should be calling their biased bullshit out
  14. Morelos should have had one booking, the dive. First yellow wasn't even a free kick. Cheating wankstain Clancy was itching to send him off just as he was itching to give the penalty. The fact he even let them take the corner leading to our breakaway was a joke. The fact he let them attack again after Morelos was sent off was ludicrous. Was convinced he was going to play on until they scored. So many more blatant injustices in that game I can't be bothered bringing up right now. Get it fucking up them.
  15. Amato


    And a fake derisory one at that
  16. Anything that has popcorn teeth in a rage gets my support đź‘Ť
  17. Edit: the joke's already been done
  18. Agreed, to use the parlance of our times he's a good wee cunt
  19. Feyenoord Braga Villarreal Rapid Vienna Spartak Moscow ...Hearts
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