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  1. It's actually astounding when you think about the way it's all played out and how blatant it is.
  2. Not sure why people seem to think any differently. It's not mediation, they aren't trying to get them to come to a mutual agreement. The panel will decide surely?From what the judge said it only goes back to court if for some reason the arbitration can't be done in time or there's some other problem.
  3. The circumstances in which he said they could sounded pretty limited though. Was it not just if arbitration couldn't get it concluded in time?
  4. And we won't ever hear any of the details that came out during the arbitration.
  5. Still might win the Europa, might have pulled the league out the bag had it not been cancelled.
  6. Isn't that only saying it can go back to Court if the arbitration panel don't reach a conclusion in time, rather than it can come to Court at the end of the process if one party is unhappy at the outcome?
  7. You certain of that? That sounds more like mediation. From the BBC: Each party nominates an individual from the Tribunal Candidate List, and those two appoint someone who has been a judge, solicitor or advocate for at least ten years to act as chairman. Gerry Moynihan QC, acting for the SPFL, intimated this could happen as early as Monday however, as yet, no formal dispute has been registered with the Scottish FA. At the outset, the legal representative for Hearts and Thistle said it was unlikely an agreement could be reached through arbitration but that is now how their claims of "unfair prejudice" in being relegated will be adjudicated upon. Are you saying if one side doesn't like the outcome they can just demand to go to Court? Doesn't sound right
  8. Yaaaasssses on jambos kickback, presumably going to court?
  9. That's how I see it, no idea why he thinks the highlighted text is of any consequence.
  10. This is it in a nutshell. But we couldn't have this option because of the possibility of legal action and having to stump up to Sky and BT. Lol.
  11. Can you imagine they did that . Would absolutely be the end of the SPFL.
  12. If the SPFL decided to try and settle this out of court, would there need to be a vote by all members about whether to offer whatever amount was to be offered?
  13. Not remotely relevant though, that season was finished with all games played
  14. Won't be that when we pump Leverkusen and win the Europa
  15. Purposely pedantic. The point, as you well know, is that Holland didn't enforce results in order to declare champions/relegations whereas Scotland did. Honestly, whatever the majority on here think you can be guaranteed The Dude will try to find a way of trying to prove them wrong!
  16. We'll never know if they had what it took in the season just abandoned. Likely not right enough.
  17. Exactly. Easy way think about it. If the other 10 players in the team were of the standard of Morelos how would we get on? We'd cruise to the title. The guy's a one track minded animal
  18. Hope to fuck we'd immediately be doing our best to kicked out too. Release a statement calling Doncaster and MacLennan a pair of corrupt, gooch grease licking cunts
  19. shocker as The Dude adopts a contrary view to 99% of the Rangers support 😅
  20. I'll level with you, I just wanted to do a Dijon mustard pun
  21. £10m you mustard been watching a different player to me
  22. Don't really understand the hype with Hickey tbh
  23. Why charge them when they're carrying out their own in-depth and not at all just for insurance purposes internal investigation?
  24. Not even suffered the most from a football point of view. What a twat. Although by saying that is he admitting they haven't been able to prove they were actually deserved winners? (Hence their supposed "suffering"?)
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