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  1. Just spat me tea out seeing that, dogs just no don’t they.
  2. Same as the 1.0 doing they got in December.
  3. Been sober for 17 years but what a buzz I’m on now . Lump in the throat at the end , great performance from the team. More of the same we won’t go far wrong.
  4. Had some of that , chance to win the shirt and H4H donation. Win Win.
  5. Heads up troops , just ordered 3 via the website.
  6. Fucking right, I’m a bluenose and shout it from the rooftops. No SURRENDER.
  7. And they took half the stand away from the bears , the noise their making you wouldn't think so.?
  8. Your fucking shitting me . These bastards better be gone next season.
  9. my twin Boy's with a absolute legend, 1997.
  10. They don't give a shit about the Rangers support. We're always treated with contempt.
  11. Shame the dentist weren't open today, rather have been there. Turned off after 3.
  12. That's me , start work at 4 . Dont think I'll be late. Hats off to the Bears at the piggery keep safe. .
  13. Don't worry, they bastards will be fighting, stabbing each other come Sunday evening.?
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