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  1. Been sober for 17 years but what a buzz I’m on now . Lump in the throat at the end , great performance from the team. More of the same we won’t go far wrong.
  2. Had some of that , chance to win the shirt and H4H donation. Win Win.
  3. Heads up troops , just ordered 3 via the website.
  4. Fucking right, I’m a bluenose and shout it from the rooftops. No SURRENDER.
  5. You know what I'm saying. Tarrier media, incompetent referees, you know they'll up the ante as 55 gets nearer .
  6. Touché, by hook or by crook they'll try and prevent us winning 55.
  7. Used to love times when you'd pre order kits and training gear for yourself and the kids. Could be wrong but didn't they used to chuck in a freebie occasionally..T-shirt or cap.
  8. 40delboy40

    PR war

    They have a PR machine that makes Geobbels look like a rank amateur. We need to get the gloves off and have a Popeye moment .
  9. Err , NO , it's only Rangers for me.
  10. 40delboy40


    Beaton and Dallas, 2 best men on the park for the junkies this season.
  11. And they took half the stand away from the bears , the noise their making you wouldn't think so.?
  12. Your fucking shitting me . These bastards better be gone next season.
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