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  1. Christie grabs Big Buffs bollocks , it’s the celtic way.
  2. Best to keep on calling this out whilst we are winning these games, they cannot throw the sour grapes bollocks at us. shocking decisions all day long , and how they ended up with 11 on the park WOW.
  3. Puts me in mind of 92 Scottish cup semi when Davie Robertson got sent off early doors and Ally scores just before halftime. Think they threw everything at us second half but we held out. Shite weather as well.
  4. Gutting news to hear , RIP Fernando.
  5. 2019 RSEA badge on sale now . Another cracker !
  6. Same as the 1.0 doing they got in December.
  7. Heads up troops , just ordered 3 via the website.
  8. And they took half the stand away from the bears , the noise their making you wouldn't think so.?
  9. Your fucking shitting me . These bastards better be gone next season.
  10. my twin Boy's with a absolute legend, 1997.
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