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  1. He was excellent, his second against Reysol in the semi was superb. Very direct, good technique and awareness. Maybe lacking a bit physically but wasn’t afraid to get stuck in anyway.
  2. NeoGeo7

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Pretty much nail on the head there, that’s certainly what the recent actions of the CO have demonstrated.
  3. NeoGeo7

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    You come out lol guns blazing and we’ll be fined again then they will be pissing themselves. This is no more than to state to us that it’s not gone unnoticed nd they are pursuing it behind the scenes.
  4. NeoGeo7

    The Media Agenda

    They just don’t get it, it’s about the rules and applying them impartially and with parity across the board with external influences having zero effect. We want matches and players refereed to a good, consistent and fair manner all the time. It doesn’t matter what fucking game Power will be in, he should have been sent off and handed an additional game ban for that.
  5. NeoGeo7

    Fair tackle.

    Funny how the papers got the precise moment to fit their narrative that Morelos is a hot head but when it’s about dangerous play from a Kilmarnock player they miss the key moment: The exact moment of contact to the FACE was caught from a good few angles yet this cunt elects to use this picture. Courageous journalism.
  6. NeoGeo7

    Morelos card appealed.

    Knew this was coming as it had nothing to do with the incident and was all about external perception and pressure. Fucking laughable when you see that reel of the scums players from Wednesday.
  7. NeoGeo7

    Josip Vukovic

    Next years formation 1-8-1
  8. NeoGeo7

    Morelos song

    Transfer window and winter break I can maybe forgive this type of thread but after beating the sheep 4-2 last night and a Scottish cup tie at the weekend there is no excuse
  9. NeoGeo7

    Today's back pages

    Anyone that still buys one of these rhags needs their head examined.
  10. NeoGeo7

    Defoe doesn't fit our style

    That’s why you’d think a partnership with him and Morelos would work, Morelos’ graft and guile creating chances for them both. The trouble is the shape of the rest of the team that lets that system down.
  11. NeoGeo7

    Defoe doesn't fit our style

    Alfie scored two and was then one on one and should have scored for 4-2 so just because it’s one on one doesn’t mean it’s a given.
  12. NeoGeo7

    Morelos incident

    Yeah. Not a fan of the theatrics. If he caught you in the face then hold your face but don’t do a neymar... To be honest he knew there was a chance he was getting hooked too so I think he made more of it than was required.
  13. NeoGeo7

    Lewis Ferguson

    Should be focussing more on who is going to replace Alfie in the summer as he will 100% be away. His first half performance was superb and his take for the second goal absolutely outstanding. I’m resigned to him leaving which is galling but the scouts need to find someone to replace him as best we can.
  14. To be honest had we won the game 3-1 with nothing else going on it would have been a great win but you can’t match the feeling when Defoe rifled that shot home.
  15. NeoGeo7

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    sheep shaggin bastards, you’re only sheep shaggin bastards, sheep shaggin baaaaa-stards, you’re only sheep shaggin baaaa-stards, sheep shaggin bastards!