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  1. if true the club and puma are taking the piss. i wouldn't even buy that training top for the lower price. Looks cheap and nasty and designed by someone with all the imagination of a paper clip
  2. I think what's worse is a manager living on borrowed time by just doing enough to keep his job. If Pedro is going to fail it needs to be of the magnitude that leaves the board in no doubt he (and Robertson) have to go. I'd imagine following the embarrassment in Luxumbourg we are a old firm hiding away from him being sacked. Lets say we beat Ross county, then thistle, then thistle again, then get beaten by them.....will he get sacked? Probably not. i wanted it to work for Pedro but we can't afford another wasted season.
  3. He can keep The Dalcio company then
  4. Not going to cry about ref decisions again, we created more than enough chances to bury them and we didn't take them. Not nearly sharp enough.
  5. We'll send him back then he'll sign for Ipswich and assist and score for fun
  6. I've said many times we'd bounce back, it will click etc. but I just can't see it. Think we'll play the same starting line up and we'll draw. personally I'd like to see Miller dropped and I'd like to see Dorrans playing further up. Morelos and Herrera I think have the makings of a good partnership but to do that Miller has to be dropped.
  7. I was guilty of that with Warburton, not making the same mistake here. It's called learning from your mistakes, something our last 2 managers were/are incapable of doing. If things are working then don't change it. If things aren't working then don't change it. That seems to be his mantra and just like Warburton it will be his downfall. Miller needs dropped or told to stay up top and partner the other striker. Windass while improved is not good enough and Dalcio was a mistake (luckily only a loan) so get a proper left winger and forget about Walker as he was non existent yesterday. Wallace needs to go, or at the very least we sign competition, lost track of the number of times he lost the ball and was out of position . Only positives for me is we look more solid through the middle but we still seem toothless in attack. Bizarre subs and a reluctance to take shots from outside the box to draw out defenders. I defended the manager after the hibs game saying the ref was to blame but there aren't any excuses for yesterday. The players have now had long enough to gel, you can see with Tav and Candeias have an understanding, so do jack and Dorrans but there's nothing up top because Miller never stays alongside the other forward. If the manager is telling Miller to drift and drop deep then he needs to realise it's not working. If Miller is doing it himself then he needs to be told not to or drop him. The season needn't be a disaster but it well be if the manager doesn't wise up soon. Either way I can see him gone before the season end unless there is a dramatic turnaround but I'm no longer expecting it.
  8. Fuck this..... signing out now, will just watch it as live later.
  9. Put it this way if we don't win today the writing is well and truly on the wall (I know it will be for many people already) I want I to work out but I'm not going to be oblivious to the issues if they continue as I had the blinkers of optimism well and truly on during Warburton's reign.
  10. never forget laudo's keepy-ups
  11. Remember him doing the flip flap against Annan last season. Think he has raw talent/technique but not cut out for football as a job.
  12. Seems an odd time to be flying out with the match on Saturday. Would expect some news tomorrow then.
  13. Definitely Rod Wallace coming out of retirement.
  14. so you cross Pedro and you get made to train alone and get sold but be in his good books and he bakes you s cake with frosting
  15. Fucking hilarious reading how the managers try to weasel out of it: "When asked if he had reacted to the mocking Hearts fans, Fenlon said after the game: "No I didn't. I made a gesture in relation to the way we were playing. We kept giving the ball away cheaply." Lennon will get away with it I'm sure, it was just a bit of over zealousness. We just need to (as a fans, as a squad, as a club) dust ourselves off and knuckle down with some real hard graft to fight through it. No one is going to gift us our way back to the top, we have to fight tooth and nail and that's that.