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  1. People got too wrapped up in our good performances before this game and thought it’s just a polish team 2-0 or 3-0 tonight, so obviously people thinking that would be disappointed with 0-0. For those who knew it was going to be a tough game 0-0 is better than a 1-0 loss which it could have been. If Alfie had put that chance away we’d have been lauding a magnificent performance and result. For what it’s worth I think we will win next week by a single goal as they’ll be feeling the pressure and with Ibrox bouncing we’ll see how they cope with a barrage for 90 minutes.
  2. Think Legia may sit in more than midtjylland did
  3. Can't afford to believe our own hype again. This will be a tough match for sure but as you say we are in good form so the lads can go into this with confidence. Just need to be professional and ensure no mistakes at the back.
  4. 1) who the fuck buys papers anymore 2) why waste your time looking for this shit in the scottish rhags as you know it’ll not stop two ways to hurt the rhags are to stop buying papers giving them hits and also to win the league and shut them up for a bit.
  5. Absolutely superb, really should see this out now barring a complete disaster. Goals conceded takes the gloss off the win but 4 away goals is outstanding against a pretty solid side.
  6. Absolutely this, focus on winning games and putting them back in the place in spite of all the shite they are flinging our way and they won’t be able to take it.
  7. Head in the sand loyal from the OP, whether 2012 happened or not football was always going this way and it’s on a one way road to a European league of elite teams and sod everyone else where teams will start going to the wall more frequently. Sky and now BT have well and truly fucked football over where Harry Maguire moves for £80m......insane.
  8. But not Progres player de almeida where miller kept calling him del almedia......my ocd was going crazy with that one and he isn’t even our player. Constantly calling Goldson Goldstone is pretty irritating too. can’t wait to see how he butchers the Midtjylland players names
  9. this 100% Delighted to get the 3 points but there are issues that need stamped out after that the second half was completely unacceptable until they scored we showed no urgency, had we done it before then we might have got a second and killed the game.
  10. Slow paced, too casual again, not clinical enough and the referee must have had a bet on them winning with the number of yellows they should have had. Much improvement needed but Aribo for me was the shining light again. I think he had one stray pass, held the ball, made intelligent passes and runs and busted his ass off to win the ball back. If others had the same attitude we’d have waltzed that.
  11. Some other report suggests Katic will be sold as a result of signing Skrtel
  12. Professional 2-0 win for us I reckon. As others have said if we get an early goal we could go on and get a handful, depends if their keeper has another good game or not. Thursday can’t come soon enough
  13. Playing a 1 striker formation and having 3 top notch forwards don’t fit for me but each to their own and not like it matters since it’s Gerrard making the call and not you or I
  14. I think we have goals from midfield this season with Aribo and Ojo looking dangerous in and around the box. I think Alfie, Defoe, Stewart and top rate youth striker (mcpake or mebude) as the last resort will do but jones, Hastie, Murphy on the left really doesn’t fill me with confidence.
  15. The right footed Andy Halliday.....versatile and dependable but not spectacular
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