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  1. With the line-up today you think when will Pena get in the team? We spent a fair whack on him so can't see McLean being signed (unless holt or windass are off).
  2. If millers cross had been against any SPL side he'd have been in there but good defensive cover stopped that. Get the feeling once Herrera and Morelos get their first goals the confidence will be ther........also remember saying about Sebo at first though
  3. I'd say it's his biggest failing, condo think of it we have the same issues with the full backs, always lose the man behind them.
  4. walker is definitely going to be pursued until the window ends or he signs. Cant see McLean as sure we have too many central mids. Got to say I honestly think Naismith may welll be the other. Possibly due to the history we are keeping it really quiet so that RO don't even know about it.
  5. Said after the st Johnstone game there were signs of improvement and today was no different. We've got a long way to go but if we are going to lambast every failure then we have to recognise successes and I'd say today was a success. Many expected us to get horsed by Marseille and instead we looked relatively comfortable. Will look forward to hopefully seeing highlights from the Watford game on Wednesday.
  6. Good to see we are stepping up the games and the level of opposition compared to coleraine, TNS, St Johnstone and Killie.
  7. We were shutting up shop when he came on so wasn't really going to be on the ball that much, although he was looking for it.
  8. Had it up on the TV streamed form my iPad and tbh it looked really good (once it worked).
  9. I forced myself to watch some of Naismiths performances from10/11 again and also what he's been like at Norwich. He would add something, always lurking just off the forwards if played through the middle. However, it's a divisive signing to say the least but at least he'd have to really want to come back and make amends as he'll know some will hate him with a passion for what he did.
  10. Later on in the second half of a pre-season friendly Dorrans went in for a 50/50 on the left and went in 100% on it,balls deep. Thats what is required and Alves and Cardoso also taking no prisoners so you can see why players like McKay were never going to make it. Warburton raised a team of pandered pansies and now Pedro (as he stated very clearly) wanted warriors on the pitch. Hopefully we can continue to improvements next weekend angainst Sheff We'd to hit the ground running against motherwell.
  11. I'd still like to see Morelos play in place of Miller as I think he'll benefit greatly from playing alongside Herrera. First half I thought we came into it really well and we definitely were the better side. Second half we lost our way and I feel that Herrera coming off when he did was a mistake and if anyone should have been off it should have been Miller. By the time we made the last few subs we were sitting deeper and deeper so never really got to see much of Pena on the ball apart from that nice touch that set up Dalcio to run into 3 men and lose the ball. I could see from the St Johnstone and that things were changing and hopefully people have seen enough to see the type of football we are moving towards and why it will take a bit of time. Jack and Dorrans looks a great partnership and the defence did well (though Wallace and Tav still not seeing their man unmarked dbehind them at times though Tav dispossessing Payet twice like he did will do his confidence wonders)
  12. Best winger we have at the moment. He's got desire, fight, good upper body strength, plays at a good tempo and has a dangerous cross. Can see him bagging a few goals this year as well as assisting a fair bit.
  13. Got the login screen now......can I actually login
  14. Now the domain can't be found on the DNS servers......are Waghorn, Windass and Forrester our new IT team?
  15. Different error now with RTV, we've connected to the server but now the database connection is fucked