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  1. I’d be astonished if Michael Stewart has more brain cells than he does teeth.
  2. Utter madness the season is still being considered for completion, this is going to rumble on for months and then what happens when players contracts run out and loan players return to parent clubs? How are clubs meant to field teams that played in the first part of the season or even field a full team in some cases. Would make far more sense to just call it and start thinking about how a 20/21 season can be accommodated because right now with 3 countries in the eu in lockdown and more to follow its crazy that some still think normal service will resume in a few weeks time.
  3. What actually amazes me is that with all the fuckers in the upper echelons of football authorities never thought of actually coming up with a universal rule regarding abandoned seasons.
  4. It’s far easier to scrap the season than it is award based on a partially completed season. I really can’t see any relegated clubs in particular just accepting it as it’s far from done and dusted. From our point of view it doesn’t really affect us, only that our rivals are trying to get something they haven’t actually won no matter how unlikely it is that we’d still win the league. For me it’s a smaller headache for football associations and clubs to simply scrap it if it can’t be completed rather than essentially predict the future.
  5. Honestly couldn't make the levels of hypocrisy up...
  6. “The most important thing is the people - us - are protected from situations. This virus is growing, it continues to spread, so the first thing has to be the health of the people.” “But I’m hoping that football continues, but first things first - and that means health.”
  7. And if he had a backbone or any decency he could have just refused to answer, hasn’t Gerrard refused to answer questions point blank during his time in charge?
  8. Could easily have said it doesn’t really matter given the current situation.....but aye stick up for him.
  9. The same way young boys were abused whilst in the care of employees at the club and all they want to do is say “other clubs did it” or “it was a separate entity” all to try and protect themselves. Their moral compass doesn’t even exist never mind being broken
  10. Their 9 in a row would read: 11/12 - Rangers point deduction 12/13 - Rangers unfairly demoted, lost near entire senior squad worth millions, transfer embargo and not in league 13/14 - Rangers not in league 14/15 - Rangers not in league 15/16 - Rangers not in league 16/17 - First valid title win 17/18 - Second valid title win 18/19 - Third valid title win 19/20 - Coronavirus league suspension leading to awarded title even though it was never actually won so that’s less than half of their titles that are valid title wins, it is/would be the most tainted run of titles the world has seen.
  11. Maybe it will undo it and we’ll go back to how we were in December
  12. NeoGeo7


    It’s not something I like to see when it’s not applied consistently. If you are going to openly criticise and drop players for mistakes you need to do it for all the players in the squad or you create rifts.
  13. Null and void seems the only plausible action, since you can’t say for any certainty what the outcomes would be. The ramifications for the relegated club could be huge and it would be in the courts in no time if the decision was to end the season early and the standings are valid at that point. It either gets finished (most likely behind closed doors) or it gets cancelled. If one player has it then even closed doors becomes impossible. Footballers have family members young and old like the rest of us and it’s not like the players will get stored in incubators between matches. The no handshake rule is fucking daft when you consider this us a contact sport with players grabbing a hold of each other at set pieces or general play, players are sweating and then coming into contact with each other. it depends what’s the delay phase entails and whether any clubs/players are affected
  14. Could just deny them access to the ground on the basis they are all infected 🤧😷
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