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  1. 4 titles whilst we were in the lower divisions for sporting integrity (what a fucking joke that looks like now) and 1 title gifted with 2 old firm games left and we have a game in hand. Astonishing that any normal human being celebrates it in the same light as the two 9 in a row achievements by both clubs previously. Easiest motivating factor the players will ever get, fucking do them next season. No prisoners taken just do them and every other scummy team that is in Lawells pockets
  2. To be fair I didn’t really need Jim white insight to know that. The cabal are predictable from their narrative they pedal through there mouthpieces in the media to the victim playing of Doncaster, so our board knew this resolution would be voted down....no doubt about it. What we know now is who we have support from and who are borderline so that when we go to the next stage, which we’ll already have planned for, we will know who’s behind us. The board have been shrewd here and played by the rules and managed to quietly and efficiently garner support for this movement against the cabal without doing anything that puts us in the wrong at any point. That’s why the spfl are flapping and contradicting themselves and spouting all sorts of shite for pre-approved questions (sometimes from themselves). This outcome today would have been expected and planned for.
  3. its pretty humiliating that 41 of the 42 aren't wanting this investigation to get rid of the cabal and stranglehold that one club, nay one person, has over the entire structure of football in the country.
  4. One thing for sure is they are feared......really feared. To release that many aggressively defensive letters in short succession each with the same narrative, they are just chasing shadows at guessing what our evidence is and if they had done nothing wrong they’d be sitting be\ack and relaxing right now but they are bricking it because there IS something to hide and they are shit scared we have the evidence to bury those corrupt sheer of cunts.
  5. Corruption and cover up of systemic child abuse.....nice club profile combo 👌
  6. Should have been ordered to make public what the remit given to Deloitte was, then we can see what they are investigating.
  7. We’re on our way, we’re on our way To Gdańsk, we’re on our way!
  8. The sad thing is everyone (and I mean everyone) knows the answer is no to that question without needing to ask it and yet no dots are joined up, no clubbing together of the other 40 teams with outselves to out them and their corrupt undertakings of the last decade.
  9. Ignoring the loss of life and the heartbreak felt by thousands of families throughout the uk, celebrating a title you didn’t win first and foremost lacks class but celebrating it given what is happening right now shows zero morality, zero decency, zero compassion, zero humanity. Twisted fucks, the lot of them and I don’t just mean the scum but scumdee utd and raith too. No idea if cove Rangers celebrated or not.
  10. That’s pretty much it , what a clown she is. Lost her credibility, lost support of the fans no doubt and still in the same position as a week ago and most likely heading for the championship.
  11. Walter Smith 12 years ago had nailed it when it came to Lawell
  12. Dundee are the ones that fucked up here. They sold out on the promise of reconstruction and glamour friendlies. Hearts couldn't sway the vote but they bought the whole reconstruction piece to back down on the rhetoric of "the whole thing is a sham and the SPFL are corrupt" to then say they were going to work on the reconstruction for a temporary solution to all of this not realising at the time they were being played like a fiddle. I don't sympathise with hearts no, I did at first but they were all ready to roll over for the SPFL and the scum when they thought they'd be safe from relegation.
  13. Would like to see us loan players to Ayr and Thistle to fuck scumdee over.
  14. Clearly the mhanks know it’s not a true title otherwise they wouldn’t be wasting there time creating an account on a new clubs fan forum to try to defend it I wouldn’t want my devices to have to suffer the indignity of going to any scum website never mind create an account, obsessed mhanky bastards.
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