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  1. Borna is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. He has risen to the challenge now and the fight he showed last night was exceptional (a particular spell in Young Boys right back area where he wouldn't give in stands out).
  2. That’s what a few injuries will do to your bench. As long as the starting lineup is still strong enough that’s all that should matter.
  3. NeoGeo7


    More like he would be providing them with the exact copy to run online and in the papers
  4. Wish it was Thursday today....can’t wait to get the cup final out of my system
  5. Cant come soon enough. We’re lucky we’re not away to Livingston or some other whites game. Packed Ibrox but the atmosphere may be a bit subdued and it’ll be up to the players to lift it and raise the roof. If they come out of the tunnel feeling sorry for themselves then they’ll never have what it takes to win the title. It needs steely determination, fire in the belly and back it up with playing well as a team.
  6. Initial feelings are very raw and will be that way for a while but we have a huge game on Thursday and we need to get behind the team and not feel sorry for ourselves. When Gerrard, the coaches and the team analyse today’s game they’ll be pissed off and bemused as to why we couldn’t win it but they are 100% there for the taking in the league. I’d take losing today if we can win the league as that’s the one that matters most. Big ask for the team to pick themselves up but beat young boys on Thursday and then put the scum firmly back in their place at their own shit heap and we can kick on next year and push on for 55. If we weren’t creating chances it would be more worrying than creating them and being up against a keeper who will never play a better 90 minutes in his career. Its a massive kick square in the balls but the season is far from over. No surrender!
  7. 25 mins is a long time to be the team being attacked and having 10 men, its not over but fuck me what do we have to do?!
  8. Absolutely fucking sickening, fucking cunts the lot of them paedo harbouring fucking cunts
  9. hard to believe Tav scored as many as he did in his first season from open play, I can't remember the last one of these efforts he's made the keeper work
  10. Put these cunts back in their place Rangers.....let's fucking go!
  11. I hate games like this, should be miles in front, haven't scored and they jammy cunts will snatch a goal somewhere. Absolutely need to score first
  12. Opportunity missed in that half. Outplayed they cunts and should be at least 2-0 up
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