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  1. I'm all for that if we are getting rid of some of dross but really want to see a right back and left back brought in.
  2. In an ideal scenario Warburton would return for Wallace for a 1/1.5m and we'd bring in a new left back and give Alves the armband.
  3. Fraud not he wore 10 against TNS as did Morelos at the same time.......actually surprised we haven't been kicked down to league 2 for breaking the rules
  4. Doubt he'll feature against st Johnstone but good that he (and presumably Pena) have finally joined the squad.
  5. It's not, I just ordered the home top this morning.
  6. Will be the same deal as with the Coleraine and TNS games in that you can watch it in full later tonight.
  7. #prayforgeronimo
  8. Saw a much higher tempo against TNS at the start of the game. Seemed quicker getting forward and pressed them high up the park but we then faltered and didn't look nearly as dangerous. With someone other than Waghorn in the first half we could have been out of sight. Shifting Waghorn has to be a priority this summer.
  9. Saw again against TNS that Wallace was caught ball watching and lost the man in behind him but fortunately it was offside (and the boy didn't hit it first time). For the goal once again Tav just couldn't be arsed getting behind the ball or marking the man, young Bates desperately trying to stop the goal. Wallace and Tav were great going forward in the championship until our game plan was sussed out then Wallace didn't get as much joy/goals. Both weren't good enough areacking wise last season and both are poor defenders. Seems many are saying with better centre backs they should b better but I'm not convinced and I think we'll concede a lot of goals at our back post this year if we don't replace them.
  10. I think it's important to get Dorrans, more so than walker, but is anyone else concerned we've not seen anything materialise for the full back positions?
  11. Forrester seems like he'd be more at home on a shit show like the only way is Essex, just really doesn't seem to want to be a footballer because he loves football.
  12. Maybe Dorrans is waiting to sign on July 12th the staunch bastard
  13. So it's looking like a 4-2-3-1 with fluid 3 and the two central mids sitting deeper much like central mids in a 4-4-2 double 6. Not really a fan of the fluid 3 across the park, often feel wingers aren't where they ought to be or we play strikers in wide areas. With Dalcio and Candeias we might see actual wingers rather than Miller, Waghorn or Dodoo going wide. Think it's clear we won't be seeing 2 up top though.
  14. They do love winding up the scum don't they
  15. Hope to fuck you're right mate....been quite a frustrating week waiting on god damn work permits and visas.