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  1. Possibly, but the prospect of getting shot of MOH for a better player is very appealing
  2. If Carlsberg did transfers.........
  3. This the guy here? if so looks like we might get some more goals from midfield. Has an eye for goal and takes up good positions on the edge of the box or makes runs beyond the striker. Don't know too many central minds who's YouTube reel shows two diving headers
  4. Bottom line don't read newspapers
  5. Pedro has spoken about us playing in 4 competitions next year so I think he realises he needs a big enough squad but they can't all be guys on 5k+ a week so youngsters will get their chance. Warburtons approach was to get them game time on loan rather than fleeting appearances in the first team to injury has given bates and Wilson their chance at the back and midfield is just shite but I suspect Warburton would have carried on playing Halliday. Will be interesting to see what happens next year but Wilson and barjonas both at 18 look like they have a lot of potential.
  6. Title of the thread changed the mods know something we don't?
  7. Expect 4/5 will come in regardless then any above that will depend on selling players currently with us.
  8. Toral starts after that shite during the week??? Ive been defending Pedro of late but to play Toral, Windass and Waghorn is too much, fucking atrocious team selection.
  9. Atakayi will start today I reckon would also love to see Burt given a go in central mid over windass.