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  1. Big test of the players mettle after the disappointment on Thursday and now the possibility of going top. The team needs to start believing in themselves to win this league
  2. So the youths 1-0 up at half time and also losing a late second half goal
  3. Exactly this. Just watched it “as live” on RTV there and I’m fucking scunnered. Absolutely gifted the 3 points with another Jekyll and Hyde performance. Win all 3 home games might be enough to get through but I think we’ll need something from at least one of the away games and tonight was probably the best chance.
  4. Love the gaffers reaction to tavs answer about taking the penalties “you sure?”
  5. The fact he went through Alfie first then was allowed to do the same but worse on Aribo is fucking scandalous. We wonder why our national team and club teams in Europe are so shite.....there’s your answer. We don’t play football in this country,
  6. Honestly if we want to win the cup we have to be the best meaning we have to beat anyone. Bring on any of the cunts, at least this time we won’t have Sadiq up front
  7. Gerrard not taking chances tonight, good to see. Just hope the players can start the game with intensity and get an early goal.
  8. Any chance we might see Atakayi get a shot with those players out or will it be Ojo and Stewart getting the wide berths? Murphy wouldn’t be risked on that surface so it leaves us a little light in the wide areas.
  9. “Ah well they’re 2 up anyway they don’t really need a penalty” ”best not card Davidson for the rugby challenge on Aribo because he’ll no doubt do something later meaning i’ll have to book him again and send him off” Discretion can apply for certain decisions, like a yellow card challenge in first 30 seconds of a game but other areas, such as deliberate hand ball are black and white matters.......but not in our Scotland.
  10. Does anyone in the starting XI other than McGregor really want to win the game? No urgency, no intensity its just flat and no one seems to give a damn.
  11. Keeps people occupied in a spot the difference mini game each week. You’re right it is nitpicking but saying that how hard can it actually be to get these done right?
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