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  1. Hummel

    Orange top for FDB taking over
  2. Youths Win Against FC Copenhagen

    So when is kirkwood getting the first team manager’s position then?
  3. Does anyone believe ?

    Some of the posts on here.....fuck me what have you been having with your cornflakes? Remember Alex McLeish was odds on for us before then he came out and said its so far off the mark. I rarely go with bookies odds unless there are sources that have come out prior to the odds dropping, for Neil I haven't seen any (please don't be any).
  4. Hummel

    Do we actually think it will be bespoke? I’d guess being one of (if not) the biggest client then it makes sense for a bespoke top but with the Hummel chevrons somewhere.
  5. Murty not relieved. Board contempt or not

    You clearly aren’t well versed in Murty-isms. We have to get the squad believing again. The fans have to be patient and keep believing...
  6. Hummel

    I wasn’t actually agreeing that Hummel were shit,as I’ve never owned or worn anything by them, just interested as to how a thread about our shirt manufacturers would go. Most top manufacturers produce cheap shite. I remember the Carling sponsor disintegrating on one of the Umbro tops as well as the little saltire on the shoulder coming off pretty quickly too. I actually quite like the diadora ones although the lettering came off those too. Adidas in the 90s and Nike late 90s still the longest wearing kits i’ve owned.
  7. VB Support The Union Bears

    Any chance we can get a banner for each stand? Each with its own message targeting the board. No idea of the logistics and cost involved in doing this but i’d definitely pitch in. Enough is enough.
  8. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    That cunt needs sacked
  9. Hummel

    Maybe we have a chance of getting an old school Rangers top that I know many of the older bears would be really happy about with a massive club crest.
  10. VB Support The Union Bears

    This is what we need. A unified response, in particular on Sunday live on Sky Sports, to really hammer home we aren’t happy. We were good at making songs up for players perhaps we can do one for the board. If we can do something that every bear in attendance can contribute to it stands a better chance and getting the various supporters groups and representations to buy into it will really hit home harder.
  11. Union Bears Statement.

  12. Hummel

    Maybe Hummel can make a massive tarpaulin sheet for it.
  13. Hummel

    Love to see how this one will go: ”I’m freezing ma tits off with this thin pishy Hummel top” ”The fucking stitching is coming away FFS” ”Ma sponsor logo is falling off already”
  14. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Yup, it’s been disappointing to put it mildly that the board lack the balls to just sack, demote or put him on gardening leave. A home loss to hearts at the weekend I see no way they could avoid giving him his marching orders. I also want the board to say they made a mistake with this appointment and with Pedro and that the whole season has been undermined by these decisions. Who the hell am I kidding, more chance of me winning the Euros on Friday and buying the club outright!
  15. Union Bears Statement.

  16. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    We are second at the moment so it could get a lot worse by the end of the season which is why I can’t understand the board keeping Murty in If he has no respect from the players.
  17. Hummel

    Wouldn’t be hard even though hummels tracksuits look like they are out of the late 80s
  18. Union Bears Statement.

    How about a card display against the board? just keep the cards held aloft for the entire match and don’t watch a second of the game. It would certainly get media attention as I can’t think of any time something like that has been done before.
  19. Hummel

    I wonder if Lee Wallace is eyeing up their tracksuits
  20. Hummel

    May come in handy next time we face Lego muncher
  21. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Going on for years allows us to narrow it down quite a bit. Only Wallace and miller remain from 14/15.
  22. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Just an easy way for murty to have his problems dealt by other people.
  23. Hummel

    Well one of the Hummel templates can get us kinda close to the 92/93 kit
  24. VB Article

    Is anyone hoping Douglas Park will take on what many hoped King would do i.e. day to day running of the club?