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  1. Think a standing ovation and applause 2 minutes in is probably the easiest thing to organise so close to the game but anyone with an orange top should definitely wear it anyway. Suspect the home game against the sheep we’ll have something more complete and fitting.
  2. Just saw this now, heart wrenching. He was a fighter on the park and off until the very end, what an inspiration he must be for those that find themselves in similar, horrific circumstances with illness. Thoughts with his family. RIP Fernando you will not be forgotten
  3. Too objective and positive a post.....won’t catch on joking aside I thought he did quite well given the fact there wasn’t much room, certainly not a MOH type that can only play as a counter attacking team.
  4. Lol gotta laugh at people who draw these types of conclusions. Team A beat Team B 2-0 and Team C Beat Team B 3-0 so Team C will beat Team A 5-0.....fucking morons
  5. Says in the full interview he hasn’t been able to train with anybody. Sounds like he was given the cold shoulder at Liverpool so he must be so relieved and happy to be here than rot away for the next 4 months.
  6. Always loved that number since Ronald de Boer.....if he can do half as well as him i’ll be chuffed
  7. When media team release midnight tweet that Grezda has had his contract terminated
  8. Come on now, getting close to 12...
  9. Has it happened yet?
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest
  11. Come on Rangers Media Team.....
  12. Is it just me or does Dodoo’s head look superimposed?
  13. #GoingForBreakingTheWeb
  14. They are ripping the absolute piss out of us now
  15. Announce Kent Rangers...
  16. One bite not enough?
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