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  1. NeoGeo7

    Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    It could be that while Liverpool want to help out Gerrard it’s not going to be for their best young talent since they see the championship as a better quality of football. Still think dealing with the publicity, pressure and expectations that come from playing for us to get him prepared for first team action for Liverpool, would have been of more benefit to Wilson.
  2. NeoGeo7

    Herrera gone

    Sadly not, he signed a 3 year deal last summer.
  3. NeoGeo7

    Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Can only see reports with no sources that Derby have “come up with the best offer”. Only because I hope we do sign him as I think he’d be a great option for us I’m waiting until something a little more concrete is announced.
  4. NeoGeo7

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    Defoe and Wilson or Woodburn for me would make a big difference up top but Solanke would still be an improvement from where we are right now. Im a little concerned Gerrard sees central defence as the priority still, unless of course he knows he’s going to get at least 1 or 2 from Liverpool once they decide what they are doing with Solanke and Wilson.
  5. NeoGeo7

    Bolstered at the Back, Still lacking up Top

    I’m willing to give the guys a good few games before weighing in with the he’s shite line. Both Morelos and windass could have had 5 goals between them tonight but I can write that off as pre-season rustiness. They got into the positions but couldn’t take some bloody good chances which whilst pissing me off no end I can give them some time. Whats clear is we need competition. Not one striker on the bench so Morelos knew he had the whole game and tbh he was lucky with the head clash but once again rising to the bait and would have won a penalty had he not thrown his arms up in the air and taking his feet off the ground as he did. Would love to see Wilson and Solanke in to really give Gerrard options. In saying this if Cardiff offered £5m tomorrow for windass I’d do it for certain but Morelos definitely has ability he just needs to work hard on his finishing.
  6. NeoGeo7

    Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    He’s signed a new long term deal with Liverpool now so read into it what you will regarding them loaning or not (sometimes players sign new deals just before going on loan to assure them that they have a future at the club or it could be a case of Klopp wanting to use him in the first team this year)
  7. NeoGeo7

    Reece Burke (West Ham)

  8. NeoGeo7

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    I’d be surprised if the starting lineup was any different to last Friday.
  9. NeoGeo7

    John McGinn (Hibs)

    Fuck signing any mhutant wannabe from that lot. Signing Katic loaning Sadiq and Coullibaly are a sign that we are looking further afield. How many have we signed from this backwater league this summer?
  10. NeoGeo7


    It was 4-3-3. listen to Arfields post match interview and he talks about the rotation with ross and Danny and the guys up front did the same. The thing is if you play a fluid system it can appear like 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 at times but I believe it’s 4-3-3.
  11. NeoGeo7

    Ross McCrorie

    If he keeps progressing as he has been then I think he’s going to be a mainstay for years to come. I just hope we can keep players like him rather than lose them to the wages down south before they properly make it.
  12. NeoGeo7

    Glenn Middleton

    If we get him involved gradually I think we’re onto something good. We have no need to throw him in the deep end so just use him when it makes sense I.e. when games are won, then increase his game time gradually. I like the fact we have options on the left as we now have a full back and inside forward both naturally right footed and a full back and winger both naturally right footed. Hes direct, not afraid to get stuck in, looks to be determined so here’s hoping we do this right and give him enough time to develop.
  13. NeoGeo7

    Rossiter Injured - Twitter Speculation

    Perhaps someone’s studs tapped his leg...
  14. NeoGeo7

    Danny ings

    In a footballing sense Ings may well be interested and I’m sure Gerrard would be interested. However, on planet earth where finances govern football there isn’t a hope in hell of Ings or anyone of that ilk coming to Scotland
  15. NeoGeo7

    Umar Sadiq

    Nice of them to do a unique modelling of a lower league Scottish player........that jug eared cunt kieran gibbons
  16. NeoGeo7

    Umar Sadiq

    Was thinking the same thing. Its like when we signed fish fingers magoo where he was only effective as a counter attack option. Hoping he has more in his locker and can shut me up though.
  17. NeoGeo7

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Not saying what Henry is saying is true but that’s how he explained it. He possibly meant they rejected it from arsenal because Suarez already said he wanted to stay whereas Torres had wanted to go so they had to let him go. We can’t believe all we read or hear therefore it’s probably best just waiting to see what happens. Hopefully the scouting team have identified replacements of varying price brackets so that if he does go that we can react quickly to replace him (although I think we are too light with bodies up top as it is)
  18. NeoGeo7

    Out?: Josh Windass

    It sure about that, if windass was in England right now he’d automatically have an extra couple of million onto his “value” We’d need to find someone who wasn’t yet established in order to get them for £3-4m as the prices down there are fucking ridiculous. I agree that we could get someone as good or better but we’d be better looking out with England for that otherwise we’ll be paying over the odds (unless they were surplus to requirements)
  19. NeoGeo7

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Not quite right there’s direct quotes from the owner saying players contracts count for nothing.
  20. NeoGeo7

    Out?: Josh Windass

    True, I’d imagine josh’s agent has been trying hard to get a deal going.
  21. NeoGeo7

    Team photo gallery

    Disgraceful from Ejaria, hands in his pockets, cancel his loan
  22. NeoGeo7

    Out?: Josh Windass

    We aren’t obliged to tell a club of a release clause if they enquire. We can state he’s not for sale. If they then bid and it’s under we can refuse if it’s the same or higher we have to allow him to speak with them
  23. NeoGeo7

    Out?: Josh Windass

    That was an odd one, if it’s a written clause in the contract then it opens the possibility of the player taking action over a breach of contract.
  24. NeoGeo7

    Out?: Josh Windass

    But the point is a club might not want to go for windass as they think we’d want too much but on hearing they can have him for £3m they go in for him. He should be held accountable for that.