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    Must have been David Edgar surely?
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    This isn’t really a technicality it’s a question of interpretation of the rules. UEFA never liked to be proved wrong with anything so I wouldn’t even bother thinking about this to be honest. We move on from this but we have to learn (not so much Flanagan however the pressing of heads after he was sent off was stupid and shows he has that streak in him also). I actually think Morelos will have a blinder against the bheasts.
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    Rangers arrive at Glasgow Airport (video)

    God damn selfies. I’d be happy enough just to shake their hand and say fucking brilliant job and make sure to skelp those cunts on sunday
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    Stevie G comes off the bus to have a picture taken with a lad in a wheelchair.....superb from the man. What a turnout from the fans. If any of the players were in any doubt what it means to play for this club that has surely been put to bed. Hopefully they get a good rest, hydrated and fed and getting tore into those obsessed mhanky bastards on Sunday. Can’t believe there were bheasts watching a Rangers fan periscope at 1am to see Rangers be welcomed home
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    Stevie g and his squad are such a force that not even a runway can stop them
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    10 years ago we flooded Manchester, we then welcomed them back at Ibrox the day after and now we are celebrating getting into the group stages. Friends it has been a long and arduous road but we are well and truly getting some semblance of where we ought to be. The journey is far from over and the banter years not yet closed off but I think we can all sense that it’s only a matter of time now before 55 comes home and champions league nights return to Ibrox. Enjoy this moment, these don’t come around that often.
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    Hello, hello
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    Stevie G

    bet he wishes he had his kit and boots on to go through him, the look of utter contempt and disbelief. and I fucking love this and just for giggles
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    Europa League Draw Simulator

    Arsenal Rapid Wien Rennes Rangers would actually be quite happy with that group.
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    Lee Wallace

    Very evident in this current squad. Wallace stuck by us and you can say what you like about him and his ability now but he’s been through it all and only needs to win 3 additional trophies to complete a feat that will most likely never be repeated.
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    I think we’ve got the makings of a good midfield which is pretty well balanced. Ejaria has improved with the increased game time in the past few weeks. Looks assured on the ball and doesn’t seem quite as lethargic as he was earlier in the season. He has a lot of body strength which he showed today, his work rate was absolutely superb and has a cool and calm head when in possession, never flustered
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    He was stupid tonight but also unfortunate to come across a ref either in the Russians pocket or incredibly incompetent. Kicking the ball away is a talking to or a yellow at worst, if he gestures his discontent at the decision (at this point no yellow) then the ref can show him a first yellow and tie him a final warning not flash two yellow cards in 2 seconds then a red a second later. Never have I seen this sort of thing from a ref previously and it’s just odd like it was personal or something. cant remember if it was the killie game or the Motherwell game where there were a few decisions against him and he just gave a wry smile and laughed. If he can be like that when decisions go against him and harness the aggression into his play but fairly then he’s far more valuable to us.
  13. Can’t see anything happening unless Jurgen gets on the phone and says “Stevie, can you take Solanke and give him some games in your amazing squad?” dont think there will be any permanent deals so perhaps one last loan
  14. Couldn’t give a flying fuck about them.
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    It’s embarassing the overreaction that goes on during a game but emotions are high......just as alfie’s were. He needs to learn not to react as he does and he’ll be terrorising defences for some time to come. He’ll play on Sunday because 1) we need him to 2) Lafferty will be knackered and 3) it won’t be Sadiq up top. Make no mistake those scummy bastards on Sunday will do what eveyone else has been doing in trying to rile him up and get him sent off so he needs to get it drilled into him not to lash out at players and officials. Actually thought he was going to get booked at rugby park the other week after scoring when he booted the ball into the air somehow it never happened amazingly.
  16. Can’t praise him and his team enough for the transformation in such a short space of time. Stunning. The man oozes classes and looks and sounds as if he were custom made for this job.
  17. Two men off and we still can’t be beaten!
  18. The coaches and in particular Milsom deserve a lot of credit. Thank fuck we got the boys fit over the summer.
  19. Russians looking around like”how did we not we\in, we paid for it?”
  20. What an effort lads what a fucking effort.
  21. Russiasll probably shoot our plane down on the way home to get through
  22. The ref may not be on our side but Lady Luck is at the moment
  23. Can any of you imagine our team last year putting this amount of effort and fight into a match? Just hold on for a bit longer for one of the hardest fought results you’ll ever see.
  24. You do know we are down to 9 men, we were doing fine until Morelos got sent off.