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    ***The Official Rangers V Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    Nope rossiter as holding and jack doing the running as box to box with arfield occupying space between midfield and up front. I think arfield isn’t going to last the whole game so I’d be looking to bring ejaria on later when killie tire out as well, coulibaly has been rank rotten of late and I wouldn’t play Halliday in the box to box role over jack. We do have too many defensive minded midfielders and like I said I can’t see arfield lasting the whole game so I’d prefer to have him from the start and ejaria from the bench,
  2. NeoGeo7

    Steven Gerrard - We`re on our way................ to 55

    The title is never decided in October however there are enough bumps in the road already to suggest the management team seriously need to buck up their ideas. If we win 5 games on the trot then we're probably within a few points of first but its all ifs, buts and maybes. Talk is cheap so its all very well managers and players say its not good enough, we've let the supporters down etc. etc. but the only thing that sets it right again is going on a winning streak.
  3. NeoGeo7

    How to break down teams sitting deep?

    Look at the space ejaria had there and clearly he was frustrated he didn’t get the ball here. Pick him out and get him to just shoot from 20 yards.
  4. NeoGeo7

    Staying onside

    that will be his first and last appearance for us, make no mistake of that.
  5. NeoGeo7

    Staying onside

    This. Morelos actually has improved but he does still get caught offside more often than I’d like. Sadiq seemed to really lack a basic awareness of the rule itself now I don’t condone Gerrard for putting him in the team but Sadiq is not even Scottish championship level from what I’ve seen either from the development squad games or this game.
  6. NeoGeo7

    Why did he go down?

    The crazy thing is he should have started against Ayr, then we’d have known then he was pish and Morelos would have been available for yesterday. I also think we were mad for not getting another striker or at the very least keeping Rudden around the first team. Sadiq will be back at Roma in January but Gerrard and Allen need to learn from this.
  7. We’ve got to be able to perform without some players playing, that’s squad depth and we don’t have it right now. The manager didn’t need to play him against Ayr but had no other striker. The manager playing the same midfield 3 that struggled to create any chances against spartak again was the bigger worry for me.
  8. Better putting money on him being subbed at half time
  9. Never happy with the official line-up tweets, i know we all know the formation but its nicer to see it as you would normally: Really gutted Arfield isn't fit enough for the starting line-up and Sadiq is a huge gamble but saying that if he does shite we at least have a couple of options in Middleton and Grezda should we need it.
  10. Yes, don’t want him getting sent off while he’s watching the game in the stands
  11. NeoGeo7

    Up front on Sunday?

    Fluid front 3 of Kent, Candeias and Grezda. All can play left or right and Kent or Grezda can go through the middle.
  12. NeoGeo7

    Something to consider

    I'm not alone in feeling that last night was an opportunity missed and we may look back and regret not taking our chances particularly in the first half, however perspective is something that we really need here and for anyone still struggling with it (because expectations are raised when we do well as thats how we get better) then here is some food for thought: Our 13 players used last night in terms of transfer fees involved totaled £4.9m excluding loan fees (as I'm not sure what these will be lets say for arguements sake its another £4m - 1m for each loanee that played last night making it £8.9m) Spartak used 14 players that totaled £49m even their substitutes alone amounted to 17.9m Now I know its not the complete picture since free transfers still add value to the squad as a whole but if we could spend £11m on a single midfielder I reckon it would be a better player than Jack, Ejaria and Coulibaly so the arguement still stands that whether it felt like it or not last night on paper we were the underdogs and we are kicking ourselves for not winning so its better to be in this position than getting pumped and sitting bottom of the table.
  13. Forgetting that we usually play Fod in league cup games.....though perhaps this one is too important to rotate?
  14. If Arfield is fit I reckon this will be the line-up: That front 3 will interchange throughout the game and the reason I reckon Grezda will feature over Middleton is the fact he can play anywhere across the front 3 as could the other 2, I can't see Middleton being in the central or right wing if I'm being honest, his strength is beating full backs and hitting the byeline. Really need Arfield back for this one.
  15. NeoGeo7

    Something to consider

    Not automatically no but take Hanni versus Grezda as an example. One cost £7.2m and the other £1.8m and I know Grezda still needs time to bed in but it was pretty obvious who was the more effective player last night. I reckon if we get a draw over in Moscow we'll be doing well and will have to target upsetting Villarreal or at the very least a win in Austria.
  16. NeoGeo7

    Something to consider

    Don't agree with your valuation of Coulibaly and I doubt the agreed fee is that high with Angers probably more like £1.5m, but even if we do say Coulibaly is £5m and take that into account from the 4.9 lets add 18m then we are still less than half of the Spartak spend, so my point still stands that on paper we should have been beaten last night as we should have against Villarreal but we are punching above our weight so when we don't get the win at home against a team that won the Russian league 2 seasons ago then its not all doom and gloom.
  17. NeoGeo7

    The referee & the Russians

    The challenge was from behind for Grezda but he falls forward and throws his arms in the air, had he just fallen naturally we might have got the penalty. Agree on the ejaria one though, forgot about that.
  18. NeoGeo7

    The referee & the Russians

    The ref was largely ok but he let them get away with play acting and going over too easily as well as some rash challenges. The challenge on Morelos in the first half when we were countering a corner the number 22 took Morelos our without getting near the ball, it was a clear yellow and none given. Fernando scything ejaria and no card only to go in on Candeias with his trailing leg coming in behind for a scissor tackle, very lucky to be on the field. However, he let us off with candeias second half. Candeias on a yellow trips a player up from behind in the centre of the park and Candeias stops playing and holds his hand up looking like he’s got caught out and is about to get his second yellow and the ref didn’t blow the whistle. Its not the worst refereeing performance we’ve seen this season by a long shot but it wasn’t the best either.
  19. NeoGeo7

    How far we have come - a cliche

    When one of their players cost spartak more than we spent this entire summer on transfers you need to have a bit of perspective. However that’s the Rangers way, never be happy with second best as it’s wha makes us the best. That game was there for the taking and I just hope we can get something over there in 2 weeks as I think Villarreal are going to win the group comfortably now.
  20. 2 points dropped and left feeling disappointed after that but to be on 5 points after 3 games, unbeaten in Europe this season when 6 years ago we were playing Queen’s Park at home on the 20th October and won 2-0 thanks to a mcculloch double with one coming in injury time. Yes we all feel disappointed we couldn’t capitalise on the first half dominance but we need some perspective.
  21. NeoGeo7


    3 points is what matters but if you aren’t playing well then there’s a better chance of not getting 3 points. Away performances are a worry and again we can say it was an artificial pitch bit you can’t get to the end of the season then say if all 11 teams had grass pitches we’d have won the league. I do think given it’s our first away win in the league since February there will undoubtedly have been a feeling of being jinxed or a hoodoo so we’ll see what happens in the next away league game against st mirren.
  22. NeoGeo7

    Reporting Scotland Clown Media

    We are Rangers, super Rangers no one likes us.........we are offended Doesnt quite have the same ring to it as “we don’t care”
  23. NeoGeo7


    I think people are reading too much into it tbh, he’s got a history of injuries so it’s not really surprising. The only thing I would say is if he’s in a midfield that’s playing high tempo and high pressing football there is a greater chance of said injuries flaring up again.