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    Thursday - Sunday

    No one is saying that we can’t be critical just because they fought so hard on Thursday but it’s the polar opposite reactions that are ridiculous and make us look like them. It’s comments like shitebags, cunts, spineless etc. used for a group of players where 9 had started the game on Thursday and showed more character than all of our players since 2012 put together. We’re no finished article and we will make mistakes but going from saying we are the greatest team in the world to being a bunch of spineless wasters is embarrassing, especially after seeing the draw for our group stage and saying we can finish second. I have faith in Gerrard and his team because if he can ship out 20 odd players and bring in 13 and get us through to the group stages of Europa league then I know he and the squad will come good and will start spanking teams domestically. People need to learn to reign in their reactions a bit (if Morelos is being told to them so do we).
  2. NeoGeo7

    Next Four Games

    The difference with this team compared to last year is they have shown through the European games they have fight, spirit and determination. Whilst it appears this was missing today it shouldn’t be hard to get the players back to their normal selves against Dundee and must target to go on a winning (not unbeaten but winning) run.
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    Calm down ffs

    People forget a number of things when they call the players shitebags (who 2 days ago we were lauding as heroes and warriors) so here's some perspective: 6 of the starting 11 making their Old Firm debut in front of only 800 Rangers fans (who knows what effect this will have had) 9 of our starting 11 played on Thursday where for most of the game we played with 10 men and half an hour with 9 men being barraged but came through it all and then had an 8-9 hour flight back home Their lot had an easy home win and were able to rest players Our team has been put together since June 1st this year, their team is still largely the same, so give it time We still have huge number of games left and if you beat them in the other 3 games then no one will talk about this However, the manager has to learn. If the plan was to sit deep because we were tired or we feared them then thats not good enough and it needs to change. If we are tired and you want to press then change your starting line-up. If you feared them and told the players to sit in then shame on you and I hope that the lesson is learnt. I'm not having a go at anyone being pissed off or down about the performance but whether you can see it or not just now this season will be better than last and I have no doubt we will push the scum all the way.
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    Press the cunts it’s that simple.

    I presume the players were told to sit deep basically taking Thursday nights efforts into consideration. If we had pressed and were shagged our 25 mins in what would the score have been then? You could see from misplaced passes, poor control and generally and overall lack of sharpness the players were physically and probably mentally fatigued. It was always going to be an ask to win this after the Ufa game but for me it’s a reason to rest the players who played the majority of that game and get bodies on who can and will press for the vast majority of the game. I guess we’ll never know for this particular game but when the next one comes around we need to be damned sure we go at them with no fear shown. I know the players will need the rest but I wish we were playing next weekend at the latest because I hate breaks when we lose a game but especially to the scum and I want the players to have the chance to put things right as soon as possible.
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    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    Emotions are running high it’s like comments made by someone when drunk. Im disappointed we backed off them so much but if we pressed would we have lasted 90 mins? Gerrard and his team have done so much good since 1st June and there is more to come. Coulibaly to return, Grezda to provide much needed creativity and a team to get some well deserved rest to regroup and hopefully smash Dundee in the next game. Im gutted losing this as I always am but it needs a bit of perspective but at the same time Gerrard has to see that we can never sit back against that mob.
  6. NeoGeo7

    We’re still scared of them

    Call it too much respect or fear but if the manager has told the players to sit off them that deep then he’s got it badly wrong. We should have been pressing and in their faces from the off. Need to regroup over the break, get rested and just get back to business with winning games again. I can’t imagine for 1 second Gerrard will sit in like that against them again especially not at Ibrox. They’ll drop points as they are nowhere near where they were and we are far better than we showed today.
  7. NeoGeo7

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    It’s live but just with a picture of their shit hole with the logos
  8. NeoGeo7

    Steve Gerrard the miracle worker

    No doubt he has ability but like forrester he doesn’t have the right attitude and has clearly got problems. This is why you don’t take expensive gambles on broken hoods hoping that you might just have the manager to turn it all around and get him to realise their full potential. He had a chance at redemption here....blew it. He had another chance at Cruz azul....blew it. Somehow he got another chance at necaxa....blew it. Gerrard has good man management skills by the looks of things but Pena is a lost cause.
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    Harry Forrester

  10. NeoGeo7

    Big Rusty released by Norwich

    Aye ok captain Birdseye
  11. NeoGeo7

    Which club is bigger? (Talksport vote)

    Just needed to take a peek at periscope last night. We have second to none the best fans in the world. WATP ?⚪️?
  12. NeoGeo7

    Europa League expectations

    If everything goes well I can see us grab second but in all likelihood third is probably most likely. Moscow will be first with a 3 way fight for second.
  13. a little disappointed with this tbh. No glamour ties but not the easiest group either and another fucking trip to Russia. Really wanted a battle of Britain group. But we're in the groups and thats what matters.
  14. We are all of Glasgow, that should please the bheasts......its our city bitches!
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    The Moment We Qualified

  16. NeoGeo7


    Watching the sending off back and the ref clearly just takes offence to Morelos swiping the air. As far as dissent goes that is the softest decision you will ever see in your lifetime, ridiculous. He's actually taking the whistle away from his mouth as Morelos raises his hand and then continues to lower the whistle and then out of nowhere just reacts like he's just been told if he doesn't send him off he'll never see his wife and kids again. However none of it would have come about if Morelos hadn't a) kicked the ball away in the first place and b) just accepted the decision One last thing. Those Ufa players trying to get the crowd going can go fuck themselves.
  17. From this to this In the space of a year because of this man Carlsberg don’t do team rebuilds but if they did they’d be asking Stevie G for advice!
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    Must have been David Edgar surely?
  19. NeoGeo7


    This isn’t really a technicality it’s a question of interpretation of the rules. UEFA never liked to be proved wrong with anything so I wouldn’t even bother thinking about this to be honest. We move on from this but we have to learn (not so much Flanagan however the pressing of heads after he was sent off was stupid and shows he has that streak in him also). I actually think Morelos will have a blinder against the bheasts.
  20. NeoGeo7

    Rangers arrive at Glasgow Airport (video)

    God damn selfies. I’d be happy enough just to shake their hand and say fucking brilliant job and make sure to skelp those cunts on sunday
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    Stevie G comes off the bus to have a picture taken with a lad in a wheelchair.....superb from the man. What a turnout from the fans. If any of the players were in any doubt what it means to play for this club that has surely been put to bed. Hopefully they get a good rest, hydrated and fed and getting tore into those obsessed mhanky bastards on Sunday. Can’t believe there were bheasts watching a Rangers fan periscope at 1am to see Rangers be welcomed home
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    Stevie g and his squad are such a force that not even a runway can stop them
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    10 years ago we flooded Manchester, we then welcomed them back at Ibrox the day after and now we are celebrating getting into the group stages. Friends it has been a long and arduous road but we are well and truly getting some semblance of where we ought to be. The journey is far from over and the banter years not yet closed off but I think we can all sense that it’s only a matter of time now before 55 comes home and champions league nights return to Ibrox. Enjoy this moment, these don’t come around that often.
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    Hello, hello
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    Stevie G

    bet he wishes he had his kit and boots on to go through him, the look of utter contempt and disbelief. and I fucking love this and just for giggles