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    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    This country and its referees are an absolute fucking joke.
  2. NeoGeo7

    Gerrard & Youth

    With youth players it’s about bringing them in to a settled and professional first team squad. We don’t have that at the moment so it’s not the right time.
  3. NeoGeo7

    Next Season's Captain ? (f.a.o. Mr S. Gerrard)

    Ross McCrorie
  4. NeoGeo7

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Why wouldn’t you prefer to win the game and the sheep to lose? Surely that’s the scenario we’d take?
  5. NeoGeo7

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Plan for the worst and hope for the best eh?
  6. NeoGeo7

    Jamie Murphy

    Spot on and both have been underwhelming to say the least. Add Alves and Martin to that list as well. Players with vast experience at higher levels than the Scottish Premiership and should hit the ground running and been a revelation but its not worked out as we had planned. Go back another season...Kranjcar, Barton, Senderos. We have a bad habit of brining in players who should do well but for whatever reason they never do well.
  7. NeoGeo7

    Jamie Murphy

    For 1.8m I’d be expecting far more in return. Its all conjecture at the moment and that’s the trouble when you don’t have the money to take gambles you need to be certain players are going to perform. Loan deals are good in that you get a chance to evaluate players in person and see if they are what you want or not. So Russell Martin was a loan (thank fuck) and we can see he’s not good enough. Cummings is another who like Murphy people say they have people if we do this and that so again it’s conjecture. If we sell windass and don’t sign Murphy then we need to get a left winger in and depending on where we look we may well be paying close to 1.8m (Middleton is getting rave reviews for the development side but I don’t think we are in a position to say he’s a first team player yet). I don’t keep up with up and coming players for other clubs as much as I should so I’ve no idea if we can get better for the same price.
  8. NeoGeo7

    Jamie Murphy

    Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not The players we have and our tactics need to be a good match. We’ve seen the problem of shoehorning players into positions they aren’t suited to. It doesn’t work. If we can afford variety in each position e.g. defensive minded fullback and an attacking wingback type, then that allows us to have one formation where we want overlapping on the flanks and one where we don’t. Murphy suits the overlap but not so much the defensive fullback approach. We’ve had players in the past that get the ball and simply start running at the defence and take them on regardless of supporting players, for example Weiss, and they are best suited to having a defensive minded fullback in support to pick up the pieces if they lose the ball. Im tired of us having one formation and one approach as the predictability is used against us and we have no way to specifically counter threats or exploit weaknesses. Put it this way if Murphy could be signed for 500k then fine but 1m+ I have my doubts.
  9. NeoGeo7

    Jamie Murphy

    I’ve said it previously that our squad’s performances are dependent on confidence. When confidence is low the players aren’t up to it and no one seems able to pull themselves up and grind out a solid performance. Murphy has struggled since John has been out as John overlaps and draws the opponents down the wing allowing Murphy to cut inside as he’s an inside forward not a winger. I do believe with better players in the first team he’ll be better but the question is will he be good enough?
  10. NeoGeo7

    Return of Pena

    Losing his mum at the same time as being told he’s done at Cruz Azul, we don’t want him back, he’s got drinking problems and he has money. Sad to say but this is only going to get worse for him.
  11. NeoGeo7

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Gerrard has said exactly the type of driven player he is looking for....everything windass is not. Does he have talent? Yes Does he have the right attitude? No All the best Josh p.s. Warnock thanks for the favour
  12. NeoGeo7

    Rangers No.7

    The banter years summed up by one squad number
  13. NeoGeo7


    How about G-Unit, G-Force, G-String, G-Man?
  14. NeoGeo7

    Steven Gerrard's Image Rights

    I know what you’re saying but I’d prefer it if he focuses on getting a winning team together before we start thinking about promoting the club around the world. Pre-season tour and winter break are great opportunities for this but first and foremost sort out this squad of shitehawks and get us winning and feared again.
  15. NeoGeo7


    I’m hoping that Gerrard has more than one tactic in mind with one of these having two actual strikers as that’s where Cummings will be most successful. We need a squad and we need to have versatility to have different options for different matches. Whether it’s hard working strong midfielders, pacey wingers, target man striker, deep lying striker, poacher etc. etc. If the manager reckons Cummings has the right attitude and ability to be of use to him next year then why not? If we only have a few million to spend then there are other areas we need to prioritise but the very fact we are going ahead with this for the rumoured 600k suggests we have enough money to do so and still have plenty for reworking the rest of the squad.
  16. NeoGeo7

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Wouldn’t say anyone is excited but it’s desperation not to embarrass ourselves again by failing to get the absolute bare minimum at this stage.
  17. NeoGeo7

    Sir Alex

    Great news and what a fighter
  18. NeoGeo7

    Return of Pena

    He's contracted til 2020
  19. NeoGeo7

    Who will Gerrard keep?

    June 1st can’t come soon enough. See when Klopp said Liverpool,will help Gerrard I wonder if that extends to buying our shite players from us
  20. NeoGeo7

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Rossiter has to play if we think he can. We simply need to have a physical presence in the midfield. A diamond would be my preferred approach to pack the midfield and keep it tight. Get windass going beyond their back line and getting it in for Cummings to finish having Murphy just sitting off them and drifting wide into space when needed. possibly go to 4-1-2-3 later in the game if things open up in the second half.
  21. NeoGeo7

    Conspiracy anyone?

    Sure it’s been said already it fuck the sheep, fuck the scum and fuck hivs. Go and turnover hivs at the weekend with a performance to actually be proud of and whatever else happens is out of our control. No point in stressing over things we can’t change.
  22. NeoGeo7

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Really worried about the midfield without McCrorie but the script is written for Cummings to score the winner.
  23. NeoGeo7


    Yea I remember raith lining up against Bayern Munich in the 90s playing 4-2-3-1 Have a fucking word with yourself. Irs the team that are used to that system as it’s all we’ve played since 2015/16. Changing the system with 3 games left was unlikely, even though we are crying out for it.
  24. NeoGeo7


    Goss will come on when they tire and more space opens up.
  25. NeoGeo7

    Hummel's latest template

    Thought we were getting a bespoke design rather than a stock template.