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  1. Did you see the videos of his misses? Some absolute howlers in there. Really not feeling it for this guy to sign. If it was a free then maybe.
  2. Is he one of those that can't do the easy stuff but does the hard stuff well.
  3. Will make or break him. Got to remember he's 21, how many of us at 21 weren't doing daft things? At some stage players grow out of that phase and just become more mature but some don't and will end up on the scrap heap. He's probably the most promising Scottish forward in his age group.
  4. Hate to say it but I agree. Cant see them wanting to do business with us though.
  5. Now Gignac I wouldn't mind signing but absolutely no chance of that
  6. Looks like a new age Van Vossen Not often you see YouTube compilations of misses
  7. Fairly pacey left footed right wing inside forward.....bye bye waggy
  8. Take it literally if you want, it was making a point that if you take any player and put them in a different part of the pitch it shouldn't affect their basic abilities as a footballer. You may not get the most out of the player out of position but like I say if you can pass a ball 15 yards from your preferred position you can do it from any position.
  9. Damn double post
  10. I played in midfield but often got put to right back but it didn't mean I suddenly forgot how to pass a ball or gave the awareness to look around me before looking for a pass. I agree that a DM us not his best position but he's been played in other positions (slightly further forward and a left back at least once) and he's been no better there either. hes had two seasons at the team he loves and no one can take that away from him but he's not what we need if we want to mount a serious challenge on the scum. still can't believe he had a deal to 2020
  11. Sadly that's not true, most of them couldn't give a fuck as long as they got paid.
  12. Spot on. you need a blend of players both in terms of their abilities but also what they bring to the squad in relation to their attitude. With the names we've been linked with I'm happy to see Pedro isn't doing a PLG in signing foreign players only and totally misjudging the league.
  13. Exactly why we need to build bridges With teams outside of this cesspit of a country