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  1. The key thing for me is last year the scum won the title, this year we gifted it to them. Stop throwing away stupid points like we did this year and 55 will follow
  2. NeoGeo7

    Glen Kamara

    I'll just leave this here.......
  3. Hi Stephen Craigan Sorry that’s below the belt comparing any bear to that cuntflap
  4. I really feared for this pairing back when we capitulated in Moscow but I’d be more than happy having these two as our first choice next year. One goal conceded in the last 5 since Katic came back in and he looks to have got over whatever was troubling him mid-season.
  5. NeoGeo7

    Ryan Kent

    As far as things stand right now it is his last game for us at Ibrox. It will be a long summer and Liverpool have the small matter of a champions league final to worry about so I’m not reading too much into it. We want him, he’d like to be here so time will tell if any deal can be done but until then he has 1 game left for us.
  6. Good question but easy to answer. Ronald de Boer wins it without a doubt. I couldn’t believe we had signed him and then Frank came along too later on.
  7. Always a shock to lose anyone but at such a young age is awful. Thoughts with the family. RIP
  8. Won’t please everyone but if he can maintain the level he has reached in the last few games or better then he’ll be an asset and has bags of experience as well. Just hope he’s not taking daft money home each week on this deal.
  9. very similar goal to middleton’s second goal last night. Do that for us a few dozen times and i’ll be a happy bear.
  10. There goes the end of him being fawned over by the press now we’ve signed him Its a smart move by the club and I reckon he’ll offer a different option for us of having a natural left footed player on the right who isn’t shy of shots on goal (and goals) from outside the box.
  11. Worthy of winning the game, absolute belter. I agree with the number 10 or inside forward on right wing. With a left peg like that he should be encouraged to shoot from distance using his pace to get a yard in front of marker.
  12. You do realise murty is the manager of this age group right? Still can’t believe these young lads have him to look up to.
  13. NeoGeo7


    Really like his composure on the ball and doesn’t seem to shy away from a fight for the ball. He had a few badly weighted passes today but he’s young and will get better. Don’t think it really works with Davis and Jack as they all seem to want to do the same on the ball. Need someone who’ll make runs forward into the space arfield creates when he draws defenders when dropping deep.
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