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  1. These players are shite and won't be in demand even when we offer them for free, hence the reason Kiernan is still,on the books. It would be different if we had a squad that had been playing well and we brought in improvements and sold those who would be down the pecking order but we are in a position where we need to shift the deadwood and sometimes you just have to cut your losses. What's worse letting Kiernan etc. go for free and save on 250k per player in that bracket per season remaining of their contract or hope we can get some fucking numpty manager or DoF to think 500k for Kiernan/Waghorn/Windass/MOH/Forrester is a good deal?
  2. Couldn't pick a better location the fucking Only way is Essex wannabe.
  3. It's frustrating as fuck because you think how long can I keep saying this? I,believe goals come with confidence and confidence comes from results, so it's a bit of a catch 22 unless you grind results initially. Getting put out of Europe (although not all the new signings played) has definitely destroyed the confidence in the squad, certainly from our point of view, big challenge to turn things around. Hopefully we have the characters to do so.
  4. Robbie McCrorie they are twins `Ross is the centre half. Hmmm let's think a minute did rangers photoshop or some prick with too much time on his hands on an Internet forum who has a proven track record for this kinda shite I wondered why McCrorie was training as he was meant to have joined spelling bee champions Berwick Rangers Guess because they are part time he'll train with us when he's not with them.
  5. If we have any more money to spend it shouldn't (and most likely) won't be on any combative hardworking midfielders. We have 3 areas severely lacking RB, LB and LW or AMC depending on whether Pedro goes 4-3-3 with wingers or more narrow like against St Johnstone.
  6. surely this was photoshopped, based on McCrorie's face, to make Holt look like he scored.... Clearly this is the undoctored version
  7. So it was Greig that was lurking in the bushes during Pena and Herrera's first training session....
  8. Surprised Dalcio isn't wearing an orange and denim bib
  9. Lets ignore the manager in charge, what is the bare minimum for the first 6 games leading up to the scum game? Can we accept being behind them before we play and if so by how much? For me dropping any more than 2 points is a failure in our first 6 games.
  10. Forgot he said that.....well I guess we know he wasn't bullshitting on that then.
  11. Tin hat on here for uploading gifs from the game but I'm getting tired of people jumping the gun, here's Herrera's header (good run from Tav and resulting cross, note that we actually had THREE players in the box and although its hard to tell the keeper pushes onto the post) Here's Morelos' header (good cross from Candeias) Here's Morelos going close after skinning his marker. He was too eager to get on the scoresheet rather than lay off Windass (though perhaps can't blame him for that one) On another day all 3 would have gone in. So to answer the OPs question, yes I think we do have good players (with the exception of Waghorn, Kiernan, O'Halloran et al), they aren't amazing but hopefully a group of good players who work hard as a unit will be a greater force than a few individual geniuses. Not sure how many times I've said this in the last 24 hours or so but I think with a creative and younger number 10 and replacing Wallace at left back (and ideally Tav but for me he's got more ability than Wallace at present) then we'll be in pretty decent nick from a personnel perspective. Time will tell if Pedro actually has something or not (hopefully we'll find out sooner rather than later to either put our minds at rest or to give him the P45)
  12. I'm assuming the OP didn't watch the st Johnstone game? Herrera header palmed onto the post by Mannus, Morelos with a near post header pushed out for a corner by Mannus, Tavernier with an effort outside the box saved down low by Mannus. Not to mention Morelos breaking through and pulling a shot just wide, Waghorn with a chance to square it for a tap in at the back post but opted to sky it. We created plenty of chances to bury St Johnstone but we just didn't have that ruthless clinical finishing that we need to start producing. I do feel we need someone at left back that can cross and we definitely need a number 10 to run beyond the forwards (or even a midfielder from deep - Dorrans had a difficult take for a volley that went just over). So I think when you look at how few goals we have scored in pre-season and Europe it's not like we are just passing the ball aimlessly back and forth and what's also important to note is that we seem much more open to shooting from outside the box (though at the moment the accuracy isn't there).
  13. Herreras hold up play looked really good against st Johnstone, laid off a few good times and certainly has the frame to hold off central defenders. We either need a number 9 alongside (looking at Morelos for that as kenny drifts too much) or a number 10 who plays as a secondary striker. To be honest with the 4-2-3-1 we can still utilise a number 10 in the same way but we need good wingers and I think only Candeias looks to be decent enough in that respect.