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  1. Warburton SSN interview

    I often wonder if the interviews we did just involved talking about ideologies rather than actually understanding if the manager knew what he was talking about or was just working off of a textbook of phrases and soundbites. It would be good to know that we actually tested knowledge and understanding of tactics. "So Mark, you're playing at home against St Johnstone and you are losing 1-0 at half time. They have set up with a 4-5-1, sitting deep, with a pacey striker who has already scored on the break in the first half. What do you do?" "I tell the players to keep doing what they are doing but better. Learn from your mistakes in the first half and make sure that our pitch geography is correct" "Sorry Mark, what would you actually do?" "Oh right, yeah sorry. I'd wait until 60 minutes then bring on like for like players to keep doing Plan A but better" "Ok, that will be all Mark. There's the door"
  2. 3:58 for the legend himself
  3. 0:38 onwards exactly what I think we need in the dressing room
  4. Would have loved to have seen his reaction to our players on Saturday had he been in charge. Instead we get:
  5. International break: Opportunity

    Gives you something to do then
  6. International break: Opportunity

    I suspect that may be the case though with this board who fucking knows.
  7. We all hate international breaks and coming off the back of two home losses it makes it seem twice as long but Murty has a chance to do something productive. The reason we have our worst home record since 1914 isn’t down to players being afraid of Ibrox or the flat atmosphere on days like Saturday. Its down to our opponents setting up against us knowing exactly how we’ll play and they know exactly how to frustrate us. Murty to me is Warburton v2.0. He plays one way and one way only, he wants to be respectful and friendly with everyone but in particular his squad and he isn’t learning from his mistakes. Lets start with the obvious. 4-2-3-1 is what he likes to play whether it’s home or away, against Fraserburgh or the scum. Now it’s fine for a manager to have a favoured formation, I get that and I see why we’ve signed who we did in January (with the exception of Cummings who really isn’t suited to playing the lone striker role) but when you setup the same way with nearly the same XI every week you may as well have done a Pedro and announce your first team days ahead of the match because we are predictable. If Murty wants the job then he has to make changes. I don’t think he’s capable of tactical adjustments during a game so if that’s the case let’s see if he can do it with a 2 week gap between matches. Imagine the scenario where Clarke is expecting 4-2-3-1 with perhaps the only question mark is whether Cummings plays or Morelos to then see we have gone to a 5-3-2 WB. Now I’m not saying this instantly wins you the match but it gives him something else to deal with. He was expecting a lone striker and wingers where if he packs the box and sits a bank of 4 in front that you can pretty much deal with anything provided your players remain disciplined. Now he has 3 in the middle and two up top. He’s not used to seeing us play this way and will have to wait to see how to adjust his tactics. Ok so it means you drop Murphy and Candeias to the bench but that means you have two really effective wide players on the bench so that you can react as the game changes. This is what we need to do in order to break down defensive teams at Ibrox. We need options in our approach and keep them guessing rather than just doing the same thing over and over and just trying to do it better. As predictable as we are so too are our opponents at Ibrox yet we have failed to plan for this. I don’t believe Murty has any notion of doing something like the above or he lacks the balls to drop certain players. Either way if he keeps doing what he is just now he shouldn’t get the job permanently. As for the respect comment I feel he’s too soft on the squad. Ask yourself this. What would a Souness or a Smith said after Saturday, “Guys you need to keep believing”? No, they’d have launched into them because results and performances like that are not what made us who we are. This is why I feel he’s best suited to working with youth players so that you keep that positivity going rather than knocking lumps out of them emotionally to build them back up and build character. Learning from mistakes was my last point. Murty said of Cummings “I thought it was a good game that would fit him, but he doesn’t play in isolation”. For me this shows two things. Firstly. He says he thought it would be a good game that would fit him. So this suggests that he thought Killie were going to give us space in and around the box to give Cummings clear chances to score. If this is the case then he’s alarmingly off the mark tactically. Secondly, he doesn’t play in isolation. Well true to form Murty plays one up top and given Killie’s tactics he was always going to be isolated whereas if Morelos was alongside and able to ruffle some feathers in the back line then Cummings may have had something to work with. Surely he saw from other games previously that Cummings needs a partner up top? I just don’t think he is actually learning he just knows that it sounds good (or at least he thinks it does but we are wise to the bullshit that we get fed after every poor result/performance). So it’s up to Murty to do something here. If we simply line up the same way and try the same things game after game then the board really need to do what’s right and let him go or demote back to u20s. He’s an inexperienced manager therefore some leeway is given but that period of leniency is over in my mind. 5 home defeats out of the 7 have been under Murty and we’ve seen the losses to Hamilton, St Johnstone and Killie have the same hallmarks of a well organised defensive unit frustrate us and hit us on the break. He’s not learning, he’s not adjusting things during or in between matches and for me unless he manages to win the Scottish cup and not lose again in the league he’s not going to be our manager next season.
  8. Cheating refs helping the filth

    Dont know why anyone would waste their time on a Sunday watching the scum on the telly
  9. Anyone thinking de boer’s comments at the weekend might mean he’s genuinely being considered or do you think he’s interested but the board aren’t because Murty is cheaper?
  10. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Back to FM you. thats like one of those mad 2-3-5 formations that worked in the early champ manager series
  11. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Killie had a tough game last night and will no doubt be down following their penalty shoot-out loss and failure to make Scottish cup semi-final. Quite fortunate as they were proving hard to beat but first and foremost we’ve got to recover from Sunday.
  12. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    HITC have an article on him: http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/03/13/will-Rangers-boss-graeme-murty-give-niko-kranjcar-a-chance-to-sa/
  13. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    That has all the hallmarks of an award winning HITC
  14. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Guess Schmeichel had it all wrong then