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  1. Thought exactly the same “And.....” he says expectantly
  2. Gerrard has to roll the dice now, tired of showing too much respect for our opponents
  3. Are there no decent refs in the world now? Fucking unreal that Berisha keeps fooling him
  4. Grezda on for coulibaly and get arfield central, he’s not effective on the wing and coulibaly is having another nightmare.
  5. NeoGeo7

    Goldson and Katic

    They were horrific against Spartak so I think our best pairing is actually McAuley and Goldosn (Goldson was so assured earlier in the season so I have no doubt he has ability and its just a rocky patch).
  6. NeoGeo7

    Not since Gazza

    Tell levein to go measure his grass length, it’s a sign we are coming back and the rest of the league are back to being scared of us.
  7. NeoGeo7

    Tactics with 10 men

    That’s a fucking horrendous charicature of Gerrard
  8. NeoGeo7

    The Curse of Daniel Candeias

    Not to mention the fact he didn’t even know he had already booked Candeias already, it was like graham poll all over except the Villarreal players reminded him that 2 yellows equal a red.
  9. NeoGeo7

    Pitch invader

    You mean the guy in the pink shirt pretending to be a ref? Fucking scandalous.
  10. When Lafferty hit that shot outside the box I thought it was soaring into the top right corner, the place would have erupted. Got to be happy with the result given the circumstances but those Spartak games are coming back to haunt us. At least we have 90 minutes left to sort it out for ourselves. Beat Vienna and go through, we aren't relying on anyone else doing us a favour apart from perhaps the referee officiating the game correctly.
  11. NeoGeo7

    That Was One Hell Of A 0-0 Draw.

    You’re assuming of course that the referee isn’t dodgy as fuck again
  12. NeoGeo7

    The Curse of Daniel Candeias

    Except there should have been a free kick for us immediately before that incident for the foul on Tav. Ref was a joke start to finish.
  13. NeoGeo7

    The Curse of Daniel Candeias

    As did Flanagan getting forearm in his face in the second half obstructing him. It was 10 versus 16 tonight
  14. NeoGeo7

    sportscene disgrace

    Watch the highlights on YouTube or better yet subscribe to RangersTV. hit them where it hurts by not watching that shite.
  15. NeoGeo7


    He’s still half a yard off pace yet and still had a solid game with two well taken goals. He seems capable of playing with both feet comfortably which will be a huge asset as opposition defences won’t know if he’s going to cut in or hit the byeline on either flank. As has been said a few times his attempts didn’t come off, particularly in the first half, but he never hid and always looked for the ball.
  16. NeoGeo7


    2 months to get him assessed by the coaching and fitness team, get him training with the first team and see whether we can get anything out of him. If no progress in 2 months then punt him in January, I think any more loan deals are probably unlikely and no chance of getting anyone to buy him permanently. Its last chance saloon for him.
  17. NeoGeo7

    Qualification From the Group Stage

    We’ve definitely made it harder for ourselves flushing 5 points away in the last 2 games. I didn’t think we’d get anything over in Spain so you never know but the players really need to buck up their ideas and fast. The midfield seem incapable of being calm on the ball and playing a 5 yard pass accurately at times when earlier in the season they looked fantastic. Is it confidence that’s drained away or fatigue? I don’t know but if we are to qualify the squad and the management team are really going to have to improve vastly.
  18. NeoGeo7

    Gerrards lack of subs.

    Not one player looked comfortable on the ball tonight, I thought coulibaly and Flanagan should have been off at half time but the manager has said the formation and tactics weren’t the issues just individual errors and while I think that’s accurate he has to realise that coulibaly hasn’t been anywhere near where he was prior to his injury and Flanagan is awful right now,he looked decent earlier in the season but he’s costing us now. He simply has to start dropping under performers. I said it with McCoist, I said it with McCall, I said it with Warburton, murty and Pedro. You simply cannot let players poor performances go unpunished.
  19. Spartak are going to come out and attack and I think this will suit us. Start with Middleton and let him hit them on the break. If we ge the first goal I can’t see us losing it, if they get the first goal they are going to park the bus guaranteed.
  20. NeoGeo7

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    are we really surprised? I think not. They make a fantastic point that Candeias who did nothing wrong can’t play but the incompetent/corrupt official making that decision gets off the hook. Its not mincing any words, straight to the point and any sane person can see that it was never a red.
  21. NeoGeo7


    Halliday is not a better footballer since Gerrard has arrived but the instructions he is given on the pitch are obviously very simple and credit to Halliday he’s sticking to it which is why he is a trusted squad member. Halliday is playing for his boyhood team so it’s added motivation that I don’t see Pena having anything like that.
  22. NeoGeo7


    If he applies himself in training correctly then I don’t see why not. He has some good abilities while others are lacking. I don’t think he has the fitness levels to play the gegenpress style that Gerrard has us playing unless he’s packed in the booze and is doing lots of work on his fitness levels. Its wishful thinking that we have a ready made playmaker solution and it will all click but the odds are stacked against him, just depends on how much he wants it and like others who burn out and lose interest in football I don’t think he’ll be able to recapture the passion for football and the desire to achieve things other than get an over-inflated wage packet.
  23. Need to cut our losses on this one and get someone else in, just doesn’t have what it takes ability wise and if his attitude towards training isn’t up to,scratch it never will be.
  24. NeoGeo7

    Rangers related picture thread

    33 goals in 65 games but I bet he enjoyed this one more than any other.
  25. NeoGeo7

    Andy Little

    Had to hunt this one down but this finish stuck in my mind for Little (skip to 48:10 as you probably don’t want to see any more of it)