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  1. Pena

    Missed the control, ball passed him, he panicked and then managed to get the ball back only to pass it straight to one of their attackers.
  2. I think what he means is “I can get more money from other clubs than Rangers”. He wasn’t someone I was desperate to sign and to be honest if Rangers isn’t your first choice then you can fuck off to the English championship for your TV money.
  3. January window pre contracts

    Probably not realistic but Javier Aquino of Tigres. Would do the job on the left wing and maybe help to get the best out of the Mexican lads.
  4. Anyone else get this?

    It’s going to be a loooooong international break
  5. Third Kit..

    All the tops just shout out “Training Top!” cant wait to get a new kit provider.
  6. Pena

  7. Pena

    Pedro was at Laguna when Pena was at his peak, so pretty safe to say he wasn’t watching YouTube videos on him to make a decision.
  8. Pena

    I’m not buying that he is shite, there’s something else at play here but it’s not his ability. It might be confidence, sharpness or drive. look at the video below and tell me that he’s shite, he looks the part here and unless he’s got a twin and we have the dud there is a player in there. Based on what I’ve read he’s one of those that has lost his way which in theory means he can find it again but that comes with playing and enjoying playing, being judged after 3 starts as shite is just crazy. If he continues to start and it gets no better then i’ll admit I was wrong and won’t complain if we sell him but if we can get him back to the way he was a few years back then surely that’s the best outcome for us?
  9. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    not to mention bouncing back from going a goal down in 56 seconds.
  10. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    I’ll admit it seemed odd but it’s been a pretty rough week, should be pleased with the effort and fight of the team tonight. Long, long way to go but you need to be able to pick yourself up after a kick in the balls.
  11. Pena

    Not going to do any gifs tonight as they’d all be bad challenges, elbows, handballs and miscontrols He had a mare tonight and in all honesty holt did more to merit a place against st Johnstone in two weeks. Not going to give up entirely on him but it’s hard to pick out any positives tonight.
  12. Miller to train with the Kids

    When Warburton came in you look at initially how things were. He inherited a skeleton squad as many of the duds of mccoist’s reign had their contract expire. Pedro in contrast had 3 contracts expire (renewed 1) and 2 loanees returned to their parent club. It was going to be a tall order to replace everyone in one go. Even if we had £30m to spend the upheaval would have been pretty destabilising. So he did what he could and kept on Miller and Wallace, signed Rangers fans in Jack and Dorrans and trusted individuals that he has worked with in the past then a few wildcards (Morelos, John and Nemane). At the moment we are in a panic as the scum seem to have a chokehold on us and we want out of this as soon as possible which is why we expect managers to hit the ground running and if not then given their marching orders to start the rebuilding process all over again. Now I’m not saying the manager deserves a huge amount of time to prove himself but at the same time we have to be mindful of the scale of the task. So for instance losing to the scum last weekend. Sackable offence? Not in my mind. Had we lost by 4 or 5 again then I could understand a sacking. Losing tonight. Sackable offence? Yes. Failing to reach league cup final. Sackable offence? Yes, unless we have excelled in the league games surrounding this. Failing to finish second. Sackable offence? Yes, I think we have what we need to justify being second. many want him gone now and if we could be guaranteed someone that would do a good job then I’d say sack him but the trouble is there is risk with any potential appointment just in the same way there is risk sticking with the current manager.
  13. Miller to train with the Kids

    That’s the big question isn’t it? Is this a case of smoke and mirrors to try and get the manager out and coming out smelling of roses rather than just simply sacking him or is it really a case of Miller and -ossicle others undermining the manager. Want to get to kick off ASAP to see what the response is to both last weeks result and any potential rift in the changing room or board room. Will be a miracle when we seem like a functional and stable club again.
  14. Miller to train with the Kids

    Spot on post. if Pedro goes it’s time for bread and butter type managers. Get us back to competing again even if the football is ugly.
  15. McLeish claims we aren't fit enough

    Only thing I'd say is that we are usually the team with more of the ball but Saturday it was the other way around. Rather than having the ball and running into space we were chasing them all the time. It's hard to keep that up especially after going to extra time 4 days earlier. It may be a valid point but I think we were always going to have that issue on Saturday.
  16. Thanks for the heads up @Smile well worth a watch.
  17. Pena

    Not doubting that. I can't hand on heart say anyone got pass marks except for McCrorie.
  18. Pena

    So let's just forget Cardoso's inability to clear the ball or Hodson not just blocking the shot aye? Someone's bad touch led to a series of actions where a corner was given where the opposition finally scored. If someone's mistake directly leads to an incident then fine but chaining it up like that is a bit shite tbh. I don't think he did that much of note but it was his second start for us ffs.
  19. Alves, Cardoso & McCrorie

    3-5-2 with Alves central, McCrorie left of centre and Cardoso right of centre. Play Tav and John as wide midfielders to provide crosses and also cover when defending.
  20. Chelsea's 3-4-3 formation

    Got to agree that there is something in it. If we play Tav and John as the wide midfielders you get pace and crosses as well as the ability to get back for a back 5.
  21. Pedro: Time to go?

    I didn't say I think we'd get, I'm saying that's he he needs to get to prove he has enough about him to stay in charge and keep building. For me second season in the top flight we should be far more comfortable against the other 10 teams but we are consistently inconsistent. If he does get 4 wins and gets to league cup final then for me it buys him more time and he has to be given that chance. Fuck up those games and we need to get him out and a new manager in for January window.
  22. Pedro: Time to go?

    Well he definitely needs max points from the 4 league games and a cup final berth.
  23. Pedro: Time to go?

    Score line wise we didn't get horses so he won't go and won't be sacked....yet. The next 5 games are a chance to get and cement 2nd place but only if we do what we must do i.e.15 points: Hamilton (A) St Johnstone (A) Aberdeen (H) Kilmarnock (H) Hearts (A) For me if we come out of that with 15 points then it buys him more time until the next scum game. If we aren't second after this,run of fixtures he has to go.
  24. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Well we aren't losing, should have had a penalty, looked dangerous on the right and McCrorie has done himself proud so far but Pena for me has to be on lego muncher like a fly on shit. No surprise to see the ref take the first chance he could to book Morelos.