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  1. NeoGeo7

    Thomas cook partnership

    How long before Gerrard appears on tv in a Thomas Cook advert, just before boarding he turns to the camera and says “Let’s go” Thomas Cook, Lets Go
  2. NeoGeo7

    Jordan jones

    Would rather go with who we have with Middleton as back-up and use the funds elsewhere i.e. a striker
  3. NeoGeo7

    What is Mark Allen’s role?

    I see Allen is really committed to the role with the club, getting the club crest tattooed on his face is commitment indeed.
  4. NeoGeo7

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Next thread. ”Rangers eat some food in Spain”
  5. NeoGeo7

    Mick O’Halleron away

  6. NeoGeo7

    Saido Berahino

    Gerrard wants players with the right character who play for the jersey and each other and then we get linked with Berahino
  7. NeoGeo7

    Jason Holt to Plymouth

    Holt was superb for us in 15/16 but isn’t at the level we need from our players. If we didn’t have such a big rebuild on our hands I’d happily have him as a squad player but he gives his all when he plays and deserves the chance to play regular first team football so would wish him well.
  8. NeoGeo7

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Probably not......but you have been right, he is a fanny
  9. NeoGeo7

    Brandon Barker

    Do people believe we simply have a list of 6 names of players we definitely want to sign? Allen and the scouting team compile a dossier of info of players that we might want to look at so yes it’s possible Barker is on that list as he played against us therefore we have first hand info on him. Maybe we enquired about barker out of interest and that’s as far as it will go but the agent may then push it through the press to drum up interest off the back of our name and more likely Gerrards name. People moaned that we didn’t have contingencies for pedro’s replacement if it went tits up and this is just the same. You have a list of first choice targets, then secondary and so on. I would be incredibly surprised if Barker was anything other than a back-up option if other targets failed to materialise.
  10. NeoGeo7

    Liam Kelly Leaving

    Kelly has been around for some time now and if he was going to make the breakthrough it would have happened by now. Wish him the best but I think McGregor between the sticks with a clear plan in mind for Robby McCrorie to become number 1 in a few seasons is the way to go.
  11. NeoGeo7


    I’m sure he could but he’ll want to give management his full attention especially in a job like this one. id like him to register just in case but I still don’t think he would.
  12. NeoGeo7

    Liam Lindsay (Barnsley)

    If we play a back three then having a ball playing defender or two is quite common.
  13. NeoGeo7

    Alex Denny

    Had a mare with this one. For some reason I assumed they were on opposite sides of the Mersey
  14. NeoGeo7

    Alex Denny

    I really am not taking these stories too seriously. Gerrard wouldn’t come here thinking he can buy some youth prospects to challenge. It seems like we’ve been linked with nearly every Liverpool youth player and now that they’ve exhausted that list we’ve moved across the Mersey to Everton
  15. NeoGeo7

    1st of June approaches

    As the man himself said, win games. I expect us to have a much tougher team physically and mentally and I expect us to be winning our home games. Whether that takes us close to the summit or not I think that’s what we can expect in the first season.
  16. NeoGeo7

    Reece Burke (West Ham)

  17. NeoGeo7

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    The irony of his statement is that he’s being racist, fascist and discriminatory. What a bellend. This coming fro the guy who beat on his wife. Hypocritical moron. Go fanny around with a fire extinguisher you fucking no mark.
  18. NeoGeo7

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Hahaha 1k fucking fantastic
  19. NeoGeo7

    What is Mark Allen’s role?

    Did we know it was out with our means though. Did we perhaps think that with Gerrard as manager that his former teammates/friends would take a hefty pay cut to be here? Does Gerrard think he’s got those kind of funds available on wages and fees? Lots of questions but we’ll never get any answer other than when we actually sign players (even then we can only speculate what the fee was and the wages are)
  20. NeoGeo7

    What is Mark Allen’s role?

    The worry for me is that it was Robertson doing the negotiation with fenerbahce and not Allen. Robertson is a muppet and should be nowhere near the negotiation. Tell Allen what the budget is and let him do the talking.
  21. NeoGeo7

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    What do you think? fuck me we couldn’t even get the 5 together for a photo
  22. NeoGeo7

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    So Wilson is left footed player on the right and Kent is right footed player on the left Looks like Gerrard is looking at inside forwards as our wide threat, which works well with overlapping fullbacks.
  23. NeoGeo7

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    At least our manager picked them rather than just having 5 random players dumped at our door like unwanted quintuplets.
  24. NeoGeo7

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    He’s shite and should be nowhere near the club.....there.
  25. NeoGeo7

    Martin Bain

    OP is captain birdseye with this attempt