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  1. Thread is toxic.....go to the game or watch it on TV/stream, have a few, get laid and forget Dorrans and Vuckic for a day
  2. When we sent the offer in someone fucked up and forgot the extra 0
  3. If this is what Norwich are doing then Dorrans needs to tell them he won't sign for anyone else. So they can either do a deal with us or he'll contain to take a big salary and get his loyalty bonus.
  4. Will be interesting to say the least on the 3rd match day of the season! Warm reception? I fucking think not
  5. "Is that fish and chips for me?"
  6. Agree with OP I think we need to move away from penny arcade and all the shite of the last 6 years. Get this going full blast
  7. The ITK crew are so far behind. Dorrans has already taken Halliday's squad number, scored a last minute winner against the mhanks and picked up Players Player of the Year and Writers Player of the Year
  8. Quoting the article in the express
  9. Halliday out and Dorrans's a "one of our own" upgrade scheme
  10. It's not 100% whether its the Rangers Megastore bricks and mortar or online but we get a bigger percentage when its done that way versus buying in Sports Direct. In other words buying from the Megastore online is as good as buying in person.
  11. Very plausible that this could be a deal maker here with Dorrans. I'd imagine that such a bonus was in place when he moved so Dorrans possibly only wanted to do that if he knew we would come good and with the retail deal sorted now he can see that is the case and has submitted a request and therefore given up the loyalty bonus in good faith that Norwich now let him go.
  12. Well agents are sneaky greedy bastards so it wouldn't surprise me if agents were making up and leaking stories
  13. According to transfermarkt yes, they both are managed by Stellar Football Ltd
  14. For once I hope Football Manager is closer to the mark with its 5k but even then thats still 750k over the next 3 years Warburton really fucked up with this one
  15. Well if RM had a split screen my post would have been on the right hand side Its not too bad for those that can check on the thread once in a while but it's those who don't read any all day, see 10 new pages and think what's happened here then just to see a load of pish to amuse us through the day.
  16. These threads make we wish that each thread had two for actual info and one for the off topic stuff:
  17. This is the name that's bigger than Alves? So they really did mean the number of letters in the name then
  18. Dundee, Hamilton, Azerbaijan and back again Wish him well he lived the dream and gave us this moment at the very start
  19. Saladin Said is who we are signing Star striker for Ethiopian Premier League outfit St. George
  20. How about this one?
  21. Aye it's a bit of a balls up sorry, he had to borrow big Bruno's clothes for the occasion as well.
  22. Surprised that same media outlet that reported Pena signing haven't done the same for Dorrans.....
  23. Right you are, woops