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  1. Windass.

    His goal came from play in the middle of the park EDIT: The touch from Holt to play him through was superb
  2. Windass.

    It's much the same with Pena, they have strengths to their game that aren't immediately obvious however too many players like that in the team and we really struggle.
  3. Murty Reaction

    With jack back for St Johnstone I’d like to see us back to playing with intensity, the players have to start believing in themselves and each other.
  4. Wall of Yellow

    Thought this thread was about lennon’s teeth tbh
  5. Ross McCrorie

    To think it was his twin being touted for bigger things a few years back. If our academy could produce players like Ross regularly we’d be laughing but it’s so refreshing to have someone come through who genuinely looks the part and if he’s smitten with the club we need a 5 year deal on the table for him and build the team around him.
  6. Junkies vs Rangers

    Tell the players Lennon is the new manager and they’ll probably play. Honestly believe that’s why we got a performance against the sheep.
  7. Junkies vs Rangers

    I agree.....if he plays, but Murty is likely to start Morelos and I can’t see him dropping Miller or windass for Pena
  8. Junkies vs Rangers

    The big call tonight will be Pena. i can see him being dropped to the bench for Morelos with Miller playing the number 10 role. Miller can sometimes pull a performance out the bag against the bigger teams so if he does play hopefully he will do that tonight. Hopefully the team are fired up for this just remember what those cunts did to us at Ibrox Fucking do them Rangers!
  9. Junkies vs Rangers

    Tav as central midfielder?
  10. Junkies vs Rangers

    Massive boost
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

    Settle for? I'd love for that scenario to play out!
  12. Junkies vs Rangers

    Tonight is when we find out what our squad is really made of. We've got the 3 wins in a row hoodoo dealt with and now with the scum dropping points at the weekend to the same team we face tonight we will see if we can keep it going.
  13. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    While I feel Aberdeen can go fuck themselves looking for an apology I think you are right with your last sentence. The board always try and divert blame and shift attention off of themselves no matter the context. I fully believe if we didn't have the AGM we wouldn't have approached McInnes. They knew they had to say/do something so they said "there will soon be movement" and then they made their move. It wasn't well thought out, or planned in advance it was a knee jerk reaction to shift the focus away from them. When news broke out about McInnes the criticism went straight to the board and then they release that statement. It might have appeased some (though much fewer than normal) but again they tried to lay the blame elsewhere. There is no credibility, accountability honesty or integrity with our board and while I don't want us pandering to the whims of the no mark clubs that put the boot in back in 2012 to further themselves I at least want a board that I can trust.
  14. Moult to Preston

    If you mean by gaining promotion with Preston then I can't see that happening. Maybe he wants a new challenge from the Scottish Premiership therefore moving to us would only give him that if we can stay in Europe for more than 1 round. If clubs finances were based purely on the fans (as it is for us) then teams like Preston couldn't offer the silly money they do. Its a sad truth about the times we live in. The football inflation is at an all time high and we are being left behind at an alarming rate. Scunners me that we can't compete with little clubs like Preston.
  15. Moult to Preston

    Money talks unfortunately. Players no longer seem to put anything else into their thinking over transfers. This is why you need to give credit to Lee Wallace. He probably could have got himself a move to England in 2012 but he chose to stick with us and although he would be getting a good wage he could have had better. He looked at more than just money. Playing for Rangers, playing in front of 50k fans every other week, most successful club in the world and best fans in the world (though I expect that this was far more apparent after witnessing first hand the huge away support against the likes of Elgin and Peterhead while still filling up Ibrox in the bottom tier). Back on topic if Moult wants to look back on his career with a real sense of achievement and pride he’d choose us. If he wants to make money for nothing then go to England and Preston.
  16. which type of manager would you prefer?

    The 58 year old up and coming manager Michel Preud'homme
  17. Derek McInnes

    This thread is still going?????
  18. Carlos Pena in "He has pace" shocker!!

    I posted his closing down against the sheep at ibrox and he was forcing the ball to go back to the keeper several times and tracking back, closing down etc. That wasn’t there yesterday, for whatever reason he didn’t seem interested in the game at all. I think he’s got talent but we are having to excuse and accommodate him a lot more than other players which feels like it should be easier. Put it this way if Pedro came in for him offering our money back I reckon 90% of folk would take it. He may come good or he may be blowing hot and cold game to game. He’ll never be a grafter just like Niko, they are luxury players that when everyone else is doing well they will light up the park with fantastic passes, taking up great positions and scoring great goals. When the chips are down though you won’t find them getting stuck in the middle of the park battles.
  19. Yup, if ever there was need to prove that he isn't winger or inside forward it was yesterday. Playing through the middle and causing problems for central defenders with his pace is definitely where he is suited. With hindsight I think Barjonas should have started yesterday as a straight swap for Jack. Would have allowed Windass to play in his more favoured role and I think we may have seen Pena benefit from it also.
  20. Formation against Ross county

    The trouble with Pena, and it showed yesterday, was when we were a goal behind we needed to work harder and chase the game and he's just not that type of player much like Niko. He was getting into good positions again in the box but deliveries weren't that good. Outside of the box he needed to drop deeper to get involved in the game but he didn't and therefore stayed in a position where there were too many bodies to safely receive the ball. I agree that against hibs he stands a better chance of having a much bigger impact. It will take guts for Murty to make that call since he didn't have a good game.
  21. Formation against Ross county

    I'm not sure whether Murty wanted Candeias to tuck in or go wide but the trouble was Candeias did go wide quite often. Sometimes asymmetrical formations can work and sometimes they don't. Yesterday I felt it didn't. Barjonas for me didn't look out of place and whilst possibly not as tenacious as Jack without the ball I still feel he would have been the better choice. Having more bodies in the middle may have drawn Ross County out a little bit more and possibly have given Pena more space (although his head just didn't look in the game at all yesterday). For the spoon burners I'm hoping McCrorie is fit. If he isn't then we're going to have some bother in the middle of the park. Barjonas ahead of Candeias is if sticking with the same shape. I think Pena would actually do quite well on Wednesday as I don't see Hibs sitting with everyone behind the ball. The trouble is he played that poorly yesterday that I don't think Murty will be able to justify him keeping his place.
  22. Candeias

    Hopefully we have Moult in our sights but having no permanent manager in might be an issue......unless the DoF has already picked the signings if the club statement thread has any truth to it.
  23. Ross McCrorie

    Hopefully we an keep him fit, in the team and tied down. I feel like it’s been an age waiting for a youth to come through and stay because he loves the club. The financial disparity in the fame means its next to impossible to keep them if the EPL clubs come calling. One thing I wanted to ask those who follow the youths closely, has Jordan Thompson’s ship sailed? Felt he had something about him when he joined but he’s not been able to kick on even since returning from his Raith loan.
  24. The 3 Game Jinx...

    From small beginnings come great things. We’ve been inconsistent and looking a weak touch mentally so it’s a start and hopefully it can keep going against the spoon burners.