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  1. Pedro has spoken about us playing in 4 competitions next year so I think he realises he needs a big enough squad but they can't all be guys on 5k+ a week so youngsters will get their chance. Warburtons approach was to get them game time on loan rather than fleeting appearances in the first team to injury has given bates and Wilson their chance at the back and midfield is just shite but I suspect Warburton would have carried on playing Halliday. Will be interesting to see what happens next year but Wilson and barjonas both at 18 look like they have a lot of potential.
  2. Title of the thread changed the mods know something we don't?
  3. Expect 4/5 will come in regardless then any above that will depend on selling players currently with us.
  4. Toral starts after that shite during the week??? Ive been defending Pedro of late but to play Toral, Windass and Waghorn is too much, fucking atrocious team selection.
  5. Atakayi will start today I reckon would also love to see Burt given a go in central mid over windass.
  6. Hard to give a captaincy to a new signing anyway. Suggested Charlie Taylor at Leeds for left back as he'd be another cheap out of contract compo deal.
  7. Was going to say end thread as you'd be forgiven for thinking it's the vuckic thread rather than the rumours one
  8. I'd say the fact he was even at the euros (how many of our squad were? hodson?) shows that he would be an asset. McKay doesn't even get a regular game for Scotland and Weiss is slovakias 9th most capped player of all time. He didn't get and keep a place in the national squad due to sending tweets and seeking attention. He has ability and would improve us but does he have the right attitude? Again with the focus on tweets and such he strikes me as a similar type to those we have currently albeit with more ability. Pedro wants warriors and he knows what Weiss is like, if he feels he can do a job then we may see something happen in this space. However as others have pointed out (including myself`) if he's signing then great if not keep it zipped on twitter and focus on your own team.
  9. Spot on mate, this is the one for me to show if Pedro has assessed the squad the way the fans have. His goal during the week does not erase the countless wasted opportunities and general inability to play football.
  10. The fact it's been countered by another source mean no one actually knows because nothing has been linked. Wouldn't surprise me if the agent had something to do with it knowing forest are sniffing around.
  11. Forrester looked the part in the championship too as did windass in league 2 so it would be a reasonable assessment to say windass may have been very direct, scored and assisted. Not going to go on about it all night because it's pointless. It was years ago and at the time yes I was singing his praises but I don't think he could do the business at this level and that's where our opinions differ, which is fine.
  12. Only just turned 30 so til 33 seems reasonable to me, long enough for the professionalism and experience to rub off on guys like barjonas and burt
  13. Put it this way I wouldn't be touting him around out of our current bunch as I can't see us being able to replace 20 players so some will stay on and Barrie is better than most as we know he can perform it's just getting him to do it that is the trick. However, if.some English outfits want to pay us a good few million for him then let him go. Obviously as he's in his last year that good few million is sitting at about 1 million just now and will only go down. If he won't sign a new deal then we look to sell him.
  14. Hope there is truth in it Alves and Dorrans would be a cracking start to the summer window.
  15. We were god awful and that made vuckic look better than he is, that's all it is, just fed up with the name being banded about like he'll be a great signing. He was decent and yes at the time he was the best in the squad which really speaks volumes for how bad we were but it's all relative and relatively speaking if he was in the squad now he'd be no better than the likes of Forrester or Windass.
  16. He was a one pound coin stuck in a pile of dogshite, not a diamond. His best return was for us in the Scottish championship and has done nothing of note anywhere else since. Had he been at a club where he had played regularly from 18 onwards then he might have been a better player now but people need to stop harping on about him. He was on loan to Bradford in league one this year for 6 months and got 1 in 10, he played for Wigan at the same level last year because that is his level. We need to move away from signing players of that ilk.
  17. The Newcastle 5
  18. And if both instances you post those pics on RM