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  1. so you cross Pedro and you get made to train alone and get sold but be in his good books and he bakes you s cake with frosting
  2. Fucking hilarious reading how the managers try to weasel out of it: "When asked if he had reacted to the mocking Hearts fans, Fenlon said after the game: "No I didn't. I made a gesture in relation to the way we were playing. We kept giving the ball away cheaply." Lennon will get away with it I'm sure, it was just a bit of over zealousness. We just need to (as a fans, as a squad, as a club) dust ourselves off and knuckle down with some real hard graft to fight through it. No one is going to gift us our way back to the top, we have to fight tooth and nail and that's that.
  3. I sensing you're on a downer today. Im one for trying to remain optimistic. I've no idea how the game would have turned out had the referee not being stevie wonder's understudy or being corrupt. I think we're all tired of the false dawns so I'm guessing that even a solid win this weekend won't get you feeling like we're on the right tracks. Im not deluded but I perhaps give people the benefit of the doubt for longer than I should. Hopefully I'm right and not so I can get on that high horse and say told you so just so that we can celebrate some success again. We really can't afford for Pedro not to succeed but that doesn't mean he gets til,the end of his contract to try. If we are out of the races by October/November/December then he has to go.
  4. Craig Anderson and Craig Fowler in the Scotsman. Other unfathomable snippet: 'What’s not clear is why Beaton doesn’t think Stokes deserves at least a yellow for the altercation. Though Jack goes a little further in the end, Stokes initiates the original contact between the pair just as much as Jack. Even the putting of his hand on Jack’s throat should have been enough to earn a booking." A booking? So touching heads is a straight red but hand around the threat is just a booking?
  5. I'll say one thing for Pedro, he needs to stop with the sound bites and just produce quality performances for more than the first 20 mins and get the results that we should be getting against shite like Hibs. He's not doing himself any favours if he talks the talk but can't walk the walk.
  6. Sorry but that isn't paranoia, decisions can go against us but that was one of the clearest red cards you'll ever see and both get a booking and the press come back with: "Stokes was already on a booking after an incident involving James Tavernier, which many believe should have been a red card. I, on the other hand, think a yellow was fine. It looks bad in slow motion, but everything happens quite quickly when you watch it at regular speed. He pulls Tavernier back by the shirt and then grabs him backwards by the body (clearly anatomy not their strong point - neck is not body). I don’t think there’s any intention to strike Tavernier with his arm. It seems like a wrestle rather than a punch or a hit of any sort. It was probably was a foul on Stokes to begin with (so that makes it ok then), and Beaton maybe could have helped by quickly giving a free-kick rather than letting play go on and risking a reaction, but of course if Stokes had broken free then Hibs wouldn’t have been happy about the lack of advantage."
  7. How ironic We play that then Tav gets assaulted by that cunt and hibs more than touch us over the course of the whole game.
  8. Proof will be on September 23rd, If we take another bad loss then that'll be to hard to defend but for now I'm backing him and I think we will beat hearts, Ross county and thistle twice.
  9. Warburton had friends in that squad and all the players were on easy street, Pedro didn't come in and just continue the work of Warburton or even Murty. So because Murty got a draw at paedodome that meant he's got more out of the squad ergo he's a better manager? Remember the loss away to Dundee? The loss away to Caley? The last minute winner at home sto st Johnstone spared blushes. Warburton had won 1 in 5 of his last games. Pedro won 3 out of his first 5. There are so many things that can play a factor in a new manager coming in but he's here, he got the backing of the board and he's put a team together that I think looks far stronger than last seasons and I hope he does prove people wrong as I think some simply want him to fail.
  10. Mate it's not like anyone is doing the old if team A beats team B and team B beats team C that team A will beat team C. It IS a factor, there's no denying it but is it the ONLY reason? Of course not. He's going to get the time from the board to gel this squad that now has a core made up of players he has identified and signed so we may as well back him until it becomes apparent that he's good once his squad develops and play his way or that he's shite and needs punting.
  11. As long as we continue to rock back and forth from good performances and results to poor performances and results this debate will rage on. i get that people don't rate him, it's hard to,rate someone who hasn't been in our sphere of interest until he became manager. I get that the big games (apart from the sheep away) haven't been good enough. However, he's clearly identified the issues from last year and we can all hypothesise about what would have happened if the cunt stokes was sent off after 6 mins or jack wasn't or both jack and stokes were but the truth is no one knows. I like the signings we've made with a fairly limited budget and I can see he's looked to strengthen the squad and anyone that says Candeias isn't a physical improvement over McKay, or Alves and Cardoso a more formidable central defence than Hilla and Wilson or that Jack is a better option for the role than Halliday and son on then I'm struggling to,see how anyone can think that. All games as a Rangers manager are must wins, that's in our DNA which is wy results like Saturday stick in the craw so much (not to mention the feeling of being cheated). Its all about bouncing back now and building momentum for the scum game. If we don't get 9 points and into league cup semi from the next 4 games it's going to be near impossible to defend him if we suffer a loss in the first old firm game. Time is the best judge, the trouble is the clock is ticking, tainted titles or not, so we need to find out sooner rather than later if Pedro can take us forward and if so can he get us in front of the scum in a season or two in charge?
  12. Was nearly posting the same topic yesterday. I always find that especially after a loss is best to get it out of the system as fans, players, managers and the club as a whole. Im glad it's at home and I hope we create a fantastic and deafening atmosphere to show we won't be Beaton by this kind of shite. i think we have a great opportunity to turn frustration into a positive performance and result and I really do hope we are the wounded animal and put hearts well and truly to the sword.
  13. I think a quick start out of the blocks is fine IF we capitalise on it then defend smartly and attack when it makes sense without taking unnecessary risks. If Millers chances had gone in we'd have been on easy street but a soft goal against and we were on the ropes. I think we'd have collected ourselves and pushed on again but the sending off just fucked us royally. Rangers sides of old managed to cope with this for example St Mirren league cup finals when we ended up with 9 men. It's something that will develop and I hope that the players will bond more as a result of the shite they got from the hibs scumbags. The fact at 3-1 we still pushed and tried and fought for the ball though clearly knackered resulted in us nearly getting a point. Hopefully Pedro will use this game as a motivation for the next time we face them. The other thing I'd say is that if we had lost outright with no shite from Beaton the bellend then I'd be more worried than I am but we need to be united against the crap going against us just now rather than some saying once again Caixinha is a dud, he made a mistake keeping Miller on and using him in midfield and if he keeps doing this it's not going to be easy to defend him.
  14. You're right, just watched i back, Cardoso pushes that cunt away when Tav was on the deck, Tav then gets up and pushes him. Beaton doesn't card Cardoso but does with Tav, inconsistencies come from having to think about how to apply the rules of the game to manipulate a game the way you want. Applying the rules as they are written would need that. When you watch it from the main stand against you see the ref running directly towards them about 5 yards away when he wraps his arm round his neck from behind and wrestles him to the ground. Beaton should be forced to ex-lain himself on that decision it's a fucking disgrace.
  15. So there would have been about 6 red cards base on that. That cunt mcgeouch came in pushing Dorrans, jack pushes him out the way, stokes has nothing to do with it and grabs jack by the threat then one second later their heads are pressed together and half a second later stokes moves his head forward before chasing after jack. Letter of the law is fucking bullshit, refs use discretion and it's this biased discretion that is fucking us over. He is clearly looking at stokes when his hand is around jacks letter of the law.......fucking bullshite
  16. Tav didn't retaliate cardoso shoved stokes away. Ref did it for both because sharing the blame makes it more plausible to not send that cunt off. It's cold and calculated from him, he knew exactly what he was doing. Sometimes bad fouls get away with a lesser punishment in the first 10 mins but an assault like this wherever or whenever it happens on the pitch is a red and the ref had a clear view of it.
  17. Guarantee if Tav retaliated he'd have been sent off, no doubts about that.
  18. Cunt thinks he's Conor McGregor and Beaton lets him get away with it. I fucking hate this cesspit of a country, any other league in the world if that was even in the first second of a game that cunt would have been sent off. The yellow for Tav (who he actually shows the card to first as well) is just completely inexplicable.
  19. Knew I had seen it from that angle but couldn't find it. Thing is he can't be done by video evidence because he got a yellow,for it and I'm sure that cunt Beaton knew it at the time.
  20. I know what you mean sometimes if we are going to get rolled over by a ref like that you might as well do it properly. If jack had been sent off for a two legged leg breaking lunge on stokes then 1) it would be a red and no one would feel cheated and 2) it would show we won't be fucked with by cunts like stokes. We come away from that with cunts knowing they can rough us up and get away with it.
  21. And Beaton would have abandoned the game as we couldn't finish with 4 players.
  22. "I'd need to look at it again but if Ryan put his neck into the cusp of Stokes hand and then used his Jedi powers to make him clench his hand then that's jus wrong"
  23. So Jack puts his head to Garner and didn't get sent off then he has his head against stokes and does get sent off with the only difference being he is now wearing a rangers top...