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  1. If we had done this in 2012 we’d not have solved any problems as the youth back then weren’t good enough as our youth setup was honking. We’ve got it into good shape now but it will take years to reap the rewards from it.
  2. The thing is we don’t just need to just challenge the scum, we need to beat them. 9 can’t happen never mind 10 and I would have thought he would have understood that having been here for a few years and experienced it first hand. Youth is the long term solution but right now we need a short term fix which means investing in a squad that can win the title and supplement it with youth who will then become the first team in a few years. If we had these kids in 2012 and the youth setup as it is now we’d be laughing but we can’t experiment at this time, we need battlers, we need experience, we need ability and we need winners and we need them now not in 3/4 years.
  3. I think the point is brown could have been cited for numerous incidents earlier in the season when it might have had a bigger impact than it would doing it now . In other words if you were to cite him once in a season what time would have the least impact to his team? When they have a 13 point lead in the league or when they are only a point or two ahead?
  4. Fucking hate international breaks
  5. That’ll soon end if he signs for us
  6. Got to think about European squads and also potential impacts of brexit. Home grown players could become very, very sought after before too long.
  7. Start the game a week tomorrow with that attitude and we’ll do them over. We are so close to having a team capable of winning the title if they could just maintain their levels of attitude, urgency and performance
  8. It’s kinda worrying. like many he seemed a player when we play Osijek and while I’m not writing him off since he nearly made the Croatia World Cup squad (so there is ability there) it’s difficult to see it now. Maybe a full pre-season with no injuries and he’ll get back to a better level.
  9. Exactly, considine was practically hugging him at one point then yanked him back by the shoulder, Alfie stays up, then he grapples some more and Alfie goes down and the ref gives nothing. There’s only so much of doing the right thing can do when you’re up against that level of inconsistency, incompetency and corruption.
  10. Put it like this, for 50k what he has contributed so far is more than the likes of MOH for ten times that. Can only see him improving so I’m very hopeful but he’s not the complete article yet.
  11. Got away with a shite performance, that’s the best the sheep can play and near the worst we can play so I’m positive on the replay that we’ll finish the job. How they ended the game with 11 men I don’t know, shinnie could easily have been off for his over the ball challenge on arfield, Lowe should have been off for shoving arfield when he was on the ground and McLennan for the swipe at Candeias for the offside goal that never even got brought back. Ref is an incompetent and/or corrupt cunt.
  12. I actually think he’ll be here another year for 2 reasons: 1) Gerrards impact on his improvement this season and 2) I think other clubs will try to get him on the cheap and we’ll stand our ground. How the fuck dembele went for near £20m for 26 goals in 55 and Alfie has 30 in 59 and the offers were around 7m or 8m, absolute joke and I hope we say to Alfie and his agent if he wants to go it needs to be upwards of 15m.
  13. Just like the scum they are biased towards they can’t just hold their hands up and say “we did wrong, we are sorry”.
  14. Possibly not but we’ve put our eggs into that basket and we can’t expect another manager to come in and change it. For me Gerrard and the management team need to find an answer (for our current squad or with additions) to teams that park the bus against us. Just as with warburton being found out with teams that would press high up the park teams know with us now the answer is to sit deep, be compact and well organised. After 20 mins yesterday I had that dreaded feeling of “seen this before” and doubted we’d get a goal. Long balls to Defoe if the manager has instructed that would have me very worried indeed.
  15. They shouldn’t I agree but it’s clear that the players can play when they are in the mood but you look no further than the loss away to Kilmarnock and how we collapsed as a team because of the mistake from Worrall. We need someone on the park that leads and reminds the rest of what’s at stake. It should never need to be that way but that’s how things are right now.
  16. Could say the same of us to be honest. When we’ve played well we’ve played very well, that’s why dropping points like yesterday are so frustrating after beating the sheep the away and the scum win showing real heart and getting the result to then a flat, toothless performance at home to st Johnstone. One thing for sure if Gerrard does get sacked we’ve gift wrapped them 10 in a row as we don’t have the time to change it all around again.
  17. Ref didn’t dish out a single yellow and that prick Davidson should have been off for two yellows (the arm to mccrorie and then had a late challenge) but didn’t either.
  18. Need quick switch of play and our fullbacks to actually get beyond the winger more often. The other key thing is to vary our approach play by not always crossing into a congested box (unless it’s a counter attack) but one of they key areas is to have someone making runs from central midfield into the box, arfields goal against Helsinki is the type of run we need. Struggling to see who can do this in arfields absence, it won’t be Davis, mccrorie or coulibaly so it makes me think if we go with the 4-3-3magainst them we need to actually play defoe as the number 10 off Morelos. Morelos holds the ball and allows Defoe to run onto layoffs. Fuck knows why we didn’t go for a number 10 in January, maybe just weren’t any viable options for us.
  19. I think a motivator in the starting 11 is probably one of the things really lacking just now. Halliday is a popular figure on the changing room and,no one can question that he loves the club. That has to be instilled int he other players and I certainly didn’t see Davis barking out instructions or trying to motivate yesterday and to be honest apart from the one cross field pass in the first half Davis has done nothing of note. At least Halliday given a bit of space about 25 yards from goal might look to shoot and draw the defence out creating space in behind. No other midfield player really seems to line up shots from outside the box other than Kent cutting in.
  20. The issues are in midfield and the final third. We signed Davis and Defoe to address the lack of threat and so far it’s not done that. Reserves or youth aren’t going to make any difference other than to drop the players who have become “too comfortable” and give them the kick up the arse they need. Up top Hardie and Rudden were the most likely candidates but they are on loan and Gerrard isn’t going to turn to Mebude (or even Hardie or Rudden if they were here) rather than player Defoe or Lafferty. Kelly and Palmer had been given game time against helsinki but they aren’t going to be turned to just because things are going badly. We’ll beat Kilmarnock on Wednesday with Morelos back in because the long balls up to him work better than with Defoe. The worry will be when we go to Hamilton and Morelos is out again. The answer isn’t in the reserves or the youth it’s about getting the players in the squad to give a damn. I’d honestly play Halliday in a midfield 3 during the week and make him captain for the night. He might not set the heather alight but he will certainly tell those around him when they aren’t up to it.
  21. So bobby madden “didn’t see” McGregors challenge, sees it in review and says it’s a red , he sees this and says yellow. Dont think consistency or fairness are words in the SFA’s vocabulary.
  22. He was excellent, his second against Reysol in the semi was superb. Very direct, good technique and awareness. Maybe lacking a bit physically but wasn’t afraid to get stuck in anyway.
  23. Pretty much nail on the head there, that’s certainly what the recent actions of the CO have demonstrated.
  24. You come out lol guns blazing and we’ll be fined again then they will be pissing themselves. This is no more than to state to us that it’s not gone unnoticed nd they are pursuing it behind the scenes.
  25. They just don’t get it, it’s about the rules and applying them impartially and with parity across the board with external influences having zero effect. We want matches and players refereed to a good, consistent and fair manner all the time. It doesn’t matter what fucking game Power will be in, he should have been sent off and handed an additional game ban for that.
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