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  1. Should be focussing more on who is going to replace Alfie in the summer as he will 100% be away. His first half performance was superb and his take for the second goal absolutely outstanding. I’m resigned to him leaving which is galling but the scouts need to find someone to replace him as best we can.
  2. To be honest had we won the game 3-1 with nothing else going on it would have been a great win but you can’t match the feeling when Defoe rifled that shot home.
  3. sheep shaggin bastards, you’re only sheep shaggin bastards, sheep shaggin baaaaa-stards, you’re only sheep shaggin baaaa-stards, sheep shaggin bastards!
  4. Yup, really changed the game, losing a goal at the start of the half and giving them a way back in. Having said that if McGregor had just managed to get his foot on the penalty they’d have been crushed. Was also raging Alfie didn’t hammer home number 4 just before the incident.
  5. We’re getting to that point my fellow bears where the arses of the rest of Scottish football is beginning to collapse as they know we are very nearly back to where we belong. This should just spur the players on more.
  6. That’s in a world where common sense, impartiality and parity form the backbone of any such system.......that is about as far as you can get from in this country.
  7. 100% if we appeal it doesn’t get rescinded. We’ve had 5 penalties in 2 games and to then have us get a red car rescinded as well they’d never hear the end of it from Liewell and co. Gerrard said nothing on the RTV interview because they didn’t ask about the incidents, just more about the game and the fans etc.
  8. Absolutely fucking brilliant feeling when that ball hit the net there. All that tense feeling just evaporating in an instant. Get it right up you, you fucking yes voting fucks!
  9. We owe them a right doing, it’s a real chance to show the title race is far from over so hopefully we do ourselves justice.
  10. NeoGeo7

    Ryan kent

    Best chance of getting him is a) sell on clause percentage and give Liverpool and agreed buy back price/first option. That being said I can’t see how he’d be allowed to leave for what we can affordable the moment.
  11. That’s my line up too. Plenty of options and experience on the bench but I love the look of the attacking nature of both wings in that formation.
  12. Start with 4-3-3 and if you get 2 or 3 goals up then you bring on defoe either for Morelos if he's knackered or on a yellow or you get them playing together up top.
  13. Honestly fucking insane to move Morelos from his natural position. Defoe has to earn the right to play. Get a few goals past them then bring him on for Alfie
  14. One on one of the worst artificial surfaces known to man and the other on a frozen cow field. The breakaway second half and his through ball to Davis shows he’s got quality and on a better surface (and bigger pitch) I think he’ll do far better.
  15. It’s an old saying but it’s the right one. One game at a time and look after your own results and performances and see where it takes you. No point in trying to work out where points will be gained or lost just fucking get out on the park and beat the opposition each game.
  16. He’s a different player so we can’t just replace Morelos with Defoe and expect the same performance. Defoe beat the offside trap at least twice in the first half and got pulled back incorrectly, he plays off the back line better than Morelos and I think his positioning inside the box is better as you’d expect from a poacher. Morelos contributes far more outside the box and brings other players into the game. The manager needs to alter the way we are playing to accommodate Defoe and I’m not so sure that this is the right way to go.
  17. Fringe players have missed an opportunity to impress. You can blame the surface all you want but the quality of surface has nothing to do with effort and far too many of the players on show just couldn’t be fucking arsed second half and that’s unacceptable.
  18. Definitely a banana skin avoided there. Should have been far more comfortable than it was, some players just far too casual on the ball still. Flanagan needs punted before tomorrow night, Argyriou could put in comparable performances.
  19. That early cross for Morelos in the first half where he hit the post was 10/10, perfect weight and perfect distance in front of Morelos to hit it first time
  20. Wonder if the players will have all of those rubber beads out of their boots before Wednesday... the state of that pitch is ridiculous, so glad we got the win, clean sheet and no injuries
  21. Next it will be, could we play Kent as an attacking wing back. Morelos is made for the role of a lone striker. He could benefit from having a natural number 10 in the team to run beyond him as he holds up the play with his back to goal but that’s where Morelos and the number 10 topic ends.
  22. The div9ng header to put the ball out for a throw-in just summed it up for me, takes no chances. That’s what we need at the back and definitely pair him with goldson again when back. Dont know what’s gone on with him but it’s time to look after our own players rather than the loanees.
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