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  1. I'll rephrase for you as you are being a wank - "what a load of shite"
  2. Silly season started early this year then?
  3. Anyone who has ever partaken any coaching qualification or has experience of managing a football team.
  4. You don't sub central defenders unless they are injured mate.
  5. My Archie Gemmill moment of the new millenium 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍👍👍
  6. Yoi are one torn faced wank who knows fuck all about fuck all and spouts shite on here every minute on the minute ad infinitum. Have a day off from being a daft fud for once?
  7. How about just deleteing this thread? Shite when it started. Shitier now.
  8. Anyone else who purchased a ticket not received this email?
  9. Parking restrictions around every stadium for every event, but because the game was rescheduled 24hrs later, the union says the parking restrictions no longer applied.
  10. If so - appeal. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/traffic-wardens-refuse-dish-out-17780098?fbclid=IwAR27MsgE9RjZVP6vXNZaDVYIRnfcxSVbRakXNsRjYq6vrB2riEG-VFSa8XQ
  11. SLO is a walloper and a grass. Completely hopeless. Any time there have been turnstile issues on away games, he's inside tucking into his 3rd pie.
  12. The friendlies this season were fucking woeful. Get us Man U, Liverpool, Monaco and I'll think about it.
  13. 2 mile radius? That takes you into Renfrewshire 🙂
  14. Nothing formally issued yet, but was told by a staff member. To be honest, they've got a fucking cheek. We already pay a membership fee called a season ticket. This is just ripping the arse out it.
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