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  1. Have been told by someone at the club over a month ago that it will be £45 to register for away tickets next season. This is their way of coping with the high demand. I would love every single bear to refuse to pay it, but know that won't happen. I won't pay it, so guess this will be my last season on the CCCS then, and the club get just what they want. It seems that the recent fan consultation was just a smokescreen and this had already been decided beforehand.
  2. Simples - because his bird is a big honey.
  3. Did you ever consider that Ross Co may be available and St Johnstone may not?
  4. We have ten games between now and the end of the year (and not one on a Saturday) - that's plenty for me.
  5. One thing you have to bear in mind, is that nobody in the world gives a flying fuck what you think.
  6. Doorman says; "If you go back out the door and come back in 5 minutes, I'll get the full first team here to clap and cheer as you come through the door.......... We always like to give youngsters a warm hand on their entrance". 😀😀😀 Do I win £5?
  7. Would love to know where the stories originate that a particular club is interested in x player? The club won't say it. Rangers won't say it, so just made up rumour shite. Every club has scouts all over the country every week of the year. If a certain scout was seen at one of our games, what about the dozens that come to all our games? The only thing this shite does is to fill press column inches for alleged journalists who are too fucking lazy to go out and get a real story for themselves.
  8. https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/Rangers-fans-astounded-as-celtic-fan-reports-ibrox-star-to-home-office/
  9. All over fb this morning mate, or were you too busy at confession to notice?
  10. Had forgot about that one 🙂 also recall them taking out full page newspaper adverts about something too around the same time?
  11. International break fun..... With today's apparent news that timmy has reported Alfredo Morelos to the Home Office for being an illegal immigrant (I shit ye not!)................ ..........what are the most extreme and comical examples of timmy's obsession with Rangers that you have come across over the years?
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