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  1. A lot of people missing a huge point here. We have players getting paid VAST wages. Not one would have encountered hardship on £2,500 per month if they were furloughed. I am self employed. I have had zero income since mid March. I qualify for zero assistance under legislation. But - I am getting fuck all refund from Rangers for cancelled games, and I am now expected to pay my next season ticket before end of June when fully attended games are unlikely to happen until the autumn at the very earliest and possibly much later in the year. On top of that, I'm now expected to pay a fee to go into the same away ticket ballot that I have been in for umpteen years. Or am I missing something?
  2. Am paying by credit card this year. If any games not available, then refund is due from Credit card company. Worth it for the £3 fee.
  3. Cops have been called to Ibrox several times today to disperse groups of tims cutting about with flags and generally making wankers of themselves.
  4. Lot of wind and pish in this thread. The OP asked about those who were NOT renewing, and straight away it is deluged with "I've renewed" posts. To those thay are gibbering the "I'm glad I can now give money to my club" patter - there was nothing to stop you walking up to the front door for the past few years and handing in a bag of cash or a cheque? Scrapping a years long waiting list and asking people to pay a fee to get on a new waiting list is just fleecing the desperate. I really don't like the direction the club is going in relation to the way loyal fans are treated.
  5. Can you try that in the Queen's English please? Then perhaps those of us who are not mutants may understand the last bit.
  6. Erm........ isn't that the NHS England logo, same as the Hibs shirt?
  7. You obviously weren't there then? Fantastic atmosphere, decent win and everybody singing long after we had left the ground. Great day.
  8. My own opinion - I doubt if anything meaningful will happen in 2020 at all. To allow stadia full of thousands of people until there are zero new cases never mind deaths would be utter madness. This thing is going to change the way we live our lives forever. We will think about things differently, act differently and everyone will be very suspicious of anyone with a cough for many years to come.
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