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  1. Did not mean to cause any friction or any offence and do apologize if you were offended.  I enjoy the banter of Rangers Media and the recollections of bears from all over the world which can bring back memories of a youth in Scotland.  Good luck to you.


    The Widow's Son

  2. Make your mind up, I never offered any criticism at all. He is a nice guy and used to treat me as a physio, You are the one starting threads saying he should get more respect - more respect from whom? What's the problem? There isn't a problem and you just made the whole thing up.
  3. Do you cut about listening for people disrespecting him on a daily basis like? Are you expecting him to be in the hall of fame with 37 league appearances (66 in total) and zero goals in 7 years?
  4. To start worrying about pish like that is cringeworthy and handwringing shite worthy only of devout taigs with worry beads.
  5. Was never a fan of his at the time. Whenever he messed something up, he looked to blame others for his mistakes rather than just getting on with it. He was so consistent in this that it overshadows my actual memories of his positive contributions.
  6. Rangers have never given a fuck about fans. Rangers don't give a fuck about fans. Rangers will never give a fuck about fans. It's all about the dosh. Nothing else.
  7. Nobody mentioned hate - the fact is he's just pish. I could try my best too - but I'm really fucking pish. Have you watched a Rangers game this season? Do you think he is worthy of a start?
  8. Ok then - I'll say it..... Barker is hopeless. Get him dropped.
  9. Need to tighten up and stop giving it away. Barker is pish.
  10. Barker off, Morelos on. Sell Barker to Tranent Juniors - his level
  11. Houston works for Rangers Security
  12. I emailed RTV support a couple of games ago and was sorted before half time 


  13. Unable to login to RTV (Again!!!) would appreciate if someone could message me with a stream link off the page please?
  14. I don't think he was given a fair chance. We have had successive managers who played their favourites regardless of performance. Windass, Goldson and Tav were all typical examples of this.
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