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  1. Everyone speaking on Sunday about how fantastic it looked after 32 home games this season - and it gets ripped up a couple of days later. Anybody know why? It looked perfect.
  2. Possibly because he's no longer a Rangers player?
  3. The number of ladies toilets throughout the stadium needs to be hugely increased. More women are coming to watch our games every year and the percentage of female toilets has not increased. Guys can laugh all they like, but in 2019 - this needs to change.
  4. Flanagan yellow card stands. Ref sees incident. Ref gives yellow card. Incident reported anonymously to compliance officer. Compliance officer has no jurisdiction as ref saw incident. CO offers Flanagan a 2 game ban. Rangers reject offer. Hearing gets fast tracked. Red card and ban gets thrown out by panel. Yellow card stands. Rangers cited by compliance officer how many times this season alone? celtic not cited once. Touching up weans at the piggery for years (under jurisdiction of sfa) and fuck all done about it. Corrupt to the fucking core.
  5. I have a feeling that Lee Wallace will get a start in a final game for Rangers.
  6. He's a walloper and looks like a chimpanzee. Him and an emaciated junkie looking steward spend most games at the tunnel mouth. Both wear football boots. He got 2 bears chucked out yesterday from Govan East Corner. Struts about with an SIA badge on his arm as if he owns the place. Prize walloper.
  7. Spoke to Glenn Middleton yesterday. Players are getting 3 weeks off.
  8. Every seat is a good seat when you can see Rangers mate!
  9. I never look at them or pay attention to them for even a second. Couldn't tell you what they sang, names of their team or if they even had a single flag or banner. I get transfixed by our team 🙂 😀😀🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Am guessing most of our fans are the same. Given that, I don't give a fuck who sings what inside the ground.
  10. Turn the sound up - worth it for the last few seconds 🙂 20190512_114241.mp4
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