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  1. Thomas Cook gone. All aircraft grounded
  2. Whole stadium rose to applaud when the clock hit 2 minutes. Ball went out for a Feyenoord throw in and their guy started applauding too. This spread across the pitch. After around 10-15 secs, ref seemed unsure of what to do and waved for play to continue. Great gesture and something we'll all tell the grandkids about in future years. Wee lump in my throat even typing this as it was a very emotional scene.
  3. For me, now is not the time to be bothered with what anyone thinks of anyone at Parkhead. That is for another day. Thoughts for now are with a young widow and her daughter now fatherless and away from home. Flowers - will stay until withered then get disposed of. Shirts - can be taken by The Red Cross who send similar to Uganda and Glasgow The Caring City charity with their links to Malawi. Scarves - if appropriate can be laundered and used by homeless charities.
  4. Should really be the whole of Europe????
  5. Record reports Docherty got a round of aplause from the Ballymena lads after he apologised. Ballymena not commenting and playing it down. His jacket was on a shaky peg to start with, this might be the final straw.
  6. There is a gofundme page already set up just for this https://uk.gofundme.com/f/veronika-ricksen
  7. Your quest, should you choose to accept it...... Sniff Ma Manky Ring!
  8. "An audience with............." as a function every Friday night. Start with Willie Henderson, lovely guy and his stories are great. If you ever meet him, ask him about Cassius Clay 😀😀😀
  9. This is not about standing in your own position. It's about blocking stairways. Chances are it was mentioned previously by UEFA and not one of our own, so nae need to get arsey about it.
  10. Opposition showing a mark of respect and you want to drown it out? Get fucked. I will stand an aplaud them when they finish
  11. Am sure kits need to be registered at the start of the season? Cannot see the SFA/SPFL doing us any favours
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