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  1. Johnny Hubbard MBE - The Penalty King - update

    From facebook;........................ Johnny has been moved from hospital into a home where he is settling in. He remains in our thoughts and all good wishes are with Mrs Hubbard and the family. I know everyone's kindness and messages of support along with the many cards & gifts he got during his time in hospital was much appreciated by the family. Johnny has also received a letter from Sir Alex Ferguson. Fergie phoned to enquire after him too.
  2. Dorrans

    I can't see any Dorrans ???
  3. Pre Souness who were our English/Foreign signings?

    Wore the no.8 shirt in a 1-1 league draw with Hibs away at Easter Rd on 14th Sept 1935. Wore the no.7 shirt in a 3-0 defeat away to Falkirk in the Hugh Hamill benefit match on 30th April 1936. Latif never played for us again.
  4. Rossiter having “hard time” in fitness fight

    Just a thought - in Oct 1988 we lost a 21yr old player to injury and he did not play 1st team football again for us for 18 months. Our club stuck by him, paid for several operations and a long time in rehabilitation before he came back, so it's not something new. That player was Ian Durrant.
  5. Away Tickets Up To The Split

    Partick, Hearts, Aberdeen, Killie - and now Partick again - only 5 for me :-(
  6. Rossiter having “hard time” in fitness fight

    Very possibly true. My son suffered very badly from infantile eczema and was on steroid creams from an early age. At 28 he now has carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and suffers regularly from muscle aches. Steroid creams are often used to treat acne related issues, so entirely believable as far as I am concerned.
  7. Jimmy Nicholl

    Welcome home Jimmy Ulster - can I get your two Fraserborough tickets please???
  8. Johnny "The Penalty King" Hubbard

    Looks like donations now being refunded. Not sure what the situation is?
  9. Johnny "The Penalty King" Hubbard

    After talks between the organiser and Johnny's daughter, it seems the collection has been suspended. I don't know if it is temporary or permanent, and I have no idea why? My only thought is that we have to respect the family's wishes.
  10. This concerns every single one of us....

    Over £2,300 donated in the first few hours including £100 from Kris Boyd. Well done bears and bearettes.
  11. John, Wilson, Bates, Tav - our best defence?

    Unlike many - I am an Alves fan, but the constant passing back to the keeper over the last few weeks is mind numbing to watch. Bates was like a breath of fresh air when he came on. Not faultless - but very good. So the big question - with Bates in for Alves - is this now our best defence (John, Wilson, Bates, Tav)? Who would displace any of these four from a starting line up in your opinion? Wallace - nah. Hodson - God no! Cardoso - as a reserve along with Alves only for me. And....anyone else think we are pretty short of defenders in a first team squad that has umpteen midfielders?
  12. This concerns every single one of us....

    Got a message today to say that a GoFundMe page has been started in Mr Hubbard's name ............. https://www.gofundme.com/the-johnny-hubbard-mbe-appeal
  13. This concerns every single one of us....

    This posted just now on the JH Facebook page........................... Johnny Hubbard MBE The Penalty King Just now · Was in seeing Johnny today and telling him all the messages and goodwill being sent his way - the biggest smile being when i told him the girls from iceland and the ladies he serenades on Ayr high st were asking for him. There is over 100 cards by his bed so a testament to the place he holds in all our lives. Glass raised to you Johnny - you are simply the best ! A huge well done to all of the bears and clubs who sent him cards. Did you forget? Why not send one tomorrow? It'll take five minutes from your life, cost a couple of quid, and make an old Ranger even happier .....
  14. New assistant in place for tomorrow?

    Does that include driving Jimmy Bell's bus ???
  15. Barras Art and Design

    Only if you're a daft cunt who behaves like a wean and can't conduct yourself like a man.