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  1. East Enclosure Row N

    Memorabilia Hunt

    Home Auxerre game was 25th September 1996 if that's of any help to you? Crowd was only 37,000! We lost 2-1 and Gazza scored.
  2. East Enclosure Row N

    Chris Woods penalty

    Oct 2nd 1990. We beat Valletta 6-0 at Ibrox in front of only 20,627. We had beaten them 4-0 away two weeks earlier. I think we were 4-0 up at this point with 4 different scorers; Johnston, McCoist, Spencer & Dodds. Mo Johnston scored the second penalty and added another goal for his hat trick. I was in the enclosure that night in the pishing rain and the crowd were yelling for Woods to take the penalty.
  3. East Enclosure Row N

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Be a better fucking place without you then, won't it? What sort of taig like ringpiece could have anything detrimental to say about an event held in aid of worthwhile charities? What a bawbag, a prize fucking bawbag.
  4. East Enclosure Row N

    Ross McCrorie what’s the script here?

    How the fuck can a player "regress" when he's not even on the fucking pitch?
  5. East Enclosure Row N

    Lest We Forget

  6. East Enclosure Row N

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Anybody got a link for a stream please?
  7. East Enclosure Row N

    Hearts emails out

    That's six away league games (up to hearts) and not a single ticket yet - only Killie away in the league cup. Not holding my hopes up for much at all from now on.
  8. East Enclosure Row N

    Worral get rid !

    Complete non story. We have our players out on loan at other clubs. Nobody would bat an eyelid if one of them said they wanted back here.
  9. East Enclosure Row N

    ***The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread***

    50/50 ticket split? My fucking hairy arse! 10 mins to kick off and thousands of empty seats their end.
  10. East Enclosure Row N

    Please Tav

    He had one particular howler at the West enclosure / Broomloan corner that I noticed (among many others). Look at the facts of that corner; He's right footed so plays from the left side of the corner flag Photographer is sat where he wants to start his run up Run up is far too short and the bit from the track to the pitch goes up a very steep incline. Taking a decent right foot shot from there is almost physically impossible for anyone As well as changing our corner takers - I think we need to look at the landscaping as both Main Stand corners are the same.
  11. East Enclosure Row N

    The referee & the Russians

    Funnily enough - guy in front of me said the same thing. Three handballs against them and one against us went completely unnoticed last night. Some of the decision making was 100% "strange" as others have said.
  12. East Enclosure Row N

    Rangers Protect

    I have an old Rangers merchandise catalogue somewhere from the 90's. You could buy everything from Wallpaper to toasters with the club logo. We had partnerships with Honda, Dales Cycles, hotels and a hundred other companies. Pre Souness era, 90% of our income was from ticket sales. At one point in the 90's - ticket sales only made up 10% of our revenue. The club needs to get back to tapping into these external revenue streams asap, and on a very big scale. Just wish we could get rid of Ashley and control our own merchandising.
  13. East Enclosure Row N

    Killie game almost sold out

    Only around 80 seats left. I hate international breaks!
  14. East Enclosure Row N

    Vote Wisely Bears

    In her keynote speech to the SNP conference, Sturgeon mentioned Independance 39 times ........... she mentioned education once. Sturgeon is the cunt's cunt.
  15. East Enclosure Row N

    Games Moved For Tele (December)

    2nd Dec is League Cup Final day