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  1. East Enclosure Row N

    Rangers fans whipping boy Season 2018/19

    The only thing windy is the empty space where his brain should be
  2. East Enclosure Row N

    Rangers fans whipping boy Season 2018/19

    Windass is a waster. Off the park a brass neck. Between the woopsie hairdo, Alice band round his napper, cutting about the airport with a pillow tied round his neck - all forgivable if he was a player - but playing well 10% of every match is just not good enough. Not even looking up before you launch a shot straight into a defender 5 yards in front of you is not good enough. Windass - is not good enough and never has been.
  3. East Enclosure Row N

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    Believe the scheme was halted by an insurance issue.
  4. East Enclosure Row N

    UEFA lifts alcohol ban for champions league and europa

    No beer at footie under the Criminal Justice (Scotland) act brought in after the Hampden riot in 1980. Still in force and preceeds the Scottish Parliament by a long while.
  5. East Enclosure Row N

    Jimmy Bell

    Jimmy Bell's a torn faced cunt.
  6. East Enclosure Row N

    Rangers 1 to 11

    What number was Gordon Ramsay?
  7. East Enclosure Row N

    Travel Club

    Just got the email through inviting me to join the travel club for £20. £20 for what? Fuck all it looks like. Did they refund those that joined last year for one shitey night in Luxembourg? What do you get for £20 - the right to join a queue for a ballot for a ticket? We've all done that already as season ticket holders.
  8. East Enclosure Row N

    SFA to Block Rangers Cutting celtic Allocation

    Fuck Ian Maxwell. Nobody ever mentioned cup games to start with, only league. Has he commented on how any other games would be seated? Has he fuck. Go and do something useful ya tit instead of inventing stories.
  9. East Enclosure Row N

    Rangers fans poke fun at Mark Warburton over Rangers anniversary

    Sunderland have eternally been a revolving door club (even more so than us!!!) for managers
  10. East Enclosure Row N


    Are the fixtures out already??? :-) :-) :-)
  11. East Enclosure Row N

    SFA Director to step down

    OK - he's gone and rightly so, but who was it that issued the statement saying there was no need whatsoever for an investigation?
  12. East Enclosure Row N

    Kevin Thomson to Livingston?

    We don't have an u21 team
  13. East Enclosure Row N

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    How can it be a fake if there is no real one? How can you fake something that doesn't exist in the first place?
  14. East Enclosure Row N

    Should we get a ticket price reduction because of.....

    The 70p and £1.50 figures mentioned are just daft. Am thinking there should be at least £10 and possibly £15 reduction in costs in reality.