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  1. That was 5 years ago. Bit of a wobbler now.
  2. "Fairly pumpable"?????? If she went to a Ingliston Country Show she would win pig of the year! She has a giant hooter and looks like a tangoed wicked witch of the west. Her pillow is about 3ft off the bed with the amount of ice picks the crazy cow keeps under it. "Fairly pumpable"....... hahahahahahahahaha!
  3. Did ye? Aye? ......and then pled guilty..........
  4. Would never have recognised Forsyth in a million years there. Looks more like Jim Craig!
  5. OK Jill - if you say so. Saw you taking pics of Albertz at half time and then you never came back - were you away scraping dna off his car door handle???
  6. We are playing our worst football of the season with three wins from nine games. Stay off the glue.
  7. Yup - she's a fucking screwed up tweedle dum that lives in fantasy land. Distance yourself from this asap.
  8. Do you sit in the blind section? He's our best and most skillful outfield player by a country mile.
  9. Pish mate. How can you not intentionally choose a specific game unless you turn up not knowing who the fuck you are playing against? Think first and type afterwards.
  10. Our current fixtures are programmed up to Sun 7th April (away v Motherwell). The league splits after that and we have five more games. Using Saturdays alone for now, that would be; Sat 13th Apr Scottish Cup Semi Finals Sat 20th Apr Game #1 Sat 27th Apr Game #2 Sat 4th May Game #3 Sat 11th May Game #4 Sat 18th May Game #5 Sat 25th May Scottish Cup Final We'll be guaranteed one home v celtic, and as the league stands now - others will be Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen and Killie. Does anybody know if we are likely to have another midweek game in that lot? By the split we will have played; Hearts HAH Due; AWAY Hibs AHA Due HOME Killie HAH Due AWAY Aberdeen AHA Due HOME All things being equal, that will give us three possible homes and two aways. Have I got this right, or made a cunt of anything?
  11. Possibly, but you could look at it another way and say the boy has a hunger to play every minute for Rangers. With this attitude any manager would want 11 guys like that. Wee quiet word in his ear is maybe the right way to go. Walter Smith would probably pat him on the back for showing that sort of hunger.
  12. The spoiled wee fucking brats can just fuck off as far as I and many others who sit around me are concerned. Just fuck off and don't come back. If you don't like it and think you are better than any other bear who has been going to Ibrox since before you were born..... Just fuck off.
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