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  1. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Edited my post above. Didn't know his ID and location had been confirmed - so he is actually stupid enough to use his real name??? Fud on so many levels. Google search throws up........... Connor Lyon | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/connor.lyon.790/place_reviews_written About Connor Lyon. Work. Chernobyl. Safety Inspector. Professional Skills. Ulster loyalism. Education. Inverness College UHI. Aug 15, 2014 to Jul 29, 2017 · Mechanical engineering · Machine engineering · Inverness. Kingussie High School. Class of 2014 · Kingussie. Current City and Hometown. Aviemore. Current city. The page is deleted though. Left school and three years at college, so maybe around 19 or 20?
  2. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Edited. Didn't know his ID and location had been confirmed. In that case - defo enough for a formal complaint to Old Bill. Is he just a kid, or a bit older?
  3. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    Seen it happening before - specially with the last game against them at Ibrox - I think we were at our best in the game just after we went down to 10 men. The first half was a shambles from beginning to end.
  4. Dorrans

    Yes - Jason Cummings. He can't even get a game and seems to be 3rd choice!
  5. Rumours at this stage

    Not true - the Sellick player got seven caps :-(
  6. Rumours at this stage

    He has four Scotland caps. How many do you have William fucking Wallace?
  7. Will This Be First Ever Season

  8. Could Walter do a job for 1 season

    No - he's 70 and an old age pensioner who has worked all his days since he was a kid and has thoroughly earned the right to enjoy his retirement.
  9. Any update on post split fixtures?

    Appreciated, but means fuck all to many of us until we can see fixture dates and times am afraid
  10. Any update on post split fixtures?

    Apart from the rumours of an old firm game on 28th or 29th April - hee haw as yet. I believe Sky Sports said they would be out on Monday gone and read somewhere that the league said they would be out yesterday. Where's Kenny Miller's neighbour when you need him?
  11. A Plaque To Commemorate Our First Scottish Cup Final.

    The replay took place on 17th April William Dunlop scored in normal time ,that game also ended 1-1.We then went into extra time William Dunlop scored again but the goal controversially was disallowed. Glasgow Professor of Surgery George B McLeod was standing behind the goal and was prepared to take an oath and vow that the ball had actually went through the goal and struck him on the head then landed back in the goal-keepers arms! The match umpires were consulted. One umpire gave the goal one umpire said no goal and the third who was on the field of play said he was too far away and couldn’t say for certain. The goal never stood. This led to supporters of both sides invading the playing field, bedlam ensued and the match was duly abandoned.
  12. A Plaque To Commemorate Our First Scottish Cup Final.

    What were the controversial circumstances?
  13. Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 Company

    Absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever in highlighting shortfalls in the behaviour of a small number of Rangers fans. We all know it happens and we all know that shite goes on. Not to include any reference to this would be to try and paint us a s "whiter than white". By including references to ourselves, we show the ability to compromise and look for meaningful dialogue and worthwhile actions. We need to look at the bigger picture guys. The OBFA was (and still is) a pile of utter pish. We need to ensure it goes away and is not replaced with something worse. We need to stop criminalising football supporters for being football supporters.
  14. King statement to fans RE: ST renewals

    Agreed - but linked to another ongoing thread, if some of the segregation zones were released for ticket sales for low risk games (Possibly 1,000 seats at £25 a head for maybe 12 games a season) - that would bring in another £300,000 that could be used to offset a ST price rise?
  15. King statement to fans RE: ST renewals

    My guess - if there are any, you could probably count them on one hand (That would be six if you're from Greenock :-) )