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  1. Nobody mentioned banned until you did ya wank. You honestly know fuck all about fuck all, but spout shite on here every single day of your fucking life. Try going 24hrs without being a smartarse, eh?
  2. Pretty sure you knew exactly what was meant
  3. BBC Radio Scotland advertising live commentary of the game tonight.
  4. Why, when we already have three players that can play right back?
  5. How could anybody not like JD? Loved the tale about the captain's armband when he came on for PDC at West Ham 😀🇬🇧🇬🇧
  6. Oct - club say he's signed a new contract and is now on the 1st team squad. Club website shows him as in 1st team squad, but he's not in Dubai? Scores today for development squad and is supposedly fit and playing well. Seen elsewhere on here that he is supposedly going to Partick on loan. So which on is it? 1st team squad, Dev squad or out on loan to a dross team of no hopers ? With every transfer window, a number of loan players and the urgent need to stop 10 in a row - I reckon the chances of home grown youths breaking into our 1st team for any sort of run are next to nil.
  7. Neither of which had anything at all to do with the way St Mirren played. We found it very difficult to combat it.
  8. Do you recall the last St Mirren game? They completely frustrated us for 90mins and we were lucky to get a narrow win.
  9. You better hope there isn't a replay then 😀😀😀 Strangest accent in Scotland. Half Cumbrian, half Belfast.
  10. Do you know why there is a public sale? A) buyback scheme B) different amounts of away allocations are taken up by different clubs, sometimes allowing more tickets to go to home fans What do either of the above have to do with a season ticket waiting list?
  11. For how long should we wait? A year? 2? 5? 10? 20? We have had a consistant demand for more seats for over 5 years. Any business advisor would tell you that's viable
  12. Easy one. It's a fact that the drink was thrown. It's alleged it was that individual who threw it.
  13. The bigger picture is that the league needs to grow some balls and create a stronger negotiating position with the TV companies. We had a perfectly good fixture list until they came along and fucked it up. As it is just now, the TV companies say "jump", and the league just asks "how high?".
  14. Are you on some kind of bad boy list, or was it just full up?
  15. Just wait until her ma shoves it in the washing machine 🙂
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