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  1. How much would it compound their present misery if we just told them to shove the fucking tickets up their stinking arses - then gave them a 5-0 gubbing into the bargain?
  2. Some amount of shite in this thread tonight. Sometimes, just sometimes, when you have fuck all to say that makes any positive contribution to anyone or anything in the world - it is better to say nothing at all.
  3. Got told St Josephs were asked how many tickets they needed and said around 30. Rather than pay for extra stewarding and policing etc for the Govan West Corner, it was cheaper just to give them complimentaries for the club deck.
  4. Anyone been notified that they have got a ticket yet? What's our reduced allocation?
  5. Very fast. Decent solid performance, but the opposition were never a threat.
  6. Agreed. The purpose is to confirm the status of our furrent squad. Hard Facts. No ifs, buts or mibbes. Club website is hopeless and well out of datem
  7. A single locked thread in the Bears Den that shows; a) Current squad b) Players in this transfer window c) Players out this transfer window d) Those out on loan and how long for e) Surplus players (Do we still have Holt and Dodoo or not etc?) This could potentially be one of the biggest transfer windows of our history with possibly up to around 20 movements? It's getting hard to keep track and would be good to see one definitive list of where we are. I know there are a few RM members who are shit hot on their stats and could mibbes have 2 or 3 of these guys to administer it? What do others think?
  8. Not really bad business if there is a decent sell on % in the contract, though we should be due the development fee. Even medium level players change hands for silly money in England.
  9. Farewell Ryan Hardie and thanks for your service. Off to Blackpool for an undisclosed fee.
  10. Any bear who has ever been to ibrox training for FFIT will tell you that the astro area is full of covers for cable ducts, isolators for under soil heating, sockets, pipe covers etc - all requirements for a top club in the 21st century am afraid. These all get lifted and replaced several times before and after matches or during ground maintenance, so to have this area turfed is impractical.
  11. Tom Miller is a brass neck and needs replaced asap. Why, oh why does he get wheeled out at club functions? He sounds like Barney Thomson's maw
  12. Whit the fuck are you on about ya screwball???
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