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  1. Nice corner, good header. He scored a few of those before disappearing from the team too.
  2. Hit for the first season, but teams seem to have him sussed (or he wants away). For all we're told about better squad depth and resources, they've got a lot of players looking to be turned over during this window & next (there's 8 out of contract come the summer apparently, and that's before the dross they have on their books who don't get a game), yet Rodgers doesn't have the best record when it comes to bringing in new players. Rumours of Burke and Weah are both six month loans if they get them, yet they still harp on about the cash in the bank. If Rodgers is away in the summer, they're not going to splurge on big signings now when a new manager would want to bring in their own players (might explain the loans) - hopefully he gives costly contracts to a few of the worse players out of contract shortly before leaving though.
  3. frenv

    Jermain Defoe

    Presumably we switch to two up front - can't see his wages being left on the bench, nor can I see him being ahead of Alfredo. I'd certainly take him over an unproven youngster on loan though - the latter (a Solanke or Weah) isn't what we need at this stage of the season.
  4. frenv

    Gerrard and Halliday : Post Match Reactions

    What's the odds on him winning the title here in the same year that Liverpool win the English league?
  5. frenv

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    McGregor: 10 Tavernier: 10 Goldson: 10 Worrall: 10 Halliday: 10 McCrorie: 10 Candeias: 10 Arfield: 10 Jack: 10 Kent: 10+ Morelos: 10 Crowd: 10 FUCKING YES
  6. frenv

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    fuck me silly - I'm getting a bit sick of the opposition keepers 'levelling up' when they're here.
  7. frenv

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    I can understand the sub - we've just went for it for 20-odd minutes, yet failed to score a second. Hamilton's looking more lively now so we need the extra cover back in.
  8. frenv

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Might not have been a goal, but at least he took the shot from distance. That's what we want and need, Arfield.
  9. frenv

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Definitely shows why you need a third striker. I know nothing about Dallas, but if he's good enough to make the bench he must be good enough to come on here.
  10. frenv

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Amazing ball in by Tav there. Absolutely perfect.
  11. frenv

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    It might not be great, but it's still far better than last week - there's shots on goal being made. Still hopeful that there will be a few goals more after we grab the second.
  12. frenv

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Not even an effort to get the ball.
  13. frenv

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Ejaria's frustrating as hell - constantly in good positions, constantly available for the ball, looks to be pretty solid physically, yet almost constantly unable to do anything productive with it when he receives it.