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  1. frenv

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    Group draws are on the 31st - it doesn't leave time for any replay or rematch given the date for the second leg.
  2. frenv

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    Just fixed my own post there - either way, someone on their side's had a major slip up for planning it.
  3. frenv

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    their president's quoted in that article as saying they are going to apply 'after the game against Dinamo', which is tomorrow. They've haven't done so already - it's a fuck up on their end. “After the game against Dinamo, we will go with our prepared documents to the British Embassy." “We hope they are able to accelerate the process, but we will know for certain what is happening on Monday."
  4. frenv

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    games have already been moved to accommodate the existing two fixtures - a move impacts fans, the teams plus the media.
  5. frenv

    Referee Conspiracy

    Imagine how lucky our run in to the title is going to be in February in order to balance the start of this one out 😉
  6. frenv

    *****Betfred Cup QF draw*****

    My preference is Ross County, but I'd take Ayr. At home either way, thanks.
  7. And no card for it - time to do that some more...
  8. probably 15 minutes of Sadiq - brilliant.
  9. three players on the pitch with at least minor injuries, and one off already completely fucked. regardless of us winning or not in the end, this is a nightmare match.
  10. Commentators can't wait to go to town on Morelos. Every time. Barely a mention of half the stuff that goes on during the match though as it's just other players "setting a marker" or "showing that they're in a game", but pulling someone's arm=lengthy discussion.
  11. No more injuries or cards and I'll be delighted with that result.
  12. Being reported as "cleared off the line" by the beeb on half time round up on their live feed.
  13. My heart's been in my mouth every time Morelos or the back line have been involved - we can't take injuries to them.
  14. The SPFL say that goal-line tech is too expensive for our league and cup - if they stopped chucking away money on court cases they might have some spare cash to use. Player injured within 15 minutes - these fecking pitches need to be banned.
  15. It has to be either a ploy to bump his fee up ('we'd rather play him than sell him for £x - honest'), or Brenda's ego can't take the negativity attached to the player refusing to play for him. I'm sure their PR team will force the guy into a bunch of statements either way - we can't have a player being unwilling to play for celtic, as that simply wouldn't happen. It's the dream of every player in the world to play and bathe under the pleasantly warming glow of their disco lights, obviously.
  16. Fuck no - we might get him.
  17. Wait, that video says they're fitting 12 lights. 12. Fucking woo hoo. Buy a couple of Philips Hue lightstrips ffs.
  18. They'll bring in someone, but they'll also sell to balance their books. If their french midfielder doesn't go, what's the exchange rate on 40 billion dembele dollars at the moment?
  19. Can't wait for Brenda to talk about how brave they were.
  20. the season of 55 couldn't have begun more sweetly.
  21. No action - there's a fecking surprise. Slowmo version by someone on youtube (no surprise we don't have a decent quality version of the reply either)
  22. frenv

    Kyle Lafferty

    We need more squad depth regardless of how anyone looks at it - I wasn't a fan of him, but I can see that he would be useful to the squad as a whole.
  23. frenv

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    I think it's just taking too long for the message to get from his brain to his feet.
  24. frenv

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Soft red, but I can accept it if he was last man. Biggest issue is the match he misses, even if it might have been as a slot on the bench.
  25. What's the issue with that Naismith challenge?