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  1. Ah well fair enough. Think you should keep it that way mate. In all seriousness I just got out of a relationship with the mother of my child. The lassie is ok as a person but just cannot live with anyone, everything had to be done her way and the attitude she showed is the first thing I thought of when I saw your texts. Wasted 5 years of my life and then eventually broke it off with her. Best thing I’ve ever done.
  2. Is the house actually hers or does it belong to you both?
  3. Dunno the answer to that one mate. Maybe fans of other clubs will end up being as bitter about them as they are with us.
  4. It’s the ones aged between 20-40 (which I assume the majority of any particular support are in this age bracket) who hate us the most from the dafty clubs. The ones who had to take the beatings every time for years and years. Your 40+ fans, the ones who remember at least some of the 80s and further back can generally be quite placid when talking about us. Even those ones who support them.
  5. If they do scrap the league then I think they should just award positions as they are. As others have said if the boot was on the other foot we’d be raging if they took the title off us. Alternatively, as I’ve read online as an idea in Italy, make it a quick play off for the title when (if) this smooths over if it’s before next August. 1st plays 6th, 2nd plays 5th etc in a one off game and then put the 3 winners into a round robin...play all games at Hampden.
  6. I agree that this is how the board will look at it. Whether it’s to recoup their own personal losses or the clubs losses the Europa run probably means SG will be getting a B+ on his report card at the end of the season.
  7. Bjorklund


    Dickie likes dicks. and boycotts.
  8. The refereeing in this country is a shambles but see if I thought I was being cheated in any sport I wouldn’t watch it. Maybe im naive but if anyone knows anyone who plays football at any level above Junior then you will hear plenty of inside stories that never make the papers. I don’t think there is an underlying conspiracy against us because I don’t think it would stay covered up for long.
  9. Is 2 CL finals in a row, winning one then, deemed a failure?
  10. £40k a week for him, Davis, Shagger and Stewart combined you mean?
  11. Did you actually say you would disown your daughter if she dated a black man?
  12. The Kent argument is similar to that of TA Flo.....it’s not Kent’s fault that it was a £7million price tags and unfortunately when buying from England (or anywhere) £7 million can still be a huge gamble these days. FFS Aberdeen were apparently asking for upwards of £5 million for Scott fucking McKenna. Someone down south would’ve paid the money had we not and the board would’ve been hammered on here for not financing the deal. No issue with people discussing his form but the price tags should be left out of it.
  13. So you think this board are worse than the board who laid off staff before Christmas? Just a yes or no will do.
  14. Just to confirm, you are saying this board is worse at looking after the club than the boards circa 2013-14 who were laying off staff behind the scenes just before Christmas whilst the big bosses took huge payments both in cash and shares? Ok.
  15. It would be a frightening but fascinating read to add up all the wages/fees/signing on fees splashed on duds across the last 25 years.
  16. Jones moved for around £6k a week so I’d be shocked for Barker to be on almost double.
  17. Fair play mate. Don’t necessarily agree with your football opinions but fair play and thank you.
  18. Sorry if my maths is about off but it’s worth remembering that everyone under the age of roughly 23 will never have experienced a title fight with them as an adult football fan. So whilst people may have years worth of posts on here quite a big number of social media type comments will be from people with no experience of this.
  19. Earlier on when you said you weren’t racist......that was a lie wasn’t it? I would argue that the 3 players you mentioned would be better equipped for a fight than you are. Defoe especially who will have battled and scrapped with top quality defenders his whole career.
  20. Hold on a minute mate. You’ve mentioned black players specifically there and yet seem to ignore Kent, coming through the same youth system I assume as the “young English black boys”. I think your post is absolutely shite, to be honest.
  21. Please show me a game against celtic (apart from if we gone done badly) where people have left after 75 mins and the stadium is half empty by full time?
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