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  1. Just a post to say it amuses me that the front page of BD shows this topic and has “hot” underneath it currently. As for the thrower - idiot. As for the OP but did you speak to the guilty party and let him know it was not on or just come on here and mention it? I get with Hampden it’s not exactly easy to move about to go have words with someone but you seemed pretty close to this guy.
  2. I don’t think the video clearly showing who threw it should be left up. No doubt someone bitter will complain to the police about this incident.
  3. Is everyone else the same as me that the only tops you really like are from the seasons where we won league titles? It’s probably just subconscious that some strips you remember great times and automatically you review the actual quality of the strip even higher. Like the Gazza strip mentioned on this thread.
  4. His mum is a belter (in a good way). His dad is a friend of my family through football and the entire family are clued up/smart whatever way you want to put It.
  5. I’m not disputing your point at all but I’ve always wondered how a stadium ban is actually enforced. It would be impossible to pull this guys face out if you are a steward in a crowd of hundreds of away fans, especially in the winter. Does anyone know how this is carried out?
  6. Like most of our injured players the closer he gets to returning to action the more people will remember him being like Messi.
  7. I know it’s very early in Mr Gerrard’s managerial career but in my opinion he is showing all the characteristics of being one of the best managers we’ve ever had and that this country might ever have seen. People outside the club (and some of our own) may mock that idea but every manager starts off their career without having any trophies in the bag. I doubt by the end of his career as a manager he won’t have won anything. He is class personified as well, he’s made the odd dodgy comment but no more than anyone else has done and far less than some more experienced managers have across any season-and-a-bit. The video released from his first training sessions last year where he was talking about doing a real proper press and not just shuffling about was a great early sign for me and, barring a couple of games which you will always get in a season, the team have shown a willingness to run through walls for him. That’s a very special quality to have.
  8. If independence is voted through or forced on us as some type of Brexit deal then I fear real civil unrest in this country.
  9. Mental ain’t it? If we had Boris Johnson here for a visit the country would lose it but when it’s the other way we’ll probably just need to nod politely.
  10. I’ve seen a few people mentioning this link now but in my opinion the explosion of cheap, shite charlie has a lot to do with the suicide rates here at present. I’m 34 and when I was 18 coke wasn’t the “done” thing at all but now people seem to be ploughing through it regularly.
  11. My girlfriend works for a media relations company that does some work for SNP, it’s actually her company that set the meeting up. When I say “her company” it’s nothing actually to do with her, she just carries the equipment around to different events and wasn’t at this one.
  12. Not that it matters a great deal but this politician wasn’t “invited” for a meeting the SNP (possibly to attempt to paint us in a bad light if we said no) contacted us and asked for the meeting. After the campaign was launched I doubt we would have been able to turn this down. From what my other half tells me there could be a more prominent SNP politician visiting us in the near future.
  13. The best thing about this Newcastle rumour has been the other lot in work trying to convince me, and themselves, that he is off and all the reasons why he will take the job whereas just 12/6/3 months ago they were claiming he was clueless. They are shitting themselves for next season and, whilst it wasn’t perfect last year, they know we have a winner.
  14. It’s absolutely shocking what’s happened and players shouldn’t have to hide away but I did think when Jacks mrs was tweeting about them being there that it could bring attention to them that they don’t want.
  15. Not sure I agree with that, the thread on here about Burns back in 92 was a 200+ pager.
  16. On Dream Team (the season when the Spanish/Argentinian striker was pumping the chairman’s wife) it showed a clip of St Johnstone beating us either 2-0 or 2-1 in Perth, think it was towards the end of the Advocaat era. Migual Simao rounded Klos for the second goal and that’s what it showed. Also, not relating to us, I remember in Dream Time they signed a young French midfielder who turned out to be pretty shit but somehow the papers got hold of his name and printed a story in real life that both Arsenal and Liverpool were interested in signing this French u21 cap. I was only about 13 at the time and it was one of the first times I realized the papers didn’t know what they were talking about.
  17. In my opinion Halliday is a great reflection on Mr Gerrard and his ability to build player confidence. A lot of negative shite spouted on social media from the other side about our manager blaming his players but they all seem to love him and I assume this is because they know if they work hard the manager will back them.
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