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  1. Great cause, and wish all the best, but I'd pay not to see the muddy Darth pics....
  2. No, not the Catholics, there's a lot of them, just the lowest sub-category of ignorant, hate-filled ira (and any other terrorist) praising, abuse-denying scum who for some bizarre reason have a hugely disproportionate influence in Scottish media and politics. But that's satisfying enough.
  3. Definitely a case for Inspector Corner of the Yard.
  4. That looks one fucking beautiful pint of beer - well deserved, get it down you
  5. It maybe wasn't expressed as well as it could have been at the start - and try getting any sense out of me before the early morning coffees have hit in - but the sense was clear, and people have just jumped in like fucking jackals, which is kind of depressing, as we're all meant to be bears here, although I have my doubts. And fuck the white knight shit.
  6. Ah, give it a rest mate. I've posted some fucking shit on here in my time, mainly about greyhounds and lurchers when well refreshed. This is fucking exemplary compared to that.
  7. Yeah, good point well made. Everyone could see where you were coming from, but it was a great opportunity for some cheap hits.
  8. Done and dusted, my mate wishes it could have been more, but he's a tight bastard, so keep the thumbscrews on him
  9. Give it a moment until my wife, er my mate's wife gets back in as she's the one that does anything vaguely technical round here. We've tried PayPal and that hasn't worked for my mate.
  10. Just asking for a mate, but in case someone did want to support the Erskine Fundraiser, how would they do that, that doesn't involve anything too technical? My mate's a technophobe.
  11. Really interesting thread. In an increasingly atomised and individualistic society the loyalty to a football club is really an anomaly.
  12. Used to work in an office where there were loads of people from the Sikh community. I musty have put on a couple of stone with all the samosas and Indian sweets they brought in. Some of the nicest people I've ever met.
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