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  1. Has to be a wind up? Bad enough he came mincing on like Grace Jones on a bad day and fighting worse than her, without making that an excuse for getting the hiding of his life - which was truly deserved.
  2. It will be a Fury/Wilder rematch as per contract for another big Wilder payday pre-retirement, and AJ will have mandatory defences which he'll take to keep alive the prospect of a title reunification with Fury, probably mid/late 2021. Fury when he's not putting a stupid act on actually comes across as a thoughtful, quietly spoken and intelligent guy.
  3. Definitely a case for Inspector Corner of the Yard.
  4. It’s only Spain. But could England do it against Israel?
  5. I’d actually have more respect for them if they’d just said we won’t have him because of the allegations of domestic abuse (although that would open a can of worms with the Hall of Fame). I’d even show them a grudging respect it if they said it was because he was an English guy playing for Rangers, and we hate both of those, because despicable as that would be, at least it would be truthful. But the nauseating mealy-mouthed hypocrisy of ‘a number of factors including his mental health’ makes me puke, as if they could care less about him. If you’re going to be a bastard at least be straight about it.
  6. A little bit of money from the man who promised 30m would have helped as well. I think Warburton underestimated the SPL (crap as it is) and thought he could win it with English rejects. He couldn’t do that - no-one could - and he wouldn’t ask King for more money, presumably because he’d promised he coulddo it on the cheap. He paid the price.
  7. Back that up. If you can. The board has let the management team down. This is a King disaster, with no bloody funds. KAI - I usually think you’re well sighted on this. Do you have anything on the Warburton-led management team letting Rangers down?
  8. Yeah. When did Warburton ever let Rangers down? When did he ever behave like someone you’d be ashamed of as a Rangers manager? Given the money promised him and us, he’d have been a legend as a manager. He was up against a complete liar.
  9. They did their best. Warburton was a class act. We had a board that promised £30m into the team - where has that gone?
  10. Fuck it. There’s a glib shameless liar in this club somewhere.
  11. Cut the bloody thread till we know what the flip is going on.
  12. I have no idea what’s going on now. Nor for do most people, this is an insane situation for a club like us. Bur King is a joke. He has hung the management team out to dry as - despite what we were told - he has no flipping money to put in.
  13. A very good honest manager who was let down by his board, and probably by his own pride and obstinacy. He probably thought he could take us to the top with English lower league players, and that’s his fault. He should have realised earlier that he couldn’t. But we have a board that cannot put money in, because it doesn’t have it. And then we wonder why we struggle.
  14. Jose not joining in the party spirit at West Ham...
  15. 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' isn’t scriptural, just a Victorian thing on embroideries and tapestries. Many early Christians were not at all bothered about cleanliness as they considered it to be vanity and to modern eyes they would have appeared quite dirty. Muslims, like Jews, have rules about ritual cleanliness, i.e. ablutions before prayers and also about uncleanliness i.e. touching an unrelated female. All of which has nothing to do with Rangers. And Moshni behaved in a completely unprofessional way - there is no excuse, he let his employers - Rangers - down badly.
  16. If you give me grief at work, when I am representing my employer, you’ll get a response which is very different to one outside work, when I’m representing myself. It’s professionalism and most know we have to abide by those standards. Even though on a human level on a day like today we can all make allowances to a certain extent.
  17. I actually thought we were going to do this, must be completely insane. Thank God there’s booze.
  18. Borrowing from cricket and the Aussie ‘demon bowler’ Fred Spofforth in even worse circumstances, 'Boys, this thing can be done’. And it was.
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