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  1. Thanks to all who left messages and made donations, As for the court case, New evidence came forward which brought a witness, these two Cunts were at a party and one was slagging the other saying he didn't have the bottle to murder to someone and they went out and done it around 15 minutes later, then they both have pleaded Not Guilty, and the case has been held back too March. Hope these bastards get what they deserve, RIP Heppy
  2. Hi guys, Not posted on here in a while but i thought i had to widen the news of my late friend and a fellow true blue, Craig Hepburn Craig Hepburn was a popular 19 year old from Linwood, Loved going to Ibrox, and genuinely was just an amazing guy to have around but on 7/7/12 Craig was sadly taken from us during a night out in Marsden Some of you may have read the story in the papers, You read the words but you cannot see what this has done to our community. The support that the family have received has been absolutely astonishing I would like to ask you, Please donate just a couple of quid to help this boy's family with Funeral cost and give him a good send off. Forever Blue R.i.p Craig. Donation page Thank-you
  3. come to fuck !
  4. I think you can get it on some Movie websites mate.
  5. Or you could spend your money on my Paper-view movie, It's called '' ScottBogle dippin' his baws in CandianBacon's Cerial ''
  6. A street filled with Statues ? Ibrox will look like Downtown Athens in 1304
  7. See Post 21
  8. UP YE !
  9. bwahahahaha
  10. Didn't see you had posted that, Same idea as me
  11. I would love to see a Statue of Moses McNeil and Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell and William McBeath, With '' Four Lads had a Dream '' under it, Would look Quality
  12. What Rangers Legend would you like to see as a Statue at Ibrox. Excluding Walter Smith
  13. '' Hi, I'm Craig, And i'm doing a shit ! ''
  14. Moan then ya tarrier!!