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  1. Moan then ya tarrier!!

  2. Im not there on the first game haha on holiday
  3. Dont really know her, she knows my pals and added me! I've spoke to Amy Berry more, do you know her aye?

  4. I found you on facebook :)) didnt search you, just looking through Victoria Harewoods pictures and I saw you liked one haha!

  5. I would love to know what the likes of Man United and Spurs fan think about this.
  6. This BETTER be in the papers tomorrow!
  7. How long before Gogzy come on and just Giggles away at himself
  8. RFCSince1690 BroodySince1690 Nice second account
  9. It was too fucking easy !! I fucking had too !
  10. We should just do this, Cos im feeling quite shit about this now.
  11. Heres your Coat Theres the door Your taxi is outside
  12. ahaaaa Yes, Funny 'Cause its true, Oh
  13. RFCsince1690, YOUR ARE THE NEW GOGZY :lol:
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