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  1. Can't have a musical post without this, especially on the 12th
  2. Used to play till I saw this guy and thought better chuck it
  3. D Deflection tactics methinks, takes the heat, (laughs) off SPFL from the media
  4. Dfb's looking after dfb's
  5. Therein lies the problem, just as I mentioned in my ''off topic post'' all down to weak as water journo's who can't be arsed doing a days work
  6. Lunchtime debacle on BBC is nothing more than a party political broadcast, with no right of reply! even the questions put to her are soft and the journo has no comeback. It's a fuckin freakshow, with the one trick pony of wee nippy sweetie batting everything away with aplomb, notice how she has to be the centre of attention? never lets any underling take the reigns, that's because they're fuckin hopeless and she can't trust them to do the job and the mugs watch it and take it all in!
  7. They all had the chance to sort things out and Rangers were paying for it......and it was voted down......fu@k 'em
  8. Dundee hivs and Raith start a gofundme campaign
  9. Right, who had game 11 for first tim game on the SFA's bingo card?
  10. Pure co-incidence that they're all dfb's
  11. meanwhile: back at SPFL headquarters...
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