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  1. Thing that gets me is that child rape (lets not beat about the bush) has happened throughout the world from the cult that is the catholic church. There have been major stories breaking from Australia, USA, even Ireland FFS, Questions have been raised on their major tv stations, newspapers and in their respective parliaments, apologies offered on behalf of their cult from the high heid yin in Rome. Question is why is Scotland the only place on earth we're not allowed to talk about it?
  2. Malkster

    sportscene disgrace

    brother Clark to the rescue
  3. Malkster

    sportscene disgrace

    nice graphics bear
  4. Malkster

    Big Jock Knew

    Intrinsic part of the club from '66......because it suited them, now they're all shouting separate entity........fucking hypocritical wean shagging bastards Saint Patrick of the blessed separate entity.....................................my arse!!!!!
  5. copied and pasted from FF thought it should be shared here under the heading ''the perfect storm and the sound of silence'' The story has it all: football, morality, criminality, integrity, double standards, financial chicanery, secrets, lies and at its centre what can only be described as pure evil. Of course there is nothing at all perfect about the subject matter; it is horrific. But for some, as a news story, it could be described as the perfect storm. A dictionary would define a perfect storm as "an especially bad situation caused by a combination of unfavourable circumstances". It's an understatement in this case. So why the silence from those who have the audience and the means to address them? Those reporters, commentators, moral crusaders and mouthpieces who are never shy to give us their views on everything and anything related to justice and fairness, especially when it concerns Scotland and even more so when it concerns Scottish football. We know who they are. They know who they are. The silence speaks volumes. You cannot pick and choose between morals, fairness and justice. By definition, these things have to apply to all and not just to one section of a community. If you pick and choose then you are compromised and either prejudiced or bigoted. And the silence on your news channels, websites, blogs and twitter accounts are proof of your ongoing and blatant bias as they are full of condemnation and opinion whenever any other Scottish football club (one in particular of course) so much as farts. It is not difficult in this part of the world to believe that someone could be so biased enough, perhaps even bigoted enough, to try to stifle a news story when it involves the club they have feelings for. Integrity-wise, it is about as low as you can go for anyone claiming to be any sort of social commentator. But it is entirely believable of certain types. And there's the rub. If this is not about your beloved celtic FC, why have you not commented as you would normally do with any other club? Your silence speaks volumes.
  6. Malkster

    Another effin international break

    Given what we as a club have went through over the last six years, and the bitterness directed towards us from the tartan trannies and to the players who get picked . I personally couldn't give a rats arse about the national team. Just want to see my team play. SFA eleven can go fu~k themselves. roll on 24/11/18
  7. God almighty, how many of these do we need to suffer............................effin detest them discuss
  8. At least they are talking about it out in the open in Ireland, can't imagine the scenario where this happen here
  9. we can't imagine what the victims of this vile sect/club went through
  10. Saw this on FF today so can't claim it as my own, ''Saint Patrick of the blessed separate entity FC'' .......clever
  11. This maybe true, but tucked away in football forums won't wash, needs to be headlines in every paper and the lead story on every news channel as a caveat to that we need to keep the pressure on them to report the truth
  12. Malkster

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    ohm! ohm! ohm!