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  1. That rancid club set new standards in how low they can go
  2. oh! an fuck yer treble treble
  3. disgusting cnuts.....that is all
  4. Cairney true to character to the last, deny, deny, deny like most of the vile sect at the chamber of secrets
  5. Blows the notion of ''previous boards fault'' right out the water
  6. One could be forgiven for thinking John Mason MSP, would have the intelligence to recognise the difference between a heinous crime and a mis-administration of the rules on taxation. Then one realises it's the SNP
  7. thread getting de-railed again, calm bears......ohmn!
  8. Excepting tax avoidance is NOT a crime
  9. jumping between threads, mistake made
  10. swiped from other thread, looks like they're circling the wagons shit Negri's lc beat me to it
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