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  1. I understand your point but evidence is always that with strong competition players perform better. No player let alone Katic should be afraid of competition given he stated when he was on the bench how much he wanted his chance. He’s had the jersey now for some time and should be playing out his skin to keep it. Mistakes like this give the manager every right to put him in notice. The number of poor refereeing decisions recently shouldn’t mask how poor some of our players have been since the break.
  2. Firstly he was onside but I can understand why at pace he’s given it against us. Problem is there have been far too many game altering decisions against us in recent weeks. Even on a background of us playing poorly, the result against Kilmarnock would almost certainly have been different had Morelos goal stood. Morelos has had pelters from some on here today but that’s two perfectly good goals in the last two games he’d be getting praise for and his confidence would be higher. I’m honesty undecided about the whole bad refereeing vs paranoia but there is no doubt we’ve been hit badly in recent weeks. It’s hard not to feel there is an agenda. VAR would have made a massive difference for us but I’ve not heard us push for it again since Gerrard mentioned it a few weeks ago.
  3. I don't think for a second he’s lost the dressing room but unfortunately since the break there has been a melting pot of problems which have all come together to put us where we are. Our top scorer suspended and now off form. His back up injured. Barisic, arguably the best player in the first half of the season injured. Jack injured. Tavernier injured. Helander still injured. Gerrard himself has made selection and formation errors, not helped by too many remaining players struggling with the pressure and off form. Add a relentless media campaign and the seeming Inability to buy a referee decision and it has been a shocking few weeks. Couple that with a celtic side that have more experience playing together, probably more depth and frankly more experience of winning. Essentially they can cope with the pressure better than us The only plus side really has been the addition of Hagi who looks like quality. I’d expect us to turn it around but the damage has probably been done. We have to keep plugging away. They will slip up at some point.
  4. They have a winning mentality. Even today they were poor but scored in the last few minutes. How many times have we seen it.
  5. If we win this all it does is paper over the cracks. It’s yet another dreadful performance. I don’t recognise this team from the one playing before the break.
  6. Attack is the best form of defence. We’ve been very poor in converting chances since the break with too many players off form. I don’t think our defence is awful, the stats don’t lie and over the piece we’ve not conceded many goals although certainly we made bad mistakes last night. I think all of our central defenders are ok but we certainly don’t have any that are unstoppable or phenomenal. Helander lacks pace but he reads the game very well and is very strong in the air. I think the problem has been a combination of losing helander, Jack, tav and Morelos at the same time. There isn’t enough quality in the team to sustain that, and tav and Morelos have both been off the pace since their return.
  7. Its all very well complaining about referees, with some justification but we have had more than enough chances to win this game. Yet again this team have shown when it comes to the crunch, we have too many bottlers and people not willing (or able) to step up. They have just rattles a 5th in against a team at the bottom of the league that beat us last week. We were brilliant in the fist half of the season but we are pretenders to the jersey since then and no amount of penalties or late goals can gloss over that. Unless our form improves massively and very quickly we are doing nothing this year.
  8. I think they are on the wind up now? They are just trying to wind us all up more and more until we lose the plot completely. What a farce the country is becoming.
  9. His retirement statement is interesting. Shows pics from his whole career except them. Makes a specific point of singling out Rangers and Walter Smith for praise very much nailing his colours to the mast. Personally I wish him well and think he was a good servant for us in all his spells, but that period of signing for them always baffled me. Perhaps he might talk about it in some future interview.
  10. Even a cursory glance at the papers this morning shows the sort of thing we are up against as a club. Here is a quote about the celtic game last night from the record... “Lennon shook his head in admiration at the jaw-dropping talents of his French flyer and also the fabulous talents of team-mate McGregor...”. It’s sickening. Couple that with the SNP finance minister accused of grooming which is reported down here but not a single mention of it in that same paper, which has just appointed an SNP soon doctor as it’s editor. The agenda manipulation and bias is seeping though everything in Scotland at the moment. As the majority we are instinctively passive which unfortunately no longer seems to be enough.
  11. Love that the lad took the game by the scruff of the neck and made himself a hero. Maybe the shirt is too heavy for some of our players. The commitment from an under 21 player puts many of our senior pros to shame. A lot of our players need to take a look at themselves for the last few weeks shambles. If we are still in this league in a few weeks that’s as vital a goal as they come.
  12. We look a million miles from champions at the moment. It’s so disappointing after the break. Especially with them seemingly beating everyone with minimal effort.
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