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  1. I'm sure their mob will be planning a petition to have it discussed in Parliament or some sort of picket outside FiveThirtyEight at this abomination and will be writing to the Court of Arbitration to get the decision overturned and proper credit given to ra celic and that.
  2. Just refreshing to find an ex player not putting the boot in to us in the press, even if it is our own TV channel!
  3. I reckon posters saying it’s probably 10-12million up front and the rest in add ons are probably about right. He’s a decent player, but his fitness is a big issue, and for me he hasn’t performed well in European games. Also, his assists etc are far less than someone like Tav who is supposedly inferior. As mental as a valuation approaching 25m is for someone like that, we would be burying our heads in the sand if we thought it was good for them to be getting that sort of cash to play with. Best case for us is their idiot board digging their heels in, keeping their supposed celtic minded golden child to appease their fans, who’s head then goes down and he remains largely injured!
  4. I agree. I still feel we are a wee bit short on but I can't quite put my finger on what we need. We need to get some people out the door also.
  5. Can't say I know much about him but he looks a unit. People saying they feel sorry for Katic - I wouldn't. Gerrard is planning for a long season and is clearly trying to drive up standards. This is a much better situation than last year with a loan player there. We've been in the doldrums the last few years and to have international players competing for places is exactly what we need. If Katic has the character then he has nothing to fear. It is a long season and all of the squad will get their opportunity to play and keep the jersey.
  6. I take your point but he will need to earn his place like everyone else. He will get his chance - it is up to him if he takes it.
  7. I’ve tried to watch some of the women’s World Cup but to be honest I’ve just not found it very entertaining. Some of the outfield players have decent skills but it is too slow overall and the standard of goalkeeping is awful, not helped by the fact that women tend to be shorter than men but the goals are the same size hence tame or lobbed shots easily fly in. If they made the goals and pitches smaller it might be better but I’ve found it hard to get enthusiastic about it. Just look at some of the “Best goal” compilations on BBC website. They are all average at best with wildly over the top commentary. I don’t think it would have been on terrestrial TV at all had the main broadcasters been able to afford the cricket World Cup for example which would probably be watched by far more people. As a result we’ve all been told by the media that we have to like it and support it. That being said, I have no issue at all with us having a women’s side. There is no rule that say women can’t play and why should there be. We are an inclusive club and if it brings us more fans and money that can only be a good thing. The only caveat would be that if it is taking a lot of money away from the first team it would have to be thought about carefully.
  8. He has to be. He's had a year, sized up the squad and the league. We fell short last year due to our own inconsistency and mistakes. If we are going to do better this year ruthlessness will be required.
  9. I agree but I don't see us being overwhelmed with bids - at least the last year and this year he's been playing regularly and his wages have been covered by someone else. His contract is up end of the season.
  10. Agree I'd not make make sweeping changes. We need people in there who understand the desire of teams to beat us and also that we need 100%. The danger is some of the newer players are not quite up to speed and assume we will win the game easily. The last thing we need is a Red Imps type result. We need to be solid and put them away.
  11. The word legend is overused. I don’t think Wallace falls into that category. He was a decent player and always represented himself and the club well without ever excelling. He was treated appallingly by Murty, and it seems now also treated badly by the club when he left. Reassuring to know he was a positive influence in the dressing room until the end.
  12. The atmosphere after his strike against them at Ibrox was unreal when he ran to the fans in front of the copland rd. Was a great signing. It didn’t just destroy them but he was a top player and it probably raised McCoist’s game also.
  13. Not sure how I feel about this. While in some ways we do have a discipline issue given the number of cards we’ve had, there is no way all of our red and yellow cards were justified, and there were some outrageous fouls against us going totally unpunished. My concern here is that Gerrard has almost given officials carte blanche to target our players by essentially admitting we have a problem. I feel it puts us on the back foot a bit, and is almost inviting attention onto our discipline. I feel it might have been better keeping it inside the squad but time will tell.
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