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  1. On the face of things these signings are not the most exciting but the window isn't properly open yet. With these players, moving some on and a couple of quality additions once the window opens properly we will be in a good place. Everyone we have brought in so far has been for free or development money, and all have proven they can perform in the league. I think all will be squad players but we also need to add some genuine quality that walks into the starting line up. We had plenty of SPL quality players who got us through 9IAR without even being spectacular. We need it to get through the number of games we had. Halliday fits that mould now. Guys like Fraser Wishart, Stephen Wright etc were never great players but made their contribution. It is good to get this sort of business done early, and hopefully we can do the same with players we will pay proper cash for once the window opens.
  2. Good read. Gough was always the top Rangers captain in my time watching us. Thought he was class on and off the park. Good to see him doing this. A defender for us couldn't ask for a better mentor than him.
  3. I'm really torn on this. He is clearly the best striker in the league, of that there is no doubt. My opinion on keeping him has wavered a bit of late though. His indiscipline undoubtedly cost us points this season. Some of that has been justified but my worry is he will continue to be unfairly targeted - again a yellow card against Killie for doing absolutely nothing. Allowing him to go because of others is defeatist to be fair but unless the attitude of the SFA etc changes then we run the risk of our best forward continuing to miss key games and costing us points. That is of course exactly what celtic and other teams want. The flip side to it is that since he has been out the team, I felt we played some of our best football of the season. That said, the league was already lost and the pressure off so was our form because Morelos was out and we changed our shape or just that we played more freely with the pressure off? Also, as top a finisher as Defoe is, he is not our player and I don't like the idea of going into the season with someone his age shoring up our attack. Can we rely on Hardie, Dodoo, Atakayi - it would seem that if Morelos goes we will need to invest in that area. Of course, his stock seems to be high and the media are whipping it up as usual but there doesn't seem to be clubs battering the door down to sign him. Clearly the guy has ambitions to play in a bigger league and I won't hold that against him - the only thing we mustn't do is sell him on the cheap or late in the window without the chance to replace him.
  4. The problem isn't Jack. I think he is a fairly solid holding midfielder but therein lies the problem - he does little else. We still haven't found our midfield balance and personally I hate seeing a Rangers setting up with multiple defensive midfield players (certainly in the league anyway). Jack is tidy but isn't going to create much or score lots of goals. Kamara is slightly more dynamic and seems to be a better player than Jack but again isn't a box to box creative midfielder. Until we have a strong attacking midfielder we seem to rotate our central midfielders around without ever really changing the end product of how we play. I'm not sure Docherty is the answer either but deserves pre-season. Rossiter and McCrorie are competing with Jack for the same position. A good attacking midfielder has to be one of the priority targets this summer.
  5. I know what you’re trying to say but no game for us means nothing. It’s a question of attitude. Look at Man City yesterday...even 4 up they are still busting a gut for each other and first to every ball. We should always be like that...the first thing any Rangers team should show is hunger, then allow quality to tell. We have fringe players there who should be giving it everything. Instead they are just confirming they don’t have it to play for us.
  6. End of season yes but yet again symptomatic of lots of our problems this season. Games like this exactly why we’ve dropped points and ended up where we are. Gerrard again learning who is up for it next season and who doesn’t have it. Our first choice 11 is strong but our squad is not strong enough - today our side is lacking quality. Our back up players lack quality and we remain short in key positions.
  7. Interestingly McCoist of all people said a few weeks ago that Morelos indiscipline could cost him at international level as there is lot of quality forwards in front of him. Perhaps that is the case. Either way, Morelos is a quality player who is still young and hopefully the last few weeks have been an important learning experience for him. He has gone from being first name on the team sheet and being probably mollycoddled a bit by Gerrard to sitting on the bench. If he understands why and takes it the right way he'll be back scoring soon and i'm sure he'll be a big player for Columbia in the future too.
  8. For me Flanagan wasn't a red - but I also would accept he was lucky and on another day could have been sent off. The problem I have is the way the compliance officer seems to fall over herself to cite Rangers players. The club should protest in my opinion. There is a clear conflict of interest in the current incumbent of the position and it it hard to argue with the evidence that our players seem to be subject to greater scrutiny. Simunovic was no worse than Flanagan, but if we are going by that then why was he also not cited. Scott Brown loves playing the victim against nasty Rangers but why has he not been cited for the countless elbows / choke holds against us in previous games. Even here he is struck on the neck but goes down holding his face. To be honest though, i'm not even up for tit for tat citing of players - I remember when hard tackles and occasional gamesmanship was part of the old firm spectacle. It helped to make these games but everything is analysed to death now to the extent that every small gesture is getting cited. It just doesn't help when it is so obviously one sided.
  9. Reminded me of the old firm games of old when we were doing 9IAR. You knew that a few mins into the game, Ferguson, McCall, Hurlock, Souness, Spackman etc would win the ball but half one of them with it. As soon as that tackle went in you knew you'd won the battle and the game. Rogic did nothing in the game. That in a way summed up the whole performance.
  10. DrLaudrup

    Ryan Kent

    This would be the sort of deal we should do for me, unless we loan him again. We have to be very careful this window not to spunk everything on one player - especially a player already in our side (albeit on loan) as he won't 'improve' us as he's already been here. If we spend our budget on him and don't strengthen elsewhere it would be a mistake. Any team at Championship or Premier League level could afford him but if something can be structured with Liverpool we could potentially get him, as he wants to play, be happy and challenge for trophies. The only place he can get that will be at at top championship side and he wouldn't be in europe etc.
  11. This Summer's window is massive for us. Gerrard said two things that were spot on - firstly we didn't lose the league due to results against them, it was lack of consistency against other sides that has affected is. Secondly, the 1-0 game in December was a massive weight off our shoulders, to beat them over 90 mins. We should have taken something against them in the last game and yesterday we bossed them. We have shown that there is not a massive gap between the sides. They will strengthen also (hopefully they keep lennon as manager as I think he's a big step back from Rodgers), but we will be going into the season knowing we can do them - its not about the financial value of recruitment (ie spending 12-13m on someone like Eduard). It is about the right recruitment (ie 50k on Kamara). We have won nothing, we still need to improve and second will never ever good enough for us but we are starting to feel like the Rangers of old again and it is a nice feeling.
  12. He wasn't fit when he came but now he is he is showing his quality. Easily one of the top midfielders in the league - however at 34 he isn't the future any more and I'm wary going into next season trying to stop them getting 9 expecting a player that will turn 35 to be pulling the strings for us week in week out.
  13. First started watching us under him, and love looking back on that time. The whole swagger about the club then was superb, and he brought in a massive amount of professionalism also. Always think the first minute of this on YouTube where he talks about how our standards had slipped pretty much is transferable to the state we were in before Gerrard came in. Different is he had money to spend. Rangers need winners throughout the club, nothing else should be accepted. He was superb.
  14. Our academy is looking strong now. If players are not making the first team fringes after a few years they need to be released or sold. Hopefully we will start seeing more players coming up. All the best to him though.
  15. I like Candeias' work rate but his end product is why he's not good enough for us and why Gerrard is looking at other options in that position.
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