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  1. Love how much Gerrard cares. Can't put a price on someone with that mentality.
  2. There’s no issue. He remains a good squad player and a positive influence around the dressing room. His versatility is useful but if other players are in form he won’t play.
  3. If we are serious about winning the league this year we need to put a marker down today and really twist the knife in that mob while they are down. We need a big response.
  4. If anyone needed reminding they are at a big club that pic says it all.
  5. Difficult to compare. One side genuinely broke the law but were treated favourably by a national association not bound by bitterness and hatred. The value of one side as a national institution was respected. Many top players showed loyalty to one side on demotion. One side spent £90m on Ronaldo even after all their punishments. Winning 55 will be priceless for us. It will be one of our greatest ever triumphs.
  6. I remember when Aberdeen, Dundee Utd and Hearts used to be big games. Particular time Aberdeen and Utd had decent sides in late 80s and 90s. Agree Aberdeen are not football rivals now really but in honesty I think most of it comes from their fans and the Ian Durrant tackle.....there is bitterness and hatred over that.
  7. DrLaudrup


    Let’s focus more on how he showed fantastic character as a Rangers captain to step up after two bad misses and score two penalties that beat one of our most bitter rivals.
  8. Yes. Beating them was a big weight off our shoulders and to some extent has allowed us to be more confident. The next step is silverware. Winning breeds winning. The better we do the closer we come to restoring the winning culture of the club and making success a habit, not a rarity.
  9. I think we need to get out of the psychological mindset that these pitches are a problem. I'm not saying there are as good as grass at all but like it or not that are the same for everyone. If we get into the mindset that certain players can't play on them it gives us a psychological and competitive disadvantage - we should be playing a strong side as we need to start winning trophies again and any players for us should get the jersey on for any sutface and any opposition.
  10. They know what side their bread is buttered. Better than those other idiot teams that happily have stands with about 30 of their fans in them while giving us only one end.
  11. The more it winds them up the better in my opinion. Personally love watching them beeling about us at every opportunity.
  12. It’s the weather’s fault. It was obviously in but the moisture in the air caused the light to bend making it look like it wasn’t in. If we replay the game in better weather St Johnstone would win.
  13. I think it’s a difficult question. Gerrard is right in that the reality is we will have to chop and change and it’s a great position to be in after recent seasons to have quality centre backs to choose from. My gut feeling is the pairing with the most quality is Helander and Katic but in all honesty we’ve not seen enough of Helander yet to say that. Also being a bit unfair on Goldson.
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