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  1. We were truly privileged to have him play for us and watch him. A class above any player in Scotland since and a genuine world class player.
  2. This. I know some of the interviews with our 9IAR squad mentioned going for 10 was unbelievable pressure. The pressure is all on them this season. How will they respond? They will get a lot of criticism after today but we have to forget about them. We just have to keep winning.
  3. No shelling peas to be seen this week!
  4. Can’t stand her but she’s right. They’ve behaved like a bunch of amateurs
  5. I like how we have set up so far this season. I'd go for either 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-3-2. I like having a defensive midfielder as it protects the back four, allows Barisic and Tav to push on and allows the attacking midfielders more freedom. I'd rather see 2 up more, especially against poorer teams at home. Against them, away and against some better sides I'd prefer dominating the midfield with 2 defensive with ability to change it off the bench if we are a goal or two up. If you take Kent or Hagi out we are still very light on creativity.
  6. Interesting how many of our youth players ended up in the irish leagues. Apart from Naismith nobody there has got close to a high level.
  7. Pleased with this. No disrespect to Miller as a good Rangers man but his commentary and shrieking is brutal! Hopefully we can give Tyldesley some good performances to commentate on.
  8. He makes a small jump but at no point does he show studs. His left foot is behind the ball with instep on the ball and his right foot is not involved in the tackle. The two are not comparable.
  9. I much prefer the way we are set up this season. 4-2-3-1 is far more flexible than the rigid 4-3-3 we've persisted with in recent seasons. After complaining about the ineffectivness of our midfield, basically every goal we've scored in pre-season and yesterday has been from our midfielders. That is what you need to win championships and is a result of this change. Also we've looked overrun in midfield in some games especially against celtic. I haven't seen that in pre-season or yesterday. The two holding midfielders protects the back four, and importantly allows Tav and Barisic to push up more safely. Barisic has one of the best deliveries from wide and Tav has plenty of energy. Having cover also allows the attacking midfielders freedom to run beyond Morelos, and they are more effective centrally. I agree it is better not having Morelos deep as he bullies the centre backs and drags them everywhere leaving gaps. As important as his goals are whoever replaces him must have that workrate, strength and ability to bully players otherwise we will struggle with one up.
  10. He clearly had class but struggled with some of the aspects of the game here I thought. Not surprised to see the career he went on to have as he obviously had quality. I think that period said a lot about our scouting eg Gattuso, Arteta, van Bronckhorst with us over a few years all going on to win top honours worldwide and in europe. Unfortunately celtic have been better at this in recent years, van Dijk being the obvious. Hopefully with Morelos, Hagi etc we can move back towards these sorts of players.
  11. Day 1 of the season and already you can see all that is wrong with our media. This story was the headline on the Rangers page of the record. An ex celtic player saying one of our players should have been sent off after receiving a leg breaker. Ahead of the match report, ahead of interviews with our players of Gerrard. A total obsession with undermining us at every turn. There is no justification for that tackle, especially from Gordon who we as a club helped to return from his own bad injury. At least in England you see former bitter rivals like Neville, Carragher and Keane actually able to talk honestly and fairly about football while maintaining passion for their own clubs. The media up here is totally poisoned, and even some of our ex players are sucked into it.
  12. I thought he was good today. OK he's not scored pre-season or today but his work rate harassing defenders has been important and allowed our midfielders to run beyond him which has been a feature of all our pre-season wins and today. I think we all know he will go once the club get a price they are happy with. Clearly he will be hard to replace but with the new 4-2-3-1 formation allowing our attacking midfielders to contribute more goals, I feel we are less reliant on him than we have been in recent seasons.
  13. Thought he strolled it today, but Aberdeen are poor. Put his head where it was needed and looked comfortable on the ball. Early days but clearly a good addition to the squad. I thought before the match it was a bit harsh on Edmundson who has had a good pre-season but he justified his inclusion today. Takes the pressure off rushing Helander back also.
  14. We desperately need more goals from midfield and a winger. Hagi must play centrally behind Morelos to be most effective in terms of goals and creativity. Kent on one side and someone else on the other. Jack with either Aribo/Davis deeper. The tournament win is great for confidence but we know we can get these results against teams that try to play football. It’s against teams that sit in we struggle and likely will again unless we add more quality and goals from midfield. We have a lot of midfielders though. I’m not convinced the 45 minutes of quality from Barker is enough to change my opinion on him. The jury is very much out on Jordan Jones and I’m not sure Murphy has enough to offer now.
  15. Goram Hutton Gough McLaren Robertson Souness Durrant B Ferguson Cooper McCoist D Ferguson Subs; McGregor, Brown, McCann, I Ferguson, Johnston Only players I’ve seen play for us. I’ve based it not just in form for us but also across their whole careers hence Alan McLaren who was outstanding for a period before injury. Also I’ve tried to choose combinations I think would work, hence why I’ve put Duncan Ferguson ahead of Boyd or Mo Johnston as i think McCoist would need that sort of player alongside him to be effective. I reckon that side would do serious damage.
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