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  1. True but it’s not the point is it? What sort of example are the spfl showing if they don’t make an example of him, never mind his club!!
  2. Is there any talk of bolignoli getting a ban?
  3. 3-0 win tonight please Rangers! Good chance to get ahead if we take it one game at a time. 🇬🇧
  4. Seriously where the fuck is Claire whyte? Did she go on holiday with bolignoli and stay an extra week?
  5. Yeah I get he isn’t ineligible with the sfa rules I’ve stated that already mate. Anyway I’m still not happy about as if this was us the spfl would find a way of disadvantaging Rangers and nothing you say will change my mind on that dude. also the SFA fully knew about EBT’s hence why the players were eligible. The sfa in this case didn’t know he was out the country, massive difference!
  6. To a point yes. YOU as the owner of your restaurant are culpable even if your don’t know what your chef (bolignoli) has been up to. I don’t think it matters either way if celtic knew. Their player has put them so deep in the shit regardless if they knew or not and they should be punished, you would be!!
  7. Perfect storm brewing perfect time to strike. stir the pot with those massive fucking brooms over in the east end.
  8. But those 9 players didn’t fuck off to Spain... I get what your saying but their whereabouts were under control and I’d imagine Rangers would have explained all this when asked by the SFA. As you said last night, SFA accepted Rangers explanation.
  9. Hear me out on this..... Lets say mo salah for instance had to leave the country and Liverpool were aware. He doesn’t self isolate and then plays in weekend league game as he’s eligible under the FA. Would Liverpool be punished for playing a player who should have been self isolating? I know the difference in this scenario is the team we’re 100% aware (which I’m still not convinced celtic weren’t) but I’m asking what punishment would Liverpool in this instance face?
  10. But he did have a test and he wasn’t in isolation, that’s the problem. I agree he wasn’t ineligible against sfa rules but surely being required to self isolate renders him ineligible due to government regulations, maybe law?
  11. And this is exactly why we should be asking for points deductions and other punishments. We would not be allowed to get away with this even if we knew about it or not!
  12. Without any pressure she certainly wont, time to re hash this.... https://www.change.org/p/scottish-football-association-clare-whyte-sfa-compliance-officer-to-resign/d?source_location=combo_psf
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