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  1. Where is the option online for long sleeved mate? I'm trying to buy my da one👍🏻
  2. Please sir.... tell us more!!
  3. Fuck me, have a look at the squad we had.... tragic
  4. I'm thinking a Chinese betting company sponsoring us?? I don't know anything just a guess!!
  5. Online raffle for penalties against the sub goalie at half time. If you charge £5 per ticket x an average of 5000 ticket per home game that's £25000 for 15 minutes work!! Or do 1st prize penalties 2nd have a kick about with the subs and 3rd prize crossbar challenge from the 18 yard box👍🏻
  6. No nonsense in his game which is refreshing
  7. I think young bates has looked good today!!
  8. Well go on then😂👍🏻
  9. Walter, gough, Gordon smith, Stuart McCall,
  10. I'd do this every year!!👍🏻
  11. Careful mate apparently "there's already Dave king threads in here"👍🏻So better not start a new one lol
  12. He simply needs to go!! Not good enough for rangers!
  13. Far more attention and it's relevent to today's performance to start a new one👍🏻
  14. And what?
  15. Foderingham is shite, he can't command his box and he needs to go!! Fucking atrocious