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  1. And Lloyd’s shat it = Craig whyte for £1
  2. It was managable debt which decreasing by the year! Make no mistake here, this heightened excitement from the tarriers press and their pals about our impending tax doom caused Lloyd’s to force Murray to sell to whyte.
  3. If whyte didn’t own us what would have happened? No one knows!!
  4. Some fucking coincidence mate, blow by blow by blow.. tarriers wet dream!!
  5. Fucking unreal mate.... aye we got fucked over, probably worse than any other football team in world football, but aye it’s all good now that we’re almost back!!
  6. Joining the dots mate 👏🏻
  7. True, but the fact still remained... no one bought us from minty because of the excessive incoming tax bill. Someone else buys us and all of the banter years most probably wouldn’t have happened.
  8. They did fail! We must try to kill them, heads must roll!!
  9. We came so fucking close to extinction because of all of this.... absolute bastards!! Heads at the SFA, SPFL and HMRC must roll for this!!! Their titles are without doubt tainted and are worthless!!
  10. He also shat it from the impending big tax case...
  11. They can’t find mark Daly???
  12. Whyte only gained control because minty was pressured to sell from Lloyd’s due to the big tax case and the excessive penalties being thrown around.
  13. Whyte only got the opportunity to press the admin button because minty was forced to sell to him by Lloyd’s. This was due to the excessive hype and hysteria the press and its cronies drove about the proposed tax bill. The proposed tax bill now , as most of us thought, was never near the amounts being pushed by every Rangers hater in the land. Imo it’s all relevant!
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