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  1. Rumors going around that Katic has been dropped for.... 1. Head butting Goldson or 2. Calling Goodson a black B... read both on FB tonight. obviously hope it’s not true as I think Katic is immense👍🏻
  2. Imagine us doing this in Rotterdam, baton to the head and in the tin pail...
  3. I wish we would rag doll spfl teams like this every week!!
  4. Still fucking scratching my head over it mate, can’t figure it out tbh!!
  5. Just a pity you can’t see the media falling over themselves to congratulate morelos on his conduct, like they did when they were criticizing his conduct..
  6. RIP Fernando. You will always be one of the people.
  7. That 3rd goal is actually a good team goal👍🏻🇬🇧
  8. We are shit!! Turgid, predictable and one dimensional!!! Time to mix it up Mr Gerrard!!
  9. He’s been shaky this season for me. Katic is towering above him imo and he shouldn’t be.
  10. When are they going to play a game where they don’t score?? They always do!!
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