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  1. In Germany with his best mate James..... putting in a good word from Gerrard 😂😂
  2. What a job that would be... being paid to provide your teams players with kit etc👍🏻
  3. Ask bowyer if Charlton need a midfielder on loan for the season?
  4. Mate, I lay the blame at his door for our shite start to January. His fuck up at Kilmarnock keeps annoying the fuck out of me.
  5. How very moral of them.... if true, typical celtic
  6. I don’t know mate tbh, just read in this thread he passed the norwich medical. You think if he had passed it he would have signed!
  7. So if he passed a medical at Norwich, why didn’t that transfer go through?
  8. Had high hopes for rossiter and the rest of the lads who have been told to go. But we can’t afford to keep 5 or so injury prone players forever, time to say all the best and goodbye!
  9. December is a nightmare again though!! I wonder who the tarriers have got that month.
  10. Condolences to his family at this sad time. RIP from a faifley Bear 💙
  11. I don’t know about any when he arrived at us. But he lost his wife and kids in a car crash in 1998. Poor guy done well to forge a football career after that.
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