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  1. “Separate entity” blown out the water....
  2. Your right mate!!! Ryan jack has just played arguably his longest ever consistent season in professional football, as we started in July last year. Good on him for getting blootered, he deserves it ffs!!
  3. I haven’t read all the posts etc etc so this is no way an attack on anyone here..... but unless Doran’s was sitting in the emerald Ibiza CFC supporters club then the guy should be able to go wherever the fuck he wants. Now I don’t know the finer details of this but I’d bet my house he was attacked simply because he plays for Rangers!!
  4. Hopefully now starting to gain traction and this rancid organization can be held accountable for its past actions.
  5. Holy fuck.... is this for real? Did the SFA actually remove this? That’s a guilty link if ever there was one.... celtic and SFA complicit together??
  6. If you want to show empathy or help the victims, why don’t you use your position in the media to ask some serious questions? If I was in your position I would. Its the worst scandal in Scottish football history and the victims deserve at least an apology and anything else that comes with it.
  7. Rangers did not and have not committed any crimes. Arsehole!!
  8. Brilliant. Well done Rangers and Ryan Jack👏🏻
  9. Really?? I need to read up on that, shocking!!
  10. I know it was in America but why were penn state sanctioned and stripped of honors for their child abuse convictions?
  11. kelvd1873

    Paul McStay

    Why did Paul Mcstay fall out with celtic? I’ve heard whispers he doesn’t go to the knewcamp because of previous history between him and an old board, anyone know??
  12. Nothing surer mate!! Honestly if this was Rangers it would be an absolute bloodbath. It would most certainly be a “footballing matter” and any relevant court cases wouldn’t matter as they would just pander on with the 4 convictions that have just past over and over until said court cases finished!! Arseholes!!
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