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  1. They’re good at keeping secrets over at torbett towers.....
  2. The only organisation I know of that can defend their player for throwing an item at a fan and turn it 180* in their favour. I know it was only sock tape but to young kids watching it’s not a good example as a pro to throw anything at the crowd! Fuck me imagine if this was Morelos or diouf back in the day 🤯🤯🤯
  3. This all stinks, something is underlying here!! There is no way on earth if this was Rangers fc under this type of cloud, the shettlestons from every walk of life and position of power wouldnt be demanding action and compensation to the victims. Whatever happened to that Tory msp who was questioning Japanese Pete about all this, where has he disappeared to? It is actually unbelivable that Scotland has a horrible known secret hidden and the authorities want to keep a lid on it, fucking sickening!! I’m fucking furious that separate entity fc are being allowed to continue as if nothing has happened, isn’t 6 or more coaches convicted not a cause for concern to the SFA and Scottish government?
  4. Right so julien, brown and bolignoli must be next up, surely??
  5. Hopefully for the shettleston’s as 6 out of 9 games for them coming up are away👍🏻
  6. I can’t wait for el buffalo to score the winner against these cretins, it will well and truely end them!!
  7. Jesus Christ give this lad a chance ffs. He’s been hung out to dry by what I’m reading so far. Fucking poor man!!
  8. Bingo.... my thoughts exactly. Brown needs to be citied to change my mind!!
  9. He’s a special kind of fucktard! The seethe is seaping out of him when he writes about minutes played etc 🤣🤣🖕🏻
  10. I’m from clydebank and I’d say it’s was a 60/40 split in favour of them before I emigrated 14 years ago. Both sides of my family are from there and are Rangers fans! Also I know plenty of bankies that are bears!
  11. That’s a load of shite as Christie walked away from that challenge and played the rest of the match. This groin injury has fuck all to do with alfie, typical deflection from hollicom/celtic!!
  12. And the fact Christie walked away from that challenge, carried playing the game anonymously, and was booted in the balls by Lennon in the change room for missing the penalty lol!! Don’t you know turn it up, Christie fucked it up!!!
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