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  1. Morelos over cummings

    I agree he should have scored at least two. But I still think he played well in other ways. Listen I’m gutted he missed that too believe me, but I don’t think Cummings upfront alone is the answer.
  2. Greg Docherty

    He didn’t have the best of games, but I think that was because of tactics in some ways. He just never really seemed to get going!! He will be a mainstay in our midfield for years to come
  3. Morelos over cummings

    He should have scored obviously but his hold up play and general work rate is excellent. I’m not saying Cummings is worse but Morelos is good as one up top
  4. Morelos signs contract extension until 2021

    Wee man to score first and 2-0 to the teddy bears👍🏻🇬🇧
  5. Murty Speaks

    I’ve always wondered this, probably not more than likely treat him like the messiah he’s not
  6. Just win Rangers

    Let’s get right behind the players today then!! Give them our full support for 90 mins. If we don’t start well be patient and the win will come👍🏻🇬🇧
  7. Brilliant pass from goss!! Well done Jamie 1st goal of hopefully many for Rangers????
  8. Pitching wedge nut??
  9. Cumdog yaaaassssss 2-1
  10. But when every other team puts a cross in our box it usually causes panic
  11. I’ll keep on saying it..... Wes is as dodgy as fuck!! Get rid of him
  12. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Does anyone know why Morelos goal was chalked off??
  13. 17 points dropped since Pedro left.

    I agree with you mate, time is something Murty won’t have a lot of!! He needs to the find the formula for consistency now or he will be out of a job come May.
  14. Tav

    Tav should have known better!! As soon as you go near them they’re going to drop.