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  1. Stokes/ jack incident would never have happened if the ref did his job properly and sent stokes off for chokeholding tav in the 7th minute👍🏻
  2. Yeah me too mate!!
  3. Well I don't know if he is good enough or not as I thought cammy bell was going to be good for us..... but when Zander was at QOS he played out of his skin against us time and time again👍🏻
  4. Hopefully this is where mark Allen earns his keep!!
  5. Zander Clark, st Johnstone keeper? Big gers fan I believe👍🏻
  6. Chris suttons doing
  7. What evidence mate? Everything I have seen so far shows stokes leaning in and then grabbing jack by the throat!!
  8. Their equalizer probably happened because tav was unfairly booked in the 7th min and was rightly scared to put his foot in.
  9. He did
  10. Yep👍🏻
  11. You know what, your right👍🏻
  12. All of this is spot on but I totally agree with the part saying imagine the outcry for the ref to be removed, the mhedia would be in overdrive
  13. The worst part for me is some of our own who don't want to ask questions when shit like this goes down!! We need to stand up together against the blatant bias. Look where dignified silence has us now.
  14. 100%. Game ended as a contest when he shat it to send stokes off in 7th minute
  15. I think that's harsh mate tbh. It's hard when you've had the wind taken out of your sails with ridiculous descision after descision. A sign of what was to come was tav being booked in 7th min when stokes should have seen red