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  1. Klos

    GTA V

    Could be, doubt he'll be the main character though. The narrator in the trailer talks about why he wanted to move there etc. and how he wanted his kids to be like the ones on tv, then says "Well, you know how it goes.....". Might be Tommy Vercetti in the trailer but the main character is one of his kids.
  2. Klos

    GTA V

    It would have been if it wasnt for the small fact that the original saints row was one of the worst games I've ever played!
  3. TBH The renewing of Shaggers contract is as good if not better than a new signing.
  4. I've no real interest in becoming a mod and definitely don't merit it. However as Bkay's expressed an interest I'd like to throw my name in the hat purely because it lessens his chances if the winner is randomly selected! Plus I do feel a bit left out when going for a pint with Dado, Hoff and Badger due to my non-mod status.
  5. Well Hello Craig

  6. long time no speak big chap

  7. You spying on my profile again ????hee hee hee!

  8. I meant one where everyone can see you.

  9. Hello craig,

    I think you should get a pic up.

  10. :bkay: :cheerleader: Juno sir, take a bow, this has been epic!
  11. Back to form Juno, keep the synopsis' coming!
  12. Yep in all fairness to Luffy her stories have inspired some great writing from others, namely Juno, Jimbo and Gid in this thread!
  13. That would be a shame. I'm sure she'd be filled with pride to see what her little thread had blossomed into! :pierre:
  14. Well said Jimbo. Admin team, hang your heads in shame for this oversight.
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