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  1. For me when I go MyGers and select Join Today I get a message saying No Memberships are available. But when I selected Buy Online at the top of the page and select buy now beside MYGERS MEMBERSHIP It went to a page where you could select the Adult or Kids membership options.
  2. Dundee is too small to have two football league teams anyway. Plus it would leave a gap in Scottish football for an orange strip.
  3. I am torn - while I want to see us absoltely pump them on the park I don’t want to give them any money
  4. The fish and chips hospitality was funny but them staying in the Championship is quality. Thompson or whoever is in charge next season will be praying for a cup draw against us.
  5. Let’s replace an under 21s coach with an under 18s one.
  6. Is there any chance Pedro is playing mind games and will make more changes? Would like several changes if only to screw up Killies game plan.
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