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  1. This could be a convenient smokescreen to take attention away from the Salmond allegations and talk of a rift in the Party. The SNP are a disgrace.
  2. If a player is good enough to perform on the pitch then having somebody over 30 or under 20 is not an issue. The problem is that as Rangers fans we have seen too many older players that are well past their best who don’t perform. Then the criticism follows that they only signed to top up the pension. For younger players the problem is they either perform well for 6 months to a year and return to their parent club or they don’t contribute enough and are taking a spot from academy players already at the club.
  3. Dundee is too small to have two football league teams anyway. Plus it would leave a gap in Scottish football for an orange strip.
  4. I am torn - while I want to see us absoltely pump them on the park I don’t want to give them any money
  5. The fish and chips hospitality was funny but them staying in the Championship is quality. Thompson or whoever is in charge next season will be praying for a cup draw against us.
  6. The weekly wages in England are crazy and despite all the TV money the end product is not improving year on year. There was a time players got a testimonial after ten years now some players get multi million “loyalty” bonuses after 3-4 years.
  7. Are those two leaving for the greater good or because they not happy with the direction we are going in?
  8. I wonder if there has been any betting on Trump winning on a respotted black - that Higgins miss was bad.
  9. Let’s replace an under 21s coach with an under 18s one.
  10. Is there any chance Pedro is playing mind games and will make more changes? Would like several changes if only to screw up Killies game plan.
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