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  1. Lee Wallace begging Bruno not to take his armband off him
  2. The injury list has just shot through the roof after big Bruno smashed every useless cunt that got us pumped out of Europe...... He started with Pedro!!!!!!
  3. I hope Pedro doesn't tell the players to play like it's a cup final again coz we all know what that performance is like!!!!!
  4. OK full backs....but they play like wing backs
  5. Both wing back areas are honking and the backups aren't the answer either.
  6. When you swipe and walk through look behind you, at the top of the turnstiles it comes up A=adult, C=concession and J=juvenile. I think the stewards are meant to check but most are foreigners and don't say anything, my brothers have used my son's many a time.
  7. The worrying thing about our 4-3-3 last night was that we played 2 defensive midfielders against a part time team! A number of times during the game the ball was thrown out to a defender and we had 6 players coming short to look for it (tavernier, bates,cardoso,Wallace,Jack,rossiter) and they had 1 striker shutting it down with everyone else dropping off. A 4-4-2 was soo obvious last night that even Craig levein might have broke the mould from his 4-6-0!
  8. Seriously questioning everything Pedro has implemented so far: Early treble training sessions but we don't look any fitter. Aggressive attacking style but we don't seem to be pressurising teams. Apparently moving the ball quicker short short long but we still seem to be slow and laboured in possession. Attacking the spaces but don't create anything. Are his signings really any better to what we had: Cardoso - Wilson Alves - Hill Jack - Halliday Pena - Windass Dalcio - MOH Candeias - Mackay Herrera - Garner Morelos - Dodoo Have we really made any improvement over the summer???
  9. Are we officially the quickest team to be knocked out of Europe from Scotland? We lasted 5 days......great way to rewrite the history books Pedro!!!!!
  10. I think we should get rid or put the pressure on him to resign. I thought it was too big a gamble for us when we appointed him and we regressed under him towards the end of the season with same shite players that Warburton had. His motivational speech to get the players raring to go was.....treat this like a cup final!!!!! Holy fuck if that was a cup final performance I'd hate to see a 1st round performance. Our formation is out of sorts, our tactics are non existent, there is no tempo, no leadership and worryingly no creativity. We were playing against part time players and play a defensive 4-3-3.!!! I don't need time to know how this is going to end, I would rather someone had the balls to pull the trigger now than to hide and hope that somehow this will all get better quickly. Oh and if I was dorrans or Alves I'd run a fucking mile.
  11. Ooooooo in before RFC Robertson! I hope you got the ok?
  12. Cracking finish from Hardie. The lads composure for the Indonesia goal was good.
  13. Chris iwelumo, was given a trial by Warburton coz he was deadly
  14. I'd imagine a lot of these players will move back down south and the English transfer window doesn't open until 1st July. We are back early due to the early qualifying rounds so I wouldn't panic just yet that we haven't moved anyone out. Plus it's in our interest to keep these players fit if a club comes calling for them.
  15. In the middle of a scrap he still has time to dab!!!!!!