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  1. New kit delay ?

    Our strips have always been launched late due to our sponsorship with puma and sports direct, this strip will be held back until they deals finish and our new deal starts. It will definitely be out this summer july/August time and next year will fall into place with most other clubs in June.
  2. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    He left for fuck all and came back for fuck all, having said that he's still a prick but he's much better than Wes.
  3. Out?: James Tavernier

    Apart from his last 2 games, Tav has been shite since the old firm game at ibrox. He is capable of good performances but if £3.5 million is on offer then I'd take and anyone saying we wouldn't get a suitable replacement for that is talking nonsense, there's more players like Andy Robertson(I know he's a left back) around we just need to find them. We need a full new and strong backline and that money would go some way to improving that.
  4. Allardyce

    someone called allerdyce world class.........really?!?!?! If Gerrard was interested in a no2 job then there's a vacant position at anfield I'm sure he would've taken
  5. Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    Also on the subject of Mcburnie, he will be the main striker at Swansea after a successful loan at Barnsley. I'd be surprised if he signs for us or cheaply at that.
  6. Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    Peterborough have a history of selling strikers for big bucks, they sold Dwight Gayle to crystal palace for £6+ Mil and Brit Assombalonga to Forest for £5+ Mil all whilst being in league 1. The fee will definitely be around the same again if we're interested.
  7. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Massive name but also a massive gamble.....it's a no for me!
  8. Sundays Front Line

    This should be all out war on Sunday from the players. If the players can't get motivated for this then they should pack their bags and fuck off. Our game plan should be quite simply press them high up and don't give them a minutes peace, run yourself into to the ground for 90 mins and have a go. The result will take care of itself and whatever way it goes if the players have gave 100% I'll be happy. Brown needs put in his place after his comments last week and seeing his comments yesterday. The motivation is there for these players to go out and shut these pricks up for another week. Start both upfront and torment the fucking life out of them.
  9. Morelos warm up today.

    We need to remember he's only 21. I don't think it's an attitude problem, he's just immature and showing it by acting like a brat. He doesn't have many people to turn to especially in training, he can't go and have a chat with murty coz they don't understand each other. His frustration is at boiling point and unfortunately he's at a club where he'll get scrutinised for everything.
  10. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    We had money to burn when these 2 started their managerial careers.
  11. Candeias Goal

    It reminded me of Gary Mcswegans goal against marseille
  12. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Fod Tav Cardoso Alves John McCrorie Goss Cummings Windass Murphy Morelos
  13. Hummel

    All that matters is the money on the table and we as a support will buy it to help the club. If you're honestly saying you won't buy coz hummel is the sponsor then please fuck off coz you can't support our mighty fine club. Stop being so self-absorbed and think of the club, you support a footballing giant with the best supporters in the world not the best dressed!! Great business and I look forward to seeing the new strip
  14. Hummel

    As long as it's a good deal for the club I couldn't care less what the sponsor is, we buy the strips because our crest is on it not the sponsor.
  15. Rangers youth

    Listening to Lewis mayo speak he said the biggest thing they've learned from playing the different style of teams is their pressing game.......maybe these lads could teach our 1st team that then.