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  1. How embarrassed would a man of such stature and presence be of looking down on that pish today.
  2. The midfield were non existent, it pains me to watch everyone of them shite it from brown. If I was a rangers player playing midfield my main task would be smash brown every time he got the ball or take turns in hammering him, he's a timebomb waiting to happen yet we brick it every time he gets close. He fucking stoats about like a hard man every game and we accept that and can't wait to shake his hand at the end. This cunt needs put in his place, always gloats during the game and comes off to an interview where he sinks the boot again........also he talks like a fucking fairy!!!!!
  3. Since pedro has come in hyndman has went well off the boil, he clearly doesn't suit the tactics the manager plays. Waghorn was pitiful today and I can't believe he finished the game.
  4. I grew up watching some of the best players around playing for us to now watching some of the most average players ever to put on our jersey! Some these players would struggle to get a game at junior level! If there's not serious investment and improvement in the summer we'll go out at the 1st hurdle in the Europa league and stumble to a 2nd or 3rd finish again. I'm sorry but the money we put into this club deserves better on and off the pitch.
  5. Pretty much everyone can go, as far as I'm concerned they're not rangers players and I'm raging that my hard earned cash is going into these cunts pockets!
  6. Mind when we used to pump them........ Nor can i
  7. Nothing wrong with good quality loans, but when we're bringing youngsters from other clubs who haven't had much 1st team action would be my gripe. We need to spend on quality additions and loan quality players to make up the rest.....will it happen? Probably not
  8. I think only Clint Hill is the 1 player in our squad who can tackle or make it physical, the rest of our players are total shite bags. What a gutless performance!!!!! How many times today did we pass the ball out or run it out the park???? Got to say our tactics were pish, stood off far too much.
  9. I agree with this, we were dreadful today
  10. Tragic news, died way too young. The sports lost a great man today. You might not have been here long Ugo but your goal will always be remembered. R.I.P big man 😔
  11. Worst case scenario is, he continues to impress with Scunthorpe and maybe we will get a decent fee.
  12. I've seen better defenders for us go to the sheep and crumble...........well done young man keep up the good work. It's a breath of fresh air with the youngsters coming in.
  13. Keep: Foderingham, Alnwick, Hill, Wallace, Wilson, Mckay, Rossiter, Windass. I'd also keep Miller on a coaching role, if he wants to continue playing then let him go and hopefully see him back in a coaches role at a later date. The rest I would sell or use as part of a deal for other players.
  14. We could have the best manager in the world in charge and he would still struggle with this squad of shite. Mass clear out in the summer and then we'll judge Pedro, we need quality and proven talent! We can't afford to get it wrong this time.
  15. Some folk are never happy! Do people remember the calamity defending we've had to endure all season? I thought the 2 lads done well and beerman looks like he could develop into a really good wing back. The 2 lads had a better game than Tav who seemed to abandon his defensive duties altogether(Holt covered his arse most of the game) and beerman had more heart than mckay. I wish we could bring through a composed striker coz we had enough chances to win.