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  1. Was it not henning berg?
  2. Borna is much better than Davies
  3. Purely due to the fact we have fuck all other options with pace that can play out there unless we switch Kent to the right and play Jones down the left.
  4. Would like to see a few changes on Sunday and a bit more pace added to the team so I know this won't be popular but here goes: McGregor Patterson Katic edmundson Barisic Polster Jack Hagi Ojo Kent Morelos I feel hagi has the vision to hopefully get more out of ojo with balls in behind and between the lines, also giving us a fast paced attack when breaking. As much as Kent has been disappointing he's still our main driving force in terms of picking the ball up and running with it. I've picked Polster for a bit more in terms of tackling and the fact the rest of our midfielders are just plain shite. Give Jack or mcgregor the armband.
  5. I've tried to stay positive with Gerrard but unfortunately I don't think it matters what he says to the players anymore as they aren't responding. Looks like his time is up along with a huge portion of our squad as well.
  6. I'm not talking about what he's done up until now, I'm meaning show us he's committed, he's learned and wants to fight for the cause as lately he's been a mile off it.
  7. Thanks for the apology Alfredo but showing us on the park is what we want to see.
  8. For as frustrating as he can be he's not as bad as some make out. He doesn't pick his worth and folk constantly throw up his price tag. Tonight is exactly what he can do but people need to cut him some slack as some of our biggest games he's popped up and scored.
  9. Ffs how many of the wee shitey teams would then be happy with a point and still not bother coming out.
  10. How does the fightback start when it's a European game and not a league game?
  11. Players can be burnt out and it can also be Gerrards fault that that is the case. I've already said in other posts that Gerrard takes the blame for that and in no way am I saying it's the players fault for being mismanaged. If our season starts early due to European qualifiers and with Cup runs he needs to make sure he has a squad capable of dealing with it and keeping it fresh. At times this season Tav, goldson, aribo, Arfield, Kent and now morelos have been out of form but he's been reluctant to change them and sticking with the same players will not help in the long run.
  12. Being here last season and playing the same amount of games won't make a difference on the basis they won't be any fitter for it, if you've not got the squad to rotate and keep players fresh then you'll have the same outcome. We can't win the league playing the same 16/18 players. There's also been players who have went off form and not been dropped due to him not trusting or giving others a chance.
  13. Good post, I can understand and see that as well. Stewart has scored a few goals for the limited time he's been given, I'm not sure what else he needs to do to get a run in the team.
  14. Exactly, the relief of beating them and thinking the job was done is my point about the mental side of the game. It's been years since we beat them there and the euphoria that came with it could easily lead to the team on a come down. It's mentally and physically taxing and our players are showing it.
  15. You compare them to having played the same amount of games and then answer it by saying their bench is stronger than ours. Sports fitness is completely different to what it was running the dunes.
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