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  1. If he was capable of walking into an English championship side I doubt we'd be loaning him out. He's still raw but there's potential there to be a right good winger or no 10.
  2. The negative comments about his loan move are ridiculous. He's only just turned 19 and still developing, from the appearances he made last season most can quite easily see there's talent there. Wouldn't be like our support to slaughter our youngsters and not be patient with them eh 🤦‍♂️. I get the comments about him maybe playing at an spl team but standard is similar and it's a good move.
  3. When Gerrard took over he had a lot of players to shift and loads to fill. There's not 1 single manager out there that has got every signing correct and they never will. The bonus this season is he has a squad of his choice to work with and the signings this season will be more about quality than quantity (forget the freebies they are here to bulk the squad up). We'll not get Kent back and I'd be happy and confident about selling and replacing Morelos. We need to keep Tav but money talks unfortunately.
  4. I'm glad I could help. I did look for a topic on it before posting but couldn't see anything.
  5. Not sure I'm getting this..... Is he saying: 1) we should have a fee built in that if the loan is successful we buy him. or 2) we should get a cut if the loan is successful and he moves permanently to another club????? If he means 1 then that's nothing new and I'm guessing we couldn't afford the fee of the loan player. If he means 2 then someone has had a bowl of retard this morning!!!!!
  6. Just as I thought didn't happen. He only scored 6 goals for us against Kilmarnock, hearts, Dundee utd and Motherwell plus 2 European goals.
  7. Prove it or it didn't happen
  8. He never scored against Aberdeen.
  9. I wish Wallace all the best and I'm grateful he stood by us in our darkest hour( as I am with a few others) he'll go down in the history books for staying and helping us back up but imo he's not legend status. He was an average player and injury prone who's best form came under Warburton in the championship.
  10. £15 million is the least we should be accepting, anyone else saying lower than this really don't have a clue how much money is involved in football these days. Regardless of his disciplinary issues there's no taking away that he's scored 30 goals this season, scored goals on the European scene and is an international player as well. If clubs don't bid what we want then we keep him it's as simple as that.
  11. The thing that annoys me is there's no consistency at all with these decisions. This is the same panel that didn't see anything wrong when the Kilmarnock keeper thrust his elbow into kamaras face.
  12. Can't change a winning team, Morelos will need to wait his turn the same way defoe did.
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