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  1. Dug shite is definitely worse
  2. I remember you used to spew the same shite about Morelos!!!
  3. Flanagan and halliday are both out of contract at the end of the season so I think he will persevere with what he's got and address it at the end of the season. For me although Barisic has looked vulnerable I think we need to give him about 5/6 games on the bounce to get into a rhythm and see if his performances pick up, the problem is he's made of paper and seems to get wee injuries all the time.
  4. I was going to suggest his name in the suggestions thread last season but injuries have started to creep into his game and he's not played much because of it. Good signing if he stays fit.
  5. I'd pretty much agree with this although I have a feeling edmundson and halliday will start ahead of katic and barisic.
  6. Would definitely help cut out the garbage folk post.
  7. How has a borna barisic thread spiralled into shite where an idiot is claiming halliday is a better full back than Tavernier 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.
  8. For me our 1st choice pairing has to be goldson and katic. They looked excellent together at the end of the season and it's up to the new guys to dislodge them. I'd also like to say that katic is more of a threat at set pieces as well so he'd be in my team with whoever else.
  9. He needs a sustained run in the team to pick up form, coming in and out the team is no use. If he can stay injury free hopefully he'll show us exactly what he's about.
  10. He needs time to show us what he's capable of. He's not had a sustained run in the team due to injuries and if the gaffer thought he wasn't good enough he'd be giving him the same treatment as grezda, lafferty and dorrans. Let's see what a run of games bring and he's definitely not as bad as some are making out. He reminds me of taverniers 1st season in the Premier and look how he's worked out.
  11. He had 1 of his best games against celtic at left back!!
  12. Was surprised she said it wasn't ready as I thought they'd just print them on request. No harm done anyway, got them and it's almost time for a beer 🍻
  13. I think it must be close to 45k. Was looking at tickets this morning and it's mainly single seats available. On a side note, ordered my tickets and went straight through to collect them, when I got there they told me they weren't ready yet😂😂. A bit of back and forwards and she printed them in 30 secs
  14. I think most will admit he had a poor 1st season but we need to give him time. There was flashes of what he's capable of if he can hit form and now that he's had a full pre season with us he'll be in a better place to do so. If he doesn't improve he'll no doubt be gone in January.
  15. Yeah he wouldn't play regularly just yet but I think he would in years to come. I'm pretty disappointed with the buy option but would've been happier with just the loan.
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