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  1. News on Alves

    All young players learn from good coaches,leaders and experienced players. Going into such a big game and making your old firm debut are you telling me that he wouldn't appreciate a calming influence and pep talk from someone who has played in some of the most hostile derbies and atmospheres in world football? As for exactly what he would say to him.... unfortunately my many years of playing amateur football may differ to Alves but it would go something like "have you paid yet" and "punt him up in the air the 1st chance you get"
  2. News on Alves

    Alves is a starter every week there's no doubt about that, with whom is still up for debate. I personally would've had Alves at the game with his vast experience in derbies he could then have went away for his treatment afterwards. There's no race against the clock, he won't be fit for Friday and then it's international week so it looks to me as if his priority is getting fit for Portugal. That's just my opinion whether anyone agrees or not they won't change my mind on it.
  3. News on Alves

    We'll need to agree to disagree as I don't think he could possibly react quick enough to cardoso swiping at fresh air. 2nd goal his lack of experience showed but in fairness to him he had a great game and looked more assured than cardoso.
  4. News on Alves

    Cryotherapy chamber for a calf strain.............seriously..........don't make me laugh. Imo his experience in derbies would've been vital! Enough for us to win probably not but to give his full support to McCrorie definitely.
  5. News on Alves

    I'm not totally convinced he will keep playing after the world cup next year! In the back of my mind I've always thought he was using us to keep fit for his last stint at a major tournament.
  6. News on Alves

    Hope it's not the same bird that was treating samir nasri
  7. News on Alves

    I'm sorry but you don't need sunshine and the best docs in the world to treat a grade 1 strain. Personally I would've had him at the game giving as much help to a 19 yr old making his old firm debut.
  8. News on Alves

    How did he let the ball go through his legs?? Maybe the halfwit a yard in front of him should've cleared it rather than take a fresh air swipe!! I agree with the 2nd but there's no way he can be blamed for Cardosos fuck up.
  9. News on Alves

    It's only a quick fix so he can be available for Portugal not for us. The problem is that Alves has played in some of the biggest derbies in the world, his experience would've been vital on and off for the biggest. However I applaud young mcCrorie for his performance and the way he kept Griffiths quiet for the majority of the game.
  10. News on Alves

    Alves not being there didn't result in our defeat but we bought him for his experience on and off the field. He could've been there to help others Imo. Disagree with the 1st goal being mcCrories fault as Cardoso had a fresh air swing resulting in the ball going through his legs! I do think he could've been more aware at the 2nd goal even if wes should've done better.
  11. News on Alves

    This is boyds article There’s no other way to describe this situation, which, quite frankly, sums up everything that seems to happen at my old club these days. Alves may not be able to play at Ibrox, but he could still be doing a vital job as part of the squad. Whoever sanctioned his trip to Spain should hang their heads in shame. It’s an absolute disgrace. Let me tell you here and now, the Portugal international doesn’t need to be anywhere other than Murray Park for treatment to his injury. I’ve worked with the Rangers medical staff and they’re the best in the business. No, Alves should be in Glasgow, not in Spain. I know how it works. Players with injuries tend to get time off to get treatment. But he could have flown out to Spain on Wednesday morning and been back by now. Whether he was able to play or not, he could still have played a major part in this afternoon’s clash with celtic. He could be sitting alongside young Ross McCrorie before kick-off and giving him help, advice and encouragement the kid may desperately need. At half-time he could be in the dressing room giving him pointers. I just find it staggering that Alves has been allowed to leave Glasgow the day before such an important match. I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s a major loss to Rangers that he’s not facing celtic. For me, the young lad McCrorie can handle this game.
  12. News on Alves

    I've got to agree with kris boyds article on it
  13. News on Alves

    I have a genuine question What can the physio do with a calf strain in Spain that can't be done here?
  14. News on Alves

    Alves only intention is to make sure he's fit for Portugal! I'm telling you now he won't be ready for Friday.
  15. Pedro: Time to go?

    I don't think our problem is just down the left side, I also thought that tav and candeias were exposed a lot as well. We need much better full backs, another decent winger and a forward player who can link between our midfield and striker (buffel,arteta types).