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  1. Hate to say it but that type of game was crying out for a Ross McCrorie type of player, the same McCrorie that got motm for Aberdeen against them. We are too lightweight in the middle and falter every time it's a scrap.
  2. I thought he finished by saying amor which means love. This would also explain the heart he gestured.
  3. Tav gets a goal a rest and a blowjob.........good night's work
  4. Thought the subs that came on actually played well today. Morelos looked a lot sharper in the limited time he was on the field and special mention to Arfield who was the pick of the goals for me.
  5. Their keeper has kept the score respectful so far or we've just been poor at finishing
  6. Gerrard better get tore into this cheating cunt after the game
  7. Never a foul but Borna needs to watch as this cunt will send him off.
  8. Let's see what today's result brings before we have a meltdown. We're top of the league and apart from the Livingston game we've looked threatening and should've scored more than what we have.
  9. We'll agree to disagree here as hagi doesn't look anything like the money we spent on him.
  10. Andy halliday has said in an interview recently that barker is 1 of the best in training and some of the goals he scores is a joke.
  11. Barker has been playing better than hagi so how bad has hagi been then?
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