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  1. I'd tell him to take the net off as hitting the target wasn't good enough 😝
  2. I just found it strange that he basically went all the way to the penalty spot rather than throw the ball to him if it was pre arranged. Was it just coincidence that Tav got the ball or was it that he was getting it coz he planned on initially taking it?? As I said there was part of me that wanted morelos to hit the penalty but looking back maybe changing penalty takers on such a big occasion against our biggest rivals wasn't the best idea.
  3. If morelos was the designated penalty taker why was Tavernier getting the ball for him, I genuinely think they agreed between themselves at that moment to change it otherwise there's no reason for tav to be stood beside him at the penalty spot giving him the ball. Trying to break your duck on a penalty is never a good idea but there was a part of me that wanted Morelos to take it,. Obviously in hindsight on such an occasion we shouldn't have changed it as it's left us with more questions.
  4. There's not much he can do when the keepers played a blinder. He hit the target and on most occasions it would've went in, unfortunately there seems to be bad luck for him surrounding this fixture. Only thing I would say on his game yesterday is that at times he was that desperate for a goal he was a bit greedy when he could've played someone else in, other than that he played well. He'll break his duck eventually but we need it sooner rather than later.
  5. I remember he was a referee in an amateur game I played in 20 years ago and he was a total cunt, he must've booked about 10 folk and sent 2 off. Back then he was being fast tracked to the big time.
  6. These are not the only 2 teams to have pressed us high and we've had a great season so far. We coped admirably away to Porto and passed the ball about in some tight areas. I think our draw against the sheep coincided with a few things, Morelos didn't have the best of games, Jack's passing was fairly slack, flannagan was a jittering bombscare and our cbs didn't impose themselves on the game when we were under pressure. These games happen from time to time and if we look through the archives we'll see that even our most successful seasons had a few blips. It could be a blessing in disguise and we go out fired up on Sunday and hopefully smash these manky smelly peado bastards.
  7. They should be allowed to enter the lowland league and work up from there. It's a joke that the sfa can't see how this would benefit Scottish football.
  8. Mccrorie needs game time which is why he was loaned out. I think he's the long term plan to replace McGregor. There's been no secret that Alnwick is surplus to requirements and loaning him out and another club picking up his wages is a better idea considering firth will be on lower wages. There's no doubt firth won't be here for long but he serves a purpose while we bleed Robbie Mccrorie.
  9. Firth was brought in as a 3rd choice keeper as we have loaned Robbie Mccrorie out.
  10. But we can't afford it...............
  11. Has probably looked our best line up yet. 3 points tonight and we should qualify.
  12. To be honest there's not much between them and it's a difficult but welcome headache to have. The experience of goldson and helander is probably what's giving them the nod and as much as I like big katic, his time will come as I think him and edmundson are the long term plan.
  13. I have a similar feeling but hope they don't
  14. Coz I think they'll shit their pants and just accept it. Hopefully they don't as I think he's easily a £25/30 million pound player.
  15. As much as I agree that we should be looking for close to that figure.....i don't have much faith that the board will hold out for it. Anything around the £20 million mark and I think our board will accept.
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