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  1. Our defence

    The stats do
  2. Our defence

    You've failed to include: 4th November Rangers 3-0 Partick Thistle 29th November Rangers 3-0 Aberdeen 27th December Rangers 2-0 Motherwell 30th December celtic 0-0 Rangers 24th January Rangers 2-0 Aberdeen 6th February Partick thistle 0-2 Rangers For all our defensive frailties we've still kept 6 clean sheets and 5 games where we've only conceded 1. We've conceded 19 goals in his 17 league games(1.1 goals per game avrg), scored 32(1.8 goals per game avrg) and dropped 17 points(1 point per game avrg). Under caixinha we conceded 12 in 10 league games(1.2 goals per game Avrg), scored 21 goals(2.1 goals per game avrg) and dropped 12 points(1.2 points per game avrg). On average we are conceding less and dropping less points under Murty than we were under Pedro. We dropped points to hearts,hibs,celtic,Partick thistle and Kilmarnock and the start to our season was vitally important which pedro fucked up so I'm afraid I do blame pedro for where we are now. We are marginally better under Murty but with players to come back from injury I think we'll get even better as the season ends and there's actual direction in where we are going now.
  3. *****Official Hamilton Vs Rangers*****

    Well done getting the site back up guys. Smelly obsessive fenian fucks with nothing better to do with their time.
  4. Windass

    Do you actually think before you post? If that's what you genuinely thought from that you should log off mate.
  5. Windass

    Easily offended group out in force again, he gets some amount of abuse and criticism and when he basically tells us to shut up we get our panties in a knot about it. Just because we pay our money every week to watch them doesn't mean we as a support don't deserve some critics some times, we are too quick to get on the players backs these days. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Compared to last season the guy has improved massively, yes he's not as consistent as we would like but the important thing is there's improvement. He'll definitely need to play better next year if we bring in better players.
  6. MOH

    We should've used him as part of the deal for docherty
  7. Tav

    Docherty doesn't play for Dundee ya spastic!
  8. Tav

    If he's made noise about signing a new contract then we have no reason to sell unless a silly offer comes in, if he's stalled on signing a new contract then I have no faith in this board to get a decent fee for him and wouldn't be surprised if he goes for around £1/1.5 Mil.
  9. Murty until the end of the season

    It wouldn't surprise me if our transfers in January are loan deals tbh
  10. Murty until the end of the season

    So we appoint someone for the sake of it then?
  11. Murty until the end of the season

    It's a sensible decision and good luck murty. I've said before we can't get this next appointment wrong and if it takes to the end of the season to get the right person then fine. There's no point appointing someone for the sake of it and the only folk that seem to be shouting about it in the media are the arseholes that want to make money off a story, they know this appointment won't sell papers.
  12. O'halloran

    Get rid of dalcio and nemane and bring back moh makes sense to me, we're then going from paying 3 players to 1 and moh will add the exact same as these 2 have........fuck all. The guy doesn't want to be here, we don't want him here and has been a waste ever since Warburton signed him but there's no point loaning 2 players in to do the same job he has done, only difference is murty might put moh on.
  13. Ryan Jack Red

    We were all going mental that this wasn't given as a red at the time, poor refereeing in this game for most of it if my memory serves me correctly.
  14. Ryan Jack Red

    You can't tackle or challenge with your studs showing like that, it's a red all day long and we'd be wasting our time appealing it. Massive well done to the 10 men that worked their socks off for the win, great unity today.
  15. Ryan Jack

    Folk that think Papac was a great left back obviously never saw Robertson or Numan. Papac was a steady Eddie no frills player, that's why the fans liked him.