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  1. I look at that bench and worry but then Gerrard says the 2nd half was much better when the subs would've been made.
  2. This is Norwegian league but does show how shite our league actually is. There's value in these leagues but with an element of a gamble. Jesper karlstrom from Sweden looks a good box to box midfielder and petar musa from the Czech league looks like a good prospect if we sell morelos.
  3. Been looking at other leagues for potential value and this lad looks decent and also started their season well.
  4. Not all of Goldsons mistakes were punished either.
  5. I disagree and would've rather gave katic more of a chance over someone who made more mistakes.
  6. Katic has made mistakes as well, will he make more mistakes than Goldson??? Who knows, Unfortunately we don't get to see as much of katic due to the fact Goldson seems undroppable. I think katic is a better defender and more aggressive in the oppositions box and along side Helander he might have improved.
  7. I haven't said the defence is a problem I am stating that I'm not a fan of Goldson and the reason I wouldn't spend anymore money on a ch is due to the fact we need to sort out a few attacking options.
  8. If there's money available I feel we need to spend it on a few forward positions particularly on a right winger/midfielder/inside forward (whatever people want to call it) as it's a weak point in the team and needs attention also. Had katic not been injured then goldson would've been an adequate backup imo but unless we are selling him to replace I wouldn't want to start using our budget on another ch like we did last year on helander.
  9. Walter took over a better squad/team and added to make it stronger so you can't compare the 2. There's no doubt I think Walter is a better manager but there's no way at the age of 72 that Walter would be able to come in and improve us now unfortunately.
  10. That's a fair point but goldson did make a high profile mistake that led to a goal.
  11. True, he has a lot more this season, 10 goals and 8 assists I think for an average side.
  12. I think we'll sign another 3 (4 if Morelos leaves) players but it will be slow due to other leagues finishing their season. I'm starting to get a bit of the buzz back but I would be lying if I said there wasn't any doubts due to the way we finished or didn't finish last season.
  13. Lucas Andersen of aalborg would be a good signing however we would need to move Kent to the right.
  14. I'm a massive fan of Morelos and when he's on form scoring goals and bullying defenders it's a joy to watch. The treatment he has had from the Scottish press and refereeing has been nothing short of a disgrace and I love the fact he still tried to go about his business even though everyone was against him..........However I think the time has come that it would suit us and Alfredo if he moved on now. I think under current circumstances if we get anything around £15+ million with add ons we take it and hopefully find a suitable replacement or at least we should have 1 lined up since it's been on the cards for a while now.
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