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  1. Ryan Jack

    Folk that think Papac was a great left back obviously never saw Robertson or Numan. Papac was a steady Eddie no frills player, that's why the fans liked him.
  2. Ryan Jack

    Christ Alex Cleland was better than most of these players!!
  3. Were we right to sell McKay?

    Fucksake we got rid of Matt Mckay 5yrs ago..........get over it!!!
  4. ***Suggestion Thread***

    So you're saying we make our money for transfers by hiring someone who puts all our money on the bead rattlers? Joey Barton might be back soon enough then 😁😁
  5. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Good luck Murty you've got a big task on your hands. We need to get the next appointment right, if it takes us to the summer to get the right guy then so be it!
  6. The Mexicans

    They might actually get fit now!!!!
  7. Pedro will be away today

    Pedro is making excuses that he's only had 1 transfer window but he's signed 11 new players of which only a few have impressed. The fact that he picks Windass over dalcio and nemane speaks volumes of these 2 loan signings. Bruno hasn't lived up to the strong no nonsense leader that he was brought in to be, cardoso has looked vulnerable in most of the games he's played, John looks capable and has done well, Jack imo has gone missing in most of the games, candeias has looked good, dorrans has only shown in flashes what he could offer, pena has been frustrating and looks really poor with the ball at his feet, morelos has been a breathe of fresh air and needs more support and herrera hasn't seen much action and his price tag is a worrying waste of money. For those saying that we can't afford to replace him should also understand that we can't afford to keep him either. He's tactically very poor and I don't care what team was put out but if you can't beat a part time team over 2 legs then he should've been sacked there and then. We might not be able to technically match celtic but our next manager needs to be tactically better than them. Brenda got found out on a few occasions at Liverpool when teams made it difficult for them to break them down and that's the road we need to go down when we play them. If we go toe to toe at the minute we're fucked and pedro has had a few games to understand that but as I say he's not tactically good enough to understand that. Cutting our losses with this halfwit will save us in the long term.
  8. Pedro will be away today

    Regardless of the scoreline on Wednesday he should be sacked, he's had far too many chances!!!! We are playing a team that is only off bottom place on goal difference so it's hardly a result if we get a win and it certainly doesn't show the players are behind him, if we get beat at home or draw again then it's another nail in his coffin. The board should not be taking a result on Wednesday as if we have turned a corner!!! As fans we can do no more, we support this club and demand success that the following deserves. If we as fans drop our expectations we'll never reach our full potential again, so the board need to step up and come up with a way to find the right manager and back him heavily. Every week that we stumble to get by we risk losing generations of fans and it kills me to think we won't compete with they bead rattling fucks again. DAVE KING STAND UP OR GET OUT!!!!!
  9. News on Alves

    All young players learn from good coaches,leaders and experienced players. Going into such a big game and making your old firm debut are you telling me that he wouldn't appreciate a calming influence and pep talk from someone who has played in some of the most hostile derbies and atmospheres in world football? As for exactly what he would say to him.... unfortunately my many years of playing amateur football may differ to Alves but it would go something like "have you paid yet" and "punt him up in the air the 1st chance you get"
  10. News on Alves

    Alves is a starter every week there's no doubt about that, with whom is still up for debate. I personally would've had Alves at the game with his vast experience in derbies he could then have went away for his treatment afterwards. There's no race against the clock, he won't be fit for Friday and then it's international week so it looks to me as if his priority is getting fit for Portugal. That's just my opinion whether anyone agrees or not they won't change my mind on it.
  11. News on Alves

    We'll need to agree to disagree as I don't think he could possibly react quick enough to cardoso swiping at fresh air. 2nd goal his lack of experience showed but in fairness to him he had a great game and looked more assured than cardoso.
  12. News on Alves

    Cryotherapy chamber for a calf strain.............seriously..........don't make me laugh. Imo his experience in derbies would've been vital! Enough for us to win probably not but to give his full support to McCrorie definitely.
  13. News on Alves

    I'm not totally convinced he will keep playing after the world cup next year! In the back of my mind I've always thought he was using us to keep fit for his last stint at a major tournament.
  14. News on Alves

    Hope it's not the same bird that was treating samir nasri
  15. News on Alves

    I'm sorry but you don't need sunshine and the best docs in the world to treat a grade 1 strain. Personally I would've had him at the game giving as much help to a 19 yr old making his old firm debut.