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  1. He had a good patch of form that didn't last long at spurs and was then in and out the team. Moved on loan to Fulham where he didn't really do much and then eventually left for hamburg. I have no clue what his form has been like since but if he can replicate his early promise then it'll be a good signing.
  2. Someone standing or raking their studs down the back of your achilles is pretty sore and that horse faced cunt should be cited for violent conduct as he knew exactly what he was doing when they were walking off. Typical Scottish press highlighting the reaction of someone who seems to be a victim of abuse and physical torment in every game he plays in. Maybe if the refereeing was sufficient enough to protect players, Alfredo wouldn't need to react in the manner he does. It's open season on him and when he defends himself he's portrayed as the thug.
  3. Most will agree that we're not getting enough out our midfielders and that our Wingers don't chip in with enough goals but are we just stock piling midfielders and wingers without actually adding anymore quality. I say this off the back of the Kamara and Jones signings with the reported rumours about being interested in Shinnie also. Come the summer when all loan deals have ended this will be our midfield and winger options: Midfield- Dorrans, Jack, Halliday(will be a better Lb option), McCrorie, Kamara, Arfield, Docherty, Holt, Rossiter. Wingers- Murphy, Candeias, Grezda, Middleton, Jones, Dodoo. For me signing Kamara, Jones and possibly Shinnie isn't adding anything new or improved to the squad we already have and we will still need to address these areas in the summer.
  4. Spot on and for me McCrorie should've been played a lot more than he has. He's the only midfielder we have that is naturally physical and gives us more weight in the middle of the park.
  5. We need to show patience here as we can't keep changing manager and personnel every season. With his run in Europe and the fact we beat the tims he deserves our backing in the summer which I hope the board will give him £10 Mil to spend + any sales.
  6. We've played a lot of games which is probably why our season is fizzling out and you're right a few do need a rest.
  7. Another topic on another winger that will probably end with folk saying get rid of him he's shite. At this rate with the amount of players folk want rid of we'll need to bring in 19 players again and then start moaning we've not addressed the problems of last season. My views on candeias and grezda is they are adequate squad players, grezda needs more time to settle and get over his injuries before being properly judged. Kent although he's dipped in form would still be an excellent signing if we can afford it but we're stock piling wingers as it is. Middleton needs to go out on loan next season (added this in before another topic was made).
  8. Don't talk nonsense!! There's been players already moved for more than that and with that big Diddy moving in the summer for 20 Mil there's no doubt Morelos will go for something similar.
  9. Loved Kent raping him even if his shot was woeful
  10. The 2 Hamilton subs came on before 2nd half started therefore no added time, 2 of our subs was at the same time which 30 seconds is allocated and our last sub is 30 seconds. 1 minute was the correct decision as refs don't add anything else on unless the physio is needed or he indicates time wasting.
  11. Gerrard is a rookie and will make mistakes while he gains experience and it is frustrating but the suggestion we should sack him is ridiculous. Although our performances have been inconsistent we've still improved massively on last season with our European run and beating the tims proving that. When he came in he had to move a lot of players out and bring a lot in so there's going to be players who disappoint and there's no manager out there where 100% of his signings are a success. However he's improved our defence compared to last season and most of our money has went on that area, he's also improved Morelos who is our biggest saleable asset. I have no doubt that in the summer he'll be looking to add more creative players to our team and a few strikers. The fact we've got closer to the scum has probably got us more excited and maybe carried away with where we are right now but Gerrard is still mopping up the shite that Warburton/Pedro left behind, the strip fiasco and because of that is still working with 1 hand tied behind his back. We all know that we belong at the top and it's frustrating when good performances and results are followed by dire performances but let's judge Gerrard next season when he's been able to turn this full squad around to his own and we'll be a lot better next season.
  12. Davis and Defoe are finished and it's unfortunately costing us on the pitch and in the pocket. In the summer we need to cut our ties with them
  13. We're a much better team with him in it.
  14. Would love for it to get rescinded and Clarke go into meltdown after boyds red was thrown out last week.
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