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  1. Delete, just seen there was another thread about this a few months ago 🤦‍♂️. I must have missed it.
  2. Just seen on sky sports that he was battling depression whilst playing for us and that he's in a better place now after getting help. I blame the wee guy outside the chippy!!!! Horrible illness that seems to be affecting more and more people these days.
  3. The tactics and personnel were wrong which is why the players on the park didn't perform. I do think recently we are a more fluent team without Aribo in it but there's still plenty of time for him to shine.
  4. Not sure we'd be screaming for a penalty since it happened about 25 yards from our goal but I do agree it was a foul and possibly a red.
  5. We were poor at the back tonight and the 2 cbs deserve criticism as we just scraped through. I personally think we're better at the back with katic in it but we'll need to toughen up against the sheep shaggers.
  6. Like your criticism of him in previous games
  7. The same reason you find fault in any other game he plays well.
  8. He's fucking unreal and a cracking finish today. I hope teams are counting how much money they've got coz his price tag is going up on this form.
  9. No doubt there will be still a few that will say he played shite. Looks settled now and I'm glad he's found form. Best left back we have.
  10. Give them to barisic to take, he can stick them in from about 20 yards out so 12 yards will be easy.
  11. Best left back we have, end of story!!!!
  12. Hate to admit it but that berghuis is decent. We'll need to be careful or he'll punish us.
  13. I won't be singing it but I certainly won't be giving anyone grief round about me if they choose to. It's a night for Fernando and we give him the best possible send off we can and then we blow the roof off by getting behind the team and scudding this mob. R.I.P Fernando, you were a leader, our captain, a warrior and a legend and we'll never forget you.
  14. If we all had the opinion that someone wasn't good enough after a few games then players like Goram and Ricksen would've been punted straight away and look how that turned out. These guys are young and get slaughtered far too easily. We all complained about fat ally not playing the youths and building a young squad when we 1st dropped down but fuck me he's done these young guys a favour.
  15. Alex oxlade chamberlain went to arsenal for over £10 million when Southampton were in league 1.
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