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  1. Ross-Gazza genius


    If his deal runs out in the summer then sign him on a pre contract. Now that defoe has arrived we don't need to be spending money(transfer cost) on a player who would get limited game time. I thought he looked decent enough when we played them at that start of the season so if he comes for nothing then I'm happy with that.
  2. Ross-Gazza genius


    I know his brother and can definitely confirm his whole family are celtic fans.
  3. Ross-Gazza genius

    Kevin McDonald

    This guy is awful!! He's slow and laboured in possession and he's certainly not what we need.
  4. Ross-Gazza genius

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Where's that performance been??? Was absolutely outstanding and we created chance after chance with our high intensity. Can't wait to go to work tonight and get it right up they fenian bastards in work. You've earned your break lads and look forward to seeing a fresh Rangers with some new additions.
  5. Ross-Gazza genius


    You say: "but only that one goal last night that we needed if he done nothing else and he would be a hero aand I would kiss his arse all the way down Paisley Road West" You hated windass for that exact reason. You honestly rant some amount of garbage. Morelos had an off night infront of goal but his overall performance was excellent and he's already made great strides from last season. Again you were 1 of the idiots that kept slating him in every game last season but the boy is young and his maturity and composure will come. Imo taverniers fresh air swipe was the worst miss of the lot.
  6. Ross-Gazza genius

    ***Official Hibernian v Rangers Match Thread***

    We did have someone that could chip in and create chances but we didn't appreciate his contributions. BTW I agree with your post 100%
  7. Ross-Gazza genius


    The guys a joke and never will be good enough!!! We had someone who could score goals in that position but we hounded him out for not doing anything but score!
  8. Ross-Gazza genius

    Coulibaly tonight

    I must admit he played better than I thought he would but his passing and vision in the final 3rd is gash. However credit where credits due he got stuck in and harassed them all night.
  9. Ross-Gazza genius


    Away and bile yur heed. His finishing was poor but his performance was top drawer. He's young and composure infront of goal will come. He's already made great strides from last season. Remember when we hounded young Kenny miller out when he was young.....never good enough, not Rangers class, too inconsistent and then turned out to be a great servant for the club and could finish. Folk need to be fucking patient with this boy and not let the frustration of our clubs failings hinder your judgement. Best striker we've had in a loooooong time.
  10. Ross-Gazza genius

    ***Official Hibernian v Rangers Match Thread***

    Coulibaly is utter dog shite and shouldn't be playing ahead of McCrorie who's a much better player than him. The whole team need to be prepared to fight for everything tonight and hopefully we put in a better performance than we did the last time we were top. 1-3 Rangers but tight.
  11. Ross-Gazza genius

    Morelos discipline

    I thought shinnie should've walked for his tackle on mcauley.
  12. Ross-Gazza genius

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    Ejaria flatters to deceive, looks good on the ball but creates absolutely nothing. The only midfielder I'd keep is Arfield!
  13. Ross-Gazza genius

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    I'd honestly terminate coulibally's loan, we have better options than him and can always strengthen in January. How bad is rossiter training if he can't oust coulibally or jack. Come the summer I wouldn't be disappointed to see the back of most of our centre mids.
  14. Ross-Gazza genius

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    Ross McCrorie is a much better player than coulibaly! I honestly can't believe we're persisting on playing him, he's fucking terrible. The centre of the park is still our biggest weakness as guys like jack, coulibaly, ejaria, dorrans and rossiter are a waste of a wage. Our defensive midfielders still get bullied and our only creative no10 if u like is arfield. Where's rossiter now or should I say how long is he out for now???? This is the biggest month of the season and we need our players to stand up and realise who they are playing for.
  15. Ross-Gazza genius

    IN: Lawrence Shankland [Suggestion]

    Tbh he looked half decent when we played them in the cup. Whether or not he makes the grade he's definitely worth a closer look. Not every player that scores goals in the lower league is another Nicky Clarke and he'll be playing in the spl next season regardless.