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  1. Ross-Gazza genius

    The sun again.

    Only thing it's good for is putting a dog shite inside it, put it on someone's doorstep, set it on fire, chap the door and leg it.
  2. Ross-Gazza genius

    UFC live.

    The ufc kicked Paul Daley out when he punched Josh Koscheck after the fight had ended and he was on his way back to his seat and it started a barney! The difference here is Kabib is worth way more to them than Paul Daley. The ufc fight repeatedly with folk trying to get the sport banned and things like this won't help that.................but it is good viewing and will definitely sell a rematch if it was ever possible, even if Mcgregor was outclassed.
  3. Ross-Gazza genius

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Totally agree, he probably feels he has a point to prove and see it as a possible chance to put himself in the shop window.
  4. Ross-Gazza genius

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    John Beaton is honestly the worst referee in Scottish football, he is totally incapable of officiating a match and should be stripped of his duties before someone ends up with a career ending injury.
  5. Ross-Gazza genius

    Farewell Josh Windass

  6. Ross-Gazza genius

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Can we sell them Pena???
  7. Ross-Gazza genius

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Well that makes us equal Wigan coz they sold us that fucking donkey kiernan!!
  8. Ross-Gazza genius

    ***The Official Rangers v Rapid Vienna Match Thread***

    My opinion and I'm not the only 1 who thinks it.
  9. Ross-Gazza genius

    ***The Official Rangers v Rapid Vienna Match Thread***

    Ejaria needs a big game tonight, he's not produced enough since coming in and tonight would be a good statement.
  10. So you're saying he should be jailed for 20yrs..........gotcha 👍👍😆😋
  11. He's thrown a coin in the direction where a young lad was standing fact, he didn't bother to take his surroundings into consideration when he done that and deserves what he gets. I'm afraid I'm done with whatever point you're trying to make.
  12. These are facts not made up, watch it and you'll see. I think morons throwing objects at games are pathetic imo.
  13. You think otherwise?
  14. My point is he didn't take that into consideration when he was acting like a fucking moron so if it's a lifetime ban then so be it.
  15. He deserves whatever punishment comes his way, he's 30yr old and should know better. The linesman was only 5 yards away from the ball boy and had the coin hit the young lad it would be far worse. Throwing a coin isn't a quick reaction of frustration it's clearly something he's put some thought into, how many other games has he thought about it or done it?!