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  1. I'm not saying McCrorie should start every week and I agree we need to sign someone for that position as I've already stated but as a SQUAD player he will most certainly have his use. I think he has qualities that suit this league and we'll no doubt call upon next season if he stays. For me I'd get rid of Kamara, Davis, docherty and Arfield and look to bring in 2 new starters for the centre of the pitch to compliment hagi.
  2. Fair enough but I think he would be useful in certain games especially away from home. He had a decent game away to the sheep as well where he scored and that's the type of games where you'll get the best out of him.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have any but I agree we need to bring players in to improve our starters in the centre of the pitch. As it stands I'd have hagi as a 10, Jack box to box and a new cdm. Maybe someone to replace Jack as well if we have the money.
  4. I'm sorry but McCrorie is nowhere near as bad as you make out. As a squad player he would have his use especially away to Aberdeen, hibs and hearts last season where it's more of a battle. His performance against celtic would suggest he is good enough but only in certain types of games. I'd get rid of Davis, Arfield, docherty and for the right money kamara and keep McCrorie as a squad player.
  5. Well we wouldn't have had many after that since we lost more or less every player when we got relegated and any youth player that had stayed became part of the 1st team. Kal Naismith done well at Accrington the same time that windass was there and is now playing in the championship with Wigan so I'd say he's done alright. My point still stands that our youths find it difficult playing in front of a hostile atmosphere when we aren't winning or gubbing teams and find easier elsewhere.
  6. Charlie Adam, Ross McCormack, John Fleck to name a few and we've had others who have done well lower down like kai Naismith.
  7. It's a daunting situation for our youths breaking through as they need to have a thick skin and not let the pressure get to them. Ross McCrorie has coped well with it and I thought Bates done well enough, however you can see from Middleton when he burst onto the scene everyone thought he was going to be a star but our fans quickly got on his back and it's knocked his confidence even though he's a stand out for our youths. A lot of our youths leave and end up doing well at lesser pressured clubs and that's why we don't get many youths breaking through as we are not patient with them and expect a finished article straight away.
  8. I think we need a very good defensive midfielder, someone with presence and stature who will basically rough it up a bit in the middle of the pitch. Games against hearts and Aberdeen have shown that we miss that and it's our achilles heal. For me hagi, Jack and a dm would be my midfield with aribo, kamara and Ross McCrorie as back up. Sell Arfield, Davis and docherty. We need to get a good wide right player or 2 and get rid of the dross like barkley, Stewart and Hastie. IF Morelos stays we need another striker in who can push him and is a ready made replacement for when he moves on, if we sell morelos then we need 2 strikers vying for that Jersey. We are 2 or 3 players away from having a really good side and winning this league.
  9. Peterborough sold Dwight gayle and britt assombalonga for around £6 million in previous years, so considering toney has a year left and with the current pandemic I'd doubt they'll get anywhere near that. For me it would be a risk spending any money on a player from league 1, yes the lad can score goals but we need someone with a higher pedigree for next season.
  10. His real name is Calvin ughelumba, search that name.
  11. He served a purpose but ultimately we had to upgrade. Looking back at his time with us he never stepped out of line or disrespected the club. As a no2 he was always a capable backup and reliable enough to call on. I wish him all the best but our focus should now be on Robbie McCrorie and seeing where he fits in long term.
  12. I think the likes of mcpake, Kelly, Middleton and Patterson will become the added squad depth and his focus will be on purely signing quality over quantity. If we didn't sell anyone else and this was the squad(with hagi signing permanently) I think he needs a full back, defensive midfielder, right mid/wing/forward and another striker.
  13. What if these players were players they were trying to move on but they wouldn't move as they were happy to see our their contract? Each case is different and I'd base it on what the player had done for the club.
  14. To be honest I have no sympathy for a few reasons: He's earned enough to surely see him by and he was surplus to requirements. Also see when players aren't wanted by the clubs anymore and they are asked to find another club/leave or negotiate a severance.......do they think to themselves, I'll walk away so the club can use my wages for someone else......do they fuck so shit happens I'm afraid.
  15. God help the person that gets a prescription from you🤦‍♂️
  16. If Castore want their moneys worth out of this deal and be respected at the top end of sportswear then they will need to keep up with the demand. I doubt they've entered this blindly but my only concern is that with the sports direct shackles removed there could be an overwhelming amount of orders that anyone could expect.
  17. Must admit, I thought the 7am alarm was to announce Castore, the 7.30 alarm was the new kits and the 9am alarm was a new signing in the new kit. Built it all up in my head that I'm now pretty disappointed even though it's good news that we already knew. 🙄
  18. The main question is does he really need him as he's not a winger and he's more suited to a central role. There's no doubt he's a good player but there's no point signing him to play through the middle unless he plans on moving Arfield or Aribo on. Gerrard really needs to sort out the right hand side and unfortunately I can't see us spending that money when we have other areas that are an issue.
  19. Ok, go and be an awkward cunt somewhere else.
  20. Forgot to be part of the board when they agreed to the deal but even the thickest moron out there would know that we've taken the best deal for us.
  21. Why not support our club and what's best for it at the current time rather than bitching about our kit deal which is obviously good for the club.
  22. Ffs David Beckham was finished 15 Yr ago but you used him as part of your argument. If you're longing for an Adidas top soo much go buy a fenian top I'm sure you'll like it.
  23. The same Andy Murray who won Wimbledon twice, won the Olympics, won the Davis Cup, won the US open, ranked number 1 in the world before injury, is good friends with the royals and is known world wide on the sports scene??? Aye he's a nobody you clown. If Castore are giving us the best deal compared to others I couldn't care less who our kit deal is with.
  24. I'm sure Fernando ricksen and Bobby petta were good friends and hang out when they both played.
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