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  1. I'll take another 2 if you want? any 2 numbers will do .
  2. I'm in mrb row O you can see the pitch no problem the beams dont interfere with my view I cant see the big screens and can just see the scoreboard clock if I duck down a bit.
  3. So sad . Rest in peace Fernando. what a fight you gave that awfull disease. A true ranger in my mind you fought to the very end.😥
  4. Not sure. Good chance they were.
  5. Got a medium in my loft no chance of me squeezing into it ever again . Need to dig it out and let my son wear it . Deffo one of my favourite away tops👍👍
  6. Think he walks out twice goes left in first shot then right in later shot🤣🤣 great film to watch just for the tunes😉
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