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  1. YASS, go us ? shot result but happy to be no.72 now let's go ?. thanks Zet ?
  2. Think they are taking the You Tube links down but if you are watchin it on your TV app then just select back and pick the next link.
  3. Ffs 0-1 on my You Tube telly link and it's now gone down. But still 0-1
  4. Forget Berwick and Chesterfield...that is the most embarrassing performance and result EVER ffs.
  5. @Zetland you are as a bad as @govanblue but I like it , give us a kick ?
  6. I'm in, just let me know when the alternative payment option is open GB. Happy to assist these great people.
  7. That's exactly what I was saying. Would love to hear the reason but we all know why.
  8. 4-1 Ffs but who replaces WB? We are in trouble big time, our board is the same, no investment so how do we move on without £££££ to move on. Over to you Mr King etc al.
  9. This all day ^ Oh and he refused to show me accounts on our old twitter chat.........Again and again and again. He just kept asking "why?". Earlier someone mentioned the memes, never seen the comments and if bad then I would never condone any as the majority here agree, but the memes where from some guy that the wee man (or his parents) re-tweeted!!! Karma CH
  10. This is not going to be a pretty footballing game. Typical 100 mph and get stuck in type stuff, so if we can show we are up for it and win then maybe a wake up call to kick us on.
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