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  1. He was in a unique situation regarding the pre contract to Rangers but his celebration was over the top.
  2. Steven Gerrard must be bewildered (disgusted) with the way Paul Gascoigne has been treated by the SFA..as, probably the whole football world is.
  3. The more (ex) Rangers players who highlight this the better.
  4. BlueDevil


    They beat us the year before I'm sure...remember a young Buffon at the end taking his goalie top off and he was wearing a superman t-shirt.
  5. In an Independent Scotland, surely yes voting Rangers fans realise our club and fans shall be treated as (no voting traitors). People like Tommy Sheridan running our country because wee Alex cannae...wee Nic's no been accused of aggresive rugmunchin' yet... Just as well euthanasia hasn't been introduced yet in Scotland, because we all no it was the pensioners fault (war veterans). And Gerry Cinnamon might sing a wee Shitey song with Martin Compston on drums featuring Frank McGarvey on Tamborine.
  6. BlueDevil


    Jordan obviously has problems football and personal, hope he's 100% soon.
  7. Even if we offered local kids teams tickets, stadium tours on match days etc. They would still oppose.
  8. All eyes on us.......scottitsh media gonna get a showing up .
  9. Gutted about this. Total Gentleman and class footballer.
  10. We're a team of lightweights ...we need arrogance n some ability ..just a wee bit.
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