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  1. Number 2 on the clock.
  2. The SFA will deal with them 👍
  3. Will other teams in Scotland be under this scrutiny, like Thistle, Killie etc..?
  4. We now live in a era of grassing and finger-pointing . Social media has killed football. While Rangers are playing in Europe you'll always have some wee speccy weirdo taking notes. Football has always been tribal but it's a losing battle these snowflake days. Just do it Rangers.
  5. BlueDevil


    Dalcio had too much time in a Rangers Jersey.
  6. BlueDevil


    The boy is a good player but, needs time . The season hasn't even started yet and people seem eager to right him off. He isn't Dalcio just because he's replacing Ryan Kent.
  7. The more (ex) Rangers players who highlight this the better.
  8. All eyes on us.......scottitsh media gonna get a showing up .
  9. Gutted about this. Total Gentleman and class footballer.
  10. We're a team of lightweights ...we need arrogance n some ability ..just a wee bit.
  11. BlueDevil


    He's not interested...its obvious
  12. BlueDevil


    Think he would struggle in a charity game.
  13. Canelo and Triple G fight will be the winner once people see what a farce this is.
  14. Smith is decent apart from injuries but jig is done and Daly shouldnever have had the honour (ability wise). Foster is same as Daly, shouldn't have had the honour - privilege, but probably just because thats where we are at just now.
  15. Worst nightmare - Foster, Daly, jig and S. Smith in defence
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