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  1. Great result tonight. Big fan of Rangers Radio, been listening for years since the olf format. Hope caller Ronnie wasn't cut off there at the end?? If so poor form.
  2. Yep, love Katic but was really impressed by Helander
  3. Agreed, could've easily been a bigger margin but never felt in doubt
  4. What a great, battling performance. A fitting tribute to Fernando
  5. Sad to say since he's a bear but he should not be playing for us. Cringe when he's on the teamsheet
  6. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/52029/Rangers_vs_Livingston.html This is back up, random commentators wanting donations though
  7. Fucking magical, stress and release at perfect time. Those dirty poleski's will be gutted
  8. Been watching us battle a dodgy ref and a bunch of ref conning hatchet bastards mate. Dunno what you've seen
  9. A lot of heart shown from the team so far. This legia team are so negative and dirty, sly and blatant both of which shyte ref buying anyway it's ruining game.
  10. Great result both legs of the tie, really encouraging for the season ahead how we're playing. Shout out out to @IvanIPFT for the links, top drawer mate
  11. Panic and rightly so about Alfredo there, shows why we need a third striker
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