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  1. They are finished enough for them to be desperate to present the league to the classless scum though. Fuckin hypocrites the lot of them.
  2. How long until we have any football political power or media influence ? A. When every lamp post has its own taig dangling from a rope.
  3. Just reading the word, lionbrand makes me cringe and embarrasses the fuck out a me.
  4. But we have that tour of Japan already booked mate.
  5. Look what happens when they dont get a fuckin scottish patsy referee
  6. Looking forward to the footage of them approaching Kevin Kelly for a comment, only for him to start acting like something out of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest ðŸĪŠ
  7. You sliding away now to rape yer sister aye? Well tata.
  8. One thing is for sure. If there's a grey area in the rules, i.e. unprecedented 3 yellows in one game, we will fall foul of it. They will make sure of that.
  9. Yet another 90 minutes for them with no sign of a fucking card shown of any colour. Referees are spineless shitebags, terrified into cheating on the scums behalf.
  10. A crazy deal to give to that wreck. They obviously didn't know he was a junkie with a gambling addiction till just after the contract was signed. Shame
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