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  1. Who best for captain now

    Alves for me.
  2. Junkies vs Rangers

    i Really really wish we had a double header against these mutants. Another game like that one and Lennon would be spending Christmas in a secure mental unit. He's so close to the edge and just managing to hold it together
  3. Junkies vs Rangers

    The filth at the BBC are fuckin sobbing
  4. Junkies vs Rangers

    Right in the puss. beauty.
  5. Junkies vs Rangers

  6. True blue ian Ferguson

    Something like 25 medals he won with us. I think more than any other Rangers player. Ever present through the 9iar years. That's some achievment. In an era when so many of our idols and childhood heroes have burnt their bridges with the fans, Fergie is for me one of, if not, THE greatest ever Ranger.
  7. What's their problem?

    How much does Newcastle owe to Ashley? Has Ashley flattened St James's Park to built flats or sold it to Tesco?
  8. What's their problem?

    Sorry mate, I don't see them that way. Its gone beyond just having a different opinion when its clear to almost everyone else except those who gave them the biggest backing that they are clearly fucking up everything they touch and are seriously holding the club back. I would call their continued support of the board an agenda, as there is no logical reason to ignore the way they have fucked up their job of running the club.
  9. What's their problem?

    Your'e right mate, its a well dated description. I have no idea how to describe those who still champion that useless bunch though. How about Rangers Paul Murray Fans
  10. What's their problem?

    Your deluded. I wasn't categorizing you as a hired hand. Just a mouthpiece.
  11. What's their problem?

    Yes I can. King and Murrays hired hands and mouthpieces, are the ones who are to blame for us having to suffer such a useless bunch of clowns controlling the club. But my post was basically just me venting my dislike for you Kingalings. To me, you are all as toxic and damaging as the media hacks and pundits who all have a clear agenda against us. There are far better posts in this thread highlighting just some of the reasons why we are right to dislike and want rid of the board. I would be really impressed if you or the next shift can provide a strong defense. K.A.I. has even provided a list to make it easier for you all to work your way through them.
  12. What's their problem?

    We don't just hate the board, we especially hate their fuckin patsys who never fail to appear like magic to protect and defend the useless bastards. Not one of you ever calls them out for their failures, and there are many of them. Their tenure has been a fuckin shambles, but of course, its all fat Mikes fault eh!! Cunts like you and a few others over the last few years have done as much damage to this club than anyone else and you continue to do so.
  13. 3 points in the bag, but by fuck that was brutal to watch. I expect the BBC scotland campaign to get Murty installed as full time manager (just like their campaign to get Miller back in the fold) will start today, Chuck Dung already entertaining that idea. I fear that is what we will have to look forward to with this fucking board of imposters.
  14. FFS Tom the commentator advocating the hook for pena, to bring on Morelos. Another clown who cant see that Miller is a wasted shirt.
  15. Club 1872 statement on recruitment shambles.....

    FFS Could I interest you in making an investment in my haggis farm, in Nigeria?