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  1. Real Rangers Men!! Imagine if the fate of our club was in the hands of some self serving, freeloaders instead. Doesn't bare thinking about eh
  2. I agree. Ian Ferguson would be hugely over qualified for this role, and he would never want it. However, hypothetically, if he did want to find a post back her and attach himself to the club he holds legend status at.......He would be, hands down, the best name mentioned so far. IMO. He'd make a great assistant manager.
  3. I think Ian Ferguson would be a great shout. Highly successful player (more medals than any other Ranger I think) He now has many years experience in management. He's no shrinking violet and I doubt any player would slack off and risk the hair drier treatment from the big man. Trouble is, would you leave paradise (the real one, not the pedo one) to come back to this shitehole?
  4. Swag bag. Looks like he's just nicked something from the Blue Room.
  5. BF. Our next manager, after he undermines and gets rid of Pedro.
  6. He's hanging on to get some gardening leave obviously
  7. I wonder if Pedro has seen his manic, drunken rant on the steps
  8. You may be right Sweetheart, that was just my opinion. Based on the fact I don't trust that shower one bit. Never have and I never will. To me, RF success and the pace it was bringing in fans money was the reason the jackals just had to get control of it. That's why I cant see the "takeover" of RF being reversed. Anyone who put their hard earned into there was stitched up and robbed, which is a scandal.
  9. I know its the sun, but
  10. I'd imagine that its a bit like the independence question, in reverse. They can call for and hold as many referendums as they are allowed, but if indy was ever to happen, there would be no chance of a referendum to reverse it. Now that RF is under the Club1872 umbrella/control, I doubt there is any way they can split up now. Im sure the leeches who had it all planned out would make sure of that. Just my opinion though.
  11. I defy anyone, to read this thread from start to finish, with an open mind, and not come to the conclusion that the Rangers support has been stitched up and robbed blind by these shower of imposters running our club. From the boardroom lies and broken promises to the manipulation and sleekit, sneaky way they have grabbed control of the RFFF and RF money. Its a fuckin tragedy the way so many have been fooled into backing the same old gravy train fare dodgers yet again, and even worse that so many continue to do so. I said at the time, as a Rangers Supporter, I have never felt as low as I did the day filth like Craig Houston first took a seat in our directors box. That wanker should have been chased the minute he first embarassed us with his fuckin big screen outside Ibrox.
  12. I think this is spot on. Houston is part of the cabal using the club for their own benefit. Its always been the reason they wanted back in, to leech a living from us. Nothing will change until we get shot of every single one of them and replace them with real honest business men capable of running the club as it should be run.
  13. They're all part of a fucking cabal mate. They don't give a fuck about the fans. They just want to sponge a living from the club.
  14. All aboard the freeloading express. What is it about our club and Gravy Train fare dodgers? Until we get this piece of shite and a good few other away from our club there will always be divisions.
  15. June 2020. Still no sign of Scumdee Utd finding their way back up. YASSSSSS