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  1. Good to know that this sobbing mess "Jhoe" is having his life ruined by a brand new club called Sevco, whe he thinks should be stripped of their history. Fenians and irony are like catholics and soap.
  2. No death threat from me. He'll eventually do it himself. Being the filthy ginger piece of shite that he is. Just being Neil Lennon is slowly driving him to suicide.
  3. No death threat from me. He'll eventually do it himself. Being the filthy ginger piece of shite that he is. Just being Neil Lennon is slowly driving him to suicide.
  4. Ironicaly it was Lemmon who turned the cameras on the press during his hilarious mental meltdown last sesson.
  5. How is this ever going to happen Kai when the BBC and every cunt else will back every decision he made as the right one. The SFA will never step in and act accordingly unless forced to do so by our club complaining. If we fail to do that, the next time we play the scum, Pedro's shite tactics wont even matter. Winning will be impossible when the ref is giving them every important decision. Like I said before, the way we are treated by refs and the way its allowed to happen was my biggest fear coming through the lower leagues. Given the ill feeling towards us from every cunt in the game here, it was clearly always going to happen. We need it stopped.
  6. Agree mate. Until THE CLUB, not the fuckin 1872 puppets start to ask for "clarification" on these decisions (Sickening I know, but necessary) we will always be walked all over. We need to use the scums tactics to stop this corruption. Any statement from anyone other than a club director will be ignored by the mhedia, and ignored by the SPFL/SFA wanks.
  7. There was nothing in it. Never a headbutt or a red card. No hint of consistency from the cheating clown ref either.
  8. The Ref was the ONLY cunt who thought Jack should be sent off. Shocking corrupt decision from a cheat who will get credit for making it.
  9. I seen this coming and its been my biggest fear all the way through the lower leagues. They will not allow us to reach the top of the game in this shitehole again. How many times in his career has Jack been sent off? Just his second game in the corrupt Scottish league with a Rangers shirt on his back and he gets Red carded for fuck all. Referees know they will not be slaughtered either by their bosses at the corrupt SFA, or by the masses in the mhedia across TV, radio or in the newspapers for showing their hate for us. There will be no lengthy debate from the slime at the BBC about wrong decisions costing us points. They will be applauded and lauded for their "bravery" by every one of our enemies and from fans of every other club in this cesspit backwater that used to be Scotland. If this is left and goes unchallenged, we are fucked, and so is Scottish fitbaw. FUCK THEM ALL
  10. C'mon Rangers. Lets leave The Lurgan CUNT Bigot a raging mess.
  11. Hopefully making sure they are found nailed to a tree, through their eye sockets. Fuck handing their identities over to Police Scotland so the scum can be congratulated.
  12. Really good article again from The VBs. Short and factual and to the point. Hopefully these fenian bastards who stain the memory of Lee Rigby will burn in their fuckin beds.
  13. "Victoria Glover, 18, hit Liam McKechnie" Gold medal for Victoria.
  14. The scum don't have an inferiority complex.

    They have a very good grasp of the FACT they are inferior....... every way!

  15. You're right eejay. Only an official club statement would make headlines. It would have to be a fuckin belter of a statement too. Cleverly written in a way that it would make it impossible to twist and misinterpret what it means. We can live in hope, but I wouldn't hold my breath.