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  1. Sorry to hear this BRU. 56 is no age at all. Condolances to you and your family mate. R.I.P. Andrew.
  2. Leckie lol. A complete laughin stock and a mope.
  3. 18,000 capacity 8,000 attendance. £250,000 they cunts could have but wont see.
  4. That is fuckin shocking that a radio station like Clyde would put something like that out there. On the other hand, that tweet is going to be spread far and wide, bringing far more attention to what they are all trying to cover up. The scum, clyde, hollicom , BBC, SNP, daily record etc etc are all a nest of vipers and the whole world will soon see them for what they are.
  5. Sounds like Mark Hollinshead and Lorraine Herbison should never be allowed to have or go near kids.
  6. I'm sure i'm right in saying Andy Walkers wife was a whore who sold her fanny for beans. Probably still is.
  7. Kent, ladbrokes man of the match. Not tonight he wasn't.
  8. Not a sending off because Grays tackle is between yellow and red. Fuckin comedy gold from Craigan, the worst pundit on tv.
  9. Hivs should be made to cage these junkie animals in behind fences or be removed from the league and i'm not even joking. If this diseased cesspit of a country wants to clean up its act it should start to rid itself of catholic filth.
  10. I agree unfortunatly. Mcinnnes was in the Express today blowing smoke up Lennons arse saying how great he is. FFS, what chance have they got with that defeatist attitude in the build up to the game. The sheep fans wont care if they get humped as long as its bad news for us. Wankers
  11. He's not even clever enough to realize he is contradicting himself every fuckin time. Worst pundit on TV.
  12. This republican, pedo appeasing germ shouldn't be stealing our oxygen, never mind anything else. Signed.
  13. Play them at their own game. Start and fund a charity called 'Nil by catholic pedo cock'.
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