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  1. Same here mate. I remember it well, tears streaming like a big sap at the time. What a way for the big man to bow out though, winning the treble.
  2. Loved Big Lorenzo. He was a class act. Welling up here watching this again.
  3. Thats Darkie Johnson. Ex team mate of Charlie Big Hauns.
  4. Enjoyed that mate. Great to see some of them old players, goals and match highlights. Especially the ones from when I was a kid. 75/76 and 77/78 seasons. Nice one. I agree with others though, a slower narrative in between a bit more video audio might be good.
  5. Excellent piece of literature Dude. 92/93 was a TRULY memorable year, and certainly one without any of the very laughable embarrassments the scum endured this season. Printed and will be pinned up at work for fenian eyes.
  6. Gullane Sands
  7. Would love tae smash that fuckin light bulb Nicholas calls a nose. And surely someone as pretty as Charlie was didn't escape that vile clubs clutches with his arse intact. Just a thought.
  8. Great picture. Some of them kids will be mid fifties now. I'm sure someone on here will know someone.
  9. scalped, Its not his fuckin hair anyway.
  10. All the best Clint. He is a good hard working, honest pro, and I would love to see him stay in the game, so hopefully he goes to another club and takes on a player/coaching role. If so, good luck big man.
  11. Basically it's Renew your season ticket. As a Rangers supporter, its your duty.
  12. Hill coming on for Waghorn. Far more chance of us scoring now.
  13. I remember those days. Come back Graeme......please !!!!
  14. That really is shocking. I'd expect the opposition to concede more fuckin own goals than that from that many corners.