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  1. Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    He's a stereotypical black guy. A racist and a sexual predator who beats up women. He spends his time wanking himself off in the bushes. He's the lowest form of life possible and doesn't deserve the oxygen that's wasted on him. If i'm wrong Stan, sue me.
  2. Another hater but in the SPFL

    Im sure this no mark cunt is suddenly feeling proud as fuck, and slightly more important than dug shite today, after being outed.
  3. Scummy piece of filth Davie Cooper song

    Finger? I was thinking he must be holding his dads cock.
  4. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Got any pics of yer sisters clunge Dave?
  5. Sellik kit man McCafferty pleads guilty

    Dirty sick fucker has pled guilty to avoid awkward questions. Probably been handed a brown envelope from the scum.
  6. McGregor pulls out of Scotland friendlies

    Must be getting his hole that night. That's far more important than turning out for that shower of shite
  7. Allan McGregor "poised to return to Rangers"

    69 + reverse cowgirl + pokey bum wank all at the same time
  8. Allan McGregor "poised to return to Rangers"

    At the risk of sounding unstaunch.......I hope shagger returns. If we have to rebuild on the kind of budget that King has alluded to, we have to pick up his kind of quality when we can. Fuck the past. Most of those guys are still bears.
  9. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Which is exactly where it should be.
  10. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    lol. you couldn't fuckin make it up. The brass neck on these cunts. That alone is proof of their guilt and would never protect them in any court, except maybe one in this mickey mouse shithole.
  11. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Naw, but we have a huge voice and muscle and should unite, and use it, even towards our own fuckin useless board.
  12. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Without a doubt mate, that slanty eyed cock sucker is still pulling strings like the sleekit piece of shit he is.
  13. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    None of that would have the impact that starving them of hundreds of thousands of blue pounds would. It is the only sanction we could use to hit them hard And giving visiting teams the very bare minimum facilities at Ibrox and not allowing them in till as late as possible would see us enduring the same treatment from them. And that would be from all of them. I do agree though, our split support wouldn't agree and a boycott would fail, and achieve nothing, which was the point of my first post. Its our biggest flaw as a support.
  14. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Telling them we are boycotting every away match unless they drop this shite is doing nothing? What would you have us do?
  15. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Its time we, The Rangers fans, use our immense muscle and tell the rest of Scottish football to back the fuck off or we will boycott every fuckin away match next season. And more importantly, we need to stick together. The fact we as a support base are always fuckin split is the reason they get away with this kind of shite.