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  1. A crazy deal to give to that wreck. They obviously didn't know he was a junkie with a gambling addiction till just after the contract was signed. Shame
  2. Popcorn teeth has announced that the Thumb wants to stay and fight for his place. That will cost them what........150k a month? For a lump of shit who has no chance of playing any part on the pitch. lol HAPPY DAYS.
  3. Fuck the haters. Alfie knows who his family are. leckie and the rest on the filths payroll are irrelevant and 55 will end many of them.
  4. Theyre away from home 10 times to our 6. Meltdown imminant
  5. Brutal to watch this. Tav Arfield and Goldson need an extended break from the first team.
  6. Ginger imbecile Stewart making a cunt of himself on BT over Levein already I see. Wish some cunt would slice the tongue out of his head. Fenian ginger nationalist bastard.
  7. This is a gold ticket for our board to come out with the facts and blow this shite out the water. And while they are at it, highlight and call out the medias silence on the peodo ring over 30 years at The Scum. I'm sure they will think twice before trying to implicate us with this pish in future if they know our response will shine a "spotlight" on their cover up. (pun intended)
  8. I agree. It sounds pretty insignificant and stinks of a set up. Or at least a cynical grab for cash. However, this will be on the BBC news in about 10 minutes. It could prove to be very damaging to the club. Its time for Dave King to ask openly why the pedo ring at the scum is being ignored while the media are attacking Rangers as usual.
  9. Brilliant article again from the VBs. Very well writen and proves to anyone reading all that information for the first time just how corrupt this place is, right up to the very top government level. One bullet point missing that maybe should have been included in the scum timeline is when the SFA, last year when Liewell was pulling their strings iirc, removed one of their own rules that declared ALL CLUBS MUST REPORT ANY ACTS OF CHILD ABUSE TO THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES. Or words to that effect. That was a clear attempt to protect one particular club from punishment which proves the SFA have no intention of bringing that club to task for their crimes, and makes them just as guilty. This story is huge, and one day, I'm sure media outlets from outside this Republican backwater will report it, I just cant for the life of me work out why they arn't doing it now.
  10. Every taig, sheepshagger and hater will see with their own eyes that the ball didnt fully cross the line. All this pish and lies from the fenian media will show is their increasing desparation to attack and shackle us. Their failed attacks are just all too transparent now and nobody gives a fuck.
  11. He was clearly much loved and will be so sadly missed. Love and respect to a brave warrior and a great guy. Rest in peace Fernando.
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