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  1. No doubt these hypocrites are still defending King and Murray to the hilt.
  2. Posted this in the boardroom section but it applys to this thread too. If fans seriously made some sort of stand against King, he would have no option but to fuck off. Without season ticket money he would be completely fucked. I think Paul Murray would be cast out too as I cant see the other directors letting him hang around like a bad smell knowing that he was only there to do Kings bidding. He is toxic and unpopular among the fans and brings nothing good to the club. With those two gone, all the other gravy train fare dodgers (Bomber, Houston, Graham, the stooges running C1872 etc etc) could be slung the fuck out too. Only then will proper business men, with access to the funds we need come forward. NOBODY will come anywhere near us while the boardroom strings are being pulled by such a crooked, liar like Dave King. He treats all Bears like fools and we need all of that lot gone before next season.
  3. haha. injured for being a disrespectful cunt
  4. Does anyone ken what that mumbling cunt Lambert just said??
  5. Mrs Henderson must have gave birth to two fuckin aliens.
  6. We wont need all of the 50 million that king promised. So, 30 million or he can fuck off In fact i'd prefer him to just fuck off anyway
  7. When king and Murray run for the hills, cunts like Houston will be chased.
  8. Those of us who have been right since day one of about this deceitful fraud King, will know that this is the start of the excuses. There will be no worthwhile investment in the squad yet again, unless he is gone by the start of next season, so prepare for another year of wishing it was over not long after its begun.
  9. Those boys and ex players who were abused at the scum should get themselves together, get themselves an English based lawyer and get a huge fuckin compensation claim fired in. Imagine how many other victims would come out then. Then we'd see how their bullshit defense of "different entity" would stand up. I fully expect that to happen at some point, after the police investigation and any court trials. There must be a lawyer somewhere licking his lips at the prospect of taking these dirty peodo bastards to the cleaners.
  10. wrong thread.
  11. One good thing to come from this regarding Rangers is that Neely can be the ONLY connection to us there is. If there were others, the bbc would certainly have used that to try and "balance the story". We can be proud that our club did the right thing.
  12. 15 quid in Fat Mikes Emporium. Whats not to like. You can get the away top anaw. At least the club will get somethin, and that cant be said if you spunk up for a lyin brand tap.
  13. Police Scotland said they couldn't comment, not that they couldn't find any record. FFS dont go around spouting that pish.
  14. Said it before and I'll say it again. Kevin Kelly was connected far more than just knowing what was going on. There was a peodo ring inside that filthy club and he was part of it. Possibly far more of the board as well.
  15. The child abuse charities like Childline etc need to be all over this story, demanding action is taken against these rancid fenian bastards.