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  1. The seem to be going after the 'seperate entity' lie. I think (hope) that once its accepted that line is bollocks the media will open up on the scum. They must know there could be years of lucrative headlines in this story. Especially since the Rangers well is now dry.
  2. BloodRunsBlue

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Miller back to normal. Thats good.
  3. Its time any sponsors throwing money at this rancid club pulls the plug on the deal immediately. Its clear as day now what they allowed to go on and what they did not do that would have stopped it. Anyone supporting them financially runs the risk of being classed as the same disgusting, lowlife scum that the world will now class celtic. Does anyone have a list of their sponsors?
  4. BloodRunsBlue

    Earl on Clyde

    I'd fuckin love to find out who this raging fenian fuckwit is. He'd be laughed at till the end of his miserable life after we win 55. Probably be carried off in a straight jacket after being found with his heid in an electric oven.
  5. That's more like it Dude You'll likely get the bullet tomorrow though.
  6. BloodRunsBlue

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Brilliant comeback from us. Every fuckin mutant in this shithole from opposition fans/players/SFA officials and the mhedia cunts are desperate for us not to go top of the league. Push on Bears. Lets bury this mob in the second half and make a huge statement.
  7. BloodRunsBlue

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    And if that isnt a cue for our club to release a severely cutting response that includes highlighting their rape of boys, what is?
  8. I wonder if the author of this, Michael McCarthy is aware of the tarriers and their parallels with Penn State. A pedo ring operating for decades at the highest lever and being covered up, all aided and abetted by a national football association, the Scottish government and the entire Scottish national press. Maybe if Michael McCarthy shines the Spotlight this the yanks can make a film about it. Different Entity F.C. would cease to exist
  9. BloodRunsBlue

    Chris Woods penalty

    I may be wrong but i think CW was the only player in the squad who had never scored for us. I always thought that's the reason the other players brought him up to take the kick. Although we won the tie 10-0, Souness went mental about the lack of respect shown to the Maltese team.
  10. BloodRunsBlue

    Jamie MacLaren

    Sad nomark desperately trying to get coined the next time we play........... who does he play for?
  11. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/alan-brazil-on-jim-torbett-celtic-should-say-were-appalled-and-were-really-sorry/ Even Alan Brazil, one of those abused by Torbett which resulted in his first jail sentence, says The filth should say sorry. And he's a rabid tim. Brazil testified against Torbett, who was a friend of the celtic board, namely the Kellys. The following season, Brazil scored 62 goals for the CBC, which was a record at the time. He was then released. Never given a contract, even though those 62 goals was a record amount at the time. Effectivly Alan Brazil was punished for speaking out against the bheast who raped him. That cult of a football club should be burned to the ground.
  12. Now over 10,000 signatures. Keep it goin. https://www.change.org/p/british-goverment-petition-to-get-celtics-cover-up-investigated-bb3f86f7-1cad-4db7-89fa-8396a3bad6e0
  13. We should genuinely refuse to play the scum again until they are rightfully punished for this. Sell tickets and have a sellout exhibition match/sashbash instead to pay the fines we will inevitably be given. Just imagine the worldwide headlines. Let the scum mhedia up here try to sweep that one away.
  14. BloodRunsBlue

    Brenda rodgers

    You're absolutely right. Instances like this when all weighed up together prove that it's not about coin throwing, it's about giving their anti union/pro republican agenda some oxygen. They don't call them scum for nothing so it's to be expected though.
  15. BloodRunsBlue

    George Adam MSP (SNP)

    Fuck the SNP. And fuck this filthy republican wannabee. What does it feel like knowing you'll die British George?