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  1. Sounds like Mark Hollinshead and Lorraine Herbison should never be allowed to have or go near kids.
  2. I'm sure i'm right in saying Andy Walkers wife was a whore who sold her fanny for beans. Probably still is.
  3. Kent, ladbrokes man of the match. Not tonight he wasn't.
  4. Not a sending off because Grays tackle is between yellow and red. Fuckin comedy gold from Craigan, the worst pundit on tv.
  5. Hivs should be made to cage these junkie animals in behind fences or be removed from the league and i'm not even joking. If this diseased cesspit of a country wants to clean up its act it should start to rid itself of catholic filth.
  6. I agree unfortunatly. Mcinnnes was in the Express today blowing smoke up Lennons arse saying how great he is. FFS, what chance have they got with that defeatist attitude in the build up to the game. The sheep fans wont care if they get humped as long as its bad news for us. Wankers
  7. He's not even clever enough to realize he is contradicting himself every fuckin time. Worst pundit on TV.
  8. This republican, pedo appeasing germ shouldn't be stealing our oxygen, never mind anything else. Signed.
  9. Play them at their own game. Start and fund a charity called 'Nil by catholic pedo cock'.
  10. I think hes the most hypocritical manager ive ever heard. The game up here will fuckin ruin the cunt.
  11. Fenian Filth. See, we have it here on the east of scotland too ya fuckin mope.
  12. There's not a word about the tackle on the BBC live report. But watch them take retrospective offence over it and call for Candias to be hung out to dry. It will be all over their after match discussions once they get their agenda in full swing. Wankers
  13. The message here is quite clear. Don't date fenian bastards!
  14. I'm hoping they don't get hammered. Just walloped enough to have them think they still have a chance away from home. 0-2 should be enough to have them play their strongest team. Leave the hammering for the second leg which will leave them fucked for their following league game.
  15. The cock flasher has had two dives in the box in that first half. Not a word from Sutton and co about it.
  16. Might not have been born with it, but he's certainly contracted the disease from somewhere.
  17. If he's not, he fuckin well should be. He'd make a good one.
  18. Canny stand the cunt. He never says anything of interest. Constantly states the obvious, or tries to make himself sound bright by commenting on stuff that has just happened while making it sound like an observation. There's always "not a lot in that" when it comes to fouls against us as he fuels their anti Rangers agenda to try to hang onto his job. He's a fuckin clueless, irrelevant taig.
  19. Our focus should be getting the worlds media to look at the injustice we have to suffer at the hands of the fenian bastards running everything from football to politics this country. Having Steven Gerrard as manager whould help if only we can get him to highlight instances like this to the right places.
  20. Corrupt shower of fenian bastards. Hope Defoe scores 3 hattricks while Morelos is out.
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