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  1. Game in Fife

    Anno ? But ad prefer a reliable source
  2. Game in Fife

    Somewhere it Vegas? It will be 10:45 here. Any help would be appriciated
  3. Renewals Available.

    I'm auto renew aswell with the 4 monthly payments, I'm also on cccs for everything is that automatically renewed?
  4. Leipzig

    Not really impressive? Taking 8000 to a mid season friendly in Germany in January? ?
  5. Leipzig

    Ooooh it would be very rude not to pop yer heed in ?
  6. Leipzig

    Place called "artemis" is a must ?
  7. Leipzig

    Via Frankfurt mate yes. Will just stay in Leipzig the 2 nights.
  8. Leipzig

    Lufthansa airways. Saturday to Monday Edinburgh to Leipzig £160 bit steep but no fuckin about with trains here and there.
  9. Linfield Friendly, September 3rd

    Anybody know of any other supporters clubs running a bus for the day trip? toryglen rsc is full and that dt sports packages have sold out aswell ?
  10. If you still have that easter road ticket mate i'll gladly take it, cheers.