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  1. On the 4 monthly instalments could somebody tell me the date of the 1st payment? i got an email few weeks back saying “thanks for automatically renewing” but no money has came out my account yet. I’m sure the 1st one was end of may last year.
  2. Ryan16


    Not really impressive? Taking 8000 to a mid season friendly in Germany in January? ?
  3. Ryan16


    Ooooh it would be very rude not to pop yer heed in ?
  4. Ryan16


    Place called "artemis" is a must ?
  5. Ryan16


    Via Frankfurt mate yes. Will just stay in Leipzig the 2 nights.
  6. Ryan16


    Lufthansa airways. Saturday to Monday Edinburgh to Leipzig £160 bit steep but no fuckin about with trains here and there.
  7. Anybody know of any other supporters clubs running a bus for the day trip? toryglen rsc is full and that dt sports packages have sold out aswell ?
  8. If you still have that easter road ticket mate i'll gladly take it, cheers.

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