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  1. delranger

    Rumour that McGregor will be captain (FF)

    I get that, ideally he wouldn’t be back but there aren’t many keepers of his quality available and within our budget. He is back and will get my full support (until his first blunder). He should play most games and I’m pretty sure the rest of the squad will see him as a leader.
  2. delranger

    Rumour that McGregor will be captain (FF)

    McGregor would be my choice. Big character and knows what it takes to win titles for Rangers.
  3. delranger


    Was thinking the same thing. I think some people loose all sense of perspective when it comes to football. The guy was asked to step up and fill a role he wasn’t qualified for on an interim basis and is now going back to his own role as he should. If he doesn’t perform at his own job then fire him.
  4. delranger

    Liam Lindsay (Barnsley)

    I have been hoping this would happen, should have signed him last summer.
  5. delranger

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Looks like a done deal. I'm buzzing for this, yeah it's a risk but every appointment is a risk. Fortune favours the brave.
  6. Not seen much of McGregor this season but still looks better than Wes will ever be.
  7. delranger

    Allan McGregor (Hull)

    If he is even half the keeper he was then he is a massive improvement on Wes. He also knows and can handle the pressure of playing for Rangers. Everyone makes bad decisions and McGregor is no different. If he helps us win the league then that will do for me.
  8. delranger


    Was critical of him after the celtic game however I thought he was very good today. He looked strong and composed on the ball, hopefully he can put in a similar performance next week.
  9. delranger


    If they are paying the most money it’s a no brainer. I remember Hummel making Real Madrids kits in the late 80s early 90s and they are not a bad team. Maybe the are looking to raise their profile again by teaming up with most successful team in the world.
  10. delranger


    I expected much more from Dorrans when we signed him. He has shown glimpses of quality but no where near enough. Regardless of the position he is asked to play, with his experience he should be able to make more of an impact.
  11. delranger


    I have never rated him. We will win nothing with him as our number 1. Must be replaced in the summer if we want any chance of winning the league. Rangers keepers need to make big saves when it counts. How many times did an Andy Goram worldie save give the team a huge boost.
  12. delranger

    Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Very happy with this signing. Bags of potential, I think he will do very well for us.
  13. delranger

    ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    In his experience he is probably bang on. He hasn’t been in charge for an old firm game at ibrox yet. I watched it on tv and my volume was getting pumped up every 5 minutes