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  1. Craigan has been doing my head in all season, he is constantly looking for something negative to say about Rangers.
  2. I actually thought he played pretty well in spells considering the lack of game time he has had. Let him self down big time with the dive.
  3. I think this would be the best option
  4. Feel like I’m going to have a heart attack and it’s not even kicked off. Mon the Rangers!!!
  5. Expecting an emphatic victory today. I am still drunk from last night and on my first beer so might be feeling over optimistic 4-0 let’s go
  6. I am a big fan of Tav but he made a couple of howlers last night. He’s great going forward but needs to concentrate more when defending.
  7. Thought he looked decent but not going to get carried away after one game.
  8. This type of logical thinking will never catch on
  9. Slight over reaction. Hes a young lad that seems to be low in confidence at the moment. Once he gets his fitness up and bangs in a couple of goals I think he will be a valuable member of the squad over the course of the season. We could do with an experienced striker to take some of the pressure of him though.
  10. I get that, ideally he wouldn’t be back but there aren’t many keepers of his quality available and within our budget. He is back and will get my full support (until his first blunder). He should play most games and I’m pretty sure the rest of the squad will see him as a leader.
  11. McGregor would be my choice. Big character and knows what it takes to win titles for Rangers.
  12. delranger


    Was thinking the same thing. I think some people loose all sense of perspective when it comes to football. The guy was asked to step up and fill a role he wasn’t qualified for on an interim basis and is now going back to his own role as he should. If he doesn’t perform at his own job then fire him.
  13. Looks like a done deal. I'm buzzing for this, yeah it's a risk but every appointment is a risk. Fortune favours the brave.
  14. Not seen much of McGregor this season but still looks better than Wes will ever be.
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