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  1. The No.9

    FIFA 20

    This didn't age well
  2. The No.9

    FIFA 20

    Havent been as good as other years because we didnt have decent amount of players for a while haha. My Striker Current club: Games 58 Goals 68 Assists 16 All stats: Games 703 Goals 637 Assists 212
  3. The No.9

    FIFA 20

    We still have a pro clubs group going if anyones struggling for a team
  4. While I agree systems matter the main crux of our problems still lie in the quality of player and the form they are in.
  5. The No.9


    Reminds me of you on pro clubs
  6. Tighten up the passes second half and I would take Jack off for Arfield or something he is far too slack today.
  7. Not been too bad solid enough performance against a 10man wall within the 18yard box need to try pluck a guy out or dribble someone. mMight see Morelos in the second half to make some openings physically.
  8. So we will win the league next season then lol
  9. Brilliant finish last night took the one decent chance he got like you have to in europe and big games. I personally think unless we get some ridiculous 30mil type offer in Jan he will be here to the summer it seems likely himself his agent, Gerrard and the board will have discussed this somewhat.
  10. Bit of a dodgy game feel to it but hopefully we just get a solid win here without a fuss lol
  11. Kent looks like he has put on a bit of muscle mass
  12. What a fucking two weeks those cunts have messed up, another solidn3 points today for the bears and with all the injuries we have I'll be laughing at the great start we have had.
  13. We shouldn't need to rest as many players as people think, the taigs have win 3 trebles back to back to back and using a strong squad in all tournaments is massively important especially ties like this away from home. Solid victory will do fine today at least 2 goals.
  14. The No.9


    My thoughts as well
  15. The No.9


    I think he suits being on the left wing better as well imo
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