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  1. Absolutely need to kill them off before they get a jammy goal
  2. £15mil minimum surely can see the lack of old firm / CL goals and red cards stopping us hitting the 20 mark but can’t go for any less we will need 1-2 players to replace him.
  3. Aye only one of us score them though ... 😂😏 @BlueMe @Dan Deacon
  4. Great from Kent and Jack , best composed finish Morelos has had for us and on his weak foot brilliant.
  5. Brilliant from Kent and well done Alfredo , hopefully Aberdeen push up more and we can stretch the lead.
  6. Jack looking a bit heavy with touches so far , need the middle to settle.
  7. Really need to be more settled today , to not lose a goal in the first half is always massive for us.
  8. The No.9


    Lol he’s still there player , who cares tbh players aren’t fans and tonight ours didn’t do their job well enough and gave the taigs the go ahead already.
  9. The No.9


    Loving this new year so far 😁👍
  10. Feeling that nervy sickness get into these bastards from the start!!!
  11. Hopefully we start fast hit them early , can see it being frustrating again if we don’t score in the first half.
  12. He was great last night at everything other than passing and shooting and his goal record is decent but it doesn’t show his finishing completely he seems to have hot spells then go long streaks without a goal. The frustrating thing for me is his lack of quality in the finish a lot of his goals are lucky smashes right at the keeper and it’s why half of them get saved. Absolutely need another striker in to help him out in the Jan window. He has great talent but a long way from being anywhere near decent EPL sides and the guy taking a swipe at mccoist lol 10x the finisher Alfredo will ever be at 22.
  13. We are playing decent enough soaking the pressure but our final passes and our shots are annoying weak and late.
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