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  1. The No.9

    Wee quiz.

    Think mccoist got our last two ? Glasgow cup final (never seen footage sadly) and the league cup final ?
  2. Can’t believe Gerrard keeps letting us take short free kicks that late
  3. He’s been commentating fair imo not much to compliment tonight
  4. We have wasted every free kick tonight kept ourself pinned back
  5. What a goal gutted , for once morelos was perfect with his run 100% onside
  6. Brilliant turn and finish ! This could goals a plenty for both teams tonight
  7. Hahaha off your nut mate just need to seal the 3 points now
  8. He even looked up for a cross lol it was jammy but we needed it
  9. 😂that sarcasm? thank fuck it went in
  10. Feel like I’m saying it all the time now but it’s a must win haha
  11. The No.9

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    Fair enough mate I would say the same to you
  12. The No.9

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    Sorry big man I bow to your oh so lofty superiority
  13. The No.9

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    Tbh more worrying for me is we play pretty much the same as we have the last few years there’s not really many improvements we still give away goals easy and struggle to score in tight games. We have done well in Europe no doubt but euro runs always come and go , the league is our bread and butter. We are pretty much the same as last year we are “closer” to celtic because they had a horrific start for there standards under Rogers nothing to do with us improving.
  14. The No.9

    As it stands...

    Honestly from seeing there last few results I think barring more injuries Rogers will manage another double or treble without too much issue there players are far better especially in the midfield and strikers are comparable.