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  1. We should fucking go for this now if we lose we lose but this could be a massive win mentally and in the table if we pull it off
  2. The No.9

    Mortal Kombat 11

    11 is looking amazing tbh only fighting game like that I’ve had in recent years was Injustice 2 , played some MKX at the time but might get this one.
  3. Only game I play online atm outside of fifa is For Honor. I think it’s still free atm but it’s a steep learning curve depending what teams your matched up to, luckily I played it on Xbox few year back so was easy enough to start again.
  4. Ooft decent mate defo play behind me as striker , dan RW , blueme LW, Pele CDM. We are going to make a new Gers team tonight back of 9 I’ll be back from my football. Thats my stats.
  5. I’ll get you added when we’re next going to play mate , sometimes we play with my mates anaw but not as often. im usually the main striker but if you play up I don’t mind switching.
  6. Absolutely need to kill them off before they get a jammy goal
  7. £15mil minimum surely can see the lack of old firm / CL goals and red cards stopping us hitting the 20 mark but can’t go for any less we will need 1-2 players to replace him.
  8. Aye only one of us score them though ... 😂😏 @BlueMe @Dan Deacon
  9. Great from Kent and Jack , best composed finish Morelos has had for us and on his weak foot brilliant.
  10. Brilliant from Kent and well done Alfredo , hopefully Aberdeen push up more and we can stretch the lead.
  11. Jack looking a bit heavy with touches so far , need the middle to settle.
  12. Really need to be more settled today , to not lose a goal in the first half is always massive for us.
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