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  1. Hibs emails out

    I've had Partick in the league, Hearts and Dundee. I wasn't expecting either sheep or hibs to be fair but always hopeful I slipped through the net. Absolute stick on for Killie and missing out on the tims as well
  2. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Pats / Eagles superbowl should be pretty fun
  3. Morelos missed chances Yesterday.

    There's actually a couple chances left out of those highlights as well. Imagine the comments on here if it was Waggy missing all these chances and doing what he's been doing in the last 8 or 9 games. Early days obviously, but it's got this shit feeling of deja vu that he's just another player that has "something in there".
  4. Season 2023-24

    Miller will probably still be starting.
  5. That's another record broken then - Hamilton's first win at ibrox in over 90 years. The players should be fucking ashamed of themselves.
  6. UFC live.

    He also slapped some official as well as that pish with Goddard: Guy is a fucking joke. He thinks he's untouchable and above that, he's taken away what should've been a great moment for his own fucking team mates. What an absolute wank.
  7. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Sadly, I think it's going to end up irrelevant how good his cv is on paper. Just the fact he's foreign and how badly Pedro fucked up makes it seem so much more of a risk than it would've appeared if he was handing in his cv after Warburton. I'd like to think the board would be impressed enough to give him an interview and hear him out, etc.
  8. ***Suggestion Thread***

    That 14/15 season at Brugge alone - the league, the cup and quarter finals of Europa. What I'd give for that I can't pretend to know fuck all about him that I didn't read today but on paper it looks decent and if he's showing interest and wants the job, fair play to him!
  9. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Preud'homme has a pretty impressive CV (to me, on paper anyway). Things like taking Brugge to the quarter finals of the Europa league in 14/15 and winning the league that same season as well as the one after. Taking multiple teams to cups and titles (and Europe) that haven't won fuck all in years is certainly more appealing than Mcinnes to me, but it's still a massive risk either way sadly.
  10. Murrayfield roll call

    Looking forward to it now, a lot more than I was on Wednesday night
  11. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    Danny Wilson had his nose broken against Aberdeen last season, seen out the fucking game and said it was worth the pain to get the 3 points. “It’s just one of those things. It’s an occupational hazard in these kind of fixtures. It’s a weekly occurrence in football. It’s just my turn this week." This is embarrassing pish from Bruno.
  12. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    I don't actually know to be honest, I was hidden under a bit of it
  13. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    What the fuck were the police all about the day? Filming virtually every minute, camera pointed square at the UB's and then tried to forcefully take their banner when they began unfurling it. Wanks. As for the game, fuck sake I'm fed up of this.
  14. Miller to train with the Kids

    Not the first time either - his face was absolutely tripping him when Niko planted that free kick against Marseille
  15. Miller to train with the Kids

    Fair enough, and I'd agree.