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  1. Killie fans were singing cheer up Gerrard about 15 minutes into the game.
  2. We've made an offer for Kent! Fingers crossed we get him!
  3. Doesn't matter that he didn't get any silverware in his tenure, 3 half empty stands of fans that weren't all there in the beginning are his actual trophy. Bye Bye Rangers
  4. I haven't seen anything as cringe worthy as this is a long time. I can't turn away
  5. He definitely wouldn't be!! As Candeias says he's the only player that gets told to behave himself before every single game in this shite league. No one else gets that.
  6. Love the guy so much. He should leave though for his own sake. Such a disgrace the way he's treated in this country from top to bottom, from officials, to players, to fans and media.
  7. About 17 minutes in, killie fans singing cheer up Gerrard.
  8. Supersonic


    Hope to fuck we get rid of him and his mate Grezda.
  9. Exactly. Especially if Clarke leaves the minute the whistle goes and it's some cunt like Ally in charge
  10. So cringe the way they're acting about Europe given the fact the tims are guaranteed to win next week and they'd still be getting Europe in 4th place. 3rd or 4th makes no difference when Hearts stand less than zero chance of beating them next week.
  11. It's as if he's been told to let everybody score every shot to boost their confidence before the game kicks off. (guaranteed now I've slated him, he'll make a brilliant save though )
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