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  1. I've never had a great view at Livi anytime I've been there. Behind the goals for this one and a good few rows up, so hopefully that's about to change! Really wish the league would get rid of the plastic pitches.
  2. Supersonic


    Really like Tav. Was a wee bit worried when he hurt himself today. Looked to be struggling with it initially. Hopefully rested for Livi on Wednesday and is good to go again for the sheep cunts.
  3. Can't deny I wasn't too sure pre-match what kind of performance we were going to put in after giving everything on Thursday, but 2nd half especially, we stepped it up a gear or two. Borna looks like he's finally finding his feet at us! Morelos does it again - what a fucking finish for the first goal. Defoe was lethal when he came on. That counter attack was spot on. Jack, Davis, Morelos, Defoe, Borna, all stand outs for me today. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed that, other than getting fucking soaked! Also, how in the fuck did we no get a penalty for that mongo Davidson's blatant hand ball? Cunts!
  4. Depends on how fucked certain players are after tonight. Goldson needs dropped for a couple games either way. Helander deserves to keep his place. Aribo in for Kamara. Jack has to stay in if he's fit enough. Defoe will probably start.
  5. What a game. Outstanding performances from about half the team. Wholly deserved win. Goes without saying (as per usual) it should've / could've been more!
  6. Their fans were piss poor all game Only time the cunts sang was about half hour before the game!
  7. Supersonic


    I fucking love him so much
  8. Utter fucking disgraces (them and especially the bbc). They constantly pull shit like this. We shouldn't be accepting anymore half arsed apologies from them and sitting around until the next time. That mob across the way certainly wouldn't. Some sort of action needs taken. I don't personally know what, but enough is enough.
  9. Devastating. One of the most horrible diseases. Rest easy Fernando!
  10. Supersonic


    Said it since the Blackburn friendly. He's been shocking for enormous parts of too many games.
  11. Goldson should be dropped but will never be. Katic will probably be dropped next game though. Shame for Kent. Good for Barker to get a goal though. Ojo had another utter nightmare of a game, assist or not. Halliday looked very, very lucky to get that free kick when he did. Just glad to get the 3 points. Hope we wake up before Thursday.
  12. Gutted for him, big time. Hope it's nowhere near serious
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