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  1. I could be totally wrong here but I think that wee cunt that swung at Wallace was actually there today. Dale Pryde or Dale Lovell - whatever the fuck he calls himself. I could've sworn it was him when the cameras panned both sets of fans after the game... Certainly looked like him to me - on the left below - but I'm not sure at all... Have a look:
  2. That's a wee shame
  3. Fyvie sitting on the steps ffs
  4. So... two in a row eh?
  5. Must've been some amount of stadium bans handed out after the final last year given the empty seats
  6. Alnwick, Tav, Bates, Wilson, Beerman, Holt, Toral, Halliday, Mckay, Miller, Waghorn Guess this is the team then if (and it's a big if) Wes and Hyndman are actually out?
  7. Harden seems to impact more, but I've been loving watching Westbrook this season! I wouldn't be too fussy if either gets it because both have their merits as you've quite rightly pointed out. I'd be asking what the fuck if they give it to Curry mind you
  8. Pedro mentioned a couple weeks ago in a press conference he's been drawing up lists of players or looking at players - can't recall the exact wording he used - and has been looking at scottish players as he wants some scottish players in his team. A few our own players could've recommended him, who the fuck knows or cares how (if it's actually Dorrans he was even there to see in the first place) he knows about him.
  9. 6 goals in 20 championship games this season isn't too bad either Surely though, the money will be too high? Contracted for a couple more years etc
  10. I would fucking love it if we won BOTH games by the dodgiest ref decisions ever An offside goal or a penalty that never was, or even if they disallow a perfect onside goal of theirs - anything!
  11. Galatasaray are currently in 4th place in their league, only 1 point behind Fenerbahce. Apparently it's fourth place who gets in at that round, if they end up in 3rd by the end, they get in at the next round. The way the dutch table is sitting now, Utrecht will take PSV's place in that list and PSV will be in the next round.
  12. Pedro would chokeslam the cunt for real if he caught him at this with us
  13. I'm pretty certain looking back at the list of teams and the methods of qualifying for the Europa league next year, the guy who created the spreadsheet I took those teams from was way, way off the mark. He's deleted the spreadsheet Should've looked it up for myself in the first place instead of just going by his info. Anyway, the second qualifying round has the 51 winners of the first round plus these 15 teams (if the leagues ended today): Ostersund Brann PSV Eindhoven Galatasaray FC Luzem Mlada Boleslav Panathinaikos CFR Cluj Sturm Graz Dinamo Zagreb Winners of the Polish cup (probably Lech Poznan?) Winners of the Cypriot cup Winners of the Belarusian cup Winners of the Israel state cup Winners of the Danish cup That guys list on his spreadsheet was pretty far off looking at that. To be fair though, still a good handful of difficult ties on it. We really need to get our coefficient up for the future
  14. Not a clue in all honestly how it works myself. I just seen it on a spreadsheet some guy had created of all the possible teams in champs league and europa league qualifiers. I tried the link again and the spreadsheet isn't working so I dunno quite what happened to it sadly.