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  1. I thought he was quite positive on Saturday when he came on. Definitely better than he showed away to St Mirren. He had plenty of decent touches in the box. Could've had a goal on another day if certain shots were passed to him instead but it is what it is. Hope he stays fit and pushes on. His pace would be good on the counter, he looks rapid.
  2. I really sincerely hope we bring in actual quality in the summer. In at least 4-5 positions across the team. It needs to happen. We can't fuck around anymore. If that means getting rid of the DoF then so fucking be it. Back Gerrard in the summer properly. Far more than he has been. Otherwise what's the fucking point? We're not in a position where we only need to add 1 bit of quality and can take a punt on some fucking potential. Nowhere near it.
  3. Aberdeen will push us all the way for second because we cant wins games like Motherwell away, tims away, aberdeen at home and killie or hibs anywhere. The Majority of the games left, especially after the split are the teams Gerrard can't beat. Why are we all of a sudden going to start winning these types of games?
  4. I'll be very surprised if Gerrard is here this time next year going by this season. I can't see how he turns this shitshow around without a massive clear out. Even before we can to that point, things will get so, so much worse.
  5. I felt like we weren't passing to him enough directly in the first half. I love the wee bastard. I hope he gives us another season and we bring in actual quality in and around him.
  6. The amount of key positions we're losing alone due to loans finishing. Then the amount of utter fucking pish in our squad on top of all those. Some of these players look the farthest thing from interested. They couldn't care less. They don't want to be here in my opinion. We're easily looking another dozen players in and out in the summer, easily. The worst part is I have zero faith they'll get even half the players right. It's fucking shite man.
  7. Been kicking out and hitting out at players all season himself, then throws a tantrum against Aberdeen the other night when someone does it to him. He's lucky to not have sent off multiple times this season and booked even more than that the way he's screaming at the refs and linesmen etc. Absolutely fucked it up today for us. Take the fucking hit. Didn't even try to make himself bigger at all. Slowed down and watched that killie cunt walk past him and pass it into the net.
  8. When he has us beat at Ibrox by the tims after the split for them to win 8 in a row it should be considered. When he's pipped for 2nd by Aberdeen at the end of the split games, it should happen. Gerrard is wrong if he thinks we don't need another big rebuild in the summer.
  9. Mcgregor, the hypocritical wee bitch that he is, cost us 3 points today.
  10. I seen a clip from Clarke's press conference on SSN. Looks like he's fell pished and skint his nose
  11. Grass pitches and full time referees first and foremost. Then VAR at some point down the line. Our league is so far behind it's pathetic. It's like they actively don't want to make the product better.
  12. If the results that have already happened from earlier in the season repeat themselves aberdeen will be in second by the end.
  13. Definitely. But we havent beat killie in the league yet (obviously hope that changes Saturday), or hibs. Tims away as well and the sheep again. Even worse if some of the shitebags down tools with fuck all to play for.
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