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  1. His face is taigy as well
  2. Not going to be too gutted if he does go, but I thought this season if he had better players than Waghorn or Holt or any of those in the squad that couldn't hit a barn door if they were locked inside the barn on the receiving end of his passes he'd have plenty more assists (easily double figures I'd say). This season he's consistently went missing though, not just in "big" games either. Either way, I do think we should be getting a couple million for him though, not this £750k or £1m that's being bandied about. And there are so many players I'd cut from the squad before Barrie ffs
  3. Pedro said in an interview earlier this month: “Will Weiss be coming to Rangers? No, I don’t think we can afford to pay them £2.7 million.”
  4. .
  5. Déjà vu
  6. Lambert wasn't sat there "stunned" like the article suggests, the cunt was pishing himself the whole time Nicholas was spewing his bile.
  7. None of the ITK crew have said yet. A couple of them say Mclean's another and a couple others say he's definitely no
  8. If the rumours are to be believed, there's 9 players coming in for the first team. 5 top quality players (Bruno, Dorrans, Naismith, Cummings and another going by said rumours) and then a further 4 decent quality first team players around those 5, one of those being Jack. Fuck knows though for now
  9. A total of 7 reds in 450 games... he'll probably match that if not surpass it in the first season with the refs over here
  10. Good start
  11. Conor has signed the contract, just waiting on Mayweather to sign his end now.
  12. With the pish that's went on I just can't see they bastards selling to us, especially not without demanding crazy money. Is it right that he's got just under a year left on his contract? Don't know if that makes any difference mind you...
  13. I can't find the words to describe how I feel after that tonight. How the fuck some of them made it as a professional I will never fucking know. Fuck sake man.
  14. Few sheep seem to be missing - Hayes is suspended, Jack, Christie and Pawlett are all out according to SSN