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  1. A wide left player that can actually manage to get more than zero league assists? Be good if they don't cost us £7m and even better still if they don't tell everyone they cant handle the pressure on tv after euro games.
  2. Could well be actually. He's a big lad certainly, but I've no idea how well he can get on the end of crosses.
  3. I'd like us to bring in a striker that wins headers for fun and can consistently score headed goals. The amount of corners we have that end up wasted is unreal and when we run out of ideas (and can't play the ball through) we just launch endless crosses into the box and most the time there's either no cunt there to win them, or no one capable of winning them. Having someone like that to come on would hopefully squeeze some more important goals out of certain situations. Wouldn't be pretty but it could end up the difference against certain types of teams. Can't think of any names personally and sadly I don't really see us going for someone like that these days.
  4. Can never know for sure but I really like what we got to see from him. Hope it's right enough
  5. The team were flying right up until January 1st, then they spiraled completely out of control and threw away match after match after match. 10 games after the winter break: 3 games fucked up from a winning position Couldn't buy a goal at home to the sheep or hamilton, drew and lost those games respectively Barely scraped wins against St Mirren, Hibs, Livi at home and County away Couldn't win 2 games in a row ffs Captain crying about pressure in the programme, £7m man crying about it in post euro win interviews That's the exact opposite of "flying" God fucking knows what was set to happen in those 9 games left to play. Either way, the team and the coaching staff deserve all the criticism they get.
  6. I can easily see a good chunk of our support this time next season if they win 10 and a 5th consecutive treble, to turn round and say oh well, might as well give him another year, less pressure on us now, etc, etc.
  7. I personally don't have any confidence in Gerrard being able to win us the title. He and his staff have proven they cannot learn the lessons they need to. He even admitted himself after Tynecastle in January he has no idea how to prevent it from happening again. It did happen again, multiple times over, before culminating in losing at home to Hamilton whilst they cunts dropped points away to Livi ffs. How does Gerrard stop the players from caving in to the pressure for the third season in a row? This time it's going to be much worse as well. The captain and our £7m man both let every cunt and their dog know they cannot handle the pressure of domestic football, and/or when the diddy teams get stuck into us. Why is that all of a sudden any different next season? Practically did every cunts team talk for them. Our style of football that saw early success completely vanished come January. How does he get that back? How does Gerrard and the team all of a sudden start beating the teams we constantly struggle with? Like Aberdeen (3 wins in 10) or Killie (4 wins in 10) for perfect examples. In both seasons under him we've thrown away 5 and 4 games respectively from winning positions at really important stages of the season. We've also only won more than 5 league games in a row once under Gerrard, when the season was already wrapped up and the pressure was off. It's been the same pattern of shite domestically under him in both seasons. Even in the cups - we make Hampden in the league cup both years but fuck it up and we can't even make Hampden in the Scottish Cup ffs. I think he's very, very lucky the league was shut down when it was because that meltdown we were in was ready to spiral right out of control. Two OF's to play/lose, still had to go away to the sheep and other teams we've consistently struggled against as well. I think a good chunk of our support are forgetting just how bad we were after the 29th. Looking like a different team against Stranraer, scraping past St Mirren / hibs / Livi all at home, Ross County away, the two tynecastle results, Hamilton at home, St Johnstone away, everyone. It was fucking shocking! So how does all that change for this coming season to see us lift the title?
  8. Good start to a clear out. The hard part will be getting rid of the likes of Barker, Polster, Jones, etc.
  9. We could get rid of about a dozen today and most wouldn't even notice they were away. Thankfully a good few contracts are up - Foderingham, Alnwick, Holt, Rossiter, Halliday (hopefully), Flanagan (hopefully), Ojo, Kamberi etc. Be nice to get rid of all the waste of places shite we've stacked up like Barker, Hastie, Jones, Docherty as well. They offer fuck all to us. Wilson has a massive job on his hands this summer. Ideally we'd bring in QUALITY for a change. In a perfect world a couple midfielders to move Davis and another to the bench regularly, a reliable striker and we'll need another wide forward probably. No more pish young unproven loans either. They cost us games every season under Gerrard thanks to ending up with fuck all depth. No more buying players specifically to come in and be back ups either like we've done for too long now. We need players capable of actually putting the current team onto the bench, otherwise what the actual fuck is the point? I fear there are too many players terrified of the pressure in our team given the captain in the programme, Kent away to braga and Halliday in the RTV video.
  10. Guarantee tannadice will be the replacement for Tynecastle. You never know, this might be the year we make it to Hampden in the Scottish Cup under Gerrard. That's progress, right?
  11. As much as it sickens the way it's panned out, I believe the points gap would've been much bigger if we'd played the rest of the season. No one to blame but ourselves either, sadly. In the end we couldn't even beat Hamilton at home when they were away dropping points ffs. Couldn't muster one single win away to the worst hearts team in decades. Had a nice chance to stop the cunts from getting their quadruple treble and still fucked that up. Given the fact that our captain was found greeting in the programme about the pressure, Kent was greeting about the pressure in a post match interview after a euro game and the pressure is going to be so much fucking worse this coming season, I have zero confidence we'll put up much of a fight.
  12. MacLennan - "I have taken careful note of the concerns expressed by the minority of clubs which voted in favour and when we are back to playing football in a safe environment, I will bring clubs together to discuss the lessons learned" More "robust conversations" then?
  13. Worse than Sadiq, Ojo, Barker, Polster, Lafferty, Firth, Mcauley, Grezda, King, Hastie or Ejaria?
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