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  1. I'd be surprised to see Patterson get the nod for this. I expect St. Mirren to just pack their box with most of their team again sadly, making it for mostly shite watching. Either way, we'll still have too much for them.
  2. Penrice with a perfectly weighted assist for Griffiths' goal.
  3. Thank fuck we're back. Wish they'd just get rid of the winter break to be honest.
  4. Hopefully just a rumour. Far too important to be out. Don't fancy relying on Flanagan or Polster to replace him for too long.
  5. Texans to put out the Chiefs after this would be brilliant.
  6. Once the Patriots got put out I can't say I was bothered who wins the whole thing, but I really don't want it to be Jackson or Mahomes. Both of them are insufferable (especially the hype around the pair of them). Looks like ones down, Mahomes to go tomorrow night or next week, hopefully.
  7. I'm astonished they've cited him to be fair How the fuck can they defend the wee cunt though?
  8. The treatment of Alfredo in this shithole from just about every angle is brutal.
  9. How the fuck the compliance officer doesn't go on to ban that horrible wee cheating scumbag Christie I'll never fucking know. It's honestly a fucking disgrace. They cunts should've seen 3 reds. None of those decisions would've been soft or controversial in the slightest. The fucking red that Morelos seen was given 40+ seconds after the 4 minutes of stoppage time had already been played. Clancy should never ref a top tier game, let alone an old firm, for fucking long enough! Christie at the very least should see the compliance officer step in now and ban the wee fucking nonce. The precedent was set with that Hearts player as well.
  10. Walker on SSN saying it doesn't what kind of abuse or how much abuse he gets, he should never ever fucking dare to make as vile a gesture as that in such a heated environment. What a hypocritical cunt. Racist abuse from them is condoned.
  11. Edouard, Ntcham, Julien and that mongo Boli cost £24m all in
  12. Stewards have always been absolute cunts there. Always prevents our players from going anywhere near us. Wish to fuck I could've been in there ffs.
  13. I'll be shocked if they show Julien dragging his foot down Morelos' left leg and/or things like Christie smacking folk in the baws. Guarantee they'll defend that handball goal as well the slimy fenian cunts. Probably laugh it off and say it doesn't matter in the end, but it obviously fucking does. The refs in this country need fucking hounded for the never ending pish they pull against us.
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