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  1. Personally be quite happy to see Mcgregor out for Mclaughlin. Happier still to see Davis skip this one. Excited to see Itten.
  2. Postponed the St Johnstone game. Surely the next two as well?
  3. Midtjylland away, Legia at home to qualify, all the group stage games to be honest and the Braga comeback. Some fucking memories they've given us from that run!
  4. We look like we've forgotten how to string passes together.
  5. Gerrard said he's back for this game in one the pre-match interviews for the sheep game if I'm not mistaken (Might've been the press conference. Either way, I'm sure he said it) Edit: it was the first 30 seconds of the Aberdeen press conference. Said he should be back for Thursday night.
  6. Such a shame the first leg was actually played as I'd fancy us to take them tonight in a one off.
  7. Had a couple bad experiences with Hermes in the past so I try to avoid them when possible.
  8. I ordered the away top to be delivered by Royal Mail but it's being delivered by Hermes. Castore are fucking lazy.
  9. A top quality midfielder is the make or break of our season ahead in my opinion. Maybe if someone bid a decent sum for Kamara and we got reasonable fees for the likes of Docherty and Jones we could manage two quality midfielders. Would really be the difference.
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