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  1. What the Fuck is This.

    What the fuck
  2. The Cheap/Exotic Experiments

    Lennon's British, won 3 league titles, 2 Scottish cups and got to the round of 16 in the champions league. Far more experienced than the other fenian cunt being touted at the moment, no?
  3. UFC live.

    Danny Henry take a bow
  4. Clarke v Murty

    He's an improvement yes and I reckon the board are clueless enough (and won't bother their arse looking elsewhere) they probably will offer him it. But there's no way he takes it. And if you think he'd be a hero for one sole win over them, that's a real shame, hysteria post game or not.
  5. Clarke v Murty

    And he got a raise recently! I don't have the confidence in them to find a suitable replacement.
  6. Clarke v Murty

    Stewart Robertson when he said there wasn't a better candidate out there.
  7. Leadership on the park

    Goss for example, looked genuinely terrified at times today. It was like the thought of being to blame for fucking up a pass or a shot just overwhelmed him. Bunch of pussies man.
  8. Clarke v Murty

    1 game he'd be a hero? I doubt that very much. He's doing well the now that's undeniable, but it will never last. He doesn't have what it takes to manage us. Thankfully even if our board were retarded enough to offer him he'd turn us down.
  9. Bruno Alves

    He literally never tackles. He never goes to ground. You'd be lucky if he's attempted a half dozen tackles on the ground all season.
  10. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Goss looking fucking petrified today! Same old same old Also, what in the fuck are killie fans all about stealing our songs and making them awful? Every other tune they were singing was one of ours with shitey words
  11. Murty times up mate

    I thought personally it was ridiculous he dropped Morelos for Cummings today. We need a top manager, and much, much better players throughout the team. Looking at that bench today was fucking harrowing barring Morelos. Fucking Holt, Miller, Herrera or Halliday. You could easily get rid of a dozen players from our squad and you wouldn't even miss them.
  12. Clarke v Murty

    Fuck Stephen Clarke. He's a bitter fenian cunt and he'd turn the job down if we were daft enough to offer it to him. He's not the manager to solve our issues and I don't believe he'd handle the pressure at us. He's able to run the show at Killie under no pressure whatsoever currently to his benefit. If he had us unable to beat the sheep over 210 minutes and penalities we'd rightfully want his head on a stick. He could go five games losing at killie and it won't matter a fuck.
  13. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    Maybe, certainly couldn't done much worse
  14. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    Not sure. I've criticized him on here for taking an age to make subs week in week out. A small part of me wonders if his refusal to make changes is due to how pish the players are sitting on the bench. Looking at that bench on Sunday, outwith Cummings obviously, I don't see any of the other players changing anything. Halliday, Miller, Herrera or Holt? And for who? The better players were already on the park. Fucking frustrating regardless.
  15. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    He did what any normal manager would do and brought on a defender - hendry. He waited 10 minutes after the red card to bring that french guy on for forrest - it wasn't quite immediately and it wasn't to replace Jozo. End of the day (for me anyway) if Goss and our defenders (Cardoso mainly) do their fucking jobs, we win the game.