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  1. It's mental. Obviously can't see it, but it would be some story if he dragged them to a Super Bowl.
  2. If his arm/shoulder is good it'd be interesting to say the least
  3. Scandalous but entirely unsurprising. SFA only exist to aid and abet the fenians at every cut and turn. Should be null and void. They hadn't remotely won it yet. Guarantee our board roll over and take it as per usual.
  4. Lennon press conference still going ahead today, watch him go hell for leather about getting them the title.
  5. Absolute disgrace if we just roll over and let them have this title. It's not mathematically finished at the top or bottom of the table ffs. Italy and Germany are thinking about ending with no champions and bringing a couple teams up from the league below for one season. There's no reason they should be given the title.
  6. Tav now gets his days off at least
  7. What the fuck is there to bet on now?
  8. We could look into what Man City have with fake atmosphere and record some of the classics to have played back. "Never a fucking captain" and "Just get it in the fucking box!"
  9. The close door games would've helped some of our shitebags to be fair
  10. Null and void the fenian bastards, it's the right thing to do.
  11. The Bundesliga are rumoured to be deciding next week to end the league with no champ and add a few teams from the league below for one season only. Next season would see the bottom 5 relegated I think it said. Would be great if they did something here, fucked that lot out their title and in a row run, no quad treble, all the wee diddy teams are happy as well with something like that. We get a nice reset too.
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