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  1. So unlucky for Borna near the end! Really comfortable today all over the pitch and a massive get it up them to Livi as well!
  2. One of the stadiums I absolutely despise. What a fucking shitehole it truly is! Any kind of win will do, the 3 points is the only thing that matters on Sunday. Another 1-0 deflected goal will do just fine.
  3. Borna was more like £1.5m I think and Tav was 200k. Outstanding
  4. It's just sadly with his position, any mistake he does make is usually going to be very, very costly so they tend to stick out much more. Tonight he was solid as fuck.
  5. What a fucking result! Never would've guessed that was coming at half time. So fucking excited for Feyenoord away now. What a fucking goal from Morelos as well!
  6. Quite disappointed in the atmosphere tonight until we scored. Gerrard asked for more than before and for an hour got no better than an average league game against shite, The players, and management, have said time and time again the massive difference it can make. We should be pushing them on from minute one in enormous games like tonight.
  7. Pleasantly surprised at how good my view was today! Such a comfortable performance from us, loved it. How the fuck did Mclean get the nod today
  8. Looking forward to it although I'm not entirely sure what to expect considering how poor we've looked away from home domestically so far. We've scraped by most of our away results outwith St. Johnstone. Not sure what to make of the line either up with Hearts next Sunday to think about. I'd like to see Morelos back in with Jack too. Probably start Ojo and Kent either side of Morelos. Ojo showed quite a surprising bit of fight in the last 5-10 minutes or so against Motherwell. I hope he shows much more of that across every 90 from here on. Should manage the 3 points either way.
  9. Motherwell played very well for a half against the fenians this season. Decent enough team now they've got match fitness under them. We deserved the 3 points and another pen for a pretty blatant handball. It is what it is after thursday night. Roll on wednesday night!
  10. Here's hoping Kent stays fit and Jack is back/fit by that point.
  11. Really hope he goes home early like Ejaria did.
  12. Unless we fluke more away wins from here til January we'll be dropping plenty points sadly.
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